Chapter 1:My Skills Depend on Picking

What is this operation?

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My skills depend on picking

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Chapter 1. What is this operation?

The world is full of Kyushu, and there are many strong ones. Within Kyushu, the human race refines gas and fights to death.

The strong man shone his fingers and shattered the void. A mortal can harden his body and carry thousands of kilograms of strength, so he can drive mountains.

Outside of Kyushu, there are thousands of worlds that are inclusive and mysterious.

One of Kyushu, Lingzhou wasteland; Shen Wuzong.

In the martial arts field; thousands of martial artists are practicing in practice, between the fists and feet intersecting, vigorous and vertical, rolling the violent wind, tearing the airflow!

There was a martial arts training field outside, but it caused many disciples to watch.

Lin Chen, who was knocked to the ground, felt numb, and his eyes turned white, accompanied by a twitch of his body; his mouth spit out a cloud of white smoke.

"Dare to move the woman of Liao Jianhua's brother, I don't know anything about life and death, can Miss Qing'er be a thing like your rubbish?

The brave man standing on the ring flicked his nails and sneered.

[Di, the host has successfully traversed, and began to load the Tiandao picking system 2%...4%...]

The indifferent electronic sound awakened Lin Chen's consciousness.

"What exactly is going on"

There was tearing pain in the chest, blood stains, and several broken ribs.

When Lin Chen opened his eyes, suddenly; a large amount of memory appeared in his mind, such as the initiation!

"Kyushu in the world, human race refining Qi, Shenwu Sect, Lin Chen, a disciple of foreign sect!"

"Quench Realm, Qi Refining Realm, Psychic Realm, War Soul Realm, Earth Shade Realm, this is a fantasy world, did I actually cross it?!"

In a few moments, Lin Chen fused the memories that popped up in her mind!

The original master who passed through this body was a disciple of the Emperor Wuzong of Shenwu Sect, with the same name and surname as himself, also called Lin Chen!

Lin Chen was young and Su Qing'er, the daughter of her own housekeeper, who was a little boy.

After the two became partners, they went to the Shenwuzongwaizong together.

Less than a year after entering the sect, Su Qing'er was attractive and charming, gradually alienating Lin Chen, and actively approaching the elite disciple of Shenzong Sect, Liao Jianhua, and finally he did not hesitate to become a concubine and to be his woman.

Liao Jianhua is a true disciple of Shenwu Sect, and he has a higher status than the ordinary disciple of the inner sect. His future is unlimited. With his identity and means, it is as simple as squeezing an ant.

When Lin Chen, who had a ** body, came to the door to get justice, he was stopped by the foreign sect disciple beside Liao Jianhua, and he wanted to take the opportunity of the match to kill Lin Chen seriously!

"Brother, you are going to lick the dog after being greened. Licking the dog to the end, there is nothing! Just, since you and I are both called Lin Chen, I cross your body again, your hatred, I will Report it for you!"

Lin Chen, who has completely sorted out his memory, has a pale and young face, which outlines a cold sneer!

"Huh, this kid doesn't seem to be dead yet!"

The disciples outside the ring saw Lin Chen still responding, whispering curiously.

Without paying attention to the surrounding eyes, Suddenly, Lin Chen found that there were some shining light ** scattered around the feet of the foreign disciples around him.

Some of these light spheres are blue, red, green, some egg size, some thumb size, and color size are uneven.

But more attribute light * are outside the ring where many foreign sect disciples compete. Every time the disciples on the stage will drop an uncertain number of attribute light * with different colors.

"What are these things?"

Lin Chen grasped the three red light ** beside him curiously; the light shook and immediately integrated into his body.

A comfortable and soft warm current turned on his chest, Lin Chen's injury recovered magically!

As the injury recovered, Lin Chen's eyes popped up with a screen bar.

[Get 7 Qi and Blood Energy, the injury has been cured. 】

[The Tiandao picking system is loaded. This system is built by millions of stand-alone Wang Qingqing. The stand-alone king friendly reminder: pretend to be cool all the time, always keep it cool. 】

[Host: Lin Chen.

Repair as: quenching body triple.

Ultimate strength: 4000 kg (approximately equal to 1 tiger power)

Qi blood energy: 7 points.

Practical spirit: 0 points.

Mental Strength: 0 points.

Mindset: None.

Combat skills: None.

Elemental Essence: 0 points. 】

"The red ball I just picked up can actually restore my injury and increase the strength of the shell!?"

Lin Chen's eyes shined, and a carp straightened up, immediately got up and aimed at a green light ball and a white light ball beside him.

[The host obtains a complete yellow-level intermediate body combat skill: Breeze. 】

[The host gains 25 points of merit. The essence of exercises can be used to cultivate combat skills or secrets of mind. 】

Successively popping up two system light screens made Lin Chen even more excited. He completely ignored the surprise and doubtful eyes of the people around him and picked up against the ground.

Through the reaction of others, Lin Chen knows that these magical light ** can only be seen by himself!

[The host gains 23 qi and blood energy. It is automatically absorbing and tempering the body. 】

[The host gains 28 points of merit. 】

[The host gains 25 Essence of Fire. 】

[The host obtains the yellow-level advanced combat skills: Split Leg. 】

Seeing that Lin Chen seemed to be crazy, he stooped and touched. The naked man on the ring was squinting, and the opportunity was revealed!

The instruction he received this time, but to kill Lin Chen, as the master behind him, killing a foreign sect disciple is just a trivial matter!

"Lin Chen, since you are okay, let us continue to fight!"

The naked and brave man rushed in, ** like a mountain hammer, and rage to Lin Chen's back! The power of a punch, the airflow collapsed, the air disintegrated and burst!


Lin Chen turned suddenly, if his legs were whip, kicked on the thick arm! One leg kick broke his elbow!

Everyone clearly heard the crackling sound of the strong man, and the onlookers watching the drama shuddered!

"No, Lin Chen's leg strength seems to be more than 3 tiger power!"

"I remember he only quenched his triple body? How come this is such a strong shell power?!"

Several disciples gasped in cold air.

Tiger power is the unit of calculation for quenching the body. 1 tiger power is equal to 4500 kg, which is equivalent to the strength of a tiger.

3 Tiger power can only be tempered if it is quenched at least five times!

When kicking off the opponent's elbow, the strong man's elbow dropped two red light balls, which was caught by Lin Chen and absorbed into the body.

[The host gains 100 qi and blood energy. 】

"Oh? The attribute ball from hitting people brings a higher value!"

Lin Chen licked his lips, and after absorbing 100 points of Qi and blood energy, his strength soared several thousand kilograms! Realm has reached five levels of quenched body!

"Xue Hu, I haven't settled the accounts with you yet. You came here to find your own death!"

Lin Chen moved his lower body, and the crackling bones exploded throughout his body, exploding a blast of heat!

He sneered at Xue Hu with a hint of killing! The latter's body trembled, and there was a sense of oppression in the face of the humanoid beast!

"Damn, does this kid hide his strength!?"

Xue Hu secretly screamed, and saw Lin Chen's position crushing a wave of air!

Lin Chen as a quick cheetah, attacked Xue Hu straight!

Raise your hand and make a fist, accumulate a strong force to fight out, the powerful fist wind hits the face, the power actually broke 4 tiger power!

The overbearing fist forced Xue Hu to panic, waving his only arm he could barely resist, stepping back step by step, he was still forced by Lin Chen to beat his fist step by step!

At the same time when each punch hits, it is dropping colorful attribute light balls, Lin Chen takes it all!

"System, I want to learn Split Leg!"

[Consume 120 points of skill and spirit, and begin to inherit the split wind leg for the host. 】

A brand new memory popped into my mind. Lin Chen was almost a fusion of electricity, light and flint. He carried his energy, kicked his legs like a knife, and the roar of the wind broke!


The thunderous blast exploded, Lin Chen's leg strength soared to 8 tiger power, kicked Xue Hu's sternum in the front, and the figure flew more than ten meters away from the arrow of the string, the flesh and blood were blurred, and died on the spot!

Killing Xue Hu, Lin Chen's heart was filled with excitement and joy!

His soul and the original Lin Chen's body and sensory memories are all fused. Happy and enemies are the essence of this world. Lin Chen's first killing has no emotion other than carefree!

In this world, your means are not ruthless, not strong enough, only the killed!

The dead Xue Hu exploded a dozen attribute light balls, Lin Chen strode the meteor up and picked them all up.

"Xue Hu, who has five levels of body quenching, is dead?!"

"That move just seemed to be a split wind leg? The strength has reached 8 tiger power!"

"But he also provoked Liao Jianhua, and he will definitely die!"

Some of the onlookers backed away, daring not to approach Lin Chen who was the murderous first show.

Lin Chen's hand is holding a lot of attribute light balls, constantly absorbing, strength and repair suddenly skyrocket!

[The host gains 80 qi and blood energy and is absorbing it. 】

[The host gains 40 points of merit. 】

[The host gains 37 ignition system essence. 】

[The host obtains the top-level combat skills of the "Huanghu" "Starfire Gun Law". 】

Seeing Lin Chen scratching against the ground of the martial arts field, the realm of quenching body became stronger and stronger!

Seeing that it was about to break through to the sixth level of quenching body state, countless foreign disciples were stunned and their scalp numb. Seems like a ghost!

What kind of cultivation method is this Nima? !

I have heard of breakthroughs in epiphany, absorption of breakthroughs in natural materials, and self-mutilation cultivation, but I have never seen a breakthrough in cultivation through a violent grasp of the air!

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