Chapter 2245:My Skills Depend on Picking

, The situation in Jiehai has changed dramatically.

Chapter 2245 The situation in the boundary sea has changed dramatically.

Eightfold boundary sea, deep sea hole.

The Immortal Emperor finally struggled out of the illusion, when it was upset and furious, just about to withdraw and retreat.

The scene in front of me flickered faintly, with a passing tremor.


The eyes of the Immortal Emperor were extremely sharp, and the wing snake danced in the sky behind him, spitting out the snake teeth to release a burst of acid mist, corroding the space.

Then; the many illusions of dreams and illusions, like the disappearance of reincarnation, gradually disappear, one after another, one after another.

The true face of the sea of ​​eightfold realm is gradually reappearing!

"Sure enough!" The Immortal Emperor's heart shook, "The illusion is weakened? Hahahaha! Although it can still stop the * emperor, it can't stop the four- fold * emperor like this emperor!"

It crushed a piece of black iron jade slip, burst out a majestic devilish energy, drifted freely, shuttled through the void, and reached the headquarters of the demon world!

Emperor Huimotian grinned and said: "It seems that the caster who created the illusion is gone, at least he has not been sitting in the sea of ​​eight layers, there are tricks, and there must be tricks!"

At least, there is a huge connection with the disappearance of the Demon Ancestor's blood factor that it felt a month ago.

"Now, maybe it's an excellent time to test the Star Alliance, or even attack the Star Alliance! Even the remains of the Demon Ancestor that my Demon Race has been lurking for for many years have not been found in the Eightfold Realm Sea, and his Star Alliance has wiped it out. It's impossible. There is no cost!"

As the Demon Emperor, its keen perception, even if it is clues, will be given out a lot of information by it.

The evil devil Tiandi sneered coldly, and the eight winged snakes behind him soared into the sky, revealing a billowing acid mist, eroding the avenue, and gradually corroding more reincarnation illusions!

In almost a day, the Feng Clan, the Asura Clan, and the Dragon Clan knew about the condition of Jiehai.

"Hahahaha! You have today in the Star Alliance of Dog Day. There is absolutely a situation. I don't believe it. Would you destroy the remains of my Asura ancestor at no cost?"

"Notify all the elders of the Dragon Clan who can act, whoever is a double ** emperor, go with this emperor to the sea of ​​eight layers."

"The emperors of the demon clan listened to the orders, stayed behind in the demon world, and assembled a large army to stand by at any time. This seat and several emperors brought the elders to investigate the situation."

"Master Devil, don't you bring the army forward?"

"No, let's take a look first, if it's Lin Chen's trick to lure the enemy into deep, the strong man brought by the emperor is enough to safely withdraw."

All races are boiling!

Not only that, even the Protoss also received the message in a short time.

Move the whole body!

Inside the Star Alliance headquarters.

Luo Binger returned with the wounded, Luo Yaoer briefly explained the situation of Jiuzhong Jiehai.

All the senior leaders of the Star Alliance are shaking!

The Hongye and other women on the plane of the Empress were shocked to see Luo Bing'er's injury.

They knew very well about Luo Bing'er's strength, and if they were able to wound a generation of empresses like this, they should act together with Luo Yao'er.

"The spirits of Emperor Qin and Zulong have merged?"

"My God, who can stop him!"

"It's simply not an opponent that my Star Alliance can deal with!"

"Any strong man in the world today has no chance of winning against him!"

There is no doubt; the mixture of Emperor Qin and Zulong in the Sea of ​​Nine Realms is the strongest person in the world today!

At least for now, there is no strong person who can beat him.

Ye Tianchen was sweating coldly; "Brother Lin wants to fight this monster..."

Jiang Yuanchi frowned and said, "Unexpectedly, Jiuzhong Boundary Sea still has such threats..."

He has long lived in the eight-fold boundary sea, and the nine-fold boundary sea has never appeared since the fall of Mu Huan.

Unexpectedly, the remnant souls of the former two ancestors will be sealed in it!

"Only believe in Lin Chen." Ye Qingwu stood up first and said bluntly: "We can't hold him back,"

Ye Qingwu, who had a close mind with Lin Chen, chose to stand in the forefront in person, her beautiful eyes rolled, and her eyes beckoned to Zhao Anran.

Zhao Anran nodded slightly, her face looked like frost, and said coldly: "Never let them enter the million-mile range close to the Star Alliance headquarters. The details will be exhausted."

The four clans are still skeptical, and only send a small number of strong people to explore the situation.

Once let them know that Lin Chen is not there, they will all counterattack with the fiercest storm!

If the Star Alliance showed its timidity here, and allowed the powerful of the four clans to break through the sea of ​​defense and break into the sea of ​​nine layers, Lin Chen would surely be worried about his life!

Xingmeng and Lin Chen must rely on each other, trust each other, and be desperate!

The hot-tempered Huo Ten Sage beat the table angrily, "Then what are you waiting for, if you want to fight, fight them enough!"

Luo Qianshou said indifferently: "Look, you are anxious."

Huo Ten Sage stared: "Am I ** anxious?"

Yue Yuncheng, who came by Yujian in the wind, fell into the hall, "Do you need to come out?"

"No." Zhao Anran groaned: "Mr. Yue wait a minute, show all our combat power at once. If you act too hastily, it will lead them to doubt and reveal their intentions."

With a light wave of her hand, she spread out the star map of the known area of ​​the Eightfold Realm Sea, and said earnestly: "There is no need to show it all, but the real power needs to be shown. Use more than half of the * emperor to sit in the illusion location under Lin Chen's previous layout. , Guarding the * emperors of all races."

Yuan Wujue said: "What if they besiege our ** emperor?"

Zhao Anran shook his head, "No, their first goal is not to hit us, but to find out the details. That being the case, when the ** emperor we sent can't stop all the strong, they will rush in the first time. Come in."

Hearing this, Yue Yuncheng's eyes lit up; "You mean, sing empty city plan in the front, and close the door to beat the dog in the back?"

"Not bad." Zhao Anran stretched out his slender jade hand and shook it from the star map, strategizing: "Let a part of the ** emperor come in. As long as they come in, the Futian swords of our star alliance will attack!"

She looked at Jiang Yuanchi, who nodded slightly; "I will take action and use arithmetic to deduce where they came from."

"The emptiness brings the reality, and the reality hides the imaginary."

Zhao Anran's meticulous layout once again made everyone's eyes shine, like a reassurance.

Four days later; God Desolate Star Territory, six hundred and fifty territories.

At the entrance of the Eightfold Boundary Sea; a dragon roar shook the sky for nine days, and the cloud and mist engulfed the dragon's shadow in flames.

The Huanglong Emperor was still so unruly and rebellious. He stepped on the fierce thundercloud and brought three Dragon Emperors around him!

Then, a pair of sky-reaching giant palms tore open the sky and walked in magnificent manner. It was Brahma with a group of Asuras!

Next to him, there is an old man Shura with closed eyes and hands clasped together. He has bald horns, three eyes on his forehead, a big mouth cracked in front of his chest, and a majestic river under his feet, full of dead silence. breath!

The Supreme God of Shura·Xinsijia!

The Asuras actually sent two supreme gods of the Asuras!

Then, the demon boring of the Feng clan and the demon tuotian of the demon clan arrived one after another.

Everyone looked at each other, tacitly.

This time everyone's goals are the same!

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