Chapter 2246:My Skills Depend on Picking

, Fight to madness!

Chapter 2246 The battle is crazy!

boom! boom! boom!

Motuotian summoned a demon hand, crushed tens of thousands of miles with one palm, arbitrarily ruled the sky and opened up the world.

The Huanglong Emperor turned into a dragon head, revealing part of its body. Its left eye is like frost, and its right eye is like burning. The body is the supreme dragon candle dragon.

The candle dragon roared and shattered the galaxy. The sound wave almost traveled at the speed of four-dimensional light, covering the illusion of 100,000 miles, and shattered with a roar.

As soon as the two powerhouses took action, the illusion of reincarnation that had lost the phantom clone was breached on a large scale.

call out! call out! call out!

Suddenly, a series of afterimages flew out of the Eightfold Realm.

It is the powerhouses of the Star Alliance!

Luo Yaoer, who was headed, held a knife in his hand, and stood in front of everyone.

"Everyone comes to my Star Alliance, is it because you want to go to war?"

Although Luo Yaoer's tone was soft and gentle, her attitude was tough but not losing to Luo Bing'er!

The hearts of the strong people moved.

This woman, unexpectedly reached the five-fold ** emperor so soon?

She looks exactly like the empress, and her breath is completely different!

Yue Yun Cheng fell down with a sword, and Yun Danfeng smiled lightly: "There are so many people here, what do you want to do?"

Huang Longdi sneered and said, "Eight-layer Jiehai is half my hometown. Can the emperor come back and have a look?"

"Then you just go back to your hometown, isn't it good?" Luo Yaoer raised his sword and pointed at the Huanglong Emperor, with a demeanor like the Demon Empress of the year!

The wrath of Huanglong Emperor's desire; "You..."

Luo Yaoer interrupted him: "Shut up, it's not your turn to speak."

Beautiful eyes turned to the Asuras, Luo Yaoer said calmly: "Brahma, your Asuras want to destroy the clan?"

Brahma, who has always been indifferent and impermanent, raised a faint smile this time: "I'm here just to find Lin Chen's friend to reminisce about the past."

This scene stunned all the high-level Asuras present.

I'll stop you, it's the first time they saw Brahma Venerable talking with a smile!

By the way, will he laugh? It seems that they haven't seen him laugh since they became famous! It's always like someone owes him two to five to eighty thousand.

"Rescribing to the old? The emperor sees you as itchy, right, Brahma."

Suddenly, a cold female voice echoed in Jiehai with contempt.

Luo Binger's mysterious and beautiful posture came from the sky, causing Luo Yaoer's heartstrings to shake.

After suffering such a serious injury, it will make people see the flaws!

However, on the surface of Luo Bing'er, there was no trace of injury, but a long aura, with an endless, majestic aura!

"Take the pill?" Luo Yaoer talked to her through the soul of light.

"Well, Ye Hongmeng... aunt's... but it's not a cure, it's a divine barrier pill disguised by aura." Luo Binger responded.

Two five-fold ** emperors?

The pupils of the strong present shrink slightly.

"It's too enchanting!"

"It's a monster-level growth rate. How long has the Star Alliance grown now? There are actually two five-tier ** emperors!"

"Plus Lin Chen, wouldn't there be three?"

"No, this ** thing is forced to have a clone, which is equivalent to the body, it is four!"

In terms of top combat power, the Star Alliance is no longer inferior to the four supreme gods of the Asuras!

If you give them another ten years...

Brahma's veins were exposed, and his fists faintly clenched.

However, it is not the point!

The most important thing is Lin Chen!

The one that the Asuras fear most is Lin Chen.

If the Star Alliance wants to launch one-for-one extreme tactics, Lin Chen must exist.

Only the Star Alliance where Lin Chen is in can threaten the strong of the Asura clan from the root cause.

If Lin Chen doesn't show up, they don't need to panic, maybe they might be bluffing!

Brahma didn't smile; "Oh, my little friend Lin Chen and I are definitely half friends. Last time I was in the same hatred with him, didn't I. What about little friend Lin Chen? Why not call him out to tell us about the past."

"You are so big!" Huo Ten Sage stepped on the Sky Fire Dragon's feet and yelled.


Brahma was almost furious, and the space of thousands of miles fell into shattered chaos.

Xin Xijia said indifferently: "Call Lin Chen out, otherwise we might have to go in and find out."

Yue Yun Cheng Lang said with a smile: "Our leader has no time to talk to you now. If you want to come and play, the old man will come to accompany you in the trick."

Lin Zhong and Cang Heng stand on their own sides, and there are signs of action at any time.

At the edge of the Eightfold Sea of ​​Realms, the swords were drawn instantly!


The demon worm of the Feng clan was the first to take action. It was extremely fast and transformed into a colorful demon phoenix, attempting to break through the barrier forcibly.

Then, the top powerhouses of all races made moves one after another. They did not use their full strength as soon as they came up, but carefully observed the situation!

"Don't want to succeed!"

With a wave of one hand, Yue Yuncheng's ten-handed imperial sword glowed with cold abyss, red melting, magic wind, swallow, gold, mysterious wood, all kinds of sword auras, ten swords across the sky, like a dragon, pointing to the demon borer. !

The demon boring of the dignified five-layered ** emperor was strangled by ten-handed swords.

Hundreds of laws were turned into bounding forces and bound its actions, making it surprisingly surprised; "You are the first human race I have seen that can use ten imperial artifacts!"

The high-level powerhouses of the Ashura, Dragon, Demon, and Phoenix races rushed into the sea of ​​eight layers.

The top five-tier ** emperor's combat power was successively stopped by the senior leaders of the Star Alliance, but the entourage around them couldn't stop it!

However; the eightfold world sea is shocking!

boom! boom! boom!

The splendid sword rainbows pierced through the sun, turning the flying disc to wink out the sky of blood!


"So many swords can be integrated into one?"

" can there be such a perverted sword weapon!"

"That's right, you actually ambush the emperor, your local gang is too rude!"

"Ok... so big! Don't come here!"

The sudden accident caused the face of the five-fold ** emperors of all races to change slightly.

What happened inside?

God Desolate Star Territory.

Nine hundred and ninety-nine domains—

The miraculous dragon city has entrenched so far.

It suddenly vibrated slightly, opened a pair of dragon eyes, the dragon gas was late, exhaling a breath of vicissitudes, and let out a sky-shaking dragon chant, just like the ancient times, so loudly.

"My lord... Emperor Qin, seems to be awake?"

"But why, my lord didn't call me?"

Dragon City swayed its dragon body slightly, its vigorous and iron-blooded Dragon City, like an immortal miracle, soaring under the endless starry sky, anyone who saw it galloped and was shocked!

The ninth boundary sea.

The grand battle, second only to the battle of the four ancestors, has lasted for several days!

The four streams of light converge with each other, and each collision either swells the heavens and the earth, or spreads terrible spirit fluctuations, or bursts out with the divine flame that burns everything and the divine power to smash the chaos.

Whether it was Emperor Qin or Lin Chen, the two sides fought madly with the determination to live toward death!

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