Chapter 2247:My Skills Depend on Picking

, Do everything! !

Chapter 2247 The battle is over!

The shadows of the guns linger, and the shadows of the halberds are heavy. Lin Chen and the Emperor Qin Ancestor fought together. The two fought for their lives, and Xtreme Fengshen was a deadly melee fight. When they were bombarded, they instantly switched to remote support.

The Dipin Soul is assisted by it, and each of its moves that brews the soul has a miraculous effect on the ancestor of the Qin Emperor who is a soul!

"That fire..."

Lin Chen perceives that the flames that Emperor Qin made are extraordinary.

It has the power of creating and destroying the world, burning eternally, and its destructive power even exceeds the law of fate he has displayed!

boom! boom!

The spears intersected again, and Shen Yan rolled heavily.

The vast Chilong roared in anger, flicked its tail, and flew into Lin Chen directly into the seabed.

The phantom clone seized the opportunity and shot three gods in a row.

"It's useless, I have seen through it!"

Chilong swung its tail into the air, and its tail saw the sword of the sky, swiping it mightily, and slashed down with a violent sword.

Three divine arrows attached to the path of eternity were smashed by a sword, and even the ultimate wind ** was sunk by the afterwave of sword energy.

[The phantom clone was injured, consuming 65 billion god-level rune energy again, note: the rune energy has been exhausted! 】

"You must choose the same target to dissolve all power. I use the dragon soul to urge pure power to display the dragon's supernatural powers.

The Emperor Qin's soul with dragon scales all over his body gave a grinning grin, twisted the red halberd tightly with both hands, and slammed into the bottom of the sea.


The waves of the Nine-layer Sea of ​​Realms instantly burst into white smoke and red, as if they were burned into a sea of ​​flames!

"Sink under my stunts, Human Race Lin Chen, you are the first to fight this emperor to this point!"

The flame of Emperor Qin seems to be a kind of technique that belongs to him alone. It is extremely powerful and can be called an endless miracle in every move, and it can burn the three thousand avenues to the end!

[The host uses power beyond its limits: 29.9 million cosmic powers...The host's lifespan is being greatly reduced! 】

Treading waves abruptly, standing between the sky and the earth, Lin Chen waved the God of War spear, stirring the boundary sea, the waves of the entire Nine Layers of Boundary Sea were stirred into a vortex by his God of War spear, waving towards the sky, one shot provoked, and hit directly. The red halberd of Emperor Qin!

"Tianlong Fushi·Huo!"

[Consuming 430,000 God's Gift Points, activate the Eternal Huadao! 】

Sneer~! boom! boom! boom!

The Boundary Sea exploded billions of feet and swallowed huge waves, the space exploded, the archipelago was submerged, and the sky turned upside down.

The diffuse galaxy was shattered, time and space collapsed into shattered chaos, time and space were completely reversed and turned into a paste.

"Emperor Qin, the glorious and eternal history, there is always a corner of your sleep! Jiehai is your tomb!"

Lin Chen shook off the red halberd with a shot, his arms burst into blood, and the blood was constantly bursting apart.

But almost at the same time, Di Pin's figure fell like a meteor, the ultimate wind ** moved the time and space, and the ghost appeared to the Qin Emperor God Ancestor's side.

"Transform the soul!"

The phantom clone of Xtreme Fengshen stood up and whirled, and his leg armor suddenly rushed behind Qin Huang. When he blasted him into the air, he was hitting the spirit of God Grade!

The soul gritted his teeth and shouted: "I am so angry that I am forced to resort to this trick, and the old things go to death!"

The Extreme Fengshen retreats quickly, the Emperor Pin’s soul is shining brightly, and the violent waves of destruction are in full bloom, and Qin Huang's face changes slightly.


Jiuzhongjie has ushered in an unprecedented bombing in the sea.

Nine heavens and ten earths, there is a storm of souls and souls!

Lin Chen's imperial spirit blew himself up!

This storm is a devastating blow to anyone.

Possessing more than ten times the power of the Divine Soul of the Emperor Realm of the same level, it bursts out, which can be called a disaster that destroys everything!

In the soul storm that enveloped the world, a blazing fire road was blasted out, and it was the ancestor of the Emperor Qin.

He was blown to pieces and his face was stubborn.

It's not over yet!

Lin Chen broke into the Soul Storm alone!

He caught the incomplete and transparent figure of Emperor Qin, and it was obvious that the imperial spirit's self-destruction posed a big threat to him.

The imperial spirit's self-detonation poses a fatal threat to him, but it cannot prevent him from escaping from the scope of the self-detonation.

"Want to escape? It's not that simple!"

Lin Chen shot up with a spear and stabbed it awe-inspiringly.

Unexpectedly, Emperor Qin suddenly violently violently, the Chilong divine tail on his waist swings, one tail is chopped, and it is twisted to Lin Chen mightily!

boom! boom!

The eternal transformation of Lin Chen's spear tip dissolved the Chi dragon tail of Emperor Qin's ancestor, and the God of War spear penetrated Qin Emperor's soul body through the dragon's tail.

Almost at the same time, the red halberd of the God Ancestor of Emperor Qin released a domineering and fierce flame, burned the main road, broke the golden armor of the * of war, and pierced Lin Chen's golden * of war suit!

The halberd blade was against Lin Chen's chest, the tip of the halberd pierced into the flesh and blood, the five elements of Tian Yan was broken, and the whole body was wrapped in the domineering divine flame!

"To be able to fight against me with the power of the * emperor to this extent, my ancestor dragon would like to call it the strongest * emperor of the four clans!"

Qin Huang laughed wildly: "Let go, you and I are tied, and if you continue to fight, you will die together."

With a sweet throat, Lin Chen spit out a large amount of divine blood, his eyes filled with fighting spirit.

"Then die together! Jiehai can bury thousands of martyrs, as well as me Lin Chen and you Qin Huang!"


At that moment; Lin Chen wore a red halberd and threw his fist into the frenzied Qin Emperor God Ancestor!

Tens of millions of Zhou Li exploded hundreds of millions of galaxies, and the world was turbulent. Lin Chen fisted wildly, attacking the Emperor Qin desperately.

Extreme Fengshen fell from the sky with him, kicking Qin Huang in the face.

Sneer~! boom!

A cross * glow bloomed, the kamikaze was thousands of miles away, the golden war * and the extreme wind * fisted frantically, all the way madly, and the * ancestor of the Qin Emperor was beaten back into the storm where the soul blew up.

[The host continues to activate the Eternal Path...]

[God gift points are about to run out...]


Emperor Qin's pupils shrunk slightly, the body of the soul was constantly broken and fragmented, and the fragments of the soul spilled out and were swallowed by the explosion of the soul storm.

The sea of ​​nine layers of realms suddenly surging, and the tremor of time and space spread to all seas of realms!

"what's the situation?"

"The entire Boundary Sea seems to be trembling."

"What on earth is the strong fighting?"

Outside the Eightfold Realm, the strong men of all races stopped fighting, looking surprised and suspicious.

Looking at the direction of Jiehai, their minds became more and more frightened.


Suddenly, a section of Shura's ** arm behind Brahma split open.

Brahma's pupils shrunk slightly, and a fist wrapped around Fengshen suddenly blasted toward him!

boom! boom! boom!

With all eyes in full view, the dignified Asura Supreme God was bombarded by a sudden figure!


"So fast? This speed has already surpassed the category of the five-fold ** emperor!"

The powerful people of all races took a closer look, ‘Lin Chen’ was floating in the air, and the two pairs of Fengshen’s wings flapped slowly.

'Lin Chen' expressionlessly, said indifferently: "You people who live impatiently, want to die, don't you?"

Lin Chen!

All the powerhouses of the Star Alliance are ecstatic, the leader is all right!

The powerhouses of all races are full of horror.

"He... he's still alive..."

"It's terrible, he has reached a higher level than he was ten years ago, and has surpassed the previous generations of the Feng Clan!"

"Haha, Brother Lin Chen, it's all misunderstandings. My Demon Race is a step ahead."

Seeing the bad situation, Demon Tuotian smashed the space with one palm, and slipped the fastest with the Demon Heaven Emperor.

Not only did Lin Chen have no situation, but his strength was even better!

The speed suppression just now perfectly interprets his strength. Starting today, the Star Alliance will become a force that surpasses all races!

The Huanglong Emperor, Xin Xijia, and the demon moth immediately took his own powerhouse, and either revealed his body at the fastest speed, or displayed his own magical powers, and the speed of escape made the powerhouse of the Star Alliance dumbfounded.

"Hahaha, look at these grandsons, they run faster than his mother's womb rolls!"

"Looking at the leader, they are like a mouse meeting a cat."

"Why don't you pursue it!"

Everyone asked happily and suspiciously, but Ye Qingwu, Luo Yao'er and Luo Bing'er stayed in the same place.

"Lin Chen"'s voice trembled; "Don't move, they haven't gone far..."

Luo Yaoer's body trembles slightly, tears falling from the corners of her eyes, "Husband, you..."

Everyone was stunned in place suddenly.

The ethereal wind god's wings, falling like dust, slowly disappeared.

The Ultimate Fengshen that was gradually fragmented, there was a dead silence in his eyes.


Luo Bing'er and Luo Yao'er, like crazy, turned their heads and swept back to the sea of ​​eight layers, desperately rushing into the sea of ​​nine layers!

Nine layers of circles at home.

There is no more galaxy in the vast universe.

The heaven and the earth have turned over countless times, time and space stagnated, and only a fiercely burning sea of ​​fire remains.

The sea of ​​divine flames seemed to be burning eternally. In the center of the sea of ​​fire, there was only a man in dragon robe kneeling on the ground and a young man in silver robe who could not stand upright.

The golden battle spear penetrated the dragon-robed man.

The red flame divine halberd penetrated the silver-robed youth.

The two have done everything!

Zulong Qinhuang, dead!

Winner: Lin Chen!

The two girls were trembling, and they clearly saw it.

In Lin Chen's eyes, there was no more life.

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