Chapter 2248:My Skills Depend on Picking

, May you never fall into darkness in this life (big

Chapter 2248, I hope you never fall into darkness in this life (large chapter)

The endless sea of ​​divine fireworks burns everything in the world, domineering to the sun, and eternal.

Pieces of purple and cyan fragments are floating in the void, and each piece of soul fragment contains several universes, evolving into heaven and everything.

They are fragments of the souls of Emperor Qin and Zulong. The souls of the fragments fluctuate like waves, ebb and flow.

The gods and souls of Zulong and Qinhuang are so powerful that they have already turned into the realm of substantive universe existence.

Even if it is the remnant soul after death, they are still powerful enough to subvert the cognition of all living beings.

"No, what happened..."

Looking at the two gradually fragmented figures in the distance, Luo Yaoer showed her shoulders trembling, and she was pale.

Luo Bing'er stretched out his hand to stop Luo Yao'er, "Don't go over! The flame of Emperor Qin will not disappear, it will burn forever, it is his ancestral way!"

Luo Bing'er trembled: "He and Qin Huang's jade were burned, and the soul was gone with fear."

Luo Yaoer was hit hard.

Dan's lips trembled slightly, and Luo Bing'er said every word; "Lin Chen is dead, and his soul has completely disappeared."

Lin Chen... is dead?

"No!" Luo Yaoer burst into tears, biting her Dan lips and bleeding, poignantly and decisively, "No, he can't die!"

"Calm down!" Luo Binger sent a ray of dark soul power to restrain the light soul that ran away with her desire.

Luo Bing'er whispered: "It's not that things haven't turned around. No one can resurrect a ** emperor, but light and darkness can."

Luo Yaoer's body shook, clutching her shoulders, "You mean, our light soul and dark soul, fusion?"

"Yeah." Luo Binger replied softly.

She did not speak, but was silent, a pair of Yingying Qiu eyes hanging down slightly.

"Light soul and dark soul originate from the four dimensions. If they can be merged, they can create the origin of all creatures."

Luo Binger spoke softly, and there was a little tenderness in her eyes, no longer the indifference of the past.

"Although we have lost the body of the tree of origin, we don't need to create four dimensions. If we just save the origin of a soul, with the energy of light soul and dark soul, there should be no problem."

"It's just that once light and dark merge, they can no longer be separated."

"Between you and me, there must be someone to stitch the light and darkness after the fusion into his body."

"Before he re-searches and reshapes his soul, it cannot be interrupted until the light has a new owner."

The two have the same mind, Luo Yaoer understands the price very well!

"Then let me come!" Luo Yaoer said decisively without hesitation.

"No." Luo Binger smiled with a smile, "You are his beloved, and you are pregnant with his child, and you want to live with him."

Luo Bing'er took Luo Yao'er's beautiful wrist and whispered softly: "If it weren't for him, I would have been swallowed by the dark soul...I owe him, and I will pay it now."

Luo Yaoer was pretty pale, "Binger..."

Luo Binger's hands were sealed, and the dark and pure essence of the soul rose in the palm of her palms, and dark waves rippled.

The ripples of the dark soul fall from nothingness, be born in nothingness, and die in nothingness.

Those who reach the Emperor Realm's Divine Soul Consummation can vaguely see the endless gloom; a nine-petaled ice lotus is in full bloom, magnificent and enchanting, breathtaking.

Luo Binger was pretty and pale, and she gently stretched out her palm to Luo Yaoer.

The ultimate glow suddenly rose from the top of Luo Yaoer's head!

Luo Yaoer's cultivation base fell from the fifth-tier * emperor to the second-tier * realm in a very rapid manner!

The light soul and the dark soul coexist with each other, revolving extremely fast around Luo Bing'er.

All the ups and downs of the two people poured into Luo Bing'er's soul like an initiation, unforgettable.

"If you lose your light soul, you will fall back to your original cultivation base, go quickly..."

Luo Bing'er sent it out with a clever palm, and Luo Yao'er was transferred and teleported away from the sea of ​​nine layers!

Holding the initial light and dark in both hands, Luo Binger took off his light shoes, took off the straps, and the skirts fell off.

The snow-greasy and white jade toes fell into the void, like treading waves and blue waves, lighting up the ripples of time and space, and came to Lin Chen's side.

Her life passed by at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The pupils cut the water, Luo Bing'er looked at Lin Chen, fluttered up, holding his face, with a beautiful smile, beautifully beautiful.

She pressed her eyebrows to Lin Chen's forehead, and the light and darkness flowed, blending into his body.

Luo Binger's body was burning!

The divine flame remaining from the battle rushed into the body, burning everything in her.

Luo Binger pursed his lips and gritted his teeth, smiling with tears.

Her figure gradually became illusory.

Light and dark intertwined and merged into Lin Chen's body continuously. He has a body of heaven and a soul, and his body has the fragmented spirit consciousness.

The shattered spirit consciousness reunited!

The shattered realm of law, rebirth from Nirvana!

Massive spheres of attribute light kept moving closer to Lin Chen's body, absorbing it all the time, absorbing it like a whale.

boom! boom! boom!

Not only has Lin Chen's soul been reshaped, but his physique has been created and changed by the initial light and darkness, and his soul has begun to move closer to a higher realm.


The shell crack of nirvana rebirth sounded softly, and Lin Chen was promoted to the four-fold ** emperor!

[The host controls the first three thousand avenues·Law of Destiny! 】

[Obtain the Chi-level Talent Treasure Box and open it to obtain: Fragment of the Great Wishes of the Gods (10/10), the Great Wishes of the Gods talent is complete: Every host who kills an enemy will accumulate the power of the Great Wishes. The more you accumulate, the more you can inspire this talent. The stronger. 】

【Akasaka Talent·Great Wishes of the Gods: It can absorb all the consciousness of the gods, and attach attacks from the host to increase its unlimited power. The more the consciousness of the gods absorbed, the stronger the effect. 】

[Note: Enemies defeated with the talent of the Great Wishes of the Gods cannot obtain attribute values. 】

[The host has gone through the death of the soul, the phantom clone disappears, and the energy of the god-level rune needs to be re-consumed. 】

Lin Chen's soul has been baptized time and time again by the power of light and darkness. The power of the soul is far beyond imagination.

That realm has begun to transcend the category of "One Time and Space"!

And Lin Chen started to attack that brand new realm of spirits with more than ten times the foundation of spirits.

Not only that, the surrounding purple and blue soul fragments, like Yulongmanyan, gathered together and were absorbed by Lin Chen!

God Desolate Star Territory.

Wandering among the galaxies, the Immortal Dragon City, which was about to approach the boundary sea, suddenly stagnated in the void.

A pair of vast and vast dragon eyes revealed consternation and sentiment.

"My lord is gone?"

The Immortal Dragon City stopped in the void, unable to move for a long time.

It waited for one era after another, and its old master left without saying a word of greeting.

Did not even call it.

"My lord has passed away. Who is eligible to be my new lord in the world? Just destroy it."

The dragon eyes of the Immortal Dragon City burst out with fierce anger, burning everything in the world!

It stretched out its vast dragon claws, just as it was about to grab a few galaxies.

Twelve golden lights descended, and twelve golden-light giants came to Dragon City expressionlessly.

The Immortal Dragon City urn said with an annoyed voice: "You are, the old master’s golden prison god? The twelve imperial soldiers that can only be collected by the gatherers of the ancient gods..."

One of the golden prison ** emperors suddenly opened his eyes, glowing with a five-color entangled sword aura, and smiled: "Dragon City, come to help me achieve my great cause."

Longcheng roared: "You are so Xiaoxiao again! The timid people who possess the emperor rank ** soldier, who dare not show their true body, are not worthy of the world."

The golden prison ** emperor flicked his finger, and a ray of sword aura engulfed the flames and shot on the dragon head of the immortal dragon city.

It was about to furious, but suddenly froze.

Long Cheng said in astonishment: "Wait, there is the old master...who is it?"

The Golden Prison God Emperor proudly said: "Sword Emperor, Lin Xingchen."

A trace of evil flickered across its eyes, "Perhaps, when you and I meet, you can call me, Sword Ancestor, more appropriate!"

Half a year has passed since the battle with Zulong Qinhuang.

The ninth boundary sea.

In the long sea of ​​gods' fireworks.

The figure of Emperor Qin gradually became transparent.

The consciousness of Emperor Qin and Zulong was absorbed into Lin Chen's soul world as his soul fragments were absorbed.

Even Lin Chen's imperial spirit was resurrected by the fusion of light and darkness!

His consciousness emerged in Lin Chen's soul, and the memory fragments belonging to Lin Chen were being integrated.

In the spirit world.

Emperor Qin raised his head and looked up, and above his head was a vortex of alternating light and dark.

"The initial light and darkness are fusing with his soul and body?"

"My soul fragments, have they been absorbed by him?"

Qin Huang was taken aback, then he was full of pride and laughed up to the sky.

He smiled domineeringly: "It's been a long time since I had such a great battle. Since the remnants of the ancestral dragon's souls have been intertwined, the soul has been in a state of confusion. I can't imagine that the younger generation has defeated me now, and the next generation is terrible!"

Emperor Qin stood with his hand held hands, facing the moment before his consciousness gradually disappeared, he calmly calmed down.

"The past has swept through the wilds and Liuhe, but in the end there are only a few star marks, a dream."

Feng Qingyun looked pale, as if everything had been put down.

In the rejuvenated spirit, Emperor Qin witnessed a small part of Lin Chen's memory...

"Hey, this little guy also defeated the remains of the Demon Ancestor and the Asura Ancestor?"

In the end, Qin Huang's gaze was suddenly attracted by the content of the five-volume exercises.

His expression went from indifferent, to solemn, to stunned.

"Hao Futian? Such a character actually appeared in the human race... He had noticed early, the secret that I only knew before my death?"

The ancestor of Emperor Qin was amazed.

The final battle after the era of no ancestors; Hao Futian and others are the closest people to the secrets of the four ancestors back then.

It is not that the initial light and darkness are the primary host of the sacred tree.

The first host of the sacred tree of origin is the unending luck of the human race!

It is the luck of the human race that casts the soul of the tree of origin!

The first light and darkness were the latecomers who later captured the sacred tree!

In other words, the four-dimensional universe was born with a human race that was far darker than the initial light!

It is the tenacity of the people of the human race, the will of the people of the human race, and it has been nourished and strengthened by infinite air luck!

Qin Huang thought he was the only one who really knew this secret.

But unexpectedly, there was another young man from the human race who understood and saw through it.

"I am the supreme mystery that only became known after I stepped into the divine ancestor. This person actually understood the secret of the origin of Siwei from the realm of the divine emperor?"

Qin Huang was shocked unparalleled, and the corners of his mouth rose uncontrollably, the heroes cherished each other, and the heroic spirits clapped his hands in applause.

"Hahahaha! I regret the Qin Emperor's martial arts, and slightly lose his literary talent. The ancestors of all races are slightly inferior to the coquettish."

"A good man who looks at the present, dares to compare every human race with me, Hao Futian, Hao Futian, if you can be in the same era, that would be an interesting thing."

Qin Emperor God Ancestor stood with his hand in his hand, and when he looked at Lin Chen, he was a little bit more jokes; "Is this your student."

He watched his hands clasped together, the speed at which his own soul fragments merged into Lin Chen's soul increased sharply.

A flick of one's sleeves; from the purple-cyan divine soul fragments, some purple-red essences were separated, like gorgeous stars, like dreams and illusions.

"These are the essence of the Ancestral Dragon. If you directly refine it, the benefits will not be great. It's better to let the ancient dragon in your body absorb it."

With a flick of his finger, the purplish red hot spirit merged into the ancient dragon entrenched in Lin Chen's dantian.

It died because of Lin Chen, and now Lin Chen lives, it is reborn again!

And, it is improving at an unprecedented speed!

With his hands imprinted, Emperor Qin quickly condensed a part of his own soul fragments.

It turned into a group of divine soul light, pushed with both hands, and sent it into Lin Chen's divine soul.

"This is my peculiar knowledge, the top level technique of the red rank: eternal destiny. By order to grant heaven, burn to eternity, reach eternity, create eternity, and smash eternity."

When Emperor Qin's figure was about to become completely transparent, Lin Chen's spirit consciousness gradually recovered.

"Qin Huang?" Lin Chen subconsciously warned, but found that he was in his own soul consciousness.

Emperor Qin waved his hand indifferently: "I am already a dead person, and this is the last consciousness of the fragment of the soul."

He opened his arms, domineering, and arrogantly said: "Climb to the top, Lin Chen, I want you to be invincible!"

Lin Chen was surprised: "You... why are you helping me?"

Qin Huang smiled freely.

"I, as a member of the people of the Human Race, I also want to see the God Realm created by Hao Futian and you."

While talking and laughing, he flew into an ashes and annihilated, and even the last ray of consciousness disappeared in Lin Chen's spirit.

Lin Chen suddenly woke up, and when he opened his eyes, he subconsciously touched the wound on his chest, as if healed on his own.

The next moment, his heart trembles tightly.

The nearly transparent body, the graceful and graceful woman with white hair wins snow, with frosty eyebrows, is holding her face, smiling and watching herself.

"The energy of light and darkness circulates in my body, Binger, you..."

Lin Chen was shocked, he knew exactly what it meant.

Luo Binger hugged Lin Chen, nodding his eyebrows, and leaning against his chest.

Lin Chen bit his lip and hugged the beautiful woman and tremblingly said: "How can you be so stupid, why do you need to save me? Didn't you find your life with great difficulty!"

Luo Binger smiled quietly.

"After I cultivated my human form, I only wanted to find the soul of light and the sacred tree of origin. I turned a deaf ear to the actions of the gods in front of me, deviating from the original intention of practicing Taiyi Futian Jue."

"Once thought that the human race was not worthy of salvation."

"Until I met you, until I saw the memory of you and Yao'er."

"I just remembered that you were the one I wanted to be, but I didn't."

"So you are my light..."

Luo Binger raised her pretty face, holding his face, her Dan lips softly kissed his lips.

"May you never fall into darkness in this life."

The Yiren drifted away like smoke, dissipating in Lin Chen's arms.

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