Chapter 2249:My Skills Depend on Picking

, Star Alliance vs. the three major Protoss! (superior)

Chapter 2249 The Star Alliance vs. the Three Protoss! (superior)

Eightfold boundary sea.

The upper floors of the Star Alliance gather in the Star Tower.

Everyone's faces are solemn, and the situation is grim and worrying.

The three major protoss seemed to be assisted by gods, and they even declared war on Jihai!

An army of 20 million true gods and hundreds of thousands of * kings and 50,000 * masters were dispatched, marching from outside the realm of the gods and approaching the sea.

The army at the forefront, and even the three great masters personally led the gods to fight, and the momentum of the battle was devastating!

The battlefront of the Star Alliance collapsed at the touch of a touch. In less than a month, he was beaten back from the First Boundary Sea to the Third Boundary Sea!

The Fire Ten Saints attacked the case and gritted their teeth and said: "What is Zhao Anran doing? He retreats and then retreats. People have already sent out from the God Realm to fight us. The army is approaching the Sea of ​​Three Realms, and we are still fighting and retreating. Do you have to retreat here?"

Lu Huang groaned: "Old seniors don't worry, senior Yue Yuncheng, Ye Tianchen, and Miss Qingwu have already been sent to the front line of the army. Without the order of the deputy leader, none of us can act rashly."

In fact, only Lin Chen and Zhao Anran knew about the number of existing powerhouses in the entire Star Alliance, and the others did not fully understand the true combat power of the Star Alliance.

The red leaves in a red dress are pacing, his expression faintly anxious; "It's been half a year, why didn't they come out of it!"

Tang Jianghai worried: "After being teleported from the inside, the wife of the leader fell into a coma for half a year."

There was a haze over everyone's faces.

Luo Yaoer's strength fell to the second level of the gods, everyone knows, they can more or less guess that what happened in the nine levels of realm, I am afraid it is very dangerous!

Suddenly, a dragon chant shook the Eightfold Boundary Sea.

The ancient dragon of the Great Universe surrounding the Chijin Longxia, travels around the world and descends to the critical sea!

Cang Heng stood up with a sword, his eyes solemn; he said coldly: "He Fang Longdi, dare to break into the headquarters of my Star League!"

The ancient dragon of the Great Universe in front of him had the power of the peak of the five-fold ** emperor.

How did it sneak here? If this is the case, doesn't it mean that their defensive front in the sea of ​​eightfolds has been broken?

Tang Jianghai was overjoyed: "Wait a minute, it's the ancient dragon of the leader!"


The lord's ancient dragon? When did the fighting power of the five-tiered ** emperor come?

When everyone looked at it, a figure stood proudly on the head of the ancient dragon.

His breath was unremarkable, like an ordinary holy realm.

However, only the strong above the ** emperor present can perceive that his aura is so strong that it will faintly suppress the entire 4th dimension!

Strong like Cang Heng, he didn't even dare to look directly into his eyes, sweating coldly.

"It's the leader!"

"The leader is back, we still have a fight."

"What a profound energy, this emperor can't even look directly into the eyes of the leader..."

"Leader Lin, he has become stronger again, he has reached a realm that even I have not recognized until now!"

The senior leaders of the Star Alliance screamed wildly, shocked and horrified.

Lin Chen fell on the top of the Star Tower, his face expressionless, like a cold blade.

Thousands of tempers and tempers time and time again, it is difficult for people to look directly at him.

He pointed it out of thin air; the time and space in front of him changed, and the haggard Luo Yaoer fell into Lin Chen's arms.

Lin Chen sent a ray of soft spirit power into her body, Yi Ren's eyelashes trembled lightly, and slowly opened her eyes.

Goodbye to Lin Chen, Luo Yaoer's beautiful eyes were filled with tears, her lips were slightly open, and she wanted to say something, but for a while, there were too many words that could not be explained.

Lin Chen whispered: "Go back and heal your wounds with peace of mind. When I finish my work, everything will be over."

"Um..." Luo Yaoer held his palm, "Don't leave me anymore."

He looked around and saw that Shen Lingshuang and Ye Qingwu were not there. Lin Chen said in a voice transmission: "Jiang Hai, Chi Xin."


The two stood up, Lin Chen handed Luo Yaoer to them, and said coldly: "I have given you the plane coordinates of Kyushu, Yaoer sent back to recuperate."

When the two took Luo Yao's childhood, Hong Ye stood in front of Lin Chen.

She grabbed Lin Chen's clothes and asked, "I ask you, where is the empress!"

Lin Chen said calmly: "Dead."

The women on the Empress plane were struck by lightning.

What? The female emperor who has always been in four dimensions, is dead?

Jiang Yuan sighed faintly, as if he had already expected it.

Hongye's pretty face was gloomy, her face looked like frost, "What's going on."

Lin Chen didn't conceal it, and briefly explained the affairs of Jiuzhong Jiehai.

"Lin Chen, what do you eat!"

"With you by your side, how could the Empress's life be in danger?"

"You know how important the Empress is to us! She is our reinvention benefactor and everything to us!"

The women of Shenqiong Mansion broke out with terrible anger!

Luo Bing'er is their only backbone, except for her, they don't believe in anyone.

"You can't even protect her, so what's the point of joining the Star Alliance."

"Let's go, the Lady Empress is dead, what is there to be nostalgic for in the world."

This scene changed the expressions of the senior members of the Star Alliance here.

Shenqiong Mansion is especially important to the Star Alliance, occupying at least a quarter of the core strength. If they leave, it will be a huge loss to the Star Alliance!

"Those who want to go, just go!"

Suddenly; a woman's cold chirping echoed.

Stepping on the law of yin and yang, Zhao Anran arrived from the sky and returned to the star tower.

She didn't ask too much, but stood beside Lin Chen and waved her bare hand; "Those who want to go, just go."

"Just don't forget how the Empress Luo Bing'er took in you in the first place."

"Among you, how many of you were fooled by those who flattered the gods from the Wuzhou Continents, and forced to exile in the gods and deserted star realms by the three major gods. The same displacement, who gave you a paradise for your salvation? ."

"Don't forget, why the Empress joined the Star Alliance for what."

"Those who want to disappoint Luo Bing'er, just go, want more women to become protoss playthings again, repeat your past mistakes, just go, I will never stop!"

Zhao Anran made a loud voice, with a cold and determined voice.

A group of * emperors and * masters in Shenqiong Mansion, biting their red lips, some eyes flashed with tears of humiliation and anger.

However, no one is willing to leave!

Hum! Hum! Hum!

Suddenly, the sky fell in disorder, the gods roared, and the sea caused violent vibrations.

An undefeated sword intent of slashing the sky upwards and taking Nine Nethers downwards, like a round of blazing sun, rising from the gods.

Like a new overlord, born between the four dimensions, three thousand avenues are unified, and finally one way.

In an instant; Ruixia rushed into the sky at the top of the God Realm, and a beam of red sword light entwined by the fire dragon moved hundreds of thousands of miles away, surpassing the speed of time, and came from the majestic beheading of the nine heavens of the God Realm. It has crossed countless planes of time and space, jumped across the Seven Seas of Realms, and came straight to the Star Alliance headquarters!

At this moment, the Asura, Dragon, Demon, Phoenix, and Zerg tribes all vibrated.

This trick; it seems to be beyond the category of ‘God Emperor’!

"this is?"

"Three Thousand Avenues, all of them?"

"This sword is fierce and domineering, as masculine as fire, I have never seen such a powerful kendo!"

Almost at the same time.

"come yet."

Lin Chen's expression was flat, and he waved his hand gently, and there was a ray of spirit fluctuations between his five fingers.

Sneer~! boom!

Carrying the Chihua sword light that hides the endless swordsmanship, it stopped abruptly, burst open, shattered and disappeared into the sea of ​​eight layers of fireworks.

This scene shocked everyone in the Star Alliance in the Eightfold Realm, eagerly moving.

Lin Chen actually waved the sword that was almost annihilating!

Lin Chen stepped on the sole of his foot and rose into the sky.

He twisted his grip lightly, the light ran across, condensed into a sharp spear, the golden armor cloak rolled like a cloud, and he stepped into the sky.

Lin Chen stood with the God of War spear in his hand, step by step like a mountain and flowing water, towering into the sky, opening the sky and the earth, standing on the top of the sea.

Divine Realm and Jiehai, two pairs of eyes looked into the distance.

Although they haven't acted yet, everything is silent.

This time until the dead.

Until the end of the four-dimensional battle, until the end of time, until the corners of space, until all the dust of history is reduced to ashes.

Only one of them can live!

"The leader is invincible!"

"The leader is back, everything is back!"

In the sea of ​​Eightfold Realm; the mountains and the tsunami-like applause erupted, and morale skyrocketed.

Zhao Anran swept his sleeves and faced the high-ranking members of the Star Alliance; "Everyone, the big net is open, ready to meet the enemy from the sea of ​​five realms!"

"The war has started for a month, and we have been defeated and retreated for a month. We are arrogant for the victory of the three Protoss, and the whole army has a feeling of incomparability."

"And all of my Star Alliance are ready to fight, and they are brewing the most brave counterattack. One is going down and the other is going up. Now is the time to counterattack."

The Fire Ten Saints exulted: "Could the deputy leader deliberately retreat?

"It's a good one to retreat to advance!"

Luo Qianchou jokingly said: "What did someone say just now?"

The Ten Sage Huo covered his ears and pretended not to hear.

Zhao Anran's eyes fell on Cang Heng, the ancient emperor.

"Cang Heng led Wu Heng's eight houses, Jiang Fan led the first column, and God Qiong Mansion cooperated with the frontline senior Yue Yuncheng, attacking from the front."

"The two * emperors of the Longwei Army in Fangchuan, Yuan Wujue led the third column roundabout from the left, the two * emperors of Lu Huang's Chiyan Army, and the two ** emperors of Luoshen Sword Palace in Luoque, from the right Line outflank."

"Senior Lin Zhong, please lead the second column, take a heavy boundary sea, seize the opportunity to attack the God Realm, and tear a hole for the team."

"Your Excellency Ye Hongmeng, please lead the fourth column to help the entire Jiehai battlefield. The battlefield still needs to rely on your magical magic pill."

Zhao Anran pondered: "As for the three great masters..."

"Leave it to me."

At this time, the ancient dragon urn of the Great Universe opened his mouth.

It breathes dragon aura, and its dragon eyes are faintly glowing with the domineering and demeanor of the first ancestor dragon that once wandered in four dimensions.

"Three masters, let me block them."

Gu Long's gesture gave Zhao Anran enough confidence!

Zhao Anran nodded slightly, "Please."

Fang Chuan hesitated: "Doesn't other powers put the strong men of all races?"

Zhao Anran resolutely said: "No need, the three protoss are far beyond any previous generation of protoss, we must go all out."

"Besides..." She raised her head and looked into the distance, the dazzling golden shadow standing on the top of the sea, earnestly said.

"Now, the strength of the leader is not what it used to be. Before we and the Protoss have a victory or defeat, the strong of all races will not easily get into our battle."

In the past, the top combat power of the * emperors and * masters between the various races was in a state of mutual play, so they would have a lot of actions.

But now it's different!

With Lin Chen's hand just now, it is sufficient to prove that as long as the Star Alliance has the heart, the Star Alliance headed by Lin Chen can annihilate any race except for the Protoss!

Absolute power is deterrence.

If Lin Chen provokes the current Star Alliance and arouses the anger of the Star Alliance, if Lin Chen turns his head around, any clan is a dead word!

Similarly, helping the Star Alliance also offends the Protoss. Before the victory is divided, no matter which side is assisted, it is a gamble, and no one will stand in the team easily.

Zhao Anran waved his hand; "Above, please start action!"

"This is the final struggle. We and the Protoss can only live one side!"

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