Chapter 1:Nuclear Power Sword Immortal

Reborn as a monster of the devil's way, chased by Mengxin

Daqian, Xingzhou.

Inside Changjun City.

The seven figures passed through the stream of people like a stream of light.

It can be clearly seen that the seven people belong to two camps, with six chasing and one fleeing.

"There are rumors from the outside world that the ancient demon's behavior in recent months is different from ordinary people, and it is suspected that the practice has gone wrong. Now it seems to be true. With a spiritual cultivation, it is not as good as holding a pill, and every shot will worsen the injury! Today, we are one six It's time to punish evil, promote good, eliminate demons and defend the way!"

Among the six people who were chasing, one shouted and reminded: "He wants to get away with the people of Changjun City, and he must not be allowed to succeed. Remember, those who wear red robes are ancient demons!"

This shout made the fleeing figure in front tremble, and taking advantage of a corner, he quickly tore off his robe and discarded it.

But even so, the person who came after him quickly re-identified his identity: "Over there, over there, those who wear headbands and keep long hair are ancient demons!"

The fleeing person in front trembled again.

Taking advantage of a market in front of him, he plunged into the crowd, quickly discarded the headband, and cut off his long hair with a sword. The whole person was extremely embarrassed.

During the escape, he was furious: "It's not fair, they want to kill me, so I will fight back! This will give me a karma buff? Only they are allowed to kill me, I can't kill them!?"

He was not complaining about someone.

It is a green lotus in the spiritual world.

Since a projection similar to the world of Xianxia appeared on Blue Star, Xianxia games and movies became popular, and related figures emerged one after another.

When Gu Jin came to pass an abandoned construction site, he picked up a green lotus figure.

He thought it was beautiful, so he took it home and washed it carefully.

During the cleaning process, my finger was accidentally cut by a lotus leaf...

The next moment, a burst of chaotic clear light that shines to the extreme fills the horizon.

When he woke up, he had become the Demon Sect elder with the same name and surname as him.

In the spiritual world, a green lotus is in full bloom, and his consciousness is sitting on the green lotus.

When he slays those who are full of evil, he can obtain clear light, infuse green lotus, assist epiphany, and increase his cultivation.

If you attack the righteous, you will attract karma, and all kinds of vendettas will follow.

As mentioned earlier, he transmigrated into a Demon Sect elder.

The elder was directly destroyed by the fire, but it seems that death is still not enough, and there are still nine layers of karma buff!

Big red name.

Shivering, he was so frightened that he immediately abandoned evil and followed good.

This is good, "Gu Jin Lai" originally asked to be transferred to Changjun City in order to avoid an opponent of the same clan, but suddenly wanted to be good, and immediately attracted many temptations from his opponent.

In just one month, there have been countless provocations and attacks.

He endured and let it go.

But this kind of forbearance seems to confirm the enemy's guess.

As a result, rumors spread, which led to a scene of disciples besieging and killing him.

He had the intention to explain, but a disciple came up and attacked the killer directly. When he was about to die, he was inspired to kill someone, and the result...

The karma buff is directly stacked to the tenth floor!

The consequence is that no matter how he hides, he will always be "accidentally" discovered by the disciples of Zhengyi, and they will not stop hunting and killing.

"Ancient demon, you can't escape!"

Outside Changjun City.

In the past and present, it was finally blocked by Zhengyiliuzi.

The six Immortal Sect True Inheritants, dressed in fluttering white clothes and valiantly handsome, held sharp swords and surrounded him in the middle.

What a scene of slaying demons and slaying demons.

Gu Jinlai took a deep breath: "I was abducted and sold at the age of six and entered the Demon Sect of Purgatory.

"The devil, what are you trying to say!?"

The first man among the six sons stepped forward and said sternly.

He is Ding Buqi, one of the top ten true disciples. He has opened up the meridians of his body, and he has completed his Qi refining. He is only one step away from refining his Qi into a gang, exhaling his breath into a sword, and killing people in ten steps.

"give me a chance."

Ancient and Jinlai said in a deep voice.

"How can I give you a chance?"

"Before, I had no choice. Now, I want to be a good person."

"Okay, go to the headmaster with me and see if he will let you be a good person."

"That's to let me die."

"I'm sorry, I'm just..."


Ding Buqi didn't finish his words, a sword light like a red lotus blooming, turned into dozens of sword energy, and shot in all directions.

Ding Buqi, who was the first to bear the brunt, was still cut by the sword energy even though he was protecting his body with infuriating energy for the first time, leaving several sword marks.

The other five people around him were weak in cultivation, and those who were slower to dodge were even penetrated by sword energy.

In the burst of sword qi, the ancient and modern figures flew and swept across the earth, as if the arrows from the string were shot into the distant mountains and forests.

"Despicable and shameless! It was a sneak attack!"

"Sister Li!"

"Quick, send a signal to inform the other disciples to come and kill the old demon, everyone will join together, and there is no need to say anything moral in dealing with this monster!"

In the mountains and forests, the ancients and moderns are still fleeing wildly.

Although he injured Zhengyi and Liuzi in that round of outbursts, he did not dare to kill any of those six because they were not famous, which made Zhengyi's disciples think that he was at the end of the fight.

Those Zhengdao elders and cultivators who thought they were not much worse than Zhengyi Liuzi, joined in the pursuit in groups one after another. So far, there have been dozens or hundreds of Zhengdao people in this forest.

If it weren't for the fear of cheating, the headmaster would have to run out to get him the reward.

It's not an exaggeration to come out in full force.

"Fortunately, no one died just now, otherwise I would have no chance to breathe if I piled on another layer of karma!"

Gu Jinlai wiped the sweat from his forehead and took the time to recover.

"Zheng Yi Liu Zi is so daring, Qi Lian Meng Xin even dares to chase and kill him!"

He didn't receive the ancient demon's memory, but after more than a month's cultivation system, he still figured it out.

First, the physical body is boiled, and after three steps of quenching the body, refining the dirty body, and changing blood, and then stepping into the realm of qi refining.

Only by completing the triple stage of Qi Refining, Condensing Gang, and Holding Pill, can one become a Spirit Refining Master.

These figures belong to the elders in the top sects. They have already stood at the upper level of the cultivation world and are called giants.

"How are the actions of these self-proclaimed righteous people different from those of the devil's way? Their karma is not as good as mine, and at best they have a yellow or light red name!"

Gu Jinlai gasped: "Isn't there such a weak big devil to chase and kill me and send me some clear light?"

But he also knows how a weak person can become a big devil?

It has long been destroyed by those righteous people under the guise of doing things for the heavens.

"I can't rest, the karma buff has not disappeared. Next, the enemies of 'the ancient and the modern', and the cultivators who came to the reward list will come. If I am strong enough, I can turn them into ashes. But now... if it's not good, you will die before you get out of school."

Gu Jinlai strongly supported his tired body and continued to run deep into the mountains and forests.

He didn't inherit the memory of the ancient demon, and the methods he mastered were all learned through overtime in that month. The red lotus sword qi, which was famous for holding a pill, was released, and none of the six sons were killed.

Although the main reason was that he didn't dare to kill, his half-hearted level also accounted for some reasons.

At this level, once you are caught by the elder Baodan of Zhengyi, there is no chance of escaping.

One day, three days, six days...

Ancient and modern have been fleeing in the mountains and forests for ten days.

No food to eat, no clothes to cover.

The key is to bear a lot of mental pressure. I don't know if I can see the sun tomorrow.

Mental pressure is enough. When he encounters a pursuer, he still can't fight back.

Otherwise, the karma buffs will get thicker and thicker, and there will be more and more people chasing him, and they will become stronger and stronger.


"I can't hold it anymore. Those 'accidents' that hit me three days ago were still one or two condensed gangs mixed in digital qi refining. Yesterday, I actually encountered the four murderers in Xingzhou. These are four condensed gangs. The next step is to hold Dan!?"

Hold Dan!

Ancient and Jinlai's body trembled.

After fleeing for ten days and surviving again and again, he reluctantly practiced the red lotus sword qi, the sword-holding technique, and the rest...

Body law? Won't!

Secret art? Won't!

Sorcery? Won't!

Killing move? No!

Fighting experience? It's about zero!

In this case, let alone holding a pill, he might not be able to defeat the four fierce and four congealing gangs of Xingzhou who had more karma than him before.

Those who can kill can’t be beaten, those who can beat can’t be killed.

Terrible capital letters!

"The blood-changing warriors are all coming to hunt me down! Is this old man so dignified as a god-refining giant? Aren't you afraid of my insidiousness and cunning to show the enemy's weakness?"

Gu Jinlai held his breath.

But looking at the miserable self, with broken clothes, half body leaking air...

It's really so unremarkable.

This time-travel, it is better to let him go back to Blue Star.

The underworld, the immortal world, don't wait.

At this time, he keenly heard something.

Someone! ?

He was so excited that he got up and was about to run away.

But soon he heard it.

This is two people fighting, not for him.

Cup bow snake shadow is nothing like this.

"It seems that one party is a person in the devil's way?"

Gu Jinlai took a deep breath: "You must kill the red name to find out the light, and wash away the karma BUFF from your body!"

Thinking about it, he leaned forward.

At this time, on the path under the forest, a group of more than a dozen people were guarding the three carriages.

Outside them, there are four figures.

Obviously there are only four people, but it seems to be surrounded by a convoy of more than a dozen people, making it impossible for more than a dozen people to charge.

The person with the highest cultivation level in the team is an old man.

His opponent was a middle-aged man in a blood robe with a sinister face. His cultivation was already perfect. If he hadn't been afraid of the old man fighting for his life, he would have slashed the old man under the sword.

"Ancestor Gorefiend! You slaughtered three villages in just one month in order to practice Gorefiend! How dare you appear outside Lingxiao City!?"

The old man is not afraid of death, only attacking but not defending.

"Haha, so what, today it's not just you who are going to die, the two hundred and sixty-three members of your Li family are also promised to the ancestors, and the blood of your two hundred and sixty-three members of the Li family has been refined, the ancestors I must be magical Dacheng, condensed energy into a gang, when the world is big, where can't you go!?"

The man who was fighting the old man laughed wildly, and there was a disturbing power in his voice, which made the dozen guards panic.

"You... you are indeed the one invited by the three major families!"

On the carriage, a young man in his twenties dressed in plain clothes reprimanded: "The Wang family, the Zhao family, and the Fang family colluded with the Scarlet Blood Demon Sect, using Lingxiao City as a transit, taking advantage of the demons to rob the people and let those demons cultivate The magic power has caused countless wives to be separated, and after being noticed by my father, he framed him... You will be punished!"

"Retribution? The whining of the defeated dog. The waste of the three villages also spoke the same way at the beginning. The result? The ancestors, I am still alive and well, and my cultivation base is getting higher and higher, and the three villages, more than 2,000 people, I have already been killed by my ancestor!"

The Gorefiend ancestor laughed loudly, and the powerful sound wave impacted the old man's breath.

"You devil!"

The young man opened his eyes angrily.

"Hahaha! Call it, scold it, I just like to see you guys hating me to the bone but you can't help me!"

"Ha ha ha ha!"

At this moment, a burst of laughter that seemed to have been suppressed for a long time, was suddenly vented from the woods on the side.

The laughter is thunderous, full of excitement, joy, madness, and even…

Survival from nowhere!

"Hahahaha, what did I find!? A big celebrity! He actually has more sins than this old man! Good! Good! It's really great!"


The face of the Gorefiend ancestor changed.

The next moment, a figure shot like a streamer, and everyone couldn't react. The blood-red sword light had already shrouded the Gorefiend ancestor with a sharp edge that ripped apart everything.

"Give me death!"

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