Chapter 706:Nuclear Power Sword Immortal


All the media on Blue Star turned against Yingtian.

Countless people frantically reprimanded the Blue Star Federation's behavior of seeking death and even dragging the entire Blue Star civilization to be buried with them.

"Scientists have urged us not to send out signals easily, and not to answer any information from the outside world! Remember! Don't answer! Don't answer! Don't answer! But what did the Star Federation do? Not only actively contact Changsheng Realm, and also helped them build the Xinglingtai that provided the coordinates of the blue star, and took the initiative to expose their own coordinates, what kind of arrogance is this!? How supercilious!?"

"Mr. Lu Ya kindly helped him destroy the Xinglingtai, so as to prevent the people of the Blue Star Federation from causing a devastating disaster to the entire Blue Star. It was good for him to directly regard him as an enemy, and even despicably sent no one Using a nuclear bomb to sneak attack him, repaying kindness with revenge, wolf heart and dog lung are not enough words to describe this kind of behavior! It is a shame for mankind!"

"They should be expelled! We are ashamed to be with those people from the Blue Star Federation! How dare we name it after Blue Star? Bah! The moral level of our Blue Star civilization has been lowered by these people for a hundred years!"

"Brothers, we must not let these people lead our Blue Star civilization into the abyss of destruction! We must save ourselves! Let them step down!"

"Step down! Step down! Step down! Not only step down, but also stand trial! Pay the price for the war crimes they committed! Give Lingxiao Palace, which is full of harmony and friendliness to our Blue Star civilization, an explanation!"

All kinds of confusion, appeals, and riots filled every corner of Blue Star.

In a country that does not have a high-handed attitude towards the local government, countless people spontaneously attack government agencies and departments to seek justice for Lingxiao Palace.

And because those guards and soldiers usually held iron rice bowls, the people, no matter what the reason, would immediately kill them if they made trouble, but this time it was different.

They also felt that Blue Star's disaster today was completely caused by the members of the Blue Star Federation seeking their own death.

In the face of life and death matters involving their own interests, they no longer obstructed the chaotic people, either turned a blind eye or turned a blind eye, or replaced temporary workers one after another.

Soon, important places like the Capitol and the Presidential Palace were captured one after another.

Fortunately, in order to deal with the battle of the Blue Star Federation's Conferred Gods, most of the bigwigs from the member states of the Federation gathered in the new federal headquarters of the Star Federation, but no dignitaries were dragged out and killed on the spot.

But even so, President Edward, Emperor Stephen, and the presidents and prime ministers of Yanlong Kingdom, Tianhuang Kingdom, and Maple Leaf Kingdom in the federal headquarters at this time are still full of anxiety.

"It's over! It's over! It's over!"

"The agreed-upon ultimate life units are only equivalent to the level of the Chengying Mecha. With our thirty-six Dawn Goddess drones and dozens of falling star missiles, they can completely fight against it!? Why! Why did this kind of monster come here? !?"

"What to do! Don't we have any plans!?"

"Plan!? The strength of the gravitational magnetic field covering its body is almost equivalent to that of an asteroid! No! It should be a small star! What kind of plan can deal with this star-level monster!?"

"Edward, it's all you! If you hadn't grasped the wrong information and attacked the Yingying mecha that destroyed the Xinglingtai, we would not have been attacked by the star-level monsters from the Lingxiao Palace! You must judge yourself Tell everyone one by one!"

There was chaos.

The heads of state or fear, or collapse, or brooding, or blame each other.

Everyone fell into a panic that could not be spoken.

Edward listened to everyone's accusations, his face was so pale that his lips trembled, but he couldn't say a word.

He wanted to reprimand...

"Do you really think that this stellar-level monster from Soaring Heaven Palace came because we attacked the Shadow Bearing Mecha? They had planned to attack our Blue Star long ago! Attacking the Shadow Bearing Mecha was just a heart attack Excuse…"

And spread these public opinions to the conspiracy theories of the enemy, and to external forces that have infiltrated the Middle Earth Kingdom and the Great Jin Dynasty

, Huang Longguo, want to destroy the internal unity and stability of the Blue Star Civilization.

It's just that I think of the terrifying figure of the Chaos Demon God, which is towering like a mountain...

None of these words seemed to make any sense.

Might is truth.

Many times people hold on to the truth not because it is true.

It's because the existence that speaks these words is so powerful that they can't resist at all, so the fearful people can only regard it as the truth.

Just like now, it doesn't matter whether the information released by the Middle Earth Kingdom, the Great Jin Dynasty, and Huanglong Kingdom in the media is true, or whether the reasons are full of loopholes.

What matters is that the figure so powerful that it blots out the sky on the west coast expresses this, and these reasons are true under the fear he brings.

Back then, Star Federation, as the world's police, went to ** things from other countries openly and aboveboard. They still said in a public notice that they were going to fight terror, enforce justice, and be reasonable and legal, but people still had to believe it.

Because, they can only believe.

Sword drawn is truth.

Only now...

The sword bearer is no longer their Xingyao Federation, no longer the Blue Star Alliance, but the owner of the Soaring Heaven Palace from the Longevity Realm...

Thinking of this, Edward closed his eyes in pain and his face was ashen.

On the west coast, the underground fortress of millions of square meters has appeared in front of the past and the present.

This fortress is made of special materials, and it is said that it can withstand even a nuclear bomb with an equivalent of tens of millions of tons.

But at this moment, in front of Gujinlai, it was easily stripped inch by inch, exposing the main building structure of the Federal Command, and those officials from various countries who were located in it, compared to Gujinlai, who were so small that they were not even as good as ants.

There hasn't been any communication yet, just the sight of them falling, that kind of suffocating oppression has made a big man, including some senior generals in various countries, with the rank of general, feel the adrenaline soaring wildly, blood pressure suddenly high, instantly The limit of the blood light was broken, and a large number of organs bleed.

In the end, he died on the spot.

At the same time, there was another wave of high temperature that was so strong that it seemed to put them in a billowing flame.

Some flammable objects in the front area, such as paper, were directly charred and burned, turning into raging flames.

Under the double torment of the mind and high temperature, even veteran soldiers like Mike and Maher who had experienced iron-blooded battlefields couldn't help screaming in pain.

The fragility of human beings is fully displayed at this moment.


At this moment, a stream of light suddenly appeared at the end of the sky, and it came to the Lord of Lingxiao Palace who looked like an ancient sacred mountain at an extremely fast speed.

Through some equipment and instruments, everyone quickly saw clearly that this was the Chengying Mecha that was attacked in the previous Blue Star Federation press conference...

In other words, that friend from the longevity world who came here with peace and friendship but was greatly wronged by the Blue Star Federation on the Blue Star side, Mr. Lu Ya.

The size of Chengying Mecha is not small.

Ten meters high.

It is equivalent to a building with several floors.

It's just that compared with the real body manifested by the lord of Lingxiao Palace, he is almost no different from ordinary human beings, and he is still too small to be worth mentioning.

As soon as he arrived, he stopped directly in the middle of the lord of Lingxiao Palace and the fortress floating in the sky, as if they were communicating with each other.

During this process, everyone was full of apprehension, staring at the big screen without blinking.

Because they knew that almost all of Blue Star's future rested on that Mr. Lu Ya.

If that Mr. Lu Ya has a grudge against Blue Star, he only needs one sentence...

The human civilization on the blue star will be completely destroyed.


Things are clearly going in the right direction.

Just a few seconds.

That statue is so tall that you must use an instrument

Only the master of Lingxiao Palace who could see his whole picture clearly had a "surprised" look on his face.

At the same time, he looked around in surprise, "Are you going to let them go?"

As soon as these words came out, everyone felt that their hearts beat half a beat slower.

Especially when Chengying Jijia seemed to make a movement similar to "nodding", an unprecedented surprise burst out of everyone's hearts instantly, filling every corner of their bodies.

That feeling is ten thousand times more refreshing than taking a sip of an iced drink in the scorching summer.

There is an unprecedented touch permeating their hearts, which makes them have a sense of happiness that the whole person is soaked in honey.

"I knew it, I knew it...Mr. Lu Ya...he didn't mean to destroy Blue Star, otherwise, he wouldn't have thought of destroying the Xinglingtai in advance, so as to prevent our Blue Star people from sending the news to the longevity world .”

"Great, great! Lu Ya! Lu Ya! This is the name of a legendary figure in our ancient Xia civilization. It can be seen that Mr. Lu Ya still loves us and our ancient Xia civilization! Willing to watch the Blue Star carrying the ancient Xia civilization be destroyed!"

"I'm so touched... This is the most heart-warming moment I've ever seen in my life! Such a petite Mr. Lu Ya

However, Sheng Sheng fought for us in front of such a huge Supreme Emperor Taiyi... God, I will never forget this scene in my life! "

The definition of happiness is contrasted.

This is a technique that many people and many media have mastered and are used to.

Compared with the possible destruction in the previous second, this moment...

Everyone has experienced ups and downs from birth to death, and from death to life.

The happiness index and touch index of the entire Blue Star people climbed to the sky in an instant.

And under Mr. Lu Ya's argument, UU reading www.uukanshu. The Supreme Taiyi Monarch exuding destructive power seemed to be in deep thought.

There are ten seconds...

But these ten seconds, in the eyes of many big shots, seem to be as long as ten days.

Finally, under the mood that they were full of uneasiness and waiting for the trial, the Supreme Emperor Taiyi made the decision to back down.

"I don't need to harm others, but those culprits who have hurt you must not be left behind."

His voice echoed in the void.

The next moment, he held one empty hand, and a halo of flame condensed in front of him, a blazing white light like a nuclear explosion, like a scorching sun, instantly illuminating the entire west coast.

Even the sun above the sky cannot compete with this flame halo at this moment.

It took less than a second for the flame halo to form, and then, a giant laser column hundreds of meters long pierced through the void with brilliance shining on the sky and the earth. Headquarters erased.

The power is precisely controlled, except for the destruction of the conference room where the leaders of the Blue Star Federation headquarters are located, there is no spillover.

After finishing this scene, his body like a chaotic demon ** gradually converged...

Returned to the ordinary human posture.


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