Chapter 707:Nuclear Power Sword Immortal

Blue Star Security Council

? "Senior Taiyi..."

Xie Yusheng controlled the Chengying Mecha with his true spirit, and spoke cautiously.

"The next thing is up to you."

Gu Jinlai said: "My request is very simple. First, I am really interested in the mythological classics on Blue Star. You need to collect these books with all your strength. Second, Blue Star will not send out messages indiscriminately in the future. Maybe You have also seen what kind of consequences it will lead to.”

"I understand, I will definitely convey your request, and I will never refuse it if I want to come to other countries."

Xie Yusheng nodded vigorously.

"Then, that's it."

There is a voice from ancient to modern times.

Xie Yusheng opened his mouth, as if he wanted to ask something, but he obviously understood that he shouldn't ask.

However, the perception of spirituality has been extremely keen throughout the ages. After a little thought, he knew what he wanted to ask, and immediately smiled: "You want to know, is the spiritual energy really revived? Why did I descend on you? And to me , and your own position are a little worried?"

Xie Yusheng nodded embarrassingly.

"Meeting is fate. Fate is something that can't be explained clearly. As for the position you need... Lu Ya is Tai Yi's junior. If you don't mind, you can call yourself my disciple."


Xie Yusheng reacted very quickly, and then, without hesitation, manipulated the Chengying Mecha and knelt down: "The disciple pays homage to the master."

Gu Jinlai nodded: "You have practiced the Eternal Law of the Chaos Demon God, and you have accepted my mantle and inheritance, and the special environment of Blue Star is not suitable for other cultivation systems, so you can continue along this road." Keep practicing, when will you reach Tianjun's third step, you can see the real spirit world and I will guide you in your future cultivation."

He estimated Xie Yusheng's cultivation progress.

Even if the void projection technique has the "assimilation" effect, his cultivation progress is abnormally fast, but if he wants to cultivate to the third step of Tianjun, it still cannot be achieved in three to five years.

At that time, it is estimated that he has returned from the Xuanhuang League, and he may have a way to walk out of the path after Tianjun.

"Yes, Master."

Xie Yusheng respectfully agreed.

"As for the spiritual recovery I mentioned earlier, and why it happened to you, it's actually just a joke that it happened to Blue Star."

From ancient to modern times: "The Longevity Realm and the Blue Star are not far apart. Perhaps one day in the future, the two worlds will completely overlap and truly realize the recovery of spiritual energy."

Xie Yusheng heard the jokes from ancient to modern times, and felt that Senior Taiyi was more down-to-earth.

Being able to make jokes proves that he is not the kind of ** who is completely indifferent to the world.

"Similarly, because the two worlds are not far apart, in the past few decades, many Blue Stars have actually entered the Longevity Realm, and some of them even joined the Lingxiao Palace and held important positions. I came to this world out of curiosity. It has come upon you."

From ancient to modern times.

He didn't intend to reveal that he was also from Blue Star.

He is well aware of the nature of the Blue Star people.

Once he exposes his identity and loses his "mysterious" disguise, there will definitely be various temptations from the Blue Stars.

These temptations can be broken at will at his level, but if there are too many times, it will eventually make people unhappy.

And he couldn't really destroy Blue Star.

Therefore, a layer of mysterious camouflage is essential.

As for those blue star people in Lingxiao Palace...

In fact, there are only a few dozen core members who really know his identity, and it will be up to him to give orders when the time comes.

With the strength of Lingxiao Palace, as long as those blue star people are normal, it is impossible to disobey his orders.

"Master, you mean...there are also Blue Stars serving in Lingxiao Palace?"


Gu Jinlai nodded: "I will send people to assist you in the collection of classics and the stationing of the Xinglingtai this time."

He took a look at Xie Yusheng, which can only display the combat power of a saint.

The simple version of Chengying Mecha: "The stones of other mountains can attack jade. Blue Star's recent technological level has improved rapidly. Your mecha can't keep up with the version. In order to ensure that it has enough force to deter, let a It is still necessary for the team to be stationed near the Xinglingtai to cooperate with you."


Xie Yusheng immediately responded.

"Okay, now the whole Blue Star is waiting for you to sing a white face, it's time to pass the news to other people in Blue Star through the identity of Xie Yusheng."

From ancient to modern times.


Xie Yusheng hastily saluted in response: "Respectfully send off Master."

Gu Jinlai nodded, turned and left.

In order to keep it mysterious, he didn't plan to stay in Blue Star for too long.

At least…

This can't stay in Blue Star for too long.

Because of his coming, many places are now in chaos, and the order once collapsed.

Although now he doesn't care much about adding karma to his body, he has more than 4,000 clear reserves, as long as he doesn't really destroy Blue Star, no matter how many innocents he hurts, he can wash away the karma.


Clearing things like this can save a little bit.

Just like he shot to destroy the Blue Star Federation headquarters just now.

The higher the level, the greater the karma generated when doing evil.

As for the lower middle…

The overall order of Blue Star is quite stable, there may be some killings, but the scale is small.

And if you want to breed Qingguang, at least you have to kill hundreds of people with your own hands.

If some of his own deeds are also benevolent and directly lead to the death of thousands of people, it may not make him reach the point where karma is like blood.

The middle and lower levels meet this standard, how many can there be in the entire Blue Star?

After destroying the Blue Star Federal Headquarters and certain targeted personnel in the headquarters, he has already taken the bulk of the total amount of Blue Star's cleansing.

Although the rest has a population of tens of billions, the total amount of Qingguang that can be obtained is estimated to be not as good as a star state in the Qiantian era.

Therefore, there is no need for another major cleaning.

If you really want to clear it up, you can let his remaining incarnation do it secretly.

As the real body returned to the star gate through the ages and disappeared in the ripples of the star gate, all those who witnessed this scene through various instruments all gave out uncontrollable cheers.

Especially those soldiers near the star gate, their shouts of cheer almost broke through the sky.

Many people even burst into tears with excitement.


They survived.

God knows how much pressure these people endured when they faced that terrifying little demon god!

Even though they knew that if the demon ** really did something, nine times out of ten it would be to destroy Blue Star. At that time, they and other Blue Star people would be the difference between dying early and dying late.

But knowing is one thing, facing death is another.

The involuntary torture of life and death caused even professionally trained soldiers to break their hearts.

Hundreds of people shot themselves.

And right now...

The terrifying existence withdrew its Demon God posture, turned around and left Blue Star, the surprise of escape made all the soldiers cheer heartily, venting their joy in their hearts.

And this kind of cheering lasted for a while, and everyone's eyes fell on the Chengying mecha that also flew across the sky and left after watching the demon ** leave at the end of the sky.

It is not difficult to see from the video just now that it was precisely because of the appearance of Lu Ya, who was driving the Chengying Mecha, that he persuaded the demon ** to give up the idea of ​​​​destroying Blue Star.

In other words, this Chengying Mecha is the savior of all of them.

Now as he passed through the void, the soldiers below couldn't help but shouted loudly.

"Mr. Lu Ya! Thank you for your generosity! I apologize to you for being rude to you at the beginning!"

"Thank you! Thank you for your kindness and giving me the opportunity to return

At home, see my wife and children! Thank you! "

"Long live! Long live Mr. Luya!"

The fort that has fallen back to the ground.

Some generals who survived because of their low karma looked at the scene in front of them and looked at each other with lingering fear.

"The war is over, let the soldiers go home. What they need to do most now is to go back and be with their families."

One general said, "So are we."

The other survivors nodded approvingly.

But soon, they realized a problem.

Mike, Jialisi, Maher and others in the first sequence in the headquarters, all of them seemed to have died of high temperature, cardiovascular rupture, and internal organ bleeding, so that in this headquarters...

There are not many big figures who can show their hands and convince everyone.

Soon, one of them seemed to have noticed something, and his eyes suddenly lit up.

"Shangshu Li Guanghui, it's up to you to announce that the war is over, let the troops go back to their own camps."

The general stepped forward.


Li Guanghui was slightly taken aback.

At this time, other people also thought of something, and they all echoed: "Yes, yes, it would be best for Li Shangshu to announce it."

"Li Shangshu is from one of the ancient Xia civilization inheritance countries, the Minister of War of the Middle Earth Kingdom, and the ancient Xia civilization is the civilization that the Supreme Emperor Taiyi likes. It contains the brilliant wisdom of our ancestors. It is our Blue Star Civilization. The treasure of your country, you have been exposed to this kind of cultural atmosphere since you were a child, so you must be a noble and respectable person, and it would be best for you to announce the end of the war.”

"I also think Li Shangshu is the most suitable candidate. After I go back, I will study the ancient Xia language hard, and send my children to the east to learn the essence of ancient Xia civilization."

The representatives of the various ministries who survived spoke one after another.

Li Guanghui heard what everyone said, and understood in his heart that all this was brought about by the Supreme Emperor Taiyi who was interested in ancient Xia culture.

A sense of honor arose in his heart, but he didn't refuse any more.

"Okay, it's hard to turn down your kindness, so I'd rather obey than respect."

As Li Guanghui said, he quickly connected to the satellite communication with the device.

"Soldiers, this is not a war that should have happened. Fortunately, because of the kindness of the great Supreme Emperor Taiyi and Mr. Lu Ya, things did not develop in the worst direction. Now I declare, the war is over, go home, Go back to where you started."

The news was transmitted to the soldiers on the battlefield at an extremely fast speed.

For a while, more enthusiastic cheers erupted from this war zone again.

The cheers of the soldiers also infected the ordinary people on Blue Star.

While cheering, they also expressed their guilt one after another.

"All of us owe an apology to Mr. Lu Ya! It was he who saved all of us and saved us Blue Star from war."

"Aliens are scary, but some human beings are more terrifying than aliens! Compared with the faces of politicians like Edward, Mr. Lu Ya's kindness and kindness are more worthy of our respect and love."

"I am ashamed that I was bewitched by the Blue Star Federation and cursed Mr. Lu Ya! From now on, I must speak rationally, love my family and children, and never be bewitched by anyone to interfere with the order of the Internet!"

True Immortal Research Institute.

Han Guanglie, Dong Xuanyuan, Zhao Tianfeng and everyone, as if they had experienced a fierce battle, breathed a sigh of relief after seeing the Supreme Taiyi Emperor completely disappear in the star gate.

Some even kept wiping the sweat that was streaming down their foreheads.

Hearing the uncontrollable cheers that even came from outside the meeting room of the research institute, everyone smiled relaxedly, but at the same time they understood that the matter was not over yet.

And then there's the all-important aftermath moment, and…

because of the supreme

The emergence of the Taiyi Emperor brought about a new world structure.

They have already got the news at this moment.

All the heads of the Blue Star Federation...

Including Edward, the President of the Star Federation, Stephen, the Emperor of the Sunset Empire, and the prime ministers and presidents of the Yanlong Kingdom, Tianhuang Kingdom, and Maple Leaf Kingdom, all were wiped out by that emperor with a completely super-standard laser weapon.

Not only them.

Not a single bit of their staff and cabinet team was spared, and they completely disappeared in the blue star land, leaving nothing behind.

It seems that according to the meaning of the Emperor Taiyi, anyone involved in besieging Mr. Lu Ya will be treated equally, no matter whether they follow orders or not.

The death of heads of so many countries, Han Guanglie, Dong Xuanyuan, Zhao Tianfeng and others were deeply shocked, feared,

Apart from being in awe and shuddering, he also understood that this might not be an opportunity for the rise of the Eastern Land.

But before that, they must confirm the specific attitudes of the Supreme Emperor Taiyi and Mr. Lu Ya.

For a moment, everyone's eyes fell on Xie Yusheng again.

Among them, Zhao Tianfeng couldn't help asking: "Xiao Sheng, that Mr. Lu Ya is back? Have you ever been in contact with you?"

"Yeah, I got in touch."

Xie Yusheng nodded.

With the identity of the Supreme Taiyi Senior Disciple, and with the background of this big man who can dominate the world with his own strength, Xie Yusheng finally no longer needs to be as cautious and cautious as before when speaking.

He said directly: "As you can see, after Mr. Lu Ya's persuasion, the Supreme Emperor Taiyi only destroyed the head of the Blue Star Federation, and let go of targeting our Blue Star."

After receiving the confirmation from Xie Yusheng from Lu Ya, everyone couldn't help but nodded excitedly.

"Great! Really great!"

"His Majesty Supreme Taiyi is truly a benevolent emperor!"

That Emperor Taiyi really let Lan Xing go.

Compared to the destruction of the Blue Star, the death of the leaders of the Blue Star Federation is really nothing.

Although each of them almost represents the supreme ruler of a top power, they are the most powerful figures in Blue Star.

But their power is also endowed by all the blue stars.

Even if Emperor Taiyi didn't take action, they would be forced to step down by the angry people and the middle and high-level elite afterwards, and died after trial.

After all, there is still a Mr. Lu Ya who is watching at Blue Star, so he can't do without a trial.

"The reason why the Supreme Emperor Taiyi let Lan Xing go is because he is kind, or..."

Xie Yusheng paused slightly: "Lanxing is not of much value to him. If it weren't for Mr. Lu Ya, he probably wouldn't have come to see Lanxing at all. After all... the area of ​​the Longevity Realm is the size of Lanxing. hundreds of times."

Zhao Tianfeng, Dong Xuanyuan, Han Guanglie and others nodded vigorously.

It's not good, it's not good.

"However, the kindness of the Supreme Emperor Taiyi, except that he doesn't take Lan Xing very seriously, because the ancient Xia civilization classics recommended by Mr. Lu Ya made him have a good impression of our ancient Xia civilization, which is also the most important factor. Not to mention, Mr. Lu Ya saved the Blue Star civilization that was almost destroyed because the Blue Star Federation committed suicide, and he is very interested in the ancient Xia civilization, so..."

Xie Yusheng said.

Before he finished speaking, Zhao Tianfeng and the others immediately promised: "We will definitely do our best to collect all the books about ancient Xia civilization and send them to Mr. Lu Ya. He will definitely be satisfied."

"Yes, in fact, we have sent relevant orders not long ago and collected a large number of books. As long as you can contact Mr. Lu Ya, we can send these books over immediately."

Dong Xuanyuan also hurriedly expressed his opinion.

"That's good."

Xie Yusheng nodded: "As for contacting Mr. Lu Ya...that's the second thing I want to talk about."

He glanced at the big figures in the field, and said in a deep voice: "Mr. Lu Ya was attacked by Star Federation

The attack eventually aroused the dissatisfaction of Emperor Taiyi. It is inevitable that this incident will happen again, and it is inevitable that Mr. Lu Ya will be hurt in Blue Star. He will send a small team to station at Xinglingtai just in case. "

"Send a small team to guard the Xinglingtai!?"

As soon as these words came out, the faces of Dong Xuanyuan, Zhao Tianfeng, Han Guanglie and others changed at the same time.

What does it mean for the Lingxiao Palace of the Longevity Realm to station a small team at the Xinglingtai! ?

It means that from now on, all countries will have a sharp sword hanging over their heads, and there will be an extra superior power.

Everyone must always pay attention to whether their actions will arouse the dissatisfaction of the superior forces, and thus usher in a catastrophe.


Dong Xuanyuan wanted to say something.

But Xie Yusheng spread his hands: "This is the meaning of the Supreme Emperor Taiyi. Let alone us, even Mr. Lu Ya can't refuse." There is no way to refuse. "

These four words weighed heavily on everyone's hearts.


Facing the supreme Taiyi Emperor and other terrifying forces that can destroy the entire human civilization at will, and even destroy the blue star, what qualifications do they have to refuse?

not to mention…

They also felt that there was nothing wrong with the other party's order.

If you think of Lu Ya as the prince of a top power, this prince wants to visit a small backward country because he likes the civilization of that country, but that country is not safe, so the prince was attacked and his life was almost in danger.

Under such circumstances, he sent a well-armed and well-equipped team to that small backward country to protect his safety...

It's too reasonable.

Since you can't refuse, then find a way to maximize it and develop it in a direction that is beneficial to the Middle Earth Kingdom, the Great Jin Dynasty, and the Huanglong Kingdom.

And the opportunity for development...

"Perhaps, we should reproduce the glory of the ancient Xia civilization."

Dong Xuanyuan said: "To make the Lord of the Lingxiao Palace so interested, I don't think the myths and legends in the ancient Xia civilization are really just simple legends."

Han Guanglie followed suit and nodded.

Although so far they have not figured out whether the legendary practice books of the ancient Xia civilization are effective, but first it was Suimu Zhenxian, and now it is the owner of Lingxiao Palace...

Big figures like them standing at the top of the cultivation world will not do useless work.

"It is foreseeable that the ancient Xia civilization will inevitably become the hottest topic on the entire Blue Star in the next period of time. In addition, the deterrence of the lord of the Lingxiao Palace has not yet dissipated, and the Blue Star Federation * has almost been wiped out... "

When Dong Xuanyuan said this, he said loudly: "I propose to form a new Blue Star Security Council. It is not a military alliance, nor is it a collection of political interests, but a global organization that is truly for the development of Blue Star and is committed to maintaining world peace. ** agency."

Both Han Guanglie and Zhao Tianfeng understood the real purpose of his proposal.

This is to replace the Star Federation, replace the Blue Star Federation, and become the new overlord of the Blue Star.


If you want to make this overlord-level status worthy of its name...

"We can invite Mr. Lu Ya to join the Blue Star Security Council and become the first president. Of course, Mr. Lu Ya may not be bothered to care about big and small matters, so I propose that the team leader Xie Yusheng be the secretary general of the council. "

Zhao Tianfeng followed.

"I agree."

Dong Xuanyuan immediately agreed.

"I agree."

Han Guanglie followed.

If Xie Yu was promoted to the position of secretary-general, Lu Ya could be brought to the Blue Star Security Council, and the status of the Blue Star Security Council on Blue Star would no longer be shaken.

Even if other countries have ideas and are unwilling to accept them, they have to hold back and endure.

"Me, Secretary?"

Xie Yusheng hesitated after hearing what they said.

But he also understands that

Some made him Executive Secretary.

Considering Emperor Taiyi's explanation when he left...

Xie Yusheng feels that the identity of Lu Ya still needs to be kept at a certain distance and mysterious. If he really serves as the chairman of the council and deals with dignitaries from various countries for a long time, on the one hand it will make people lose their sense of awe, on the other hand...

He is afraid of being exposed.

After all, Lu Ya was him in disguise.

If someone sees something, it will end badly.

However, Lu Ya can't show up, but in order to better handle the matters that Emperor Taiyi explained, he can take over the post of secretary-general.

Immediately, he thought about it and said: "I will contact Mr. Lu Ya, UU Reading As for whether he is willing to join the council, I don't know."

"Don't worry, we are waiting for your good news."

Zhao Tianfeng, Dong Xuanyuan and the others had kind smiles on their faces.

"It's not too late, let's let the higher-ups make arrangements as soon as possible."

Dong Xuanyuan said.

"I took these classics and contacted Mr. Lu Ya."

Xie Yusheng also followed suit.

"Yes, yes, Mr. Lu Ya has been wronged. Only by bringing these classics can we show our sincerity."

Zhao Tianfeng said hastily.

Xie Yusheng pretended to contact Lu Ya immediately.

In the end, Jean Lu Ya refused on the grounds that he was "not from the Blue Star".

However, Dong Xuanyuan and the others obviously did not want to miss the opportunity to show their affection to Lu Ya.

After some discussions among the people, finally, Lu Ya accepted the post of honorary chairman, and made a name on the Blue Star Security Council, and the Middle Earth Kingdom, Huanglong Kingdom, and the Jin Dynasty all sent one person to the Blue Star Security Council serve as director.

It can be foreseen that with the impact and deterrence brought by the Supreme Emperor Taiyi coming to Blue Star, the Blue Star Security Council will expand into a real behemoth at an extremely fast speed. may override countries.

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