Chapter 708:Nuclear Power Sword Immortal


? Nankai City.

A mid-to-high-end neighborhood.

A middle-aged couple was leading a five or six-year-old girl and a three or four-year-old boy towards a kindergarten.

The little girl acted like a baby to the middle-aged couple from time to time, and the middle-aged couple also teased her with a smile on their faces, following her heart.

The journey was full of laughter and laughter.

The incarnations of ancient and modern times hide in the dark, watching this warm scene quietly.

Coupled with the information he has learned indirectly from Xie Yusheng's mind during this period, he knows...

The pain caused by his sudden disappearance to this family has been quietly healed by time and the little lives born in the family over the years.

Looking at this scene, Gu Jinlai wants to step into it and blend in with it.

But in the end, he still stopped.

Near nostalgia is more timid.

During this period of time, under Xie Yusheng's secret care, the life of the Gu family has been greatly improved.

It's not a big fortune, but the business of the two small workshops suddenly improved, and they can earn millions of dollars every year.

When the two felt that their work was similar, they wanted to help their grandson and pass on the small workshop to their son. The son even expanded the workshop into a factory, and his income rose from one million to three million.

This kind of income, placed in Nankai City, is already considered excellent.

Although it is still far from the rich and powerful, but the daily life can already be very generous.

In addition, in ancient and modern times, two sons and one daughter were born, and the children and grandchildren were around the knees...

Their spiritual world is also very satisfied.

This is enough.

From ancient to modern times, he watched quietly, and when the middle-aged couple took their grandchildren away, he never looked back.

"I dare not go to the past to recognize each other because I am afraid."

It has been said in my heart since ancient times.

Because he was about to go to the Xuanhuang League soon, and he would have to fight against the evil ** in the future. He didn't know where his future would go, whether it was life or death.

Of course, he can also choose to abandon everything and hide in a world like Xuanyuan Jianzong Luo Jiuxiao and others thought before.

But can he really let go of everything he has now, and those who have high hopes and trust in him?


Once the evil ** wakes up, the destruction brought by the sleeve will affect more than one longevity world.

Even Luo Jiuxiao, Wang Xuanjing and others in the Xuanxian Realm feel that the Xuanxian Realm is inevitable, let alone Blue Star, who is more closely related to the Longevity Realm.

Therefore, he must deal with the threat of the evil god.

But before solving these problems...

His future is uncertain, life and death are unknown, so...

"In the final analysis, I still don't know what identity to use to meet them, and at the same time, I don't know what kind of changes will be brought to their peaceful lives once we meet."

Gujin looked at the disappearing figures of several people: "Then keep it as it is, it's fine as it is now."

His incarnation will stay in Blue Star.

Secretly protect family members.

And his body...


In the star gate.

Gu Jinlai, who holds a piercing mirror, shuttles out from the star gate.

As soon as he appeared, Chao Jiuyin, Zhou Yi, Xia Zhongyuan and others who were waiting outside came together at the same time.

"Palace Master, have you...arrived at Blue Star?"

Chao Jiuyin asked excitedly and nervously.

Gu Jinlai nodded and said at the same time: "After three or four months, when the star gate is completely stabilized, you can also go to Blue Star."

After finishing speaking, his eyes focused on Chao Jiuyin: "But before that, there are some things I need to explain to you."

Chao Jiuyin quickly listened solemnly.

Gu Jinlai told her about the situation he encountered when he first arrived at Blue Star—the Star Federation actually planned to invade the Longevity Realm.

This made Chao Jiuyin, who had a deep understanding of the power of the immortals and immortals in the longevity world, shudder.

Especially since she knew that the holy pilgrimage itself had intentionally used Blue Star as an escape route, if that scene really happened...

Just because of the collision between the Holy Dynasty and the Blue Star who can become the new ruling class, the flames of war can be burned to every corner of the Blue Star.

Not to mention that there is a more powerful fairy kingdom besides the Holy Dynasty.

Moreover, the Longevity Realm is also connected to the Mysterious Immortal Realm, and the Mysterious Immortal Realm belongs to the Xuanhuang League.

With the military strength that three or five Void Immortals of Blue Star can easily push across, rashly breaking into the sight of such a behemoth, being conquered and ruled will be the only end.

Therefore, when it was mentioned in the past and present that the blue star creatures must maintain awe of the outside world until they develop to a certain level, Chao Jiuyin agreed without hesitation.

It is better to let Lingxiao Palace rule Blue Star than to be ruled by other forces.

Especially Chenyu...

Not long ago, it was the territory of demons.

It seems that the construction plan of the Xinglingtai was also given by the demon?

She hardly dared to imagine what would happen to Blue Star if there hadn't been the timely appearance of ancient and modern times to stop the invasion of demons.

With the monster's real body, the demon spirit, and its thirst for spiritual life, I am afraid that once the two parties are connected, the entire Blue Star will be reduced to food for the demon spirit, and a large number of spirit-level and even master-level monsters will be born.

After giving some instructions, he continued: "I plan to set up a quick response team stationed at Blue Star's Xinglingtai to ensure the connection between the two worlds. If something happens to Blue Star and encounters an irresistible risk, this A small team will be able to deal with it in time.”

As he said that, he paused slightly: "I plan to let Zhou Yi be the captain, and you will be the vice-captain."

Chao Jiuyin quickly understood the meaning of ancient and modern times.

Zhou Yi is one of the most trusted celestial monarchs in ancient and modern times, and his weight in his heart is second only to Zhang Lihuo, and he also has amazing authority among the many celestial monarchs and celestial masters in Lingxiao Palace. No one dares to disobey what he says .

As for her...

She is quite prestigious among the heavenly monarchs and heavenly masters of Blue Star, and she was born in Blue Star, so she knows Blue Star very well, and sometimes when she needs to contact Blue Star for some reason, she can better understand and gain insight into their true purpose .

At that moment, she bowed slightly: "Follow your orders, Palace Master."

Gu Jinlai nodded: "Complete the stabilization of the star gate as soon as possible. After the star gate is stabilized, you can go directly there. Come to think of it, you also really want to see your family, relatives and friends."

After listening to Chao Jiuyin, a smile appeared on his face.

But then he seemed to think of something, and sighed: "I have been here for more than 30 years. At that time, my parents were over 60. After so many years, I don't know them..."

"If they are still alive and willing to live in the High Heaven Palace, the High Heaven Palace can help them become alchemy. In the future, even if they can be exchanged for materials to become saints, there is nothing wrong with it."

From ancient to modern times.

After hearing this, Chao Jiuyin hurriedly said, "Thank you, Palace Master, for your kindness."

"You deserve it."

Speaking of ancient and modern times, Zhou Yi was summoned again, and after some exhortations, he left Chenyu.

After leaving Chenyu, he did not return to Lingxiao Palace, but arrived at the Holy Dynasty.

Since there were no powerful spirit masters to enter the Longevity Realm, the remaining monsters were basically difficult to achieve. During this period of time, they had been wiped out by the Immortal Kingdom, and there was basically no need for Zhao Xi to do anything himself.

At this time, he basically led a few real immortals to build caves in the major settlements in the longevity world, and with the caves as the center, he built city clusters and laid a city network that could cover the entire longevity world. Based on this, Strengthen the human group and make it reproduce the glory and prosperity of more than a hundred years ago.

When Gujin came, he heard the news and immediately waited outside the cave with Duanmu Chengyun and others.

"The ancient palace master."

Everyone bowed their hands and saluted.

Gu Jinlai smiled: "You are welcome.


He glanced at the cave that was undergoing transformation: "It seems that the progress is good."

"Our Longevity Realm has no shortage of caves. After exchanging a large number of cave stones from the Xuanxian Realm, the construction efficiency of new caves is also very fast. What is really lacking right now is the true immortals."

Zhao Xi said with a smile.

Lack of true immortals.

After the imaginary immortals have cast their immortal bodies and become real immortals, they will often build their own caves while cultivating. After their own Dao fruits are conceived and grown to the limit, they will merge into the cast caves and become real immortals. It is a fairy.

In other words, only the peak true immortals have the possibility to break through to the heavenly immortals through the cave.

And Fairyland...

Even in the entire Longevity Realm, let alone one hundred and eight peak true immortals, there are not even one hundred and eight ordinary true immortals.

If this kind of extravagance were replaced by Xuanxian Realm, those true immortals would not be envious of death.

"Take your time. With the stability of the order in the Longevity Realm and the use of inspiration, one after another practitioners will soon step into the realm of true immortals."

From ancient to modern times.

After exchanging pleasantries, he went straight to the topic: "Next, I will start to go to Xianyun Realm by way from the Demon Realm. I have already mentioned this matter with the Demon Lord Cangming from the Demon Realm a few months ago. I want to connect to the Xianyun Realm now. The gaps are about to open."

"Borrowed from the devil world..."

Zhao Xi nodded. He knew the reason why Gu Jin came to him to mention this matter emphatically, and immediately said: "Don't worry, the demon master is blocked by the demon abyss, and I have the way of turning the spirit, even if the master-level demon spirit descends on me Can kill easily, UU reading you can go as much as you like."

"Okay, I'll leave the matter of the longevity world to you. If something major happens, you can ask Liu Feiyun to contact me, and I will come to the longevity world with a secret technique."

From ancient to modern times.

"Understood. In fact, the gate of the Xuanxian Realm can be opened in three years. It won't be that the evil ** wakes up in three years, right? If that's the case, it doesn't matter whether you come back or not."

Zhao Xi said with a smile.

Obviously, he didn't think that in the past three years, he would be able to find a way to fight the evil god.

There is no explanation from ancient to modern times, just said: "A few months later, there will be a batch of practice books and exercises from Blue Star, you and Tian Qingzi, Dan Chenzi from Changsheng Pavilion, Luo Jiuxiao from Xuanyuan Sword Sect, Wang Xuanjing, etc. Let's do some research to see if we can perfect the six realms, and even the three sages' method of refining gods."

"Leave it to us."

Zhao Xishen nodded emphatically.

After finishing speaking, he took a look at Gujinlai: "Zhou Huang, the Emperor of the Xuanhuang Realm, wants to collect ideas from all realms to create an immortal cave. If you are crazy, you must be very careful when you go to the Xuanhuang Realm. If you can't do anything, you might as well go back first." In the world of longevity, if we brainstorm again, we can always think of a way to break the situation.”

"I know."

Gu Jinlai waved his hand: "Okay, without further ado, I will go to the Demon Realm, and use the road to go to the Xianyun Realm."

"Take care all the way."

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