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The little snow fairy Tan Mo was about to transform but was taken away, and reincarnated as the beloved little daughter of Tan’s family.

It wasn’t until she discovered that she had become the sad cannon fodder that she had seen from Master’s world mirror in her previous life. After being used as a stepping stone to marry Wei Keri by her cousin in Green Tea, she was even more murdered.

Her parents turned white all night, and the three older brothers avenged her but were ruined and ended in a miserable end.

But since she is here in this life, no one should want to hurt her family at all!

Tan Mo: Play green tea with me? Today, let you see the tea art of the top- level bosses!

Reporter: Wei Shao, what do you admire most about your wife?

Wei Zhiqian: Kind and lovely, so pure and unpretentious.

Reporter: Talk about your new film, which is regarded as a masterpiece by the audience. How did you create such an awesome script?

Brother Tan: No, no, I didn’t actually write the script, but she wanted to keep a low profile and refused to sign.

Reporter: Tan Tian Wang, your new song has come out, immediately sweeping the top of the global charts, the composition of lyrics and music is simply amazing.

Brother Tan: Where and where, the lyrics and music were actually created by someone who is very important to me. Without her, this song would not have been successful. But she kept a low profile and refused to sign.

Reporter: Talking about the painter, your painting was sold at a ten-figure price as soon as it came out. I wonder where the inspiration came from?

Brother Tan: It’s all because of her.


Talking about the eldest brother, the second elder brother, and the third elder brother: My younger sister has always helped us in this way without asking for anything in return.

Wei Zhiqian: Tan Mo is so innocent, without my protection, she would not be bullied to death by those green tea white lotus.

Everyone: Fall! Who is bullying who on earth!

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