Chapter 1:People In Konoha, Anbe Tortured Ninjas For Ten Years!

Newcomer to the Anbu Torture Department


Accompanied by a long breathing sound, the blond boy lying on the bed silently accepted this cruel reality.

"I crossed?!"

The blond boy felt the memory that emerged in his mind, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, and his pupils flashed with horror.

The memory is fast loading...

This is the Konoha Village in Naruto World.

The time is 36 years of Konoha.

The owner of this body is named Yamanaka Qingyu, a member of the mountain clan in Konoha Village.

Konoha was born in 23 years and is 14 years old...

咚! Boom! Boom!

Before he could read these memories carefully, the door of the room was knocked hard, interrupting his thoughts.


Along with the sound of the wooden door moving, a masked ninja walked in.

"Aoyu, Captain Eaton is calling you!"

The voice of this dark ninja is slightly hoarse, as if there is no emotion, like a robot.


Qingyu nodded hurriedly, immediately got up from the wooden bed, and walked out behind the anbu ninja.

It seems...

This is the life from now on!

must adapt as soon as possible!

Qingyu quickly retrieved the memory in his mind as he walked along.

His predecessor had very poor physical fitness since he was a child, and he was sick and sick.

Mingming is a ninja.


no speed!

There is no power!

has no durability!

In such a situation, there is no way to follow the ninja team out to perform tasks.

The mountain clan is an old family in Konoha Village.

will not allow idlers to appear.

after discussing with the three generations of Naruto Sarutobi.

decided to send Aoba Yamanaka to the torture department in Anbe in Konoha Village.

This solved the problem of his weak physical fitness and unable to make a contribution.

There is no need for him to run around to perform tasks, he only needs to stay in the Anbu torture department, and read the memory of the interrogated person when needed, and it is the work of complete information acquisition.


The interrogated persons are all in a state of restraint, and their spirits are in a state of relaxation after being severely tortured.

Extract the memories of these people.

generally does not produce too much backlash.

You only need to control your mental strength, don’t over-exhaust it!


No one thought of it.

just three days ago.

The predecessor was after reading the memory of a sand secret agent.

Excessive consumption of mental power.

The body cannot bear such a load.


Suddenly died of myocardial infarction.

This has ushered in the arrival of the new owner!

"I roughly understand what's going on. It seems that reading memory is also a very dangerous thing. If you don't make it worse, you may lose your life!"

Qingyu secretly thought in his heart that he had accepted his new identity and began to think about how to survive in this world.

He has seen the anime of "Naruto" and knows that this is a cruel ninja world.

Now he is no different from Sick Yangzi. If a war breaks out, he may die immediately after being punched.

Fortunately, it’s safe in the torture department...

Qingyu thought about it, and followed the Anbe Ninja in front to the torture department located in the underground of the Konoha Prison.

The torture department was extremely dark, and only the faint candlelight reflected the blood-stained instruments of torture.

As soon as Qingyu walked in, he smelled a strong ** smell, which was very pungent, which made him a little unacceptable for his soul born in the peaceful age.

"Qingyu, you are here."

at this time.

A deep voice sounded.

This person's voice instantly awakened Qing Yu's full vigilance, his attention was raised to the extreme, and he no longer paid attention to the ** smell in the environment.

Qingyu immediately looked for her voice.

The speaker is a strong man in a black trench coat.

The dark style of dressing makes men almost blend in with the darkness.

The man wears the ninja guard of Konoha Village on his head, his face is firm and his expression is calm, giving people a very reliable feeling.

Qingyu had seen this man from memory.

is the captain of the torture department in the Anbu, Morino Eaton!

"Captain Eaton."

Qingyu hurriedly stood at attention, saluting Morino Eaton, but secretly worried.

learned from the memory of his predecessor.


Anbu Torture Department.

is not as simple as it seems on the surface.

Those who are willing to give information will do so during the interrogation and will not come to the stage of torture.

Anyone who can be brought into the torture department to be tortured has basically no bones, and almost all come with the determination to die.

Even when they are tortured, if they are not careful, they will find a chance to commit suicide and directly end their lives!

To know.

Now is the era of war.

Human life is like grass and mustard.

All the ninjas who stepped on the battlefield had the consciousness of dying on the battlefield.

If you want to take something out of these people's mouths, in addition to Morino Eaton's horrible torture method, you have to use the mind-reading secret technique of the mountain clan to read the memory.


is based on the experience of reading the memory of the predecessor.

Qingyu understands.

Even if the other party is tortured and lost in spirit, he is still determined!

If you want to successfully read the memory, you still have to pay some price. It is almost impossible to retreat from your body.

The predecessor of was unable to withstand the large consumption caused by reading the memory, his body was extremely weak, and he died suddenly!

Although the predecessor was told before he came to the torture department, it was enough to control the use of mental power.

But things are not like that at all.

Reading the memory itself is not so smooth.

plus the expectation from Captain Morino Eaton's harsh face.

directly put him on that point.

If it fails to read the memory, there is no way to end it.

not to mention…

Now the people who need him to read the memory are basically people who vomit nothing after torture many times.

"Qingyu, I should have given you a few more days of rest, but this time it happened suddenly!"

Morino Eaton’s tone was very serious, and the expression on that unsmiling face was very solemn.

"Anbe found a spy Yunyin planted in Konoha!"

"Stared at him for half a year!"


"Just yesterday!"

"Caught evidence of his passing intelligence to Yunyin Village!"

"But when the Anbe was arresting, he committed suicide by taking poison extremely decisively!"

"The medical team failed to rescue after a day of rescue, and eventually the spy died!"

Morino Eaton patiently explained what happened to Qingyu. At this point, after speaking, his face became serious.

"Your mission is..."

"Read the memory of this dead Yunyin Village spy!"

"But this time the situation is a bit special!"

"According to the judgment made by the medical team during the rescue process!"

"The poison taken by Yunyin spy has the effect of disturbing nerves!"

"His memory before his death..."

"It is very likely that it has become very messy!"

"You need to read useful information for the village in these chaotic memories!"

good fellow!

Aoba direct good fellow!

Is this really a task for the newcomer who just arrived in the torture department?

I’m going to read the memory of a mentally deranged dead person who took poison and committed suicide...

Just my physical fitness...

How can I bear it!

I just crossed!

Are you going to send me away?

Qingyu's mouth twitched slightly, and he instinctively resisted, but he knew his identity.

It doesn’t matter whether it works or not!

is not his choice at all!


Qingyu took a deep breath, answered, his face became heavy.

no way.

can only bite the bullet!

Maybe there will be some turnaround!

"He is inside."

Morino Eaton saw Qingyu accept the task, his face lightened a bit, then bit the thumb of his right hand and ran blood across the palm of his left hand.

then quickly seal with both hands.

A wave of chakras surged.


Morino Eaton patted his left hand on the floor of the torture department.

"Spiritualism·Torture House!"


was accompanied by a shock.

A black iron fence-like prison appeared in front of Aoba.

In the prison.

lies a dead body.

is the person Aoba will go to read the memory.

"let's start."

Morino Eaton opened the door of the torture room and signaled Qingyu to enter.


Qingyu replied, there is no way, for this reason, there is no way out.

in the process of walking towards the torture room.

Qingyu is thinking quickly about how the mountain clan’s mind-reading secret technique is used...

He walked into the prison-like torture room.

his gaze fell on the body that was already cold.


Qingyu swallowed involuntarily. This was the first time he saw a corpse. UU reading

He forcibly endured the tremor in his body and acted as normal as possible.

Slowly began to spin the chakra in the body.

Then concentrate.

reached out his right hand and touched the spy's head.

Perform mind-reading techniques.

"Ding Dong!"


A clear electronic reminder sounded in Qingyu's mind.

"The mind reading system is loading..."

This sudden electronic sound made him stunned for a moment, and the movements of his hands were all stagnant.

system? !

actually has a system!

Qingyu's eyes flashed with horror, and then he quickly suppressed the excitement.

It’s not the time to be happy yet!

First through the immediate crisis.

Go back and study slowly what is going on with the system on the body.

thought of this.

Qingyu refocused his attention on the dead spy in front of him.

The mind reading technique of the mountain clan can not only read the memory of living people, but also the memory of dead people.

In contrast.

It’s just getting harder to read the memory of the dead!


Qingyu's right hand was placed on the spy's head.


In an instant.

Qingyu felt her body tremble slightly.

Before he could use Chakra and mental power, scenes of memory fragments, like watching a movie, flashed through his mind.

so easy?

Qingyu stopped and stood still. He was taken aback for a moment. He hadn't performed the secret technique of reading the mind of the mountain clan, and he succeeded in reading the memory...

"Ding Dong! Successfully read the memory for the first time! Obtained: Immortal human body!"

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