Chapter 952:People In Konoha, Anbe Tortured Ninjas For Ten Years!

Konoha Press was established!

Half a month later.

Aoba was standing in the Anbu dormitory, and there were many people in front of him. Besides him, some people were also celebrating here.

In the original dormitory of Anbu, due to the lack of manpower, many places were not used at all, and these spaces were vacated to establish a Konoha Publishing House.

This is also what Namikaze Minato promised Aoba from the very beginning.

After almost half a month, the politics of Konoha Village has also stabilized, and the sense of separation brought about by the handover of the two Hokage has gradually returned to normal.

under such a space.

Because of some problems caused by this incident, they gradually began to recover.

Other people from various forces in the village who came to Konoha Village to watch these events also walked back one after another.

To a certain extent, they have already obtained the information they want to obtain, and they have not obtained the information they cannot obtain.

They probably all understand some specific things. After all, what Konoha Village is doing now is nothing more than a simple handover ceremony, and there is nothing special about it.

They also learned some information about Xiaonan, but Xiaonan's intelligence led to the military adviser's black material about the third generation, and these became less important after the third generation withdrew from the stage of Konoha Village's history.

So they didn't stay here too much.

The stay will not bring them any other benefits.

After all things came to these problems, they also got a nearly similar solution.


People also understand what's going on here.

Now, what everyone thinks in their hearts has also changed as Naikaze Minato becomes the Hokage of Konoha Village, and the people of other outer villages will also change after they get the information they want and complete the task. Leaving one after another, because they have no meaning to obtain more information, and because Konoha Village has entered a new era, there is no particular significance for them to stay here.

Instead, you may put yourself in a relatively dangerous situation.

It's something they don't want to do at all.

for a while.

Everyone also left.

After these people left, Konoha Village returned to tranquility, and a formal handover ceremony was successfully completed here. In addition, after Namikaze Minato found Shikahisa Nara, they all did it together. Well these work.

In that way, Lu never thought that Minato Namikaze would go to him, so after knowing these things, his heart was indeed very excited, and he felt a very strong feeling.

Originally, they were ninjas of the same period. In the ninja school, the students knew that Minato Namikaze was a very outstanding person.

Under such a premise, everyone gets along well, but they didn't expect what happened here to get to this point. They knew that Namikaze Minato wanted to become a Konoha Village. Naruto's, but he didn't expect it to be so fast, and Nara Shikahisa didn't expect to be recruited into the Hokage office by three generations to become a staff officer before Namikaze Minato became Hokage.

So in a sense, they have actually stood on different paths, but they were able to come together again. Nara Shikahisa sighed very much at the generosity of Minato Namikaze.

It is precisely because of this that Nara Shikahisa admires Minato Namikaze even more, and he is more dedicated in doing things. He believes that Minato Namikaze will become a very good Hokage in Konoha Village.

It is precisely because of Nara Shikuji's serious treatment of these situations that the handover of Konoha Village went very smoothly. Now that Konoha Village has entered a peaceful situation, Namikaze Minato also began to promise his own promise, because For Qing Yu's promise, he still attaches great importance to it in his heart.

for a while.

All those people that Qingyu is familiar with are here to prepare for Qingyu a major ceremony about the establishment of their Konoha Publishing House.

There are not many people in Konoha Publishing House.

But the person in charge is very tough.

The general manager of Konoha Publishing House is the boss of Anbu, Mori Eton.

It can be said that Senai Eton accepted this position very seriously, and was extremely satisfied with it, because he has always liked watching Aoba's works, and now he can lead these works in person, which makes him feel honored.

Of course, the people who are busy here are not only Mori Eton, but also Xiao Nan who jumped over from Ichira Ramen.

After Xiaonan thought about it, because she didn't want to continue working in Yile Ramen, even if it was very good for her to beat her eldest brother, he felt that this kind of work was not suitable for her, but other jobs were not so easy. Think of Qingyu here, and she can use paper herself.

This makes the publishing house's work, which is often in contact with paper, very suitable for Xiao Nan.

There are not many books published by Konoha Publishing House.

Now it only publishes books written by Qingyu, so these two people are the hosts. This is enough. Xiaonan can use it by several people. After all, Xiaonan is also a ninja, not an ordinary worker. .


Konoha Publishing House actually has another person in name.

It's just that that person doesn't work here.

That person is the current patriarch of the Uchiha clan, Uchiha Fuyake.

Uchiha Fuyue was forcibly pulled over by Qingyu, and he was very helpless, but because of the previous matter, he promised Qingyu that he would use his own name to explain these books, so now he has to appear here again , to create a feeling that these books were written by him.

At the very beginning, Uchiha Fuyue's people were still a little numb, but as time went on, he gradually accepted such a thing, and even had no special psychological concept.

Speaking of the establishment of Konoha Publishing House, I have to mention Jiraiya.

After Jiraiya came to Konoha Village and witnessed Minato Namikaze becoming Hokage, he did not leave Konoha Village immediately, but stayed here, ready to wait for the new book about Uchiha Tomitake.

Especially the achievements of Konoha Publishing House attracted his attention, but he didn't show up because he had other things to do at the moment.

After all, with the arrival of the era of Namikaze Minato, Konoha Village has ushered in a new period of people's excitement. This feeling is like people have been depressed for a long time, so they want to do more things of their own. Many Konoha Village People of all kinds began to consume a lot, and after the third ninja war, everyone also wanted to do some live entertainment. Although this is just a period of time, it is indeed the present. this period.

Jirai is also very clear that this situation will not last for long, so he must seize this opportunity. He is now preparing to collect materials in the hot spring, and the inspiration brought by these materials will support him to write the latest one. works.

"thank you all."

Aoba stood in Anbu and glanced at the few people in front of him. In fact, there were only a few people. Minato Namikaze, Senaiton, and Konan were all people who witnessed the establishment of Konoha Publishing House.

"From today, Konoha Village has its own publishing house, so it can export more books, so that Konoha Village's influence can spread to the entire ninja world!"

Qing Yu said to everyone in a deep voice that he has always attached great importance to the issue of cultural export, perhaps because he was an otaku before crossing over, so he prefers literary works and comic works, so he These will be output bit by bit.

In this way, his heart will feel very comfortable.

The whole person will also feel very comfortable.

"Qingyu, it's just a publishing house. You don't need to feel this way. As long as you write more and better works, all of us will like it very much!" Minato Namifeng said with a smile. Aoba's works are also very fond of.

"I'm looking forward to it in my heart too!" Senai Eton said with a smile that his status is completely different now, because what Aoba said to help Minato Nakaze directly made him the leader of Anbu. Now It feels like the whole person has stood on the top of the pinnacle of life.


Xiao Nan didn't say a word. UU Reading She had read such books, but she was embarrassed to express her love for such books.

for a while.

Several people at the scene pinned on Qingyu's body one after another, hoping that Qingyu could write all these things out sooner.

"Don't worry, don't worry, now that the publishing house has been built, we can start production immediately!"

The corners of Qing Yu's mouth were slightly raised, revealing a smile.

"I've prepared a lot of manuscripts!"

"Just waiting for the publishing house to be officially established!"

"It can be arranged on the agenda immediately, and soon you will see the new book!"

Qing Yu said one sentence after another, in fact, he is not completely expressing a promise to these people but to meet their expectations. In fact, as an author, Qing Yu likes that everyone likes his works very much, which is also in his heart. A very important reason for a very powerful sense of satisfaction.

from now on.

Aoba already has his own Konoha Publishing House.

Now he can start officially publishing his books.

Aoba can't wait for the whole ninja world to see his writing.

Not only in words, but also in comics.

Through various forms of carriers to spread his things to the ninja world.

Then he officially used this method, and he couldn't wait to promote everything.

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