Chapter 953:People In Konoha, Anbe Tortured Ninjas For Ten Years!

Great writer Fuyue!

As time went by, another half a month passed.

Half a month has passed.

Konoha Village has been going on for a full month in the era of Hokage, the fourth generation of Naikaze Minato, and everyone has changed smoothly, and everyone who came here has adapted to this environment.

In fact, for the people of Konoha Village, the era of the Fourth Hokage is not so difficult to adapt to.

In fact, this is a process of reconnecting.

During this period of time, the people of Konoha Village began to re- experience Namikaze Minato, and they became more clear about Namikaze Minato, such an identity, and the meaning of doing these things.

under such a premise.

People began to understand the difference between the fourth generation of Hokage Naruto Feng Minato and the third generation, and it became clearer that the fourth generation had a certain degree of style in doing things.

After these times.

Gradually, Konoha Village passed through this area that belonged to their pain relief.

in this period.

Konoha Village has not experienced anything special, and no other existence has attacked here, everything is going on as always.

It is because of this that Namikaze Minato was not particularly hindered, and with the help of Nara Shikahisa, the entire ninja world is watching Konoha Village become new little by little.

In fact, it's not that the high-level officials of these other villages don't want to hinder this matter, but that they have no way to hinder it. After all, Konoha Village is now developing in a better and better direction.

It is precisely because at such a level, they have no way to do anything, because once they hinder Konoha Village, it is equivalent to them exposing themselves first, it is just a nameless struggle, and then they It is very likely to become the enemy of the entire ninja world.

This is something no one wants to ask you to do.

Sometimes people tend to be like this. The more he thinks about it, the more he can't do anything. Just like those ninjas who went to Yile Ramen to eat noodles, they all wanted to ask Xiaonan for information, but after seeing Xiaonan, But no one could say these words, and everyone became cowardly in their hearts.

Now they are the same way, they all know that they should hinder Namikaze Minato, so that Konoha Village does not enter the latest era so smoothly.

But all this is not so easy and simple.

If these villages attack together under this wave of Feng Minato, then they can still achieve results, which is equivalent to the entire ninja world alliance against Konoha Village.

But if no one is willing to move, there must be a time when someone comes forward, none of them want to be that early bird, because they don't know what they will get when they come forward, whether they will follow together, swarm, or The gun hit the bird, and he became the most tragic person.

With the passage of time, Konoha has gradually become a stable state under the leadership of Namikaze Minato, and it is precisely because of this that Namikaze Minato smoothly handed over the rights of Konoha Village, and the operation of Konoha Village. Also have more experience and experience.

in this half-month period.

Aoba has been taking care of Konoha Publishing House.

In the past, when he was in the real world, he had no experience in publishing houses, so now he is crossing the river by feeling the stones.

In the first few days, Senaiton will also come to help.

But then Senaiton shoulders a responsibility to reinvigorate Anbu.

So there is no more.

The entire Konoha Publishing House is managed by Qing Yu and Xiao Nan.

at first.

Qing Yu thought that Xiao Nan was just here to help out as a friend, and then he would leave later.

But he never thought that after Xiao Nan came here, he seemed to fall in love with it and had no intention of leaving at all.

At one point he felt suspicious.

But he didn't take it too seriously, because he still liked Konoha Publishing House very much in his heart, so he put more energy into it.

for a while.

In the past half month, he has been busy, or the matter of the publishing house has finally put Konoha Publishing House on the right track.

And on the side of Xiaonan.

In fact, when Xiaonan first entered Konoha Publishing House, it was entirely because of Qingyu.

At that time, she had a very strange idea in her mind.

The idea was that she wanted to help him find Toto Otsutsuki through Aoba's genius.

Although this kind of thinking is not very practical, and she doesn't know how to express this kind of thing about Toto Otsutsuki, and she has not revealed the name of Toto Otsutsuki.

So she never said anything.

Just so quietly following Qingyu's side.


The work of the publishing house.

For Xiao Nan, it feels more suitable, because she likes to play with paper, and most of the publishing houses are paper.

This is a very comfortable environment for her, in such an environment, her heart can be very comfortable.

Just when she was thinking about the future.

Xiao Nan suddenly saw a faint trace of Totsuki Otsutsuki's appearance on Qing Yu's body.

Such a thought just flashed by, and it made her feel very crazy.

Immediately after.

in the past half month.

Aoba, who has been paying attention in the future, is trying hard to think about the connection between him and Toto Otsutsuki.

In this way, she gradually discovered some very strange things, and even she herself was horrified.

Xiao Nan suddenly felt that Qing Yu was very likely to be Totsuki Otsutsuki.

After this thought appeared for a while, it was out of control.

It kept popping up in her mind.

Immediately after.

Many things are reappearing scene by scene in her mind.

Xiaonan remembered the first time she met Toto Otsutsuki, who at that time gave a book to the entire Akatsuki organization.

At the time, she hadn't thought about the relationship between the books.

But later, because of some problems with the book, she found the author of the book named Fuyue.

And the author of this book is in Konoha Village.

At that time, Otsutsuki said that he was in Konoha Village.

These questions all come together.

Instead, it gave her a feeling of special coincidence.

At that time, she didn't care about this, and felt that everything was her own conjecture.


Until the moment when Konoha Publishing House was established.

Xiao Nan suddenly discovered a particularly important problem, which was something she didn't care about in the past.

Now that these problems are suddenly discovered, I feel more and more that there is a connection here.


Xiao Nan found out that this book was actually written by Qing Yu.

This makes a connection between Aoba and Toto Otsutsuki.

This connection starts with a book.

Xiaonan has ignored this in the past.

Or maybe she didn't think about it at all.

But now.

Xiaonan increasingly felt that there was a certain degree of problem, because after chatting with Toren Otsutsuki, she understood that Toren Otsutsuki was essentially hiding in Konoha Village.

But if you hide it, you can't hide it by disappearing out of thin air, so it's meaningless, and it must be in a certain capacity to live the same life as everyone in Konoha Village.


What kind of identity do you live in?

Xiao Nan thought about this issue at the time, she was thinking, maybe anyone she received in a ramen might be Toto Otsutsuki.

Until she came to Konoha Publishing House.

Xiao Nan put the center of gravity in his heart completely on Qing Yu.

Now Xiao Nan has a big reason to guess that the couple may be the incarnation of Toto Otsutsuki here, because Qing Yu's ghostly ability is not like the ingenuity and calculation that normal humans can have.

Plus another possibility is that the couple is actually helping her stay in Konoha Village.

Xiaonan now recalls the scene in the ramen at the time, and after the arrival of Aoba, the crisis between her and Namikaze Minato was eased, and she was able to have the possibility of staying in Konoha Village again.

At this point, Xiao Nan felt even more about the connection between Aoba and Otsutsuki Sheren. Even if Aoba was not Otsutsuki Sheren, it was definitely possible to know Otsutsuki Sheren.


Xiaonan feels that staying at Konoha Publishing House is the best choice!

As for the so-called top writer Fuyue...

Xiaonan has no impression of this person at all, because during this time, she has been preparing to publish some new books of Qingyu. The signature of each new book is Fuyue, but it is actually completed by Qingyu. of.

This also gave Xiaonan a new understanding of Qingyu's talent.


Xiaonan's suspicion of Qingyu also became stronger.

This is definitely a very targeted question.

When Toren Otsutsuki broke into the Akatsuki organization, it was actually a way of expressing himself, which means Toren Otsutsuki was the content in the approval book, but Toren Otsutsuki was from outer space. Planet, then what kind of mentality does he have to use to recognize a text that belongs to other civilizations?

Xiaonan has been thinking about this kind of question in her heart, because she felt that if she was Toto Otsutsuki, then she would definitely not recognize this kind of low-level civilization, especially although the plot is very good, But this plot is in another direction, and it will cause people to cause various hormone secretions.

Xiaonan doesn't think Toren Otsutsuki is such a superficial person, so there is only one possibility, that Toren Otsutsuki is actually the great writer Fuyue.

Otsutsuki Totoren is not recognizing the words of this world, but the words that belong to their Otsutsugi planet, so the book published by the great writer Fuyue is unprecedented in the entire ninja world!

Especially these books that are about to be published now, both in terms of writing style and shaping of the world view, all subvert the cognition of the ninja world, which can be said to be a style that has never been seen before.

Xiao Nan increasingly felt that there was a big problem here!

She seriously suspects that Toto Otsutsuki is the great writer Fugaku.

The great writer Fuyue's identity is Qingyu.

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