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Chapter 1353: [10Year] Life and death struggle

Qin Min walked over with the medical book and said excitedly, “This medical book was given to me by an old uncle while I was practicing medicine and saving people at inns! The acupuncture techniques recorded in it are very strange, different from ordinary medical theory! We’re so worried about prescribing the right medicine while this one is all about strengthening the body’s constitution so it can fight off disease on its own.”

Everyone present knew medicine and understood what she meant by her words. Just like Gu Qishao said, since they couldn’t cure the illness they might as well preserve the life! Everyone had been digging towards a dead end for the best remedy but ignored this angle. From the perspective of martial arts, you could rely on strengthening your body to fight off disease. Although it wouldn’t cure anything, it at least gave the body skills to fight off illness and kept one’s life. In Cloud Realm Continent, there was a popular saying that one who cultivated to the top of “force” and “qi” would resist all injuries and disease to achieve an immortal body. No one had ever reached the zenith, but few had resisted many diseases and traumas through qi cultivation.

“In other words, there’s hope if we have Grand Tutor Gu cultivate true qi?” Mu Linger exclaimed in delight.

Gu Qishao rubbed his chin. “With his current body it’s uncertain whether he can make it in cultivation. He might not have enough time either.”

Han Yunxi suddenly rushed out the door and called in Long Feiye and the rest to tell them the good news. Hearing this, Gu Beiyue gave a start before breaking into a bitter smile. Leaving aside its success rate, this really was a solution and path. Why didn’t he think of it before? Why be so attached to finding a remedy with medicine? Long Feiye’s expression was complicated as he told Gu Beiyue, “I’ll try channeling some true qi with you.”

“Your Majesty, the Ten-Year Agreement…” Gu Beiyue hadn’t finished before Han Yunxi cut him off.

She said with a smile, “The Ten-Year Agreement is between Han Xiang and me. Why should a man like him get involved in women’s matters?”

Everyone laughed at those words. How could Long Feiye be interested in affairs of women? Han Yunxi was the sole exception, but she didn’t like this kind of exception either. Naturally, Long Feiye would be watching on the sidelines for the Ten-Year Agreement and not get involved. Gu Beiyue also laughed and had no retort.

Yet Qin Min said, “Your Majesty, Beiyue’s body is too weak. I’m afraid he can’t stand too much true qi. One must be very cautious in this matter.”

Qin Min’s worries were well-founded. Long Feiye nodded and was about to speak when Rui’er exclaimed, “Imperial father, I’ll invite grandfather here. Perhaps he’ll have a solution!”

Rui’er was supposed to be at Clearbreeze Peak by now. Because of the Grand Tutor’s matters, he asked for a leave with his grandpa. Han Chen’s true qi was much stronger than Long Feiye’s. At the very least, with him here there was still a way to salvage the situation if an accident occured, so it was another layer of guarantee.

The next day, Long Feiye and Han Yunxi personally left with Rui’er to Clearbreeze Peak to invite Han Chen off the mountain. Even Rui’er himself could do it with a single word. Sometimes things between people were just a matter of fate. Han Chen and Han Yunxi didn’t have much fate with each other, but it was Rui’er the grandson who was specially doted on. Usually Han Chen might not care about replying at all when others asked 10 questions, but he answered whatever Rui’er asked.

Ten years had already passed. Han Yunxi had been suffused with a feminine charm and was noble and elegant; Long Feiye was more calm and mature, the deep look in his eyes full of masculinity. Han Chen didn’t seem much older, perhaps as a result of his clear heart and lack of desires, perhaps because of the density of his true qi. His coldly handsome looks and refined body, along with his elegant and measured steps, really made it hard for anyone to guess his age.

Han Yunxi and Long Feiye walked hand-in-hand in front while Han Chen held Rui’er’s hand behind them to become this world’s most serene and noble scenery.

Seeing Han Chen appear, everyone else in the courtyard grew at ease.

Long Feiye had already told him what happened. Even though there was a group of people waiting for Han Chen in the courtyard, he treated them all as air and walked straight into the house. The strong had their own rights and everyone was aware of this senior’s temper, but they still respected his power and identity.

Long Feiye told Gu Beiyue seriously, “Senior and I can join forces to shield you with true qi, with him being the main force and I complementary. But it’s also a life and death struggle. If you can endure the true qi and turn it into your own, you can preserve this life. Otherwise, you won’t even live half a year.”

Everyone was astonished at the words. Little Shadow couldn’t help throwing himself into his mother’s arms while Qin Min bit her lips as her heart pounded.

“Come in after you’ve thought it over,” Long Feiye said before entering the house with Han Chen.

Gu Beiyue had long expected this outcome. There was no solution with a guaranteed success rate of saving his life. He walked towards Qin Min and little Shadow before gently rubbing the latter’s head with a whisper. “Chen’er, wait for father, all right?”

Little Shadow bravely held back his tears and looked up to declare loudly, “All right!”

Gu Beiyue looked at Qin Min next, smiling gently. “Wait for me, all right?”

At this moment, Qin Min couldn’t figure out whether he was acting in front of the crowd or wishing here to wait for him from the bottom of his heart. She wasn’t sure whether he wanted her to wait for him as a wife, or as Dr. Qin. At any rate, her heart was filled with joy. No matter which identity, he had given her the chance to wait.

She replied, “All right, I’ll wait for you.”

The moment Gu Beiyue stepped into the house, Gu Qishao couldn’t help exclaiming, “Medical nerd, I’ll wait for you!”

“Grand Tutor, I’ll wait for you!” Rui’er and Yan’er chorused.

“Grand Tutor, Linger will wait for you too!” Mu Linger forced herself to smile.

“Beiyue, I believe in you,” Han Yunxi said sincerely.

Jin Zi purposely got to his feet. “Grand Tutor Gu, Ning Cheng will wait for you.”

Lil Thing didn’t know what was going on, but it understood everyone was here to save the gentleman. It hastily jumped on the gentleman’s shoulder and reached out its paws to hug the gentleman’s face, nuzzling softly in hopes of lending him some strength. Gu Beiyue looked at the crowd of people, then at Lil Thing, and suddenly felt like he had set roots down and found a home. This little courtyard didn’t seem as cold and desolate as it used to be. He nodded and walked with large strides into the room.

Next would come days of waiting. The courtyard was very small and only had one building, so the adults slept in the outdoors while the three children moved into the stove room temporarily. Tang Hongdou and little Linger hadn’t come. Mu Linger left little Linger in the Tang Clan and entrusted Lady Tang to look after them.

They ended up waiting for several days.

Jin Zi wasn’t much of a talker, but he purposely spoke up to ask after Su Xiaoyu’s situation. At Tiger’s Den, everyone had shared life and death together and ten years had passed since then. Su Xiaoyu should’ve grown up by now. She hadn’t followed Han Chen to Cloud Realm Continent over the years but was away and across the Ice Sea. Han Yunxi had no way to keep in touch with her either. Three years ago, Han Chen sent Su Xiaoyu to northern Mysterious Continent to gain experience and her current status was unclear.

For the children of Mysterious Continent, gaining experience was very important. It symbolized their growth and independence. Only those who came back alive could be affirmed by the clan and gain their cultivation knowledge. Jin Zi listened to Han Yunxi’s answer and said coldly, “With Su Xiaoyu’s temper and skills, she’ll definitely make it back alive.”

Mu Linger added, “Big sis, if little Yu’er had started training with Senior Han Chen earlier, you might not need to face off against Han Xiang at all.”

Little Yu’er was jealously protective, short tempered, and used ruthless methods. If she had the strength, she might really do away with Han Xiang ahead of time instead. Han Yunxi had received a letter from little Yu’er very early on reminding her that Han Xiang wasn’t righteous. Add that to investigation from recent years and Han Yunxi basically had an idea of the woman she’d never met. She wasn’t afraid of Han Xiang trying any tricks at the Ten-Year Agreement. After all, Han Chen would be presiding over the affair!

During their days of waiting, everyone only talked a bit after Jin Zi asked of little Yu’er. Besides that, they spent the time anxious and silent. The fresh air of the mountains grew heavy as if shrouded in an eternal fog. The distance of one door and a set of walls left life and death uncertain.

Late on the tenth night, Gu Beiyue’s wretched cries suddenly emerged from the room. Everyone was startled awake from their dreams and seemed to rush towards the door at the same time. Qin Min was at the very front and almost ran inside, but Han Yunxi grabbed her hand and said, “Qin Min, you can’t.”

Disturbing them now was absolutely forbidden.

Qin Min calmed down and silently went to one side. But soon afterwards came Gu Beiyue’s successive pained cries. He might be sickly, but he wasn’t weak or whiny! Since childhood he had suffered from illness and pain. Who had ever heard him cry out? Even Qin Min, who had spent the last two years with him, had witness his misery but never heard his cries.

Just what was he enduring now?

Qin Min’s heart clenched along with everyone else’s. Han Yunxi almost ran in herself, but it was Gu Qishao who stopped her this time. She had never seen him look so serious.

He said, “Poison lass, no!”

The only thing to do was wait.

A long time later, Gu Beiyue’s pained cries finally settled down. But everyone’s hearts were astir. How was he doing? Silence returned to the building and the courtyard grew deathly silent. The solitary moon illuminated the grounds but not everyone’s hearts.

It was a long night.

However, early next morning when everyone was exhausted, the door creaked open to break the silence. Han Chen walked out and everyone surrounded him with multiple questions.

“How is Gu Beiyue doing?”

“Is the Grand Tutor well?”

“Did it go smoothly?”

“What’s the situation?”


With nowhere to go, Han Chen creased his brows at them and said expressionlessly, “This old man did his best.”

Everyone gave a start at the words.

But Han Chen then asked, “Which one is Qin Min?”

Qin Min was almost falling apart as she looked over at the summons. “I am.”

Han Chen said, “Success or failure depends on the next six months. You must use acupuncture and moxibustion daily to smooth out the true qi in his body, so as to prevent deviation.”

The group went quiet at his words.

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