Chapter 1:President Daddy’s Excessive Love

Stepmom framed

Chapter 1 Stepmother Framed


early morning!

Waking up by the glare of the sun, Tang Youyou opened her eyes with a headache.

What I saw was an unfamiliar room, and further down, clothes scattered all over the floor.

Her eyes widened sharply, and she held one's strength in one hand, trying to remember what happened last night.

She was stunned. What happened last night is really no memory at all.

At this moment, she was naked, her body tingling and burning, irritating her nerves.

Even a dull person should know what happened.

Tang Youyou strong endured the pain of the body, pulled the quilt and wrapped himself tightly.

There is still a breath of extravagance in the air.

Overhearing her stepmother scolding her mother for doing Primary Three, she was so angry that she made fun of her step brother and fell off the balcony.

She was subsequently stunned by both her mother and daughter.

Wake up and be in this hotel.

Tang Youyou pushed away the quilt angrily, got out of bed, and hurriedly picked up his clothes. Suddenly, a watch fell off ...

At the back of the chair, there was a man's suit jacket ...

Tang Youyou slammed the watch against the wall angrily, taking away her innocence, just sending her with a watch?

Go to death!

There was a sticky feeling between her legs, and she went to the bathroom, and her mirror-stained and swollen face was reflected in the mirror.

Both eyes were dark and purple, and the eye sockets were swollen, and now a pair of beautiful peach eyes became quilted.

Tang Youyou looked at her bloated self, recalling the scene of being beaten by her mother and daughter yesterday.

Which ** is hungry and doesn't choose to eat, and his face can still harden, it is just a beast.

Tang Youyou rubbed himself fiercely several times, and the skin had to be washed off, so he left the hotel with shaking two slender legs.

Ten minutes later, the door of another room in the hotel opened, and a charming young girl came out.

The girl walked happily to the door of Tang Yuyou's room, took out a room card from her bag, and swiped the door open.

Looking at a messy pillow, she laughed viciously.

Then she lifted the quilt vigorously, mottled blood on the snow-white sheets, and gritted her teeth resentfully: "Sure enough, she seems to have been with Lu Xuanchen for two years. Has nothing really happened? Too Well, if Xuan Chen knew that she was no longer clean, she would kick Tang Yuyou away. "

Just when Tang Xuerou was going to take his mobile phone and take the evidence of this house for his mother to watch.

There was a sudden knock outside the door.

Tang Youyou was startled, walked to the door with a guilty conscience, opened the cat's eyes and looked out.

"Who, what are you doing?" Tang Xuerou took the momentum to ask.

"I came here to thank you for saving your life." The man outside said respectfully and politely.

Tang Xuerou hesitated, hearing the words of thanks, immediately reached out and opened the door.

I saw the man outside the door gestured to the two black bodyguards behind him, and the two men snatched the door and entered.

"Hey, what are you doing ..." Tang Xuerou's face was pale and scared.

"Miss don't panic, we just confirm that my young master did spend the night in this room." The man was still polite.

"Master of yours?" Tang Xuerou's eyes widened.

At this time, the two bodyguards came out quickly, one person was holding a suit jacket, and the other man was holding a watch.

The young man checked it, and then respectfully handed Tang Xuerou a business card: "This is my young master's business card. Congratulations, any wish you have, the young master will help you achieve it."

"Who is your master?" Tang Xuerou hesitated, but still reached out to take over the door.

"Ji Yanhan!" The man spoke clearly a bite.

Tang Xuerou was stunned! 2k novel reading network

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