Chapter 2302:President Daddy’s Excessive Love

Will he be hooked?


"Hmph, I told you to be serious, but you are not being serious." Xiao Han was speechless.

Ling Sinan knew that he was angry because he had endured the wound and didn't tell him, which was also angry when he cared. "Okay, don't be angry, I promise you that I won't joke about safety in the future. Xia Xiyao can't see her eyes. If I don't block her, this glass will cut her face. Girl, the face is white and tender. If it is cut, the whole life will be over." Ling Sinan had to continue to explain.

"Well, I don't care about this time, but you must tell me now, what do you think of that Xia Xiyao?" Xiao Han's eyes were a little worried, he was really afraid that Ling Sinan would like her. , If a normal woman is changed, he will not stop him, but the other person has a problem with his eyes. If this is to let the husband and the wife know, he can't cut off his head?

"It doesn't feel much, don't think about it." Ling Sinan gave him a white look and answered seriously.

"Really?" Xiao Han was still a little worried and asked.

"Of course it's true. I'm here to cross the robbery, not here to talk about love. I understand this very well, and it will definitely not involve any innocent person in it." Ling Sinanyi The face said seriously.

Xiao Han secretly breathed a sigh of relief, his expression softened: "If you can think of it this way, then I can rest assured. The two sisters have already arranged. Her sister came to work for others, the restaurant helps, and then took her sister by the way. Come and treat eye diseases."

"Well, maybe there is no hope in China, so I want to try my luck abroad."

"To be honest, I really admire her sister. It seems that in order to take care of her sister, she didn't have much effort to dress her sister like a fairy. She herself is dressed casually and is a ruthless person." Xiao Han was indifferent. Said.

"The care between relatives is the most rare. She has such a sister, which is the happiest thing in her life." Ling Sinan also showed emotion.

"Put your clothes on, let's go out to eat something, and the person who intercepted us just now, we should also analyze it." Xiao Han looked at Ling Sinan's upper body, already wrapped a circle of gauze. With a strong and sturdy body, full of masculinity, I believe that if any woman sees it, she will definitely be fascinated.

Ling Sinan casually took a shirt and put it on, and walked out.

"Did you give them something to eat for their sisters?" Ling Sinan asked lightly.

"Send someone to deliver it, don't worry, they won't be hungry." Xiao Han replied.

At night, Ling Sinan sorted out the next itinerary and got up and stood on the balcony. The balcony of his bedroom was directly opposite the small independent building where the two sisters Xia Xiyao lived. There was also a small balcony on the second floor. The floor where Si Nan is located is higher, so he can more clearly see the movement of the balcony on the second floor opposite.

The man held a glass of red wine in his hand, and the wine shook gently with the glass. The wind at night was slightly cool. It was almost the rhythm of autumn. Ling Sinan had just taken a bath and was wearing a set of gray nightgown. Cold and noble, his eyes are sharper in the night.

He inadvertently saw what happened on the small balcony on the second floor opposite. The girl seemed to take a shower and sat on the balcony on the second floor to blow her hair. Her sister didn’t know where she was going, she wanted to get the next one. I touched the water glass with my fingers, but accidentally broke a glass bottle next to it, and the flowers on it fell to the ground.

Her sister rushed over after hearing the sound, and took care of everything for her. Xia Xiyao was like a child who had made a mistake, twisting her dress tightly with both hands, and she was completely at a loss.

Ling Sinan narrowed his eyes, inexplicably, feeling a little distressed.

At the same age as a flower, but unable to feel this colorful world, it is really pitiful.

The man took a sip of wine quietly. Before he knew it, his eyes had stayed on Xia Xiyao for a few minutes. He watched her nervously, panicked, and finally returned to calmness, holding his arms tightly with both hands. Cup, drinking water slowly.

If Ling Driver’s eyes were sympathetic just now, then he feels more like he is admiring a painting, a picture that is extremely beautiful whether it is dynamic or static.

"She shouldn't see me, right." Ling Sinan changed his position and continued to look at the opposite side.

There was no light on his balcony, and he was sitting on a chair again, and the girl opposite couldn't see her, so she wouldn't know how he wanted to look at her presumptuously.

Thinking of this, the man's thin lips gently twitched, as if he had a little secret of his own. However, what Ling Sinan didn't know was that when he curled his lips and smiled, the quiet girl who sat still on the opposite side was also full of drama in his heart.

"He was actually looking at me, Ling Sinan. Didn't you expect you to be this kind of person?"

"However, just look at it, anyway, my purpose is to seduce you, if you get hooked, don't blame me."

Xia Xiyao's smile was in the bottom of his eyes, but Ling Sinan couldn't find it far away.

After Xia Hualan packed everything, she came over and told Xia Xiyao to go to bed. Xia Xiyao had to get up and fumble into the room.

Ling Sinan was still watching, and Xia Xiyao suddenly took off his jacket directly, revealing a small beige suspender skirt inside. The jade is white and clear, the bones are well-known, and he is definitely a beautiful figure. "Cough..." Ling Sinan was staring at her, and suddenly saw her take off her coat. She had such a character inside. Ling Sinan almost didn't get coughed by a sip of wine. He quickly covered her thin lips in embarrassment. He coughed very quietly, and hid behind a pot of flowers nervously.

Of course Xia Xiyao deliberately, she deliberately took off her coat and deliberately wore such a ** little sling, half-hidden and half exposed to his eyes with her proud body.

"Heh, do you like it?" Xia Xiyao sneered in her heart.

Ling Sinan gasped. To be honest, he hadn't seen a girl's figure. He had seen all the beauties on the beach in cool clothes.

But just now... why did Xia Xiyao feel nervous and flustered when he took off his clothes, as if he was a thief.

Ling Sinan felt ridiculous for his behavior. He was a normal man, and... Xia Xiyao didn't even know that he was peeking at her, so why should he be guilty?

So, Ling Sinan found a good excuse for herself and kept watching.

At this moment, in the small room on the second floor opposite, the light went out, blocking all his vision.

"Damn it." Ling Sinan cursed secretly, had to get up, and went back to his room somewhat boringly.

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