Chapter 2303:President Daddy’s Excessive Love

Heart has been lost

Chapter 2287 the heart has been lost

In the early morning, Ling Sinan got up early. Today, he is going to the school to register.

After he got up, he was ready to go for a run in the gym. When he opened the balcony curtain, he saw a quiet and beautiful figure on the opposite balcony.

Xia Xiyao actually woke up so early. She was holding a comb and combing her long black and smooth hair very gently and gently. Her forehead had thick bangs, a small and delicate melon-seeded face, beautifully long. Under her eyebrows, she has a pair of black eyes. Although the eyes are not shining, she has fair skin, bright red lips, without a touch of rouge, but she has the beauty of spring peach blossoms. Such a naturally beautiful girl is really rare in the world.

Ling Sinan couldn't help but glanced again. To tell the truth, he was very quiet and well-behaved, giving people a very ethereal feeling.

Ling Sinan couldn't help but took the phone, turned on the camera function, and took a picture of the girl opposite the girl with long hair alone, and watched carefully. She looked like a painting when she was still.

Ling Sinan glanced at the time, quickly got dressed, and went downstairs.

A black suit, a white shirt, and an appropriate tie make him more formal and mature.

"From now on, you will send someone to take care of the breakfast of the two sisters." Ling Sinan confessed to Xiao Han lightly at the dinner table.

Xiao Han looked at him suspiciously and asked, "No, Young Master Ling, do you really want to raise their two sisters? Is this a bit sloppy?"

Ling Sinan gave him a white look: "Just treat me as good-hearted, right? The two sisters are in a difficult situation, so please help if you can help, as if they are doing good deeds."

"Yes, you are the boss, you are the boss, I am just expressing my opinion slightly." Seeing that Ling Sinan's face was sinking, Xiao Han quickly let it go, how dare to talk nonsense.

Ling Sinan breathed a sigh of relief. After breakfast, Ling Sinan and Xiao Han drove out together.

The school they came to study this time was one of the best schools in the world. It brought together elites from all over the world to study here. Ling Sinan advocated low-key behavior during this trip, so that he could not reveal his identity and try not to introduce him.

Ling Sinan just came to report today, and the formal study days are still a few days later. He and Xiao Han walked around in school, got acquainted with the environment, and met several powerful children and had lunch together.

In the afternoon, there is no arrangement. Ling Sinan and Xiao Han plan to make a round in the city.

When it was getting dark, Xiao Han's phone rang, he glanced at it, and suddenly had a headache.

"My cousin called." Xiao Han's cousin, Xiao Ranran, has an extraordinary family background and is involved in both business and politics. She called this time with obvious intentions.

Ling Sinan just frowned and said lightly: "If there is a call coming in, you can answer it."

Xiao Han had to answer the call and heard the cry of the girl from the other end of the phone: "Cousin, where are you? I just got off the plane now, I...I'm so scared, can you come and pick me up?" "

"What? Xiao Ranran, where are you?" Xiao Han's expression froze all at once.

Xiao Ranran said the address there. It turned out that she secretly booked a plane ticket and flew over by herself, just to find Xiao Han. Of course, she was not only for Xiao Han, but also for the excellent friend Ling Si beside him. Nan.

"Your mind is flooded. Who made you sneak over here? If your uncle knows, he will definitely scold you." Xiao Han was almost furious. This cousin was so courageous that she dared not tell her family. In case, secretly buy tickets to go abroad.

"I'm not are there, cousin, come and pick me up quickly, I'm really scared, it's getting dark, and my English is not very good, you know." Xiao Ranran said The voice was still crying, obviously, I realized I was scared.

"You wait for me, stay in the airport, don't go anywhere, wait for me to come and clean up you." Xiao Han is really angry at the moment. What if there is an accident?

Hanging up the phone, Xiao Han told Ling Sinan of the situation with an anxious look, and Ling Sinan said lightly: "Then you go and pick her up, I'll go back."

"Young Master Ling, I'm really embarrassed. I didn't expect this dead girl to be so courageous, but I would definitely scold her and send her back." After Xiao Han finished speaking, he could only drive a car quickly. The car drove towards the airport.

Ling Sinan returned to the community in the special car. As soon as he came in, he couldn't help but glanced at the direction where Xia Xiyao lived. There was only the light on the first floor.

Ling Sinan hesitated for two seconds, but couldn't help but stepped on his legs and walked over there.

As soon as he arrived at the door, he politely knocked on the door and heard Xia Xiyao's nervous and uneasy voice: "Who is it?"

"It's me, Ling Sinan." Ling Sinan was startled when she heard her voice. Isn't her sister at home at this time?

"Oh, it's Mr. Ling, please come in." Xia Xiyao's voice suddenly loosened, and then she got up, as if groping to come over and open the door.

Ling Sinan heard her as if she had hit, and then she let out a cry of pain, his heart was pulled, and he immediately reached out to push the door, but the door was locked from the inside, and he had to wait for her to come over.

The door opened, and Xia Xiyao raised her head. Her acting skills of pretending to be blind were top-notch, pretending to be invisible, her eyes were out of focus, but this pitiful appearance was shocking to men.

"Mr. Ling, are you off work?" Xia Xiyao's voice is very nice, crisp, and very suitable for her age.

Ling Sinan gave a deep hum, a pair of quiet eyes, boldly falling on her face, looking at it.

Looking at her up close, her skin is very nice, white, plump, and plump.

Her melon seeds still carry a little baby fat on her face, which is a little more cute.

"Mr. Ling, do you drink water? I...I'll get you a bottle of water." Xia Xiyao was hurried and nervous, but she still asked politely.

"I'll take it myself." Of course, it is impossible for Ling Sinan to let her take it. What if she knocks again? "Did you bump into something just now? Did you get hurt?" Ling Sinan took a bottle of water, unscrewed it, took a sip, and then asked her caringly.

Xia Xiyao subconsciously moved her left leg back, which obviously hinted to him that the place where she was injured was her left leg.

Naturally, Ling Sinan could see her cover-up behavior, and immediately walked over, squatting down without any scruples, and wanted to check for her.

"No, no...No, wait for my sister to come back." Xia Xiyao quickly backed away with a frightened expression, but she didn't know that there was a chair behind her, and her feet were all at once. Stumbled, and the whole person fell backwards.


Xia Xiyao let out a cry of exclamation, and then, she felt an extremely powerful arm, which took her around her waist, and she was caught. The next second, he just tried slightly, her petite and exquisite body He slammed into his arms.

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