Chapter 2304:President Daddy’s Excessive Love

Obviously moved

Chapter 2288 is clearly moved

"Are you okay." Ling Sinan's eyes also flashed nervously. Just now, seeing her retreating quickly, with a frightened expression, he really felt that what he had done was a little wrong.

"I...I'm okay, I'm sorry." A layer of tears suddenly appeared in Xia Xiyao's eyes. The next second, she bit her lip tightly and whispered an apology.

Ling Sinan was startled, and then chuckled lightly: "What do you apologize for? I am the one who should say I'm sorry. I scared you."

"It's my fault. If it weren't for my eyes...I can't see, I won't trouble you all the time, Mr. Ling, I know you are a good person. My sister and I are under your care, but I can't do anything." Xia Xiyao As she talked, her tears slipped down. The silent tears were the most moving. Her eyes were already beautiful, but now she was covered with tears and a touch of agility, which made her beauty even more unreal. Ling Sinan frowned more and more. When he reflected, she realized that her hand was still around her waist, and she was leaning against his arms without knowing it.

He quickly let go of his hand gently, and Xia Xiyao also subconsciously reached out and touched it back, touched the back of the chair, and quickly hid behind the chair.

"Don't have a psychological burden. I just want to help you as much as possible. My house is vacant anyway." Ling Sinan watched her tears continue to slide down. There was a real urge to go and help her. Rub it.

In the end, he just took a piece of paper and handed it to her: "Wipe your tears."

After Xia Xiyao whispered a thank you, she wiped away her tears indiscriminately.

Ling Sinan lowered his head and stared at her, seeing that her eyes became lustrous after being soaked with moisture, he subconsciously reached out and shook in front of her.

Xia Xiyao was shocked. He didn't expect that he would suddenly stretch out his hand in front of her. If she blinked at this time or felt uncomfortable, I'm afraid Ling Sinan would doubt it.

Fortunately, she had received rigorous training, and Tai Shan collapse did not change her face in front of her. She was still calm and calm when faced with a man reaching out to tentatively.

Ling Sinan frowned, and it seemed that she really couldn't see it anymore.

"Your sister must be very tired to take care of you." Ling Sinan looked around and cleaned up.

"Yes, fortunately my sister takes care of me, otherwise, I really don't know what I will live like." Xia Xiyao smiled bitterly.

"Your eyes... have you ever seen a doctor?" Ling Sinan really doesn't want her to see the light all her life. It may be that she is addicted to her and hopes that she can be free like all girls. Appreciate the beauty of this world.

Xia Xiyao's heart shook, this Ling Sinan still wants to ask a doctor to treat her eye diseases, right?

Did this man make a mistake? His kindness is too abused.

"I have seen a lot of experts in China, but they are helpless, so I don't have any hope." Xia Xiyao quickly showed a pessimistic expression.

"Now that medical technology is more and more developed, don't be too pessimistic. Maybe one day, your eyes will be cured, and I can help you understand this aspect." Ling Sinan couldn't help but say.

"Mr. Ling, why are you treating me so nicely?" Xia Xiyao asked him boldly on purpose.

Ling Sinan's eyes froze, his handsome face tightened, and then he gave a dry smile: "I just think it's not easy for your two sisters to live, and I want to help you."

"But I don't want to owe your favor. I am very grateful if you take in our sisters to live in. I really hope I can do something within my power. Mr. Ling, I have learned massage. If you are tired, I can. Press the button for you. I have received professional training and will definitely not make you uncomfortable." Xia Xiyao said suddenly, her hollow eyes bent into crescents.

Ling Sinan's expression was a little embarrassed. He shook his head: "Massage is unnecessary. Why do you want to learn this?"

"Because I will always be self-reliant in the future, I can't see it, and there is only this kind of work I can do, I hope you don't dislike it." Xia Xiyao showed a sad expression again.

"Of course I won't dislike it anymore." Ling Sinan's eyes suddenly looked at her fingers, which were as thin as green onions and white and white. I don't know what it would be like to be pressed by her.

"If you don't dislike it, I'll press it for you now. OK, just press your shoulder." Xia Xiyao was embarrassing him on purpose. She wanted to see if her eyes were broken, Ling Sinan. Will he still be tempted by her, if so... That proves that his eyes are not good either.

Ling Sinan frowned. Although he felt that this kind of thing was wrong, he sat on the chair like a ghost, and his voice slowed down: "Then I will trouble you."

Xia Xiyao stretched out his hand and fumbled over, and stood behind him. The man was sitting upright, and he looked like he had been trained.

Xia Xiyao gently hooked up her beautiful mouth in a place that Ling Sinan could not see.

She stretched out her hands and used a little force to press and press Ling Sinan's shoulders. The skin on his shoulders was very tight. Xia Xiyao's fingers were slender, pinching and pressing, rubbing and massaging.

Ling Sinan's back tightened into a straight line. He knew he shouldn't have any other thoughts at the moment, but when the girl got close, the faint fragrance of her body penetrated into his nose, plus the lightness of her fingers. Rubbing and twisting, Ling Sinan felt like an electric shock, an indescribable sensation that struck every nerve in him.

Only two minutes after Xia Xiyao pressed him, the man stood up suddenly and said in a low voice, "I'm not tired today, next time, I will leave first, you take care of yourself."

Xia Xiyao's hands were frozen, and her beautiful eyes blinked a little anxiously: "Mr. Ling, did I feel uncomfortable pressing? It made you uncomfortable?"

"No, I... I suddenly remembered that there is a very important thing to do, so I should take a step first." Ling Sinan almost ran away in embarrassment, because his body now seemed to burn like a fire.

Xia Xiyao's beautiful eyes were slightly raised. If she was right, the man blushed just now, and underneath his trousers, it seemed to hold up.

I really didn't expect that Ling Sinan was still such an innocent man. Xia Xiyao turned around, and the corners of her mouth raised slightly.

I heard that an innocent man is more likely to get stuck, but she is not here to play with him, she is here to find a chance to kill him.

Xia Xiyao can't help but feel a pity when he thinks that such a young and handsome man is about to die in his own hands, but who makes the two of them stand differently?

Ling Sinan opened the door and left with a feeling of guilty conscience. Just after walking a few steps, he couldn't help but glance back at the door, feeling hard to calm down for a while.

What's wrong with myself?

How can it be like being possessed.

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