Chapter 2305:President Daddy’s Excessive Love

Step by step approach

Chapter 2289: Approaching Step By Step

Ling Sinan got rid of these annoying thoughts and returned to his room.

One day's dealings made him a little tired. He habitually poured half a glass of red wine to refresh himself. Then, he sat on the office chair, opened the next few books that the school got, and was going to read it first. When it got dark, Ling Sinan rubbed his sore eyes and pulled his thoughts away from the ocean of books.

"Knock." A knock came from outside the door, Ling Sinan's expression sank, and he said: "Come in."

The door was cautiously pushed open with both hands, and a beautiful-looking girl slowly probed in, very shy.

"Master Ling, do you eat fruit? I just washed it." Xiao Ranran stood there in a restrained expression, dragging a plate of freshly washed fruit in his hand, a pair of beautiful eyes, and the man who gleamed on the chair. On her body, a simple white shirt can also make him look so elegant and charming. It is indeed the male ** she has secretly loved for many years.

"Take it in." Ling Sinan smiled faintly. She is Xiao Han's younger sister, and Ling Sinan is naturally not too cold towards her.

Xiao Ranran immediately showed a sweet and happy smile, walked over lightly, and put the fruit on the table in front of him: "Master Ling, if I suddenly came over, will it affect your studies? Actually, I want to come to school too. , I want to learn English well."

"Really? It's a good thing to be self-motivated. I can discuss this matter with your brother." Ling Sinan said indifferently.

"Do you also think this is a good thing? But my brother said that he will send me back tomorrow morning. I really don't want to go back to China. I want to stay and learn from you." Xiao Ranran immediately showed aggrieved expression. , A pair of big misty eyes looked at Ling Sinan with expectation, hoping that Ling Sinan could help her say a few words.

Ling Sinan suddenly understood her purpose of sending fruits in, and he shook his head indifferently: "This is a matter between your brothers and sisters, I'm not good to intervene."

Xiao Ranran's eyes darkened for an instant. At this moment, Xiao Han opened the door and said angrily: "Ranran, who asked you to come and disturb Young Master's study? Come out with me."

Xiao Ranran lowered his head and quickly followed Xiao Han out like a kid doing something wrong.

As soon as he went outside, Xiao Ranran's arrogance rose again: "Cousin, if you send me home, I will ignore you in the future."

"What's the purpose of your coming here? Don't think I don't know." Xiao Han suddenly lowered his voice, an expression that had already seen through her thoughts.

Xiao Ranran's pretty face blushed instantly, and then boldly admitted: "Yes, I came with a purpose, can't you? He is single now, so am I, I am bold and proactive in pursuing my love, there is nothing wrong with it. Well, or... you don't want your sister to be happy?"

"I didn't mean that..."

"You are." Xiao Ranran's eyes reddened instantly, and his tears fell within a second. He complained while wiping the tears: "If you really think of me as your sister, then help me once, don't send me back to China. Let me live and learn here too."

"You fool, I don't want you to stay here, but to stay here is very dangerous, and you will die at any time. Don't you know how tense the domestic situation is?" Of course, Xiao Han is worried about the safety of his sister, so he wants it. Sent her back.

"Since it will be very dangerous, then I have to stay even more. If I don't have the courage to accompany him through the difficulties, how can he understand my true feelings for him? I don't want to leave such a good opportunity to others. Woman, brother, just leave me alone. In short, I'm not going anywhere, I'm going to stay here." After Xiao Ranran finished speaking, he turned around resolutely and went back to her room.

Xiao Han: "Stubborn girl."

Xiao Ranran also went abroad with a lot of determination, and she couldn't just leave.

Ling Sinan walked out of the room and saw Xiao Han's expression ugly, knowing that he must have failed to persuade him to succeed.

"If your sister wants to stay, you can find another place to live for her, don't live with us." Ling Sinan kindly suggested.

"She has been stubborn since she was a child. I'm afraid she will really refuse to return to China this time. In that case, I can only arrange for her." Xiao Han looked helpless.

"You also love her. She said that she wanted to stay and learn English, which is also a good thing." Ling Sinan said with a smile.

However, Xiao Han was smiling and avoiding Qiang. If the young master knew that the purpose of the ghost girl was to get close to him, I don't know if he would be so kind to give advice.

After Xiao Ranran returned to the room, she took a hot shower and changed a set of clothes. She came prepared this time. Therefore, the clothes she prepared are naturally very beautiful, which can bring out her youth and beauty. For the capital, she sat in front of the makeup mirror and dressed up carefully. Later, during dinner, she could give Ling Sinan a bright impression.

At dinner, Ling Sinan sent someone to find Xia Xiyao. He learned that her sister might not be back at night, so it was naturally impossible to dine with her. Ling Sinan asked the person to take Xia Xiyao together. Called over for dinner.

Xiao Ranran was also at the dinner table. It was the first time he saw Xia Xiyao. The first time he saw it, it was amazing.

As a woman, she has a natural hostility towards girls who are prettier than herself.

Xia Xiyao wanted to get closer to Ling Sinan in the first place, so that he could get to know him better. Only by understanding him in depth can he find his fatal weakness, a fatal move, and avoid future troubles.

Xia Hualan had planned not to come back. Xia Xiyao hadn't hoped that Ling Sinan would continue to pity her, but when she heard the servants come and ask her to eat, Xia Xiyao smiled.

This Ling Sinan is really sympathetic, and he really took care of her.

If you change your position and identity, his careful attention can really make Xia Xiyao look at him differently.

Unfortunately, she and him are destined to stand in a hostile position, and she can't inject her cold heart into any personal feelings.

Xia Xiyao sat quietly, because she couldn't see her eyes, so she needed someone to help her pick up the dishes. A servant was beside her to help her do all this.

Xiao Ranran frowned. Where did this woman jump out and how could she live here? Now they can still eat at the same table with Ling Sinan, is their relationship good?

"Miss Xia, don't need to be restrained." Ling Sinan said softly, with deep and secluded eyes, staring at Xia Xiyao from time to time.

Xiao Ranran suddenly felt that the food delivered to her mouth had lost its taste. After taking a few bites, she started to ask curiously: "Master Ling, is this Miss Xia your friend?"

"Yes." Ling Sinan was stunned for a second before nodding to answer.

"Have you known each other for a long time?" Xiao Ranran asked again without giving up.

When Xiao Han heard so much from his cousin, he quickly picked up a piece of meat and put it in her bowl: "You can't eat and sleep, eat more vegetables and talk less."

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