Chapter 2306:President Daddy’s Excessive Love

Did he see through her?

Chapter 2290 Did He See Through Her?

Xiao Ranran gave Xiao Han a bit unwillingly, but Ling Sinan replied lifelessly: "Miss Xia and I have just met each other not long ago."

Xia Xiyao ate quietly, and the servant picked up a lot of dishes for her, but she didn't eat much.

Xiao Ranran felt even more depressed when she heard that she had just met. It seemed that she was still a step late and let other women get on the ground first. She had known that Ling Sinan was a well-mannered man, and seemed cold. He is actually not difficult to get along with. He has a gentle aura and domineering, he is really a perfect man with all the advantages in one.

Such a man, she didn't want to give it to anyone.

"Mr. Ling, I'm full and want to go back first." Xia Xiyao already felt the strong hostility of the girl opposite, and she didn't want to respond to this kind of messy people.

"You only eat so little, won't you be hungry?" Ling Sinan frowned. Is it because her sister is not around, she is embarrassed to eat more?

Xia Xiyao thought in her heart that she can't eat now, it doesn't mean that she won't steal anything else when she goes back, of course she won't let herself be hungry.

"I'll take you back." Ling Sinan put down his chopsticks and stood up.

"Ah, no, don't bother Mr. Ling, I can go back by myself, I'm already familiar with the route." Xia Xiyao said flattered, panicked.

"No trouble, let's go." Ling Sinan walked directly behind her and took her by one wrist.

Xia Xiyao only felt that her body was hit by a warm current. The man took her by the wrist only out of politeness. Although the clothes were separated, the temperature of his palm still penetrated into her skin. .

Ling Sinan was very tough, and Xia Xiyao had no choice but to obey his instructions, and followed him step by step to the outside of the hall.

Xiao Ranran's eyes went straight. She couldn't believe that Ling Sinan was going to personally send the blind woman away.

"Cousin, what's the situation? What is the relationship between Young Master Ling and her? Why do you treat her so well?" Xiao Ranran is really jealous. She and Ling Sinan have known each other for a long time. Now, she He didn't even touch the man's clothes, let alone the intimate thing like holding hands.

"She was acquainted when we got on the plane, because the young master took her in because she was pitiful. You can see her. She can’t see her eyes. You need someone to help her in everything. The young master will only help her out of kindness. "Yes." Xiao Han also frowned, and took the initiative to show this kind of thing to a woman, not like Ling Sinan would do it, but just now, he did take the initiative to help Xia Xiyao.

Could it be...

No, what kind of good woman does not have by his side, how could he be awkwardly thinking about a blind woman?

Xiao Ranran had bitten his chopsticks bitterly, staring at the outside of the gate.

So Ling Sinan offered to send Xia Xiyao to leave. It wasn't that he had any wrong thoughts about her. It was just that he felt Xiao Ranran's enthusiastic gaze just now at the dinner table.

Of course, Ling Sinan would not have a lover's affection for Xiao Ranran. He only considered her as Xiao Han’s cousin, so he was polite to her. However, the affectionate expression in her eyes just now was really impressive. No, I left the table temporarily with the excuse of sending Xia Xiyao.

It's dark, the street lights are on, and the warm yellow light makes this night more peaceful.

There is a long distance from the restaurant to the small building where Xia Xi is away. It takes about ten minutes to walk. When turning in the garden, some branches stick out. Ling Sinan stretched out his hand when Xia Xiyao passed by. Pull those branches for her, everything looks so natural.

Xia Xiyao continued to pretend to be blind, but when the man gently pulled out the branches for her, her heart lake seemed to be blown by a gust of wind, and she subconsciously frowned.

This man...couldn't he be so gentlemanly friendly to all women?

Thinking of this, Xia Xiyao tilted her eyes slightly, and sneaked a glance at the man's face from the corner of her eye.

Under the dark light and shadow, the man's facial features are extremely handsome, three-dimensional and profound, full of masculine charm.

Xia Xiyao only felt that her heart was stabbed by something, and an inexplicable feeling surged.

To tell the truth, good-looking men...she really didn't see much. As for the famous male stars, they were nothing but embroidered pillows in her eyes, and they were forgotten at a glance.

But the man next to her gave her a very different feeling. He was young, handsome, with outstanding temperament, and his eyebrows were filled with male domineering and fierceness. He seemed easy to get along with, but in fact he was not easy to mess with. people.

Xia Xiyao slandered in her heart, really wishing Ling Sinan was a ** hypocrite, so that when she started to kill him, she would not feel guilty.

"Be careful with your feet." Just when Xia Xiyao was thinking about it, her foot suddenly kicked a stone next to her. A man's low reminder came from her ear, but it was too late. Xia Xiyao's toes had already been kicked, sharp. The pain came from her toes, and she groaned subconsciously.

"It's okay, blame me, I didn't have time to remind you." Xia Xixi heard the man's low self-blame voice.

"It's okay, it doesn't hurt." Xia Xiyao could only endure the pain and shook his head to answer.

"It doesn't hurt, you see that your face is crumpled." Ling Sinan saw her stubbornness and couldn't help but lightly scolded.

Xia Xiyao laughed at herself: "I fell in the past and it hurts more than this. My pain has long been numb, and it really doesn't hurt."

Ling Sinan's eyes froze, and the deep and secluded eyes stared at her face for a few seconds, unable to imagine the scene of her staggering and learning how to survive.

"Mr. Ling..." Xia Xiyao whispered, pretending to be uneasy.

But in fact, when Ling Sinan stared at him, Xia Xiyao's heart was still a little tight. Legend has it that this man has a pair of sharp eyes and can see through many tricks. Can he really fit perfectly in front of him?

Still, he has seen through her a long time ago and is cooperating with her in acting.

"I'm here." Ling Sinan looked away, and there was a wave of fluctuation in his heart.

Looking at her face just now, there was a slight pain in the heart. What happened to him? How come you suddenly become so kind?

Poor people are everywhere in this world, but why do they give her love and compassion?

"Let's continue walking, how far is it to where I live?" Xia Xiyao deliberately fumbled forward a few steps, and asked casually.

"It's almost here." Ling Sinan suppressed the thoughts that had arisen, and directly stretched out his hand to hold her arm. This time, he was more careful.

Unexpectedly, her arm would be so slender that he didn't dare to grasp it hard.

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