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As soon as Ji Fanyin transmigrated, she learned that she was a stand-in——for her twin younger sister, Ji Xinxin.

Ji Fanyin: It’s fine to be a stand-in, but there’s an additional price. My tariff, please you… you all confirm it first. The schedule has to be arranged. On-call service will not be accepted. I will not sell my body too. Thank you for your cooperation.

In the western restaurant, the wealthy son said affectionately: “Xinxin, I want to invite you to a movie tomorrow night…”

The alarm went off.

Ji Fanyin took a look at the mobile phone and put away the business smile: “Sorry, the time is up. I have to rush to the market. Don’t forget to check out. Goodbye.”

The wealthy son smiled stiffly: “I want to make an appointment for tomorrow’s movie time, four hours, exclusive.”

In the middle of the night, the drunk unruly juvenile called: “Sister, when will you come back to see me?”

Ji Fanyin: “In order to ensure the quality of service, this call has been recorded. It’s four o’clock in the morning, and the stand-in service charge is ten times that of the normal one. Can you confirm it?”

Unruly juvenile: “…I confirm it, okay! Hurry up and act!”

Ji Fanyin’s mobile phone rings when she is dating the tyrannical President at the top of Tokyo Tower.

She rejected the call with a smile on her face: “Sorry, it’s another customer.”

Tyrannical President: “…I pay ten times. Turn off your phone.”


When Ji Xinxin finally returned to China, Ji Fanyin retired with a huge amount of wealth: Bad women will never get hurt!

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