Chapter 1:Real Cthulhu Running Game

Cthulhu running group game hall

Chapter 1 Cthulhu Run Game Hall

"No more drama."

Liu Xing looked at the text message on the phone, sighed helplessly, then put down the phone, lay on his back on the bed, and said with emotion: "Sure enough, studying medicine will ruin your life."

Liu Xing, male, 22 years old, graduated from Rongcheng University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, unemployed.

Two weeks ago, Liu Xing had an argument with the director of the department. After all, Liu Xing was still young, so he chose to resign in a rage.

In the past two weeks, Liu Xing has been going to major hospitals to apply for a job. However, because Liu Xing has just graduated and he has little connections, the result of his job search is always "please go home and wait for news".

"Do you really want to go home?" Liu Xing found his father's phone number in the address book.

Liu Xing's family practiced medicine for three generations, and the family had three clinics. At the beginning of Liu Xing's graduation, Liu Xing's father wanted Liu Xing to stay at home to help, but Liu Xing chose to refuse, because Liu Xing didn't want to be so young, so he was fixed In one position, he wanted to go out and do more.

"Okay, but I will give you 5,000 living expenses in the end, and you can earn money to support yourself in the future." At that time, Father Liu said: "If you can't get along, just come back to me honestly, and you want to take over. Any clinic will do."

"Forget it, it's just over two months to go back, it's too embarrassing." Liu Xing thought of this, but he turned off his phone. He knew his father's character, and if he went back now, he would be laughed at for the rest of his life.

"There is still one thousand left, which means that I will run out of food in a month at most." Liu Xing took out the last fortune from his wallet and looked at the ceiling melancholy.

"Hey, why do you think so much, LOL is going, it's time to abuse a wave of elementary school students to change their mood."

As soon as he said it, Liu Xing stood up and turned on the computer.

An hour later, Liu Xing dropped the mouse with a displeased expression and looked at the computer speechlessly.

"Today is only Monday, so many elementary school students?!"

The speechless Liu Xing closed LOL and planned to watch the new episode on bilibili, the largest website in the country.

"Grandpa is reading the small round book again." Liu Xing touched his chin and came to a correct conclusion.

"Forget it, I'd better go to the group to tease the girl." Liu Xing clicked on QQ.

"Drip drip."

As soon as went online, a pop-up window took up most of Liu Xing's screen.

"I'm going, *Xun is so unruly, the advertisement has been so big for a long time." Liu Xing was taken aback by this super-large pop-up window.

"Come to play and get 100,000 RMB!" Liu Xing looked at the bright red characters in the pop-up window and was speechless for a while.

Liu Xing has also seen this kind of page game advertisements. After all, as a middle-aged person born in the 90s, he has never seen any online game advertisements, but it is the first time for Liu Xing to directly boast about 100,000 yuan in Haikou. see.

Thinking of this, Liu Xing couldn't help muttering to himself, "This is a bit powerful, 100,000 RMB, well, I'll just click on your advertisement, I'll try this advertisement, anyway, I won't suffer a loss if I click it."

So, Liu Xing clicked "Join the Game" under the slogan.


After a soft sound, Liu Xing's computer became a black screen.

"I *!" Liu Xing could not help but let out a roar, "

Just as Liu Xing, who was suffering from the seeds in his computer, wanted to restart the computer, the computer automatically returned to its original state at this time, but Liu Xing noticed that there was an extra game icon on the computer desktop.

"It's okay." Liu Xing quickly clicked on a hidden folder, and the files inside were all intact.

"It seems that it was just an automatic installation of the game?" Liu Xing looked at the strange game icon on the desktop, but this icon, Liu Xing, was somewhat familiar, and it was the avatar of Cthulhu.

Cthulhu is an evil existence in the Cthulhu mythology created by American novelist Howard Philip Lovecraft (hereinafter referred to as the God of Lovecraft), with a head like an octopus and countless tentacles on its face. The hands and feet have huge hook claws, and the back has leather membrane wings like bats. If you are a Warcraft player, you should be able to contact one of the bosses in the game, Cthun, which is the tribute to the myth of Cthulhu.

And the first time Liu Xing came into contact with the Cthulhu myth, he was pulled by a good friend of his own to a board game room and watched a Cthulhu running group.

Liu Xing raised his brows when he thought of this, and took a closer look at the title under the game icon. It was exactly what Liu Xing thought.

"Cthulhu running group game hall?"

The Cthulhu Running Group game is simply a board game that is very popular in Europe and the United States, but it is different from the popular domestic board games such as Werewolf Killing and Three Kingdoms Killing. The Cthulhu Running Group is a role-playing game. The feature is that you can play your own role immersively, and within the scope allowed by the rules, bring various open-ended story development according to the players' respective actions. For example, in other games, when you encounter an enemy, you can only The simple choice of defeating can continue to advance the plot, and in Cthulhu's running game, you can choose to directly dodge the enemy, bribe the enemy, persuade the enemy, or even take refuge in the enemy, this is all possible.

However, in the Cthulhu running group game, battle is never the main theme, because generally speaking, battle is equal to the destruction of the group, because the enemies that the explorer played by the player have to face are all mythical creatures!

Because the Cthulhu running group game is naturally based on a series of novels of the God of Love Craft, and these novels are collectively called the Cthulhu Mythology, and after the death of the God of Love Craft, there are also many authors who have written fan-style ke The myth of Sulu finally allowed the myth of Cthulhu to create a brand new mythology system \- the myth of Cthulhu.

As the "facade" in this mythological system, Cthulhu is a respected ** among the old rulers, a major force in the Cthulhu mythological system, and belongs to the symbol of "water" in the "fire, soil and water" faction. Existence, is now sealed by another group of powerful forces that are hostile to it, the old gods, and is now sleeping in the underwater city of Lalei in the South Pacific. When affected by cosmic aspects or other external factors, the seal of Cthulhu will be It will be automatically unlocked and appear at sea, but because the seal is not completely unlocked, Cthulhu cannot stay away from Lalaye. When the astrology changes again and the power of the seal is restored, Cthulhu will return to Lalaye. Continue to sleep, and when Cthulhu truly lifts the seal, the world will be destroyed.

From the setting of Cthulhu, it can be seen that Cthulhu has the ability to destroy the world, and Cthulhu is not the strongest in the Cthulhu mythology system, and the setting in the Cthulhu running group , Cthulhu can unconditionally kill a random number of players, and Cthulhu's shot speed is much faster than the player, so when the player encounters Cthulhu, he can basically wait to die.

Of course, Cthulhu is definitely a boss-level existence and will not appear casually, but there are still various mythical creatures under Cthulhu, the weakest are ghouls and deep dives The ghoul and the deep diver, no matter how weak, are the world's boxing champions and fighting masters in terms of fighting ability.

Of course, Liu Xing, who was still a newbie at the time, once asked the friend who brought him into the pit, even if he was a fighting master or a boxing champion, it was not a matter of one shot.

Liu Xing's friend laughed and told Liu Xing that you think too much, because the players in the Cthulhu run game, most of the roles played are ordinary people, the special ones are police, detectives and other identities, At most, there is a pistol in hand, and although the Cthulhu running group game is very free, all actions must be within the scope of the rules. For example, it is impossible for you to obtain weapons such as submachine guns as an ordinary person. It is also impossible to run around with weapons casually, and ghouls and deep divers have all-round attributes to crush ordinary humans.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, humans have no chance to defeat these mythical creatures. Of course, there will be some individual cases, because the Cthulhu running group game is very free, and some groups will choose to set some rules, such as joining some Weird skills. . .

The specific form of the Cthulhu running group game is divided into dough and net group. Dough naturally refers to players getting together to play together in reality, while net group refers to playing games on the Internet through communication applications such as QQ and related tools, and Kesu The Lu running group game requires a lot of time and energy. A Cthulhu running group game can be as short as one or two hours, and it can last for several years. Unlike Werewolf and Three Kingdoms, it can be played in more than ten minutes. Therefore, there are not many players participating in the domestic Cthulhu running group game.

And the most important thing is that the Cthulhu running game does not have a dedicated online platform and mobile application like Werewolf and Three Kingdoms, which has also led to many fans of Cthulhu running games after Amway has successfully made friends, but Helplessly found that he had no suitable place to play with his friends. Liu Xing was like that at the beginning. Although he really wanted to try the Cthulhu running group game, he never had the opportunity to really participate in a Cthulhu running group game. After all, he wanted to It is not easy to organize a dough, because the participants need to set aside several hours at the same time, and there is also the embarrassment of no professional platform in the network group.

And now, when Liu Xing looked at the "Cthulhu Run Game Hall" on the computer desktop, he couldn't help laughing. He didn't expect to encounter a platform that specializes in Cthulhu Run Games. Star's surprise.

(end of this chapter)

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