Chapter 1970:Real Cthulhu Running Game

came back

Chapter 1917 is back

While Liu Xing was thinking about life, Ao Guanhai, who was drinking in the sky, suddenly had his eyelids twitch.

"Jump right eye jump Choi disaster?"

Ao Guanhai put down his wine glass, and looked at the black pharaoh with some doubts, "Do we Nyarlathotep's avatars have this kind of attention? What does it mean when the eyelids twitch?"

"Uh, Ao Guanhai, are you sick? We are the clone of Nyarlathotep, how could there be a situation where the eyelids are twitching? You must know that we can control ourselves 100%, which is theoretically impossible There are behaviors that are beyond our control." The black pharaoh shook his head and said.

"Yeah, I think so too, but my eyelids twitched suddenly just now. This feeling is really very subtle, because I have never felt it before."

Ao Guanhai frowned and said: "I said that this martial arts module has to be postponed until later. Anyway, we just need to release it before the final module starts. As a result, a group of people are in a hurry here and have to put this A time bomb was released, the ghost knows how many traps our dear eldest lady has put in here, and how many holes have been dug for us."

"Then we have to jump down, because if we don't complete this martial arts module, then our next plan will not be able to continue, and I think it is the most appropriate time to carry out the martial arts module at this time, because now The game lobby of the Cthulhu running group has the largest number of players, so many things can be diluted by these players. At that time, players like Liu Xing and the others will not get much benefit, at most they can only It’s just a guaranteed reward for the eldest lady to black them out.”

The black pharaoh looked at the clouds under his feet, and continued: "So if you are really worried, then open your eyes at this time to have a look, but you still have to think about it, we only have An opportunity to observe the situation of the module, and I have used this opportunity before, and the other brothers and sisters seem to not intend to cooperate with us, even the king and the swollen daughter who had a good relationship with us before, And the night devil who verbally said that he and our brothers and sisters respected each other."

"Yeah, we only have one chance left now, and it's still in the early stage of the module. It's a waste of opportunity for us to use the sky eye at this time, because there are still too few things to see! So we only I can let go of my curiosity and wait until the later stage of the mod to open my eyes."

Ao Guanhai shook his head helplessly and said: "That's how it is, we're still here to drink and brag honestly, and wait for the time of the mod to go to ten months before we talk about it, but we have to pay attention to the movements of the people around us, if they If you want to open your eyes, then we have to go over and take a look."

"I hope that during this period of time, Liu Xing will not make any trouble for us."

One day in heaven, one year on earth.

While Ao Guanhai was chatting with Black Pharaoh in the sky, the carriage team of Liu Xing and others had already returned to Boyang City.

According to the previous agreement, Yu Lei got out of the car first to investigate the situation in Boyang City, while Liu Xing and others continued on their way to Tianshui Town, but before leaving, Yu Lei gave Liu Xing a small bag, which contained Several heavy pieces of gold.

But, Liu Xing felt a little headache when he saw the gold, because although the gold is very valuable and valuable, the problem is that the gold is too valuable, so in ancient times, gold and even silver didn't participate much In the normal transaction of the market, unless it is that kind of large transaction, the money will be taken out when the money is handed over.

As for gold, it is generally used as ballast stone for reserves, and it is stored in a heavily guarded vault to eat ashes, or it is directly melted and made into various handicrafts.

All in all, the "paying with silver" that appears in some TV dramas is not in line with history, especially if you put a piece of silver on the table when eating bowls of noodles, that is simply worse than being taken advantage of. . . After all, according to the current exchange ratio, a piece of broken silver the size of a fingernail costs more than ten yuan, and mining and smelting were relatively difficult in ancient times. If factors such as inflation were added, such a piece of broken silver would probably be equal to the current It is about 100 yuan, so it is equivalent to eating a bowl of small noodles or hot dry noodles for 5 yuan, and then throwing down a 100 yuan bill.

And if it is gold, then it is roughly equal to one hundred hundred yuan bills. How can the noodle shop owner give you change?

Uh, this reminded Liu Xing that when he was in the castle module many years ago, he didn't think about it for a while and paid for breakfast with a hundred pounds. It is estimated that the NPCs who saw this scene at that time would feel that they It's people who are stupid and have a lot of money.

But there is no way around it. At that time, Liu Xing was also the first time to participate in the official module of the game lobby of the Cthulhu Running Group, so some things were not well understood, so he thought that the character cards were also for one-time use, so the characters The money on the card can be used at will, so Liu Xing adhered to the mentality of "this money is not for nothing", and took out 100 pounds from his pocket without hesitation.

Thinking of this, Liu Xing looked at the gold in his hand again, and felt that he could repeat the operation of the year in the future, and when he returned to Heshan County, he would buy a basket of steamed buns, and then took out a piece of gold to ask the opposite party to change, so that You can enjoy the envious eyes of others.

There is one thing to say, Liu Xing is still a little bit moved, after all, the rich and the rich do not return home, like walking at night in brocade clothes.

After clearing up their mood, the carriage team headed towards Tianshui Town.

That's right, Liu Xing finally held back his desire to show off, and planned to go back to Tianshui Town to see the situation of the alliance, and then go to Heshan County to meet his "parents" the next day! Because the current "Liu Peng" is already under the third prince's subordinates, he has been able to recruit Liu Nan to live in Tianshui Town.

One thing to say, the alliance is indeed short of a qualified doctor now, because the temperature is getting higher and higher recently, so it is inevitable that some players or NPCs will suffer from heat stroke in the future, so it is necessary to prepare early.

Soon, Liu Xing and the others returned to Tianshui Town. Because Yu Lei had already made arrangements before, Liu Xing and the others boarded the passenger ship that had been prepared long after leaving Boyang City, and returned directly by waterway. Arrived in Sweetwater Town.

So when Yin En, who was taking a bath by the river, saw Liu Xing, he was also surprised, because he didn't expect Liu Xing to come back so early, and it was still by water.

The most important thing is that when Liu Xing went, there were four people, but when he came back, there were more than ten people, and the three people who went with him were gone.

"Leader, why did you come back so soon? Isn't it logical that it will take several days before you can come back? Even if you can save some time by taking the water, it won't be so fast, right?"

Yin En said in surprise: "So you didn't turn back halfway, did you? Did the Third Prince not see you?"

Liu Xing shook his head with a smile, got off the boat and said: "Everything is going well, we met the third prince... the housekeeper, that's right, I didn't see the third prince this time, but I met the plenipotentiary Manager He of the third prince, in short, our alliance has been approved by the third prince, and now we can open the door openly, so Yin En, go and call shopkeeper Meng and them, I want to tell them something now. "

Yin En nodded, and ran directly into the alliance resident. Fortunately, this guy was wearing a pair of pants when he took a shower, otherwise the current alliance resident would be in chaos.

As for Liu Xing, he first found someone to arrange rooms for the three princes who came with him, or the soldiers, because although they are not armored and sharp, according to Yu Lei, these few These armored soldiers are all elite guards under the Third Prince. If they are fully armed, even Yu Lei is no match for them.

Of course, this is all because Yu Lei's attack is difficult to break armor.

All in all, these armored soldiers are the guards and coachmen arranged by Director He for Liu Xing. That is to say, Liu Xing can take these soldiers with him if he wants to travel far in the future, so he doesn't need to worry too much about his own safety.

But then again, the alliance resident has changed a lot after not seeing it for a few days. Many buildings have been built, but they are almost decorated, but this kind of original ecological building also has its unique beauty. In short, the current alliance resident finally looks It doesn't look like a construction site anymore.

Most importantly, the Juyi Hall, the most important building in the Alliance resident, has also been completed.

As for why it is called Juyi Hall, Liu Xing reckons that he has watched too much "Water Margin", but this is also normal. After all, Liu Xing's generation can be considered to have grown up watching the TV dramas of the four famous classics, except of course "Dream of Red Mansions". , because at that time I really couldn't see it. . .

However, in a sense, players such as Liu Xing and Juyi Hall can be considered a good match.

When Liu Xing walked into the Juyi Hall, Yin En and others were already seated, and of course the middle seat was reserved for Liu Xing.

Liu Xing didn't keep it secret, and after sitting down, he told all the things that happened in the past few days, except for Ge Jing.

After all, it is still unclear what Ge Jing's situation is, so Liu Xing dare not speak casually.

"It seems that the third prince has received reliable information, so he has already started to make preparations. Of course, the reason why Manager He believed your statement without saying a few words is because they have already figured it out."

Baihecheng stroked his chin and said: "Let's put it this way, even if we are talking nonsense and fishing for fame, it doesn't matter to the third prince, because our appearance is similar to some prophecies in history. It is used to prove that the third prince is ordered by heaven, so that he will inherit the great line is the most correct answer."

"In short, this is a good thing for us, so that we can start doing things in a fair manner."

Liu Xing said with a smile: "Afterwards, the third prince will send us some supplies and rewards, so we have to seize this time to lay a good foundation, so as not to be too impressed after the start of next month, so the banner owners of each banner You have to plan.”

As soon as Liu Xing mentioned the word "banner owner", all the people at the scene cheered up all of a sudden, because they all knew that this was the highlight.

"The third prince will not interfere too much with our alliance, so our banner owner should choose according to the previous thinking."

Liu Xing took a sip of tea, and then said slowly: "Then here comes the question, so many days are enough for you to elect a few banner owners? So can you give me a list now?"

"Huo Zijun, Zheng Fei, Yang Yu, and Jinnio have been settled. As for the remaining two banner owners, there are still some disputes." Yin En said.

Because Ding Kun has long been recognized as the banner owner, Yin En did not add his name here.

However, Liu Xing was a little surprised when he heard the name "Ginnio", because Jinnio is quite a Buddhist, but he did not expect that he would become the banner owner without making a sound. And no one else seemed to have a problem with it.

But it's normal to think about it carefully, because although the martial arts module this time is based on ancient China, the problem is that the players in the game hall of the Cthulhu Running Team come from all over the world, so players like Jinnio There are much more foreign players than local players like Liu Xing, so now it is indeed necessary to set up a flag in the alliance to manage foreign players.

Kinio is very suitable for this position, firstly because he also belongs to the first batch of players of the alliance, and secondly because the Nandiwen where he is located is a marginal island country, so there is no need to worry too much about him becoming bigger in the future.

"As for the remaining two flag owners, the biggest controversy is actually in terms of responsibilities, because some parts of the seven flags we decided before may overlap, so we re-divided them later, but it will still make some people feel dissatisfied."

Meng Fugui stood up and said: "So we finally thought about it, and simply regarded the banner owner as an honorary title, and assigned the manpower and responsible person according to the specific situation, so that it would not be too rigid."

Liu Xing raised his brows, knowing that Meng Fugui's words sounded nothing more than three words.

It's broken.

This was actually within Liu Xing's expectations. After all, the players in the alliance are not monolithic and each has different ideas. Therefore, it is basically impossible to expect them to be united.

Therefore, it is a good thing for Liu Xing to be able to directly quarrel now, because Liu Xing is the leader of the alliance.

Therefore, Liu Xing could only pretend to be helpless and said: "Well, since this is the only way, then who are the candidates for the remaining two banner owners?"

"In addition to me and Lao Bai, there is currently Goudan who is in charge of running the inn in Boyang City, and..."

Yin En reported more than ten names at once.

I have a cold and feel uncomfortable, take a break tomorrow and get an infusion.

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