Chapter 1971:Real Cthulhu Running Game


Chapter 1918 Newcomer

"so many people?"

Liu Xing looked at Yin En in surprise, he didn't expect him to be able to report the names of so many people at once.

But after thinking about it, Liu Xing felt that this was normal, because in this martial arts module, there must be many players who are unwilling to be outdone, so now when the situation of the alliance stabilizes, there will definitely be many players Players stand up and express themselves.

"This is the list of candidates I have sorted out. It has their own advantages and disadvantages. You can study it for the leader, but it is best to announce the candidates for the remaining two banner leaders tonight."

Meng Fugui handed Liu Xing a piece of paper that was already full.

Liu Xing nodded after receiving the paper, and then said: "In this case, let's break up now, everyone should go and do their own work first, and I will notify you when there is a result."

After the dissolution, Liu Xing took Yin En and Ding Kun back to his house, and as for Baihe City, he ran to raise his own chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, cattle and sheep.

As for Liu Xing's hut, it has been built at this time, but the problem is that there is no serious window in this room.

Although the scientific research team led by Huo Zijun has been trying to overcome the magic weapon of glass, the problem is that the sand nearby is not good in quality and quantity, and it is difficult for the existing methods to make the temperature of the furnace reach the level of melting the sand. So the glass that was made, or the "glass" that Huo Zijun and others insisted on calling it glass, was really embarrassing.

So the windows are gone, but the skylights have been adjusted.

That's right, there are no windows in Liu Xing's room, but there is a large skylight, but the transparency of this skylight is very problematic, and Liu Xing doesn't expect it to allow him to watch the sky at night, but in terms of lighting, it has already enough.

Except for the "glass", the furniture in the alliance resident is almost arranged now, but except for public places like the Juyi Hall, the furniture for personal use can only be described as shoddy, more or less For some shortcomings, for example, Liu Xing found that the four legs of his furniture are not the same length at a glance.

Alas, it's over.

It would be nice to have it.

Liu Xing comforted himself in his heart, then sat down and said, "Did anything happen during the two days I was away?"

"There were a few things that happened, but nothing too serious."

Yin En sat down and replied: "Liu Xing, the day you just left, a group of players came and wanted to join the alliance. They were originally the guards of a caravan, and they were also a team of players who have cooperated for several years just like us. , so they are planning to take the Escort route this time, because there are several very powerful Escorts in this martial arts module, and their strength may not be lower than those of the top sects! So these players are backed by the Jinjing Escort, This Escort is considered one of the top ten Escorts in the world, and its strength probably ranks around the fifth. Because its founder's first pot of gold can be said to be a pot of gold in the true sense, so the special name Jinjing Escort was chosen. "

"Tie Chainzi, the founder of the Jinjing Escort Agency, was originally just a little capable escort, but he passed by an abandoned house during a escort, and had to hide in it because of the sudden heavy rain, and then a dramatic scene It happened—he found that the bucket had fallen into the water when he was fetching water, so he pulled it up without thinking, only to find that the bucket was full of gold! So, the iron chain relied on the money Created the Jinjing Escort, recruited a lot of powerful people and strangers, and then gradually developed... But those players who joined the Jinjing Escort triggered a special task at the beginning of the module—two sides.”

"The content of this special task is very simple, that is to investigate the real situation of the Jinjing Bodyguard Bureau, so now it can be confirmed that the establishment of the Jinjing Bodyguard Bureau is not that simple, but after thinking about it, it makes sense, because the founder of the Jinjing Bodyguard Bureau, Tie To put it bluntly, the chain is a third-rate master with no reputation, and the bucket of gold is either too much or too much, so he bought a yard for an ** agency, and after buying all kinds of sundries, there is not much money left , I haven't mentioned the funds needed to recruit bodyguards here; it turned out that such a mediocre small bodyguard agency recruited a lot of strange people in a short period of time, and they were not interested in money , in short, one can see that the iron chain is just a puppet."

"In the current Jinjing Escort Bureau, the head of the bodyguard in name is still the Tie family, but the eight chief bodyguards below are the real people who do things, and these eight bodyguards are all under the command of the eight princes. That prince is our immediate boss, the third prince; originally, the Jinjing Escort also sent a bodyguard to set up a sub-rudder in Liangcheng, but in the end the bodyguard opened, but the head of the bodyguard was chased away by the third prince for a reason. He's gone, so the Liangcheng sub-helm is now looking like he's dying, and basically won't accept any entrustment, because the entire bodyguard agency, including cooks and sweepers, has less than ten people in total."

"However, this Escort is still the nominal sub-helm of the Jinjing Escort, so those players originally planned to pick up a dart in Far West City, and then went to Liangcheng on the way, because they all felt that since the Liangcheng sub-helm arrived, It still exists now, so it means that this sub-rudder still has something to say! And the third prince deliberately suppressed this sub- rudder before, which also shows that the third prince may know that there is something wrong with Jinjing Escort, so these players decided to go for a turn; all in all , There may be a problem with the Jinjing Escort, so the reason why those players join the alliance is actually to let the alliance give them a complete picture, and if they leave the Jinjing Escort, they will have to find a place to hide."

Hearing the last Liu Xing frowned, and after thinking for a while, he told about his encounter with Ge Jing in Feihu City.

"Huh? How is this possible? At noon on the day Liu Xing you met Ge Jing, I saw Ge Jing in Heshan County. He was eating with some of his subordinates."

Yin En frowned and said: "I went back to Heshan County for something, that is, to pack my leather and various tools to Tianshui Town, so I invited the neighbors who came to help to eat , and then met Ge Jing in the restaurant; at that time, Ge Jing looked normal, still smelled of alcohol, and the reason why he appeared in the restaurant to treat guests, I heard that one of his relatives passed by Heshan When I was in the county, I brought him a letter from my family and some souvenirs."

"If Ge Jing really has a problem, then this letter from his family should be that other people are contacting him, asking him to go to Feihu City for an interview as soon as possible, so he specially invites his subordinates to eat and drink, the purpose is to let these people Everyone is drunk, so that I can leave work early, and I can also arrange some psychological hints at that time, so that my subordinates think that I have been in the office all the time, so that even if others ask about this matter, Ge Jing can Let those subordinates testify for themselves; in this way, Ge Jing did not leave Heshan County after get off work in the evening, but ran away after eating at noon, so that he could appear in Feihu City at night It's over." Ding Kun continued.

"Yeah, it's an extra half a day now."

Liu Xing nodded and said: "However, even if it takes half a day longer to travel, Ge Jing's lightness kung fu level should not be underestimated, at least he must be at the same level as Yu Lei, to be among the top 100 light kung fu masters in this martial arts module. Well, this means that Ge Jing is at least a first-class expert! But why did he dwell in Heshan County? That’s because Heshan County is actually a supermarket, so he hides in this place where people come and go. It is safe, and secondly, even if something happens, there is a better chance of escaping."

"Then the question is, is there any connection between Ge Jing and the Jinjing Escort?"

Yin En looked at Liu Xing and said: "Since Liu Xing suddenly brought up the topic on Ge Jing, it means that Liu Xing thinks that Ge Jing should be related to the Jinjing Escort! Because the players of the Jinjing Escort just came to Tianshui Town, Ge Jing Jing went to Flying Tiger City, so the person who delivered the letter to Ge Jing is likely to be related to Jinjing Escort? If you want to make a bold guess, then Ge Jing is likely to be the original plan of Jinjing Escort in Liangcheng Escort leader, but because of the third prince, the Liangcheng sub-rudder has become empty-handed, so Ge ​​Jing can only stay in Heshan County incognito."

"That's right, now I doubt very much that Ge Jing is an important figure in Jinjing Escort Bureau."

Liu Xing thought for a while, and said to Yin En: "By the way, are the players from Jinjing Escort still in Tianshui Town? If they are, you can go and ask them now."


Yin En didn't talk nonsense, just got up and left.

Now that Yin En is gone, Ding Kun can only tell Liu Xing about other things that happened in the past two days, "The players from Jinjing Escort have already joined the alliance, and their skills are pretty good, so The alliance kept them in Tianshui Town in the name of their employers, so that they could maintain their status as bodyguards; now the main job of these players in Tianshui Town is to teach other players some basic boxing skills, because we don’t have any How many weapons are in your hand, and before you come back Liu Xing, our alliance does not have a formal identity, so if you start dancing with knives and guns at this time, I am afraid it will cause some unnecessary troubles, and if you are treated as a bandit Not good."

"So in the list Meng Fugui gave you, there is a player who is a bodyguard—King Kong. This player should be regarded as the top three in the current alliance in terms of combat power, because everyone has never really competed, and the bodyguard has learned a lot. Those martial arts are all real life-to-life fights, so it's not easy to show the ability of the bodyguard in the end-to- end competition; and this King Kong is also very good at human relationships, and he has already gotten along with many people these days relationship, especially those players who learn martial arts from him, so my personal suggestion is to give King Kong the position of Banner Master, because he is worthy in all aspects."

Ding Kun took a sip of water and continued: "Then there is another player who only came to Tianshui Town two days ago—He Hua'er, what should I say about this He Hua'er, he belongs to the kind of master who can play chess, calligraphy and painting, and is omnipotent Lady! Of course, she was originally a young lady in Far West City, and the friends who entered the module with her became her maidservants and bodyguards; the following story is very simple, it is a very common elopement plot —Because He Huaer's father was going to marry her to a well-matched dude, so He Huaer eloped with the guard she liked with each other, and of course her maidservant and other guards also ran away together."

"But these are all rumors to the outside world, because He Hua'er doesn't like men, or she has been studying in girls' schools in the real world, so she has never had contact with other men except her relatives. Of course, those passers-by don't count. As for why He Hua'er and the others didn't join us before, it's because they've been planning to elope, and if we hadn't formed an alliance, He Hua'er and the others wouldn't know where to go. The reason why the children choose to elope is because they triggered a special task, in short, the longer they hide, the better the reward."

"So I also recommend He Hua'er to be the last banner owner, because He Hua'er is the best professional among us players who is good at piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, as well as dealing with people, so in some occasions, He Hua'er must be the leader. Come out, after all, this rivers and lakes are not about fighting and killing, but about people's sophistication; but our alliance now has a lot of girl players, and now the only female flag leader, Yang Yu, is still busy with her career in Far West City, so it is necessary for us to let He Hua'er serves as the banner owner and is responsible for communicating with the female players in the league, because there are some things that we must not be comfortable with."

Hearing what Ding Kun said, Liu Xing couldn't help but nodded, because Liu Xing also knew that some things about girls could only be discussed with girls, so it was necessary for He Huaer to take charge of this aspect.

"Finally, and the most important thing that happened in the past few days, some NPCs from Heshan County have heard the news, and Liu Xing and your family have already started to pack up and salute, so they also They are planning to come to Tianshui Town to avoid disaster, that is, to set up a home in Tianshui Town first, and if the rumor turns out to be a reality, then they will move their family to Tianshui Town; so after some discussion, we decided to let these NPCs settled near the woods, because a large area of ​​land has been vacated after continuous logging, and they can build houses with wood nearby."

Ding Kun said seriously: "But the problem now is how we should charge. We can't let these NPCs take advantage of it for nothing."

(end of this chapter)

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