Chapter 1972:Real Cthulhu Running Game

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Chapter 1919 Good price

"Yeah, we really need to find something from these NPCs."

Liu Xing stroked his chin and said, "These NPCs from Heshan County are basically our old neighbors, so we have to take care of them more or less, so it's a bit inappropriate to charge them directly; It seems that we can only choose to work for relief, and let them do things for us in the alliance resident. If we lack food and clothing, we will also subsidize it. If the alliance resident is attacked by then, we can also ask them for help. ... Now there is actually another question, that is, should these NPCs follow us out to attack the city?"

"Uh, Liu Xing, your question is a bit difficult to answer."

Ding Kun shook his head and said: "Under normal circumstances, that is, when we are not at the end of the mountain, when we are living and dying, it is actually difficult for us to recruit enough people from these NPCs, because these NPCs will more or less bring Some money and food came here, so they wouldn't take their own lives to take risks with us; so we can recruit a lot of township braves, but it's okay to let them protect Tianshui Town, and we want them to take the tea with us It’s more difficult in the city.”

As Ding Kun said, most of the resident NPCs in Heshan County have some savings, and the rest is a lot of family property. After all, Heshan County is a place of geomantic omen, and the caravans that come and go make these NPCs a lot of money. So everyone has some spare money on hand, so there is no need to work hard.

Therefore, these NPCs are willing to send one or two people from each family to be the Xiangyongs who guard Tianshui Town, but if they want these Xiangyongs to leave Tianshui Town, then nine out of ten NPCs will choose to refuse.

Unless a catastrophe is imminent, many people will choose to fly away separately.

"All in all, we definitely can't let these NPCs eat and drink for nothing on our territory, so let Meng Fugui and the others take charge of this matter. After all, they are all foreigners, and there is no need to give it to the NPCs in Heshan County. Too much face; as for me, I am going to build an Eastern Palace Canglong Temple on Tianshui Mountain. After all, we are also doing things under the name of Eastern Palace Canglong, so we still have to give others some incense money, and this is also a gift from the third prince. We made the request because this is an auspicious omen related to him."

Liu Xing said seriously: "After the Canglong Temple in the East Palace is completed, I can live in it and be a magic stick. At that time, Yin En, you can come to be my spokesperson. After all, I am not suitable at any time. Showed up, so you need to be responsible for docking with certain NPCs."

"Why do I think you find it troublesome to communicate with those NPCs, so you want to find a place to hide and be lazy?"

Yin En looked at Liu Xing speechlessly, "It's okay, even if you don't do this, I guess those NPCs from Heshan County will choose to come to see me first, because I can enjoy a lot in Heshan County, no matter what Yes, I can talk to that NPC, so these NPCs should all regard me as a breakthrough; and Liu Xing, your character card, after getting leprosy, the whole person became gloomy, so in the end only Apart from our few friends, as for other people of different age groups, I doubt that Liu Xing, your character card, can talk to only a few people."

Liu Xing rubbed the back of his head, and said awkwardly: "It seems to be the same reason, besides your few friends, my character card is also related to my parents, and people like Ge Jing often come to the doctor. The regular customers of the restaurant can say a few words. After all, everyone bows their heads and sees them when they look up. As for other NPCs, if I meet you on the street and say hello, I can nod back or something. If you ignore me If that’s the case, then I’ll just go there, so it’s better for you, Yin En, to be in charge of the reception.”

At this time, Ding Kun clapped his hands suddenly and said: "Yes, we should indeed build a Canglong Temple in the East Palace, because with the start of the main storyline, the number of NPCs in Tianshui Town will gradually exceed the number of players, and there will be people like Yu When important NPCs like Lei enter Tianshui Town, our alliance resident will definitely not be able to prohibit these NPCs from entering, and Juyi Hall will also open the door to some important NPCs, because we players also have to have a good chat with them Chat, so we players need a qualified discussion place."

"Brother Ding is right. We can't gather at someone's house every day to discuss things that NPCs can't hear, right? Especially after Yu Lei moved into Tianshui Town, we people get together under his nose every now and then. Let's talk about things that he can't hear, so what is it in Lei's eyes? This is forming a party for personal gain and plotting against the law! So we have to find a place and a reason to get together in a fair manner, so this Donggong Canglong Guan is a good place. When the time comes, we will plant those designed flags on the ground. When we have something to find someone, we will light a stick of incense behind the corresponding flag, and the people below will know that we are calling them. .”

Yin En's eyes lit up and he said: "I'm going to find Jinnio now, he is now the engineering director of our alliance, and he is responsible for the construction of some important buildings in the alliance's resident, so the construction of the Eastern Palace Canglong Temple is the most important thing." It's up to him to be in charge."

Liu Xing didn't stop him either, so Yin En went directly to Jinnio.

"By the way, Liu Xing, the ingredients taken from the wine monkey that day have been processed, so should we eat it today, or wait until Yu Lei comes? After all, if there is no Yu Lei, we may not be sure. Can you get rid of the wine orangutan, or you have to pay a huge price to turn the wine orangutan into wine and orangutan." Ding Kun asked.

Liu Xing looked at Ding Kun with some doubts, then wiped the sweat from his head and said: "The weather has been so hot these two days, can those ingredients be kept for so long? I thought you guys had already eaten them."

Ding Kun laughed, shook his head and said, "On the day you went to Liangcheng, Liu Xing, we found a deep well in the lair of the gorilla. It seems that the gorilla ordered the monkeys to dig it, because the well came from various On the one hand, two words stand out \- rough, and there is not even a decent support, so it may collapse directly that day; the most important thing is that this deep well has not been treated as the bottom, so what comes out is that kind of well. Muddy water, anyway, we definitely can’t drink it normally, but the water temperature of this well is low enough to be used as a natural refrigerator, so we pack the ingredients and put them in the deep well to refrigerate.”

Is there such an operation?

There is a river next to the ancestral house of Liu Xing's hometown, so the nearby people use the river water directly, and they did not choose to dig a well to drink water, and even if they drank the well water later, it was the closed red layer to find water. , the water is pumped up directly with a water pump, so Liu Xing has only seen wells on TV when he is so old.

But Liu Xing also quickly realized that the well water usually comes from underground running water, so the water temperature must be much lower than the air temperature, so it can be regarded as a natural refrigerator, which can be used to store food.

"During this period of time, we will check the ingredients in the evening every day, and everything seems to be normal so far, so we should be able to wait until Yu Lei returns from Boyang City."

Ding Kun said seriously: "So here comes the question, what is the situation in Boyang City now? Why did someone suddenly appear as the new city lord? Didn't the old city lord set up the rules a long time ago, and the result is so light?" Have you repented easily?"

Liu Xing shrugged, shook his head and said: "Don't ask me, I don't know what's going on? Anyway, this matter is outrageous, and no one thought that there would be a sudden mechanical descending scene , Let a passerby A who doesn't know anyone suddenly become the city lord, which reminds me of some protagonists in a certain novel. It’s a job that can’t be played, and it doesn’t have to be so troublesome to be reborn; of course, the most outrageous thing is the three candidates in Boyang City, who were already ready to bite dogs, but now they are suddenly discouraged.”

"So I reckon that the new city lord should not be easy. He must have a task that is relatively difficult to trigger. After all, it is difficult for us players to get in touch with him... Wait, if we get the fish scale booklet, we still have to It is really possible to get in touch with this new city lord." Liu Xing said seriously.

It turned out to be a real success.

At this time, the atmosphere of Boyang City finally became a lot more relaxed because of the election of the new city lord. It was not like before, where the rain was about to come and the building was full of wind, so Zhang Jingxu finally came to the teahouse again.

Of course, this time Ling Yi also came to the tea house with Zhang Jingxu, but she is just an ordinary member of the alliance, and she is only relatively close to Zhang Jingxu, so she came together.

At this time, there are a total of 20 players in Boyang City, basically all disciples of various sects, except Goudan who is in charge of continuing to operate the teahouse.

After Meng Fugui went to Tianshui Town, the teahouse was run by Goudan alone. Of course, he also invited a few guys to help, so he changed the name to Meng Jin.

According to Meng Jin, he has been called a dog egg since he entered this martial arts module. He would subconsciously think that it was calling him.

So Meng Jin decisively found an opportunity to change his name, lest he would really think that he was called Goudan after returning to the real world.

Habits are a terrible thing.

After the name change, Meng Jin managed to manage the teahouse well. Even though the Boyang City was under the turbulent tide during this period, Meng Jin also increased the popularity of the teahouse several times with the marketing methods brought from the real world. source, so when Zhang Jingxu and the two came to the teahouse, they saw that the lobby on the first floor was already full of people.

But Meng Jin had already prepared a private room for them, and there were already several people sitting in the private room at this time.

Today's gathering was also arranged by Meng Jin. He arranged for a few mistresses to deliver letters around early in the morning. Of course, in name, he still invited regular customers to gather and taste the latest new refreshments launched by the teahouse.

Fortunately, the alliance interface at this time not only marked the player's name, but also those players who joined the sect would have a corresponding suffix, so Meng Jin was able to send invitation letters to all players in Boyang City.

After everyone arrived, Meng Jin pointed to the cabinet in the corner of the private room and said, "We have already obtained the fish-scale album in Boyang City. Fortunately, the weather is a bit hot these two days, so the person who guards the fish-scale album in person The bad old man can't stay in that room all the time, after all, the fish scale albums and other books in that room need to be kept dry, so the room temperature in the past two days has not been low."

A player who just arrived nodded, pointed to the sweat on his forehead and said: "Yes, the weather these two days is really too hot, and the sect I belong to is also a bit tight, and the disciples of the outer sect live in a long In the bunk room, the indoor temperature is even higher at night than during the day, so I have been laying the floor outside for the past few days, even if I will be bitten by mosquitoes."

Hearing this sentence, Zhang Jingxu couldn't help but rejoice that the Zhangjiamen where he lives is at least good in terms of accommodation conditions, so he won't be so hot that he can't sleep in the middle of the night.

"Okay, let's not talk about your accommodation conditions. The reason why I invited you to the teahouse today is mainly to discuss who will ** these fish scale albums to Tianshui Town? Although we made some fake ones before doing it. The Fish Scale Atlas, as long as you don't look carefully, it shouldn't be found to be fake, but I guess it won't be long since the new Boyang City Lord is about to take office, and this Fish Scale Atlas will definitely be handed over to him Purpose."

Meng Jin said seriously: "Although we can also hide the fish scale album in the teahouse, or in other safer places, such as the yard we bought some time ago, I think these two places are too dangerous. So it would be better to put it in Tianshui Town first, and it won’t be too late to bring it back after we have settled the deal, anyway, it’s less than a day’s drive away.”

"I can take this trip, because I have met several players who have not yet joined the alliance in the past two days. They are all martial arts modules that entered alone, so they joined various sects directly at the beginning, so I have never heard of it. Union business."

Another player stood up and said: "I think I can take these players to ** the Fish Scale Atlas to Tianshui Town. By the way, I can also let them join the alliance. It can be regarded as killing two birds with one stone."

Meng Jin thought for a while, nodded and said, "Then do it this way, but can you guarantee that these players will not be so short-sighted as to betray us? You must know that this fish scale album can be sold for a good price."

(end of this chapter)

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