Chapter 1973:Real Cthulhu Running Game

collection of poems

Chapter 1920 Anthology of Poetry

"You can rest assured about this. I don't think there will be any players who are short-sighted enough to betray us. After all, the benefits we can get from betraying us are nothing more than a little bit of petty profit, all of which are not worth mentioning. The most indispensable thing for players is money, unless the number of money can reach an order of magnitude; and the consequence of betraying us is also very simple, that is, don’t even think about settling in Boyang City, because most of the players in Boyang City have already joined The alliance, so if they dare to betray us, then don't even think about going to the streets."

Meng Jin said with a smile: "The most important thing is that the reason why these players use Boyang City as a spawn point is also obvious, that is, next to Boyang City is the Wangxiang Terrace, so I reckon these people are planning to start Learn art from a teacher, and then go to Wangxiangtai to try your luck. If you are lucky, you will earn blood. As long as the wolf players have nothing wrong with their brains, they should know that Wangxiangtai has been targeted by our alliance, so if they still want to go to Wangxiangtai, they can only choose to join us, otherwise they will go to Wangxiangtai Difficulty is not one plus one."

As soon as Meng Jin finished speaking, Ling Yi said suddenly: "Speaking of Wangxiang Terrace, I heard a piece of news that I don't know if it's true or not. A place name called Wangxiangtai! As far as I know, this Ren Yunxia is also a famous wandering poet in the Xinlong Empire, and of course she is also a qualified traveler, because his parents also have the merits of being a dragon, and many The martial arts masters who assisted the new Dragon Emperor have a good relationship, so Ren Yunxia has practiced various martial arts since she was a child, but his talent is relatively average, so he can only learn a little bit, but it is enough."

"Then there is a very classic plot—Ren Yunxia's parents arranged a marriage for him, but Ren Yunxia was a little dissatisfied with the woman, but this marriage was not easy to shirk, so he just left and started Traveling around the entire Xinlong Empire, he usually earns money by writing things for others in the city. He never refuses any letter and couplets. Poetry wins a reward; so "Ren Yunxia's Anthology of Poems" is his work during this period. I read the poems in it, and they are actually quite good, and this collection of poems can also be regarded as Ren Yunxia's travel notes, because the collection of poems contains There are quite a few poems describing famous mountains and great rivers, which are highly consistent with Ren Yunxia’s travel route, and there are some unknown places interspersed in them, but the specific locations of these places can also be determined under the investigation of interested people.”

"So the "Ren Yunxia's Travel Notes" I read is considered to be a commented version by a famous expert, and although the famous commentator in charge of the review is a not-so-famous traveler, he has been very envious of Ren Yunxia's ability to travel around since he was a child, so he After some preparations, I reproduced Ren Yunxia's travel route, and completed the relevant background of each poem, such as the general situation of the scenic spots, and what kind of stories Ren Yunxia left behind in the local area. It comes with a landscape painting of the scenic spot, so this person is somewhat famous, but unfortunately, the work is still popular; but the problem is that several of Ren Yunxia's poems mentioned Wangxiangtai. The words are just mentioned in the poem, so many people think that Wangxiangtai is not a real place name, but an image proposed by Ren Yunxia."

"Whether it's the critic who reproduced Ren Yunxia's travel itinerary, or other people who made footnotes to "Ren Yunxia's Anthology of Poetry", they are not sure where Wangxiangtai is, but I took a look at the place where Wangxiangtai first appeared. These three-character poems were written by Ren Yunxia in the Poetry Association in Boyang City, and this poem describes Heshan County. No, it should be said that the Heshan Market was very lively back then. The villagers even invited Ren Yunxia to visit his house! The most important thing is that according to the last sentence of Ren Yunxia’s poem, he accepted the invitation and went to the villagers’ house as a guest, and then he was drunk at a place called Wangxiangtai Fall asleep! Of course, according to those critics, this is Ren Yunxia seeing the happy and harmonious family of the host after she was full of wine and food, so she thought of her family and hometown, so she called the place where she was. For Wangxiangtai."

Speaking of this, Ling Yi looked at the surprised eyes of everyone and said: "But we all know that there is such a place called Wangxiangtai near Heshan County, and the poems about Wangxiangtai are mentioned later. In the article, Ren Yunxia also expressed her feelings of missing this place, so those critics thought that this was borrowing the scene to express her feelings, but according to our players' views, this should really miss the place of Wangxiangtai! I was thinking After these, I carefully studied the poems after the appearance of Wangxiangtai, and found several poems about daily thoughts. those people."

"You mean, Ren Yunxia was invited to Wangxiangtai, and at that time Wangxiangtai was a place where people lived, so he had a good time there. Wang Lun wrote poems, in addition to the most famous "To Wang Lun", there are actually three other poems. This shows that the relationship between Li Bai and Wang Lun is really good. After all, Li Bai only wrote three poems for Du Fu. But Du Fu wrote more than ten poems for Li Bai; so if the Wangxiangtai written by Ren Yunxia is really the Wangxiangtai we are looking for, it means that there are probably people living in the place, and these people are superficially Pretending to be an ordinary villager, he would go to the nearby Heshan Market to do business."

Zhang Jingxu frowned and said: "My character card is from Heshan County, but the problem is that I have never heard of Wangxiangtai, or the village related to Wangxiangtai. You must know that I have deliberately investigated it before. , found that if you walk in the direction of Wangxiangtai, there may be only two or three villages along the way, and these villages should still be a long distance from Wangxiangtai on the map, so this is a bit of a problem, because those The village is considered to have close contacts with Heshan County, and there is nothing unusual in normal times, unless a certain village hides a secret road to Wangxiangtai."

"The big hermit hides in the city, and the small hermit hides in the wild. Wangxiang Terrace is a combination of size and size. It was originally hidden in the mountains, but it turned out that someone opened a market nearby, so they simply joined it as a village. They look normal; moreover, ordinary people these days stay on their own one-acre-three-point land for the rest of their lives, and it is impossible for them to visit nearby villages if they have nothing to do, not to mention that they have to walk such a long mountain road... But here comes the question again, how could these Wangxiangtai people invite Ren Yunxia to their village? Logically speaking, Ren Yunxia was still a little-known little person at that time, and she could even be said to be a passerby." Meng Jin Said with a puzzled look.

"Then there is only one possibility, and that is that the people at Wangxiang Terrace actually know Ren Yunxia, ​​or they know Ren Yunxia's parents, because Ren's surname is not common, anyway, I only know two surnames when I grow up. Ren people, one is called Ren Woxing, and the other is a female star surnamed Ren. In short, I don’t have an acquaintance named Ren around me; and we have been in this martial arts module for a while. Therefore, you should be able to find that even if you don't look at the clothes, you can tell the general identity of a person from his appearance and mental state. Then, although Ren Yunxia will inevitably live and sleep along the way, but he has always relied on his own knowledge Make money, such as writing letters for you.”

After Ling Yi took a sip of tea, she said seriously: "So I think Ren Yunxia would set up a stall to write letters for the people passing by the Heshan market, but she was recognized by the people at Wangxiang Terrace. When I came out, I found out that he was a descendant of the Ren family, and learned that Ren Yunxia could write poems while traveling, and that she intended to compile a collection of poems after the tour was over. After all, Ren Yunxia was only twenty at that time. In his early years, it is the age that likes to be in the limelight; after learning about this incident, the people at Wangxiangtai also moved their minds, but here are all my personal guesses, so it is for your reference only, if you guess wrong Don’t blame me! That is, the Wangxiang Tower was built in secret, and probably no one knows about it except the builders of the Wangxiang Tower, including their accomplices in other places.”

"Wangxiang Terrace, as the name suggests, is a high platform that can be used to overlook the hometown. Its core is two words \- homesickness! So if my guess is true, then the Wangxiang Terrace was built after the new Dragon Emperor ascended the throne. It took more than ten years to complete, and during this period, there must have been a lot of losses. After all, the construction site of Wangxiang Terrace is in the deep mountains and old forests. Not only is it difficult to build there, but it is also difficult to obtain supplies and building materials. It is very difficult, so unless this Wangxiang Terrace is really just a pavilion, there must be a lot of people involved in the construction, but not too many, after all, it is not easy to get so many people into the deep mountains and old forests."

"All in all, it will definitely pay a huge price to build Wangxiang Terrace, so there should not be many people staying in Wangxiang Terrace in the end, so they can only find a place to live nearby, and then met a small The small problem is how to spread the news of the completion of the Wangxiang Terrace. After all, the Wangxiang Terrace should not be placed there for decoration; but, you should be able to guess that those who built the Wangxiang Terrace are probably They are standing on the opposite side of the new Dragon Emperor, so they dare not go out at will, because it may cause Wangxiangtai to be destroyed, but they want to let other people know the existence of Wangxiangtai, so Ren Yunxia became the breakthrough point in their eyes."

"After learning about Ren Yunxia's situation, these people deliberately approached Ren Yunxia, ​​and then found an opportunity to invite Ren Yunxia to their village as a guest. After Ren Yunxia got drunk, they brought him to Wangxiang Terrace The periphery, or some unimportant but seemingly powerful places, in short, it is to let Ren Yunxia remember deeply without causing too much suspicion; just to be on the safe side, I went to check some other places before. I found that there are also legends of Taohuayuan in this martial arts module, and the earliest version appeared more than 300 years ago, so I suspect that those people at Wangxiangtai may have fooled Ren Yunxia into believing it Wangxiang Terrace is also a paradise of peach blossoms, and at the same time, it made Ren Yunxia swear that she would not casually talk about Wangxiang Terrace."

"Not enough for outsiders?"

Zhang Jingxu took over the conversation and said: "It is indeed possible, because Ren Yunxia has learned martial arts from many martial arts masters since he was a child, so he should also have a sense of heroism, that is, to abide by his oath, maybe this is Wangxiangtai In short, Ren Yunxia may have stayed at Wangxiangtai for a while and had a good time, so when the people at Wangxiangtai mentioned that she didn't want to be disturbed by too many outsiders, Ren Yunxia said You swore that you would not tell others about your experience at Wangxiangtai, but you couldn’t help recalling Wangxiangtai in your poems, so you wrote the three words Wangxiangtai?"

"No, I suspect that the people from Wangxiangtai deliberately asked Ren Yunxia to leave the word "Wangxiangtai" in her poems! I think so, the person who has the most contact with Ren Yunxia should also be a cultural person, because he What needs to be done is to guide Ren Yunxia, ​​so according to my thinking, this person will choose to make friends through poetry, write poems and recite together with Ren Yunxia; so, Ren Yunxia wrote this first poem. When the poem about Wangxiangtai was first mentioned, the man praised the poem wildly, and finally said that Ren Yunxia could keep the poem when he left, as a testimony of their friendship, and it reminded Ren Yunxia of I continued to write poems when I was at Wangxiangtai, anyway, if I just mentioned the three words Wangxiangtai, it would be fine.”

Ling Yi sighed and said: "If this is the case, then Ren Yunxia has been tricked by others. This collection of his poems will let interested people know that the Wangxiang Terrace has been built, and its location is near Boyang City. Therefore, as long as these people go to Boyang City to inquire, they will have a way to go to Wangxiangtai; therefore, I personally think that Wangxiangtai is likely to be related to some people from the former royal family, in order to make a comeback one day, of course It may also be for the purpose of surviving, in short, we must be fully prepared when we investigate Wangxiangtai later."

"My friend, what you said is very reasonable, but the problem is that this guess only comes from a collection of poems."

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