Chapter 1974:Real Cthulhu Running Game

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"Yes, the problem is that all these speculations come from a collection of poems, and the author of the collection of poems died more than ten years ago."

Ling Yi shrugged, and continued: "However, I have asked the elders of my sect about this matter, and some of them have actually met Ren Yunxia, ​​and Ren Yunxia even wrote a letter to him, so he I still have a little impression of Ren Yunxia, ​​so he mentioned a very interesting detail, that is, Ren Yunxia originally said that she was going to leave Boyang City to go to the next city, but returned to Boyang City half a month later. And the poem will be left behind in a few days later! You must know that under normal circumstances, Ren Yunxia will not turn back."

Zhang Jingxu looked at Ling Yi in surprise, he didn't expect her to do so many things in private, and she really let her find information about Wangxiangtai.

"If this is the case, then the credibility of this information will directly reach 50%, so it is necessary for us to investigate the authenticity of this matter."

Meng Jin said seriously: "I will arrange people to buy all the "Ren Yunxia Poetry Collection" that can be found on the market later, and see if there will be different versions, resulting in different records. After all, these years It can also be said that the physical book is passed on by word of mouth, and the content may be distorted if it is passed on. This kind of literary theme should be very familiar to all of you here, because we have not been in contact with it when we were studying, so we should also know that if there is a mistake in a certain word in the poem, it may affect the entire poem meaning, so we have to rule out that possibility.”

Meng Jin's proposal was supported by everyone present.

"If nothing else happens, Tianshui Town should already know that Boyang City has elected a new city lord, so the lord may have sent someone to Boyang City to find us, so I think we have to do one thing now, that It is to investigate the background of the new city lord of Boyang City, I don't believe he will be so ordinary."

Zhang Jingxu raised his hand and said: "And we may sell the Fish Scale Atlas to this new city lord in the future, so now is also the time to get to know this buyer, so that we don't know how to quote when we get it."

"Let's leave this matter to the players of Feishimen to investigate. They should have a certain understanding of this new city lord."

As Meng Jin spoke, he used his eyes to search for the players of Feishimen in the crowd.

At this moment, a player stood up.

"Actually, I met Guo Er on the first day I joined Feishimen, who is now the new city lord of Boyang City, because Guo Er was an ordinary member of the outer sect in Feishimen at that time, and they were all considered that Kind of old fritters, so when I joined Feishimen with other players, Guo Er was in charge of reception; Guo Er didn't seem to have any problems at that time, and he could even be said to be amiable. Not only did he know everything, but he also gave us some things on his own initiative. In short, I had a very good impression of him at the time, and I even thought that Guo Er had assumed the role of guiding disciples that is common in other games."

"During the subsequent contact, Guo Er felt a little lost in the crowd. Although he trains and lives with us every day, I really don't feel his existence very often, because he is not outstanding in all aspects. , and also likes to act with other people; but looking at it now, those NPCs who acted with Guo Er should be his confidantes, because these NPCs suddenly disappeared after Guo Er became the lord of the city. The new guards of the City Lord's Mansion, but the strength of these NPCs seems to be average, of course, the possibility of them deliberately hiding their clumsiness cannot be ruled out."

"In addition, Guo Er is worth mentioning that he and the original three young masters of the old city lords have been brothers, that is, they have participated in training together, and even lived in the same yard, so I suspect Guo Er Er may have had a showdown with the three young masters very early, otherwise, according to the news we received before, Guo Er would not be able to become the new city lord so smoothly; There is also a very special identity, I would like to call it a life committee member, because Guo Er has a waist card that can go in and out of Feishimen at will, and is responsible for bringing some items and family letters to other disciples."

"So Guo Er will go out once every night after eating, and will come back around eight o'clock, that is, he will return to Feishimen after dark, and there will be about two hours of free time in between. But logically speaking, he can buy most of the items that others asked him to carry around the school. As for delivering and sending and receiving letters, it takes half an hour to go back and forth, so in my opinion, Guo Er only needs an hour to go out every day. He was able to solve everything, but he still dragged on for an entire hour; a lot of things can be done in this hour, so I personally suggest starting from this aspect and investigating what Guo Er did after he left the house. harvested."

Hearing this, Zhang Jingxu suddenly thought of one thing, that is, the courtyard that the Alliance built in Boyang City seemed to be within the scope of Guo Er's activities.


Zhang Jingxu immediately thought of the mysterious organization where those private salt dealers belonged, and its main members all involved eyes, ears, mouth, nose, or heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys in their names or code names, so is it possible that Guo Er is also this mysterious organization? a member of ?

But this guess seems a bit outrageous? Because judging from the current situation, it can be said that Guo Er became the new city lord easily, so he must have been recognized by Feishimen, and at the same time let his competitors bow down, so unless the mysterious organization is Feishimen, Otherwise, it would be impossible for Guo Er to have anything to do with it.

However, this is not afraid of ten thousand, just in case!

If Feishimen is this mysterious organization, then this matter will be troublesome, because today's Feishimen is equivalent to Boyang City!

This is not good news.

Zhang Jingxu thought about it, but finally he didn't express his thoughts, because Zhang Jingxu was worried that this idea would affect other players, causing them to make mistakes in judgment.

Zhang Jingxu naturally knew that Liu Xing had gone to Liangcheng some time ago and was planning to establish a relationship with the third prince, so as long as everything goes well, the alliance can be affiliated with the third prince.

In this way, even if Boyang City is standing on the opposite side of the third prince, after all, Feishimen of Boyang City intends to wrestle with the third prince in terms of salt.

It's up to you.

Zhang Jingxu thought of these four words now, because there are some things that cannot be discussed.

So Zhang Jingxu is worried that if he expresses his thoughts now, when the news of Liu Xing's success in taking refuge in the third prince spreads to Boyang City, it will definitely cause some players' mentality to change. Hostility is prone to accidents at that time. . . Because some players may make some risky choices in order to stand out.

After all, this is a good opportunity to establish contact with the third prince.

At this time, Ling Yi also noticed something wrong with Zhang Jingxu's expression, so he patted Zhang Jingxu lightly.

"Relax, it's just a game."

Zhang Jingxu looked at Ling Yi in surprise, then shook his head in relief, "It's been a long time since I heard you say this, and now I feel a little nostalgic."

Just when Ling Yi was about to say something, someone came up the stairs.

To be on the safe side, when Meng Fugui bought the teahouse, he specially remodeled the stairs on the top floor. In short, when someone goes up the stairs, the stairs will make a creaking sound to remind the players on the top floor Be careful not to over travel, because at this time the person who goes upstairs is likely to be an NPC.

Just like now, Zhang Jingxu and others in the private room know that nine out of ten people who go upstairs are NPCs, because all the players who should come to this party have already arrived.

So, Zhang Jingxu and the others tacitly began to change the topic, for example, the weather is good today.

Then, a young man pushed the door open and entered.

"You are all Liu Peng's brothers, or are you dreaming?"

That's right, it was Yu Lei who came.

When he heard the name "Liu Peng", Zhang Jingxu was the first to react, nodded directly and said, "That's right, we are all Liu Peng's brothers, so who are you?"

Because Liu Xing was in a hurry to return to Tianshui Town, he really forgot to "send a message" to Zhang Jingxu and others. Therefore, although Zhang Jingxu now knows that there is such a person as Yu Lei, his impression of him is only "to help the alliance solve the problem." Alcoholic gorilla". . . Of course, Liu Xing also remembered this matter after returning to Tianshui Town, but at this time Liu Xing was too lazy to pass on the letter.

The reason is very simple, Liu Xing knew that Yu Lei would definitely go to see Zhang Jingxu and others, because Yu Lei said before that he had already followed his group when he was in Boyang City, so Liu Xing could be sure that Yu Lei After arriving in Boyang City, he would choose to go to the teahouse to meet Zhang Jingxu and others, and then let them help him.

Or release tasks.

"Oh, my name is Yu Lei. You may have heard Liu Peng mention me, because I helped you solve that gorilla."

Yu Lei sat down familiarly and said: "You should have heard of the next thing, that is, I invited Liu Peng to Liangcheng on behalf of the third prince, and then Liu Peng was instructed by Donggong Canglong on behalf of you guys. The people in my dream have all been recognized by the third prince! That's right, you can now speak out your identities in a fair manner, and even the city lord of Boyang City won't do anything to you."

Sure enough.

Zhang Jingxu heaved a sigh of relief, and at the same time knew why Yu Lei appeared here, because at this time, Boyang City only had one major event in the final analysis, that is, Guo Er, who was originally unknown, suddenly came to power and directly became the The lord of Boyang City.

But this also means that even the third prince's subordinate \- Yu Lei doesn't know that there is such a person as Guo Er, which shows how deep this Guo Er is hiding.

The players here are all smart people, so now they have already guessed Yu Lei's purpose, and understand that Yu Lei is about to issue a mission to his group.

Yu Lei poured himself a cup of tea, drank it and said: "You have been staying in Boyang City all the time, so you should know what happened in Boyang City better than me! That's right, that Guo Er didn't know it was from The one who came out there actually became the new city lord of Boyang City directly, and also got the unanimous approval of Feishimen, which is obviously problematic; so now I need you to help me investigate this matter together, At that time, no matter what the result is, I will ask the third prince for your credit."

As the players here thought, as soon as Yu Lei's voice fell, there was a system prompt on the other side, allowing them to choose whether to accept the mission, that is, to obey Yu Lei's arrangement during this period of time.

The players here naturally chose to accept the mission.

As Liu Xing's teammate, Zhang Jingxu now has the right to speak.

So Zhang Jingxu stood up very consciously, and said to Lei: "How can you help you if you need us? As long as you give an order, we will do anything for the third prince! Even if it is against the new city lord!"

"Don't get excited, I'm still not sure whether that Guo Er is good or bad."

Yu Lei smiled, put down his teacup and said, "How should I put it, the situation in Boyang City is quite special, so as long as there is no major event, the candidate for the city owner will be selected by Fei Shimen himself. There will be no problem with treacherous and evil people, so as long as Guo Er, who appeared suddenly, is approved by the elders of Feishimen, then I can't say anything; Er, there may be other problems, or the entire Feishimen has become a big problem hidden in the dark! So, are there any members of Feishimen among all of you here?"

As soon as Yu Lei finished speaking, the player from Feishimen immediately raised his hand, and the players next to him also hurriedly raised their hands.

Seeing this situation, Yu Lei nodded and said: "That's very good, I hope you guys can continue to lurk in Feishimen, and no matter what happens to Feishimen in the future, you will spread the news to this teahouse as soon as possible; so the current teahouse Who is the shopkeeper? If possible, give me a room in the teahouse."

Meng Jin immediately patted his chest and assured: "No problem, I will arrange a room for you..."

Before Meng Jin finished speaking, Yu Lei shook his head and said, "Don't call me Your Excellency, you are all brothers of Liu Peng, and Liu Peng calls me Brother Yu, so if you are younger than me, you can also call me Yu." Brother."

(end of this chapter)

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