Rebirth from the Ashes

Rebirth from the Ashes

Sweet Seven

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Previous life Shen Xi longed for family affection, but was occupied by the fake daughter dove in the magpie’s nest, causing her to break her legs, broke her hands, ruined her appearance, was terminally ill, and died of bitterness.

Shen Xi, who was reborn, bought out the family relationship with a contract and severed ties with the Su family. Everyone was waiting to see her jokes.

Soon after.

Fake daughter: A new play written by Yunqi, I must be the heroine!

Rich mother: Get this designer named Zeni to me and be my chief stylist!

Big brother: find this L, no matter what method is used, let her use it for me!

The second richest brother: Three visits to the thatched cottage, Teacher Xixi must agree to write a song for me!

The third richest brother: I have to go to this variety show and find their producer!

Shen Xi smiled: It’s true that I’m not concealed, the above is me, it feels great if I can’t ask for it!


Everyone thought that Shen Xi was a poor little who was abandoned by the rich. Until one day, the No. 1 Chinese Fu family finally recognized their lost sister after all the hardships.

International superstar @Yunqi: This is my sister.

Medical giant @Zeni: Sister, dear!

The world’s top producer @Xixi: This is my sister, so please show me more.

Shen Xi burst into tears and lived for two lifetimes before he found his real family. You are so awesome, why did you go in your last life?

The richest man in the world @Shen Xi: Let me introduce it formally, this is…

The people who eat melon are shocked: This is your sister!

The richest man in the world: Go away, this is my wife!

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