Chapter 2:Rebirth of the Financial Crisis Sweeping the World

2In this life I will stand on top of the world!

Chapter 2 2 In this life, I will stand on top of the world!

After dinner, Wang Guanxi went for a walk on the pier, thinking about how to make a fortune!

came to the elevator entrance.

I met an acquaintance, Shu Jinghan, who has grown to 170 at the age of 16 and is very thin.

I saw her holding a bag in her left hand, her head low, her bangs blocked half of the oval face, and Wang Guanxi did not speak, her eyes looked at her feet.

I don’t know if Wang Guanxi was sad after her mother gave her love letter back. Then affect his study.

But I just want to study hard and go to Cambridge University.

I wanted to say sorry, but she was not ashamed to say it.

It seems to keep a distance from Wang Guanxi in the future, so as not to affect Wang Guanxi's results.

Wang Guanxi took the initiative to say hello: "Hi, where are we going?"

Shu Jinghan raised her head lightly, and whispered: "Give me food for my grandma"

"Oh, I only have dinner so late"


At this moment, there are only two of them in the elevator, and the atmosphere is a little embarrassing.

Suddenly Wang Guanxi smiled and said, “Uh, the school organized activities that night. I haven’t eaten anything and I’m very hungry. I’m unintentional. Don’t care.

The two have known each other for a long time, 7 years now.

However, Shu Jinghan basically stopped talking to him since the last event organized by the school.

At that time, Wang Guanxi was hungry and wanted to eat, so he bit a Xiaolongbao from Shu Jinghan, but he didn't eat it either.

Wang Guanxi couldn’t understand the thing is, she didn’t eat her dumplings, so why didn’t she talk to herself, she was stingy, didn’t she?

啧, definitely not anymore.

"No, I didn't care." Shu Jinghan lightly stroked her hair around her ear to relieve her inner shame and anger.

At this time, Wang Guanxi took out the previous love letter in his pocket, and asked with a smile: "Do you know what a love letter is?"

"What is it?" Shu Jinghan bit her lip: "You said it."

Wang Guanxi quietly put the love letter in her schoolbag, and then when she came back, her mother Shu Fangping discovered it. She only knew it, and later heard her mother said that Wang Guanxi had sent it to others.

Wang Guanxi looked righteous: "Love letters, is a soft spot for books."

Shu sighed quietly, blushed, and pressed his mouth hard, not talking or letting himself laugh.

When did Wang Guanxi talk so much?

Have a soft spot for books, isn’t this nakedly saying that she has a soft spot for her?

When did Wang Guanxi’s literary talent become so good?

This is a good word.

But it’s useless to speak nicely. She wants to study hard and hopes that he will spend time and energy on studying.

Wang Guanxi smiled and asked: "You didn't get me wrong, did you?"

I don’t know love when I’m young, and I know love forever.

Is still a childhood sweetheart. The feelings are pure and beautiful.

He has met many women, and you can forget it in a blink of an eye. Seeing a beautiful and ** woman, you only have thoughts of love, but no thoughts of love.

I only miss my childhood childhood sweethearts. What I can't get is always in a commotion, and I have been greedy for a long time.

Shu Jinghan was taken aback, what did he mean?

You wrote me a love letter, but you still didn’t admit it. You said you had a soft spot for me for the first time, and now you say I misunderstood you?


She hurriedly said: "No, you think too much"

"The elevator is coming, I won't tell you anymore"

"Do you remember to study hard"

After speaking, she entered the elevator, and Wang Guanxi followed.

"Why do you always look at me like this? I've said it all, study hard"

Seeing Shu Jinghan, I don’t fall in love early, and the mantra of learning well.

Wang Guanxi nodded and said: "Well, study hard, I like books, I want to read now"

Shu Jinghan suddenly blushed again, and used his catchphrase: "Hee Zai, you study hard, this is the most important thing."

Then Shu Jinghan stood far from Wang Guanxi and stood in the corner of the elevator.

Soon the elevator came to the first floor.

Wang Guanxi took the lead out of the elevator, and wanted to wait for Shu Jinghan to come out. As a result, Shu Jinghan walked very slowly and seemed to want Wang Guanxi to go first.

At this time, a few children were eating Xiaolongbao, throwing them in the air, and then eating them with their mouths open. It was quite fun.

Wang Guanxi asked suddenly: "Do you like to eat Xiaolongbao?"

"Ah?" Shu Jinghan was taken aback, then she was ashamed and angrily: "I don't like it!"

"Uh, you misunderstood what I meant." Wang Guanxi pointed at the children and said, "I mean they are the small dumplings that these children eat."

"I don't like it either!" Shu Jinghan stopped: "You go first."

Wang Guanxi is not overwhelmed by others, so he left first.

In fact, to deal with conservative, rigorous, and serious, the traditional little girls have to molest, trick or play gangsters.

Deal with generous, open, and proficient female drivers. Girls who have met the world have to be more respectful, courteous, modest, positive, positive, motivated, sunny, and hooligans, just use routines and molesting.

Generally, girls under the age of 18 like to be a bit bad and play hooligans, because basically they are very passive and require boys to take the initiative.

A serious boy, who doesn’t know how to flirt, is not brave, and dare not to tease, for fear that girls will be angry because of this?

Wrong, wrong, girls are best because you are angry.

Make her happy, make her angry, and soon she will like you.

They like to be kissed forcibly, hoping to be molested or insulted by you inadvertently, to satisfy their passive lust.

If you don’t believe me, try to spank her buttocks deliberately while playing with a nice little girl during the break, she will blush and get angry, and can’t sleep all night when you go back, because your hormones are accelerating.

The next day, if you have a thick-skinned face and actively tease her, she can still talk and laugh with you, and play happily.

It’s okay to accidentally touch her leg, poking her waist, and spanking her ass. Just remember to pretend to be okay the next day.

It’s better for you to touch her and touch her than if she touches herself in the shower, right?

He can switch among the little rascal, the modest gentleman, the polite gentleman, the cold male god, the domineering president, and the gentle prince at will. It can be bad, modest, polite, cold and arrogant, domineering, gentle... Tsk, Let's make money, no money is empty.

came to the outside of the community.

"Hee, where are we going?" Shu Fangping said hello.

"Auntie, take a walk"

After a few words, Wang Guanxi left.

Soon Shu Jinghan came here with a lunch box, glanced at Wang Guanxi's back, and then had dinner with her mother.

Shu Fangping suddenly asked: "Hanhan, what did you say before?"

Shu Jinghan didn’t expect her mother to find out, so she said, “I didn’t say anything, just talked about school activities.”

Shu Fangping asked: "Xizai said today, you haven’t spoken for a long time, did you quarrel at school activities before?"

How to say, Wang Guanxi also grew up with her, but he does not want to fall in love at such a young age.

Study hard is the most important thing.

I was delayed in studying and couldn't get into a good university. I will live in Queen's Community for the rest of my life.

But Wang Guanxi and Shu Jinghan are both in the same school and have known each other for a long time.

The two stopped talking, and she felt unnecessary.

It’s good to be a friend, and she won’t take care of it anymore if she is admitted to a good university.

But the most important thing now is to learn!

Don’t fall in love with her.

Failing to enter a good university is self-defeating the future of the two.

Shu Jinghan's brain was turned sharply and said: "I took some dumplings that day, and he ate them without my consent."

When Shu Fangping heard it, she suddenly chuckled, "Isn’t it just to eat your Xiaolongbao? The girl should be more generous. If he wants to eat, you can give it to you. Don’t be too stingy."

Shu Jinghan was taken aback, a little embarrassed: "Ama, I see."

Shu Fangping: "What a silly boy"

Shu Jinghan stopped speaking, and she didn't know how to go on, her mother obviously didn't understand.

I was too tired to organize an event that day, so I sat and rested.

Wang Guanxi actually took advantage of her squinting to bite.

At this time, Shu Fangping exhorted: "Hanhan, the most important thing for you now is to study, you know?"

"Ama, I hope you will be admitted to the world's best university in the future"

Shu Jinghan nodded: "Ama, don't worry, I will be admitted to the best university in the world."

She already has an ideal, which is to be admitted to Cambridge University.

That is the top university in the world.

Work hard in the future to live a good life for grandma.

She will not fall in love early.

Nothing makes her more motivated and conviction than getting a scholarship every year and getting admitted to the best university in the world.

Any boy cannot shake her beliefs in life.

Suddenly she thought of Wang Guanxi again, the love letter he brought, she didn't have time to read the content.

Queens Wharf at this moment.

The ship was driving slowly on the water, making a whistle sound.


It's like a girl from afar.

Wang Guanxi walked along the corridor alone, blowing the cool sea breeze, his thoughts drifting far.

He is just an ordinary little person. His last life was mediocre, like a wisp of inconspicuous dust in the world. In this life, he must be the brightest star in the night sky and the most powerful handful of people in the world.

"I must stand on top of the world in this life!"

He clenched his fist tightly. If there were no people around, he could not wait to scream from the sky!

Then he recalled the major political and economic events in the world that began in 2008. This year was a year when the subprime mortgage crisis broke out and the financial tsunami affected the global economy. There were many major events.

He clarified these, and then worked out a blueprint for making a fortune for himself.

He knows too many big money-making events, the most important thing is to make a fortune when the financial crisis breaks out!

(End of this chapter)

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