Chapter 504:Rebirth of the Financial Crisis Sweeping the World

503 gains 72 billion

Chapter 504 503 gains 72 billion

After HSBC subscribed for 20% of the shares of Heishirt AIA, the shareholding ratio increased to 35%.

After listing, AIA’s total share capital was 12 billion shares, and the stock price was at HK$15 per share after a few days of crazy shocks.

The market value is 180 billion Hong Kong dollars. It is a pity that I spent 90 billion Hong Kong dollars to hold 50% of the equity, totaling 6 billion shares. After the listing, these 6 billion AIA shares did not gain significant appreciation.

However, the future market value of this AIA will exceed 1.2 trillion Hong Kong dollars. At that time, 90 billion Hong Kong dollars will become 600 billion Hong Kong dollars, and there will be a lot of dividends every year. Wang Guanxi is particularly looking forward to this.

This AIA insurance company will be jointly operated by the Black Shirt Consortium and HSBC.

HSBC and the Black Shirt Consortium both set up directors and managers in AIA.

And the vice chairman of AIA is Brian Schreiber, head of Asia Pacific of American International Group (AIG). Wang Guanxi dug him to the black-shirt AIA company from AIG.

The original position of AIA's CFO and Vice President John Barry Harrison remains unchanged.

The former financial director and vice president of AIG Group's AIG Group, Garth Jones, was also dug into the black shirt AIA as the financial director.

In the future, AIA will focus on insurance market business.

A few months later, Wang Guanxi learned that the Philippines’ Alaya Consortium, Shangri-La Hotel Group and Guo’s Consortium were shorting the Hang Seng Index.

Huang Shaokai asked; "BOSS, the Philippine Alaya Consortium, and the Guo Group short the Hang Seng Index. Should we stop them?"

"Of course I blocked them and killed them." So the black shirt hedge fund and HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank loaned 20 billion Hong Kong dollars, used 100 times leverage, and made 1 million more Hengsheng Index. The average position was 20600, fluctuating one point. That is a profit and loss of 50 million!

A few months later, the Hang Seng Index rose all the way to the 22580 position, and then closed the position, causing the Hang Seng Index to plummet by 1,000 points.

This time the position was closed at 22040, and a total of 1,440 points were obtained, and 72 billion was made!

In the Philippines, the Araya Consortium and the owner behind the Shangri-La Hotel were blown up and lost more than 50 billion Hong Kong dollars. The industry was also suppressed and squeezed out by the Black Shirt Consortium and its allies, and it became a crisis.

This time we brought in 72 billion Hong Kong dollars.

Black shirt hedge funds have started a new round of bargaining.

TCL Electronics

Hong Kong TV

Innovation Technology Industry

China Gas

Coolpad Group

Weiss Jiajie

Ali Health


High Sun Technology

AAC Technology

China Resources Gas

Phoenix Guardian

Life International

Melco International Development


only spent 15 billion, so continue to buy bottoms, BYD, Chery, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Li Ning Group, Anta Sports··Sunny Optical Technology··

Another 15 billion was spent.

So Wang Guanxi directly acquired the Fung family’s Wing Hang Bank and the Lee family’s Bank of East Asia to acquire 35% of the shares.

Malaysia Public Bank’s equity was also acquired to 50%.

The Bank of the Philippine Islands, a subsidiary of the Philippine Araya Consortium, was also acquired 50% of the shares.

Wing Hang Bank, Bank of East Asia, Bank of Malaysia, Bank of the Philippine Islands, and Black Shirt Credit Bank jointly formed the Black Shirt Bank Group and became a subsidiary bank of the Black Shirt Bank Group.

The chairman of the Black Shirt Bank Group is Zhang Xiaolei, who resigned from Standard Chartered Bank.

Shangri-La Hotel Group also acquired a 50% stake and became a hotel group under the Heishan Hotel Group.

Black Shirt Hotel Group, immediately became the largest hotel group in Asia.

After finishing the Hong Kong affairs, Wang Guanxi returned to Ohio, USA.

This is his global base camp. Although the Black Shirt Consortium has great influence in Hong Kong and even Asia, it does not yet have a Fortune 500 company under its control. The scale of assets it controls is not as good as Ford Motor Company, Macy’s, and Cartier. Na Health Group, these three Fortune 500 companies.

In particular, Ford Motor Company and Cardinal Health Group are among the top 100 companies in the world. Ford Motor Company ranks 23rd, Cardinal Health Group ranks 43rd, and Messi's Department Store ranks 363th.

The sales of Ford Motor Company, Macy’s Department Store, and Cardinal Health Group alone exceed US$300 billion a year, which is more than the GDP of a small country.

In the following days, Wang Guanxi began to manage relations in various states in the United States. He also made a special trip to Washington to conduct in- depth business cooperation with prominent Chinese families in the United States. It is the Secretary of the Department of Transportation of the United States, her husband is McConnell, a heavyweight senator in the Senate, and the future leader of the Republican Party, a political magnate who belongs to the establishment of the Republican Party.

Wang Guanxi’s consortium in Ohio, most of the horses, or interest groups, relatives, and friends are basically Republicans.

The Cardinal family, the Messi family, the Ford family, and the Monagan family in the consortium are all Republicans.

Only California and Hawaii are the Democrats. By all accounts, everyone in Ohio basically supports the Republican Party.

Most employees of the Crown Consortium also voted for the Republican Party.

Both the Crown Consortium system and the Zhao family belong to the Republican camp. They belong to the moderate American rightists. Of course, they are the establishment faction. They are mutually beneficial in nature.

Everyone hit it off.

Afterwards, Wang Guanxi met with former President Bush again and stayed in the Bush family for a period of time.

This time the Republican Party lost most of the seats in the House of Representatives, and the next mid-term election will come back.

The next presidential election, the Bush family hopes that Wang Guanxi, who is influential in the Democratic and Republican establishments, can contribute more to support the Republican presidential candidate.

Wang Guanxi said that he would support Republican candidates and donate money to the Republican Party.

Half a month later, Wang Guanxi made a special trip to the Clinton family, met former President Clinton, and had dinner with the current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

After going to the Clinton family, he went to the Boston Consortium, Cleveland Consortium, Rockefeller, Morgan Consortium, Citi Consortium, and California Consortium.

He is very busy. He has always been committed to promoting economic globalization. Everyone has the same interests. Although the subsidiaries under his company have competitive relations, overall interests are the same in economic globalization.

While managing relations in various states in the United States, he has also been arranging global industrial chains and trade lines, and relocating all the production lines he has moved away.

Now the enterprises controlled by the Crown Consortium have moved a large number of production lines to the coastal areas of China, or moved production lines through foundries.

And these goods will be shipped to North America and even South America through Hong Kong, a free trade port that is exempt from tariffs.

Hawaiian Airlines, Black Shirt Logistics Company, and Black Shirt Shipping Company have all received a large number of orders.

(End of this chapter)

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