Chapter 505:Rebirth of the Financial Crisis Sweeping the World

504 Enter the arms industry

Chapter 505 504 Enters the arms industry

All the large quantities of goods produced and shipped from the China region will be shipped to the United States through these three companies.

For example, it is transported to Hong Kong by the truck of the Blackshirt Logistics Company, and then transported to the United States by the freighter of the Blackshirt Shipping Company, or by the transport plane of Hawaiian Airlines.

The semiconductor industry chain invested by Wang Guanxi is basically transported to the United States by air.

The basic industrial products and daily necessities are transported to the United States through the freighter of the Black Shirt Shipping Company.

The companies controlled by the Crown Consortium, as well as their suppliers, partners, or competitors in the same industry have all become customers of Black Shirt Logistics Company, Black Shirt Shipping Company, and Hawaiian Airlines.

Because of the large-scale transfer of production lines, labor costs have been greatly reduced, and the net profit of Ford Motor Company, Cardinal Health Group, Messi Department Store, and Messi’s Pizza has skyrocketed.

While Wang Guanxi did not only develop in the retail industry, automobile industry, and pharmaceutical industry, he began to touch the arms industry in the United States.

One day, Alan Mulally, chairman and chief executive officer of Ford Motor Company, came to Wang Guanxi.

"BOSS, the U.S. Department of Justice has approved the acquisition of Sikorsky by Ford Motor Company!"

Originally, Alan Mulally served as the CEO of Boeing. He has a lot of contacts in the military-industrial complex, the Ministry of Defense, and the Ministry of Justice.

Wang Guanxi nodded: "Well, very good, let’s issue corporate bonds for this acquisition."

The full name of Sikorsky is Sikorsky Aircraft Company, headquartered in Connecticut. It is an American manufacturer of aircraft and helicopters. The famous Black Hawk helicopters are made by this company.

A total of nearly 15,000 employees are employed, with branches in 11 countries. The helicopters produced have been installed in 5 U.S. armed forces and have military and civilian operations in 40 countries. In the future, they will be acquired by the arms giant Roxy Martin at a price of 9 billion U.S. dollars. However, the market value is still low. To 3 billion U.S. dollars, because the Abama government has cut military expenditures, the arms companies are not doing well today, with few orders and a premium. Sikorsky Aircraft Company was taken over 4 billion U.S. dollars.

Now Wang Guanxi can't mobilize much funds, so he can buy it through Ford Motor Company.

Ford Motor Company's performance in the US automotive industry is not good enough, because Ford Motor Company moved all factories except the core factory out of the United States, acting very quickly and very quickly.

Reduce a lot of labor costs.

Now Ford Motor Company's performance is very good. If corporate bonds are issued, many financial institutions must buy them.

"Yes, BOSS" Then Ford Motor Company announced the issuance of US$4 billion in corporate bonds to acquire Sikorsky Aircraft Company!

And Traveller Insurance Company, Morgan Bank, Bank of America Corporation, Wells Fargo Bank, and Citibank subscribed for the US$4 billion corporate bond.

Anyway, Ford Motor Company’s debt exceeds 200 billion U.S. dollars, and its performance is so good that it doesn’t care that the debt increases by another 4 billion U.S. dollars.

After the acquisition of Sikorsky Aircraft Company, the transportation companies under the Black Shirt Consortium, the enterprises under the Crown Consortium, and China’s domestic investment companies also need a large number of civilian helicopters, and they have given orders to Sikorsky Aircraft Company.

The black shirt consortium, a large number of wealthy executives in the crown consortium also want to order civilian helicopters, including Murdoch, Markzak, Musk and others.

When other arms giants saw this, they were immediately envious. They actually made so many civilian orders and wanted to buy shares in this aircraft company. If they didn’t agree, they would jointly lobby and let the Ministry of Defense reduce the use of Sikorsky Aircraft Company’s military use. Order.

Because the removal of the Ford Motor Company’s production line may result in the theft of military technology, the Ministry of Defense does not recommend that the car be combined with the arms company. It is recommended that Sikorsky Aircraft Company be separated from the Ford Motor Company.

After consideration, Wang Guanxi split it directly from Ford Motor Company.

Splitting the company is equivalent to cutting a piece of meat from Ford Motor Company, and it is equivalent to giving out 4 billion in dividends to shareholders.

On the day of the split, Ford Motor Company’s stock price plummeted by 25%, and its stock price fell from $16 per share to $12 per share.

The split shares are also re-divided according to the proportion of Ford Motor Company's shareholding.

The Crown Charity Foundation holds 1.5 billion Class A shares of Ford Motor Company, occupying 37.5% of the share capital

holds 132 million Class B shares, accounting for 3.3% of the total share capital.

A total of 40.8% of the equity, so after the separation of Sikorsky Aircraft Company from Ford Motor Company, the Crown Charity Foundation also owns 40.8% of Sikorsky Aircraft Company’s equity, and the remaining 59.2% of the equity is also directly allocated to Ford Motor Company. The other shareholders of the company.

Sikorsky Aircraft Company will also be listed again.

The Crown Charity Fund owns 40.8% of the Sikorsky Aircraft Company, but the voting rights are different from Ford Motor Company. There are no Class B shares, all of which are Class A shares, with 40.8% of the right to speak. It is enough to control a company. But it's not all.

Because the Ford family holds a 5% stake in Ford Motor Company, it also holds a 5% stake in Sikorsky Aircraft.

The chairman of Sikorsky Aircraft Company is concurrently served by Ford Motor Company’s Chairman Alan Mulally, and the CEO is other professional managers arranged by Wang Guanxi. For the board of directors, several retired generals have been added as consultants.

Sikorsky Aircraft Company went public, due to the skyrocketing share price of civilian orders, the market value rushed all the way to 8 billion U.S. dollars.

This makes Boeing a little envious.

The Citigroup behind Boeing bought 20% of the shares from other investors, including 5% of the shares in the Ford family.

Bill Ford took advantage of the skyrocketing stock price to sell shares to Citibank, and then bought the shares of Messi’s Pizza at a low price.

Now that Citibank holds a 20% stake, it is required to jointly operate Sikorsky Aircraft Company, Boeing Aircraft Company and Sikorsky Aircraft Company for technical cooperation.

Wang Guanxi thought about it and agreed, so the Citi Consortium and the Crown Consortium jointly controlled 60.8% of the Sikorsky Aircraft Company.

One day, Wang Guanxi was sitting in a Black Hawk helicopter flying in his Crown Ranch, and received news.

Wang Guanxi learned that the Sumitomo Foundation was short London Gold.

So hurriedly came to the Huntington Bank Building.

Wu Zhanhai said excitedly: "BOSS, you are here!"

"Yeah" Wang Guanxi nodded and opened the trend chart of London Gold.

"If the Sumitomo Foundation is short, we will go long"

But now Wang Guanxi has no extra funds, and the No. 1 Fund still has a debt of 6.7 billion US dollars.

(End of this chapter)

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