Chapter 509:Rebirth of the Financial Crisis Sweeping the World

The Great Waves of the 508 Times (1)

Chapter 509 The Great Waves of the 508 Times (1)

And the Crown Consortium has officially stepped into the sight of all Americans.


According to Wikipedia, the Crown Consortium is an alliance formed by the Cardinal family, Messi family, Ford family, Monagan family, and the international financial family immigrants from Hong Kong in the central United States. It was born during the financial crisis. The umbrella company under its umbrella and the Internet company have in-depth cooperation with the CIA to monitor and collect personal privacy information of the American people. They also named special Twitter companies, WhatsApp companies, Uber companies, Facebook companies, and big data companies that cooperate with Peter Dier.

I don’t know if it was dug up by a hacker or someone who hates the CIA.

Even mysterious big data companies have been dug out.

But soon the information on Wikipedia was revised, and the subsequent CIA cooperation was deleted.

Wang Guanxi’s umbrella company has a large number of CIA personnel in the intelligence department.

Umbrella company, special tweet company, WhatsApp company, plus big data unicorn company, many of them are recruiters from the CIA, you are in me, and you are in me.

Because the more cooperation with the CIA, many small CIA bosses became Wang Guanxi’s people, and Wang Guanxi learned a lot from them.

The CIA does not belong to the White House in essence, but it belongs to the US government. It is usually opposed to the US military’s own intelligence agencies.

No wonder the future military Delta Special Forces raided the headquarters of the CIA in Germany, and obtained data on cheating in the general election from the people of the CIA.

Wang Guanxi once suspected that hackers in the secret military organization of the U.S. military, which was opposed to the CIA, were breaking the news, because not only Wang Guanxi’s consortium was exposed, but also Soros, Feld, Bill Gates, Buffett, Murdoch. ··· have been exploded.

Hillary, Clinton, Aubama, and even Bush Sr., Bush Jr., former President Carter and former Secretary of State Kissinger have all been exposed.

The United States seems to have set off an anti-economic and globalization movement, specifically resisting economic globalization.

Hackers who broke the news also specifically targeted the CIA, claiming that it is the world’s largest drug cartel and human trafficking organization, earning hundreds of billions of dollars a year, and they have also unearthed all kinds of evidence that is not true or false.

The Tea Party was also born, targeting the government in full swing.

The base camp of the extreme right, the website of Texas carried out crazy personal attacks, insults, and vilifications.

claimed that Hillary and others are traitors and should be hanged.

Hillary’s plastic body was used to parade in the streets, even beheaded, and the plastic body was shot with a machine gun to make a video and put it on social networks.

The extreme right groups in the United States are really crazy.

WikiLeaks also revealed that the 9/11 incident was blown up by the CIA with a bomb. The plane crashed into the World Trade Center was also a fake video made by the CIA. Under normal circumstances, the plane simply hit the building, and it is impossible for the building to collapse. , Also released another 9/11 video, there was no plane, it was the World Trade Building that was destroyed by a bomb, and it was claimed that Bush Jr. team would be brought to justice for treason.

Suddenly the truth of 9/11 became complicated and confusing. Everyone was crazy about the interpretation, debate, and discussion of the video. But it was only discussed in small circles.

People from the CIA demanded that 9/11 information be blocked on the entire network, so Twitter and Facebook...have turned the far-right team into a far- right conspiracy theory group, inciting hatred, and creating bottomless rumors.

For the far-right conspiracy theories in the United States, it is banned everywhere.

The founder of WikiLeaks has been hunted down globally.

Hillary was exploded with a lot of illicit material, and there is no ugly bottom line. In the future, she is a woman who will run for president.

Many people hate Assange so much that they can’t wait to cramp him and remove the bones.

Hillary considered using drones to directly solve Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, and big data companies are also tracking the information of Assange’s gang.

Soon Assange was protected by mysterious power.

The American media has frantically attacked and vilified Assange, Twitter, and FacebooK... According to the US’s 230th plan to give Internet companies the power, and once again banned extreme right-wing hate speech.

But this turned Assange into a superhero. There were more and more followers, and everyone shot themselves in the foot.

So he initiated normal legal procedures and extradited Assange to a US prison, where he was tortured to death.

But was prevented, Assange was granted political asylum, and temporarily shut up, this matter will not be stopped for the time being.

Hillary, Clinton and others did not decisively send a drone to kill Assange, or send a killer to kill Assange, Wang Guanxi knew that this was the cause of Hillary’s future defeat in the general election.

was a fatal blow at the critical moment of the general election, and it was cold.

One day, a real estate tycoon in New York publicly questioned the origin of the president in the media, saying that he was an illegal president, and ridiculed him.

This forced the president to produce his birth certificate.

Then at a reception, the president mocked, teased, and personally attacked the New York real estate tycoon in front of all the rich.

The New York real estate tycoon looked like everyone was drunk and I was alone. He sat alone and sneered.

Time passes day by day.

The news has not stopped at all, and it is aimed at the illicit materials of all global interest groups.

The senior officials of the Crown Consortium were also picked up. After Wang Guanxi officially touched the arms industry and moved away from a large number of industrial chains, he formed a new consortium in the middle of the United States. After a series of forces, he was also met by curious American netizens. The human flesh search seems to have a force specifically targeting him, and the illicit materials of the Crown Consortium have been honestly exploded on social media and news media.

Especially the move away from the industrial chain has been criticized by many extreme right-wing scholars in the United States, saying that the companies under the Crown Consortium betray the United States and are the pioneers of hollowing out the United States.

A new term was born in American society, a corrupt global interest group.

Tweet companies and Facebook companies will not reveal Wang Guanxi’s real photos, and the media tycoon Murdoch will not let his media reveal Wang Guanxi’s personal photos, just report the name, but real-life photos, no.

So I couldn’t find any clues. Except for the CIA, most of the rich didn’t know who Wang Guanxi was, and even the FBI didn’t know much about it. Someone claimed to check whether he had paid the estate tax?

For the sake of performance, members of the Internal Revenue Service tried to find a way to investigate the assets in his name and found that this person is a student of Hong Kong nationality, has nationalities of multiple countries, and can be found in his passport and green card. What is puzzling is that he is in his private name. Only a few thousand dollars in assets, one poor student.

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