Chapter 1:Rebirth to 90s: the Heroine of the Salted Fish Quit Her Job

Who remembers you

Chapter 1 Who remembers you again

The predictable pain also made her grasp the quilt tightly on her body. She was used to it. Her hands wanted to grasp something, her fingers as thin as a chicken's grasp, and she could not help but open and then clenched.

Suddenly, a warm hand held her hand. She instinctively held it tightly. The more painful, the tighter the grasp, and the more painful it is, the more reluctant to let it go.

A tear suddenly rolled out of the corner of her eyes, and her long eyelashes were faintly moving, but they had never been opened.

The door outside opened, and a few staggered steps came, and then there was a faint, but very accustomed sigh.

"Aren't you going back?"

"Well, I'm not going back, I want to accompany her through these few days, the doctor said, these are the few days."

"You are so kind." The man walked over, and his voice was approaching.

"You know, her mother deliberately ran into your car, just to get that insurance. Death has nothing to do with you. Alas... it's all caused by poverty."

As he said, he glanced at the half-dead woman in the condition of illness, "You said, is she retribution? My mother doesn't want to be a cow or a horse for others, the family didn't treat her When someone has seen it."

"She was sick, waited on her, guarded her, smashed the pot and sold iron, and even exchanged her life for insurance. It's just that she didn't want a mother, but no one from the family that she was heartbroken came to see her, even more so. I haven't paid a penny for her medical expenses. What did you say she did?"

"Also..." The man shook his hand, "I have already got the insurance premium. You would rather carry a life on your back than you want to get this. Why?"

I don't know how long it has been stopped, or how long it has been quiet, finally a voice came faintly.

"This is her mother..."

And when he finished saying this, he didn't know that under the quilt, that clenched hand, and the pain from his body, wave after wave, without reason, without spirit, without faith, and without life. .

She also lost her mother...

Only the fresh-keeping report on her hand, she pressed her hand on it, tightly, never let go...

A lone grave, a stone tablet, fell in depression in the rain.

A black-clothed man walked over with an umbrella. He placed a bunch of flowers in his hand under the tombstone. Then I put my hand on the black and white photo, and only the photo can see that the skinny and skinny woman is the only one left. Zeng Jin is also in the Mood for Love, and Zeng Jin is also beautiful and youthful. The rest is also But it's just such a bleak tombstone.

"Finally, there is no need to suffer any more, no more pain, your mother is by your side, she will protect you, guard you, next life, you will still be mothers and daughters, but you have to treat her well, okay?"

Blowing in the wind, a bit of rain fell on his face, and he turned his face away, but there was nothing in front of him.

Only between the raindrops, the desolation that comes out of the rain, and the top of the tombstone, the harshness is also a cold name.

Liu Liang.

"Pretty, that's how your family called you, you must be very beautiful when you were young."

"You just cried for you when it rained, because the only person in this world who cried for you has gone one step before you."

People cannot come back to life when they die.

People die like a lamp.

Someone said: "In your life, you have to die three times. The first time, when your heart stops and your breathing disappears, then you are biologically declared dead; the second time, when you are buried, people wear black clothes to attend your meeting. Funeral, miss your life, and then you are declared dead in society; and the third death is the last person in the world who remembers you to forget you, so you truly die.

Who can remember you, who can remember you, and who can remember your name.

Only the soul faded, far away, and seemed to disappear...

(End of this chapter)

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