Chapter 916:Rebirth to 90s: the Heroine of the Salted Fish Quit Her Job

Job offer

Chapter 916 Begging

To be honest, she really doesn't have the ability to kill someone from the air, and she's a doctor, so she doesn't do things that kill people.

If she could, she would have killed Xu Jiajia long ago, and she wouldn't have been able to let her dance for so long.

"Uncle Wu, are people still outside?"

Liu Liang asked Old Wu.

Old Wu thought for a while, then nodded.

"Old Ling's temperament is similar to that of my master, he is stubborn."

If you don't reach your goal, you won't give up, so people should still be outside.

Well, Liu Liang agrees. On this point, Liu Liang also has a deep understanding. Huo Lao really just doesn't give up until the goal is achieved. Hanging tricks can be played out.

She had already seen it through.

So, that person is still waiting outside. If you don’t wait for one day, it will only take two days, and if you don’t have two days, then it will be three days. Anyway, it’s purely unpleasant.

"You let people in."

Liu Liang doesn't want to see that face all the time, she will have indigestion.


Old Wu hesitated, "What do you want him to do, do you want to block it?"

"Otherwise, let him stand outside and pretend to be pitiful. The weather in Xingning has been bad recently. If that person gets caught in the rain or something, but what happened at our door, will they care or not? If you don't carry the pot, you have to carry it."

"If you have something to solve it, if you have nothing to solve the person, so that he can get out."

Old Wu thinks about it, yes.

He hurried to the door and took Elder Ling in, but he was not very enthusiastic.

Elder Ling walked behind him tremblingly, his eyes also looking around from time to time, thinking to himself, this place is really a good place, as soon as I came in, I felt very comfortable all over my body, and there were green grass and green space all around. It is really rare to be able to see big trees one after another, and to find such a field in a busy city.

Suddenly, his pupils shrank, and he saw Liu Liang was carrying a big bucket. She lifted the bucket under a tree, also holding a water scoop to water the tree.

"Old Ling, can you walk faster?"

Lao Wu urged Ling Lao, what does it mean to take one step and stop three steps?

What is your relationship with Liu Liang, do you really have no idea in your heart?

"Sorry," Old Wu said, his face blushed, and his steps were faster.

Old Wu took him into a living room.

"Old Ling, you are here first, our master is asleep. When he wakes up, you can talk about it later."

Ling Lao moved his mouth, but in the end he didn't speak.

Actually, he really wanted to say that he was not here for Elder Ling, but for Liu Liang.

The person he wanted to see was outside, but he dared not move here.

was also restless. After waiting for more than an hour, Mr. Huo woke up. When Mr. Huo yawned and came out from the inside, when he saw Mr. Ling sitting outside, he almost didn't jump up.

"Why are you here?"

Elder Ling could only smile dryly.

"Old Wu, Lao Wu!"

Lao Lao Huo hurriedly called Lao Wu, Lao Wu ran out from the side, and with a hoot, he also stood in front of Huo Lao.

"Master, you have something to order."

Mr. Huo stretched out his finger and pointed at Mr. Ling.

"Can you tell me how this thing got here?"

Can he say that he was so scared just now?

Heart disease is to be scared out.

The old man who was called Dongxi Ling couldn't help but smile bitterly. Mr. Huo was really not polite to him at all. Of course, he had no affection. In fact, he had no relationship and no reason. What affection could he have?

It's not a relationship of iron. Besides, Mr. Huo has so many old friends, and he has less than one surname, just like him losing a hair. Anyway, he has a lot of hair now, and he is not afraid of losing one or two of them.

"This is Doctor Liu's decision."

Old Wu stood aside and answered quickly.

"Doctor Liu said that if there is something to solve the problem, if there is nothing to solve the problem."


Mr. Huo waved his hand, "Go and make me a pot of tea."

"Okay, sir, Old Wu knows."

"That's right," Mr. Huo walked over to the stone chair aside and sat down. "And then give him a cup of tap water. My tea is so precious, it's for friends, not enemies."

Such an ungrateful thing is not worthy of his tea.

Old Wu knew, and soon after, he actually brought a pot of tea and a cup of tap water from the water pipe.

What the lord says is what the lord says, what he does.

Mr. Huo poured himself a cup of tea and tasted it for himself. At this time, the scent of the tea could almost be smelled clearly. The water was ordinary water, but this tea was top-quality tea. , even if the water is ordinary, it will still be defeated by the scent of tea on this floor.

"What's your business?"

Mr. Huo has no time to waste with him here.

"I declare in advance that I have no obligation to help you. You'd better get out as soon as possible. Neither me nor her want to see you, nor any of your Ling family members."

"You also have to have some self-knowledge."

People obviously don't like it, so they have to rely on them, don't be so shameless, okay?

Old Ling held up the glass of tap water with trembling hands. He was hungry and thirsty, and tired, but there was nothing he could do.

The children and grandchildren in the family are not promising, and they are also very tired of the family, including his old man.

"Old Huo knew that someone suddenly started to feel pain, and it was the cause that was found out. What was the reason?"

"Because of illness."

Mr. Huo pouted lightly.


"Hospitals are all diseases that cannot be detected, either pretending to be neurotic, or what else could it be?"

Old Ling's hand suddenly shook, and he almost didn't drop the cup on the ground.

"You've secured Lao Tzu!"

Mr. Huo glanced over coldly, "Everything here is Liu Liang's, not mine. Although I say this cup will be thrown away for a while, I can't let you smash other people's things like this."

Old Ling received 10,000 points of damage again.

"Who is sick in your family?"

Huo Lao squinted at Ling Lao, this is an obvious thing, he really thinks he doesn't know, this old thing, it is impossible to come here, and he is a grandson in front of him, a dog, just to give him such an inexplicable sentence A total of seconds.

It must be someone in his family who is sick.

"My grandson..."

Old Ling touched his lips, his mouth trembled and his hands trembled.



"Ha ha…"

Lao Huo was stunned for a while, and then he sneered.

"It's really just retribution!"

Elder Ling sat, daring not to speak, nor to answer.


Mr. Huo suddenly seemed to understand something, "You don't think this has something to do with Liu Liang, do you?"

Mr. Ling raised his head and looked at Mr. Huo. Although he didn't answer, that's how his expression was expressed.

(end of this chapter)

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