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Shi Luo is the originator of sibling love, but unfortunately it ended in failure.

The former husband has changed from an obscure nationality to a famous actor. No one knows that they had a marriage and a son.

The son was tall and handsome, a famous school grass, but died on his twentieth birthday.

Shiluo used the rest of his life in exchange for wearing it back two years ago, transforming back to the age of eighteen, going to school with his son, and always preparing to protect his son.

Avoid the tragedy two years later.


Shi Yan Qi has always had a secret in his heart: Three men think it is his father, so sneaking is good for him.

Dad’s problem has not been solved yet. His mother is suddenly the same age as him, and she ran to be at the same table with Jane as his classmate? !

Shi Yan Qi: “…”

Although his mother often said that she has super powers, he always thought it was bragging.

Looking at the classmates next to him, he called the beauty to rush towards his mother, Shi Yan Qi: “Where is my knife?”

I think you are brothers, but you want to be my father!

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