Chapter 2377:Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2377

Chapter 2377: Father-In-Law

If he sent her to the military school, he would definitely have to take a plane and leave soon after. She didn’t want to see him working so hard.

Xia Jinyuan took the light luggage from her hand and smiled. “Although I don’t have enough leaves, I still have time to send my girlfriend back to school. Also, I received a call from my third brother just now. I have something to tell you. We’ll talk as we walk.”

Half an hour ago, the third son of the Xia family, who was in the research and development field, called and replied to what Xia Jinyuan had asked him to find out two days ago.

Ye Jian strode forward and caught up with him. She frowned slightly. “It’ll take a few hours to go back to the military school. What is it that we need to talk about for so many hours? Captain Xia, you need to rest now. I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

Toward the end, Ye Jian’s voice became especially serious.


“I still have three days of leave. Little Fox, as long as I have these three days off, I want to spend them accompanying you.” Xia Jinyuan tilted his head and said in a low voice, “We spend less time together, but I have time now. I just want to be with you. I want to see you more and talk to you more.”

His voice was a little heavy and helpless. Ye Jian didn’t say anything else.

“Me too…” she replied softly. Her words were so deep that Xia Jinyuan’s heart softened.

She missed him as much as he did her.

“Just like how you take care of yourself for me, I will take care of myself too.” After walking out of the new building, Xia Jinyuan quickly lowered his head and kissed Ye Jian’s cheek. “Don’t worry about my injury. After I send you back to school today, I’ll take a plane back to the capital city tonight.”

It was impossible for Ye Jian to leave the military school at night. Even if Xia Jinyuan was on leave, she could only return early.

Xia Jinyuan was persistent, so Ye Jian gave in. When she was about to get into the car, she pulled his finger lightly and pursed her lips. She said softly, “Send me to the airport. Don’t go to my school. The plane will return to the capital city at seven o’clock. There’s not enough time to send me to school.”

After sending her back to school, he had to return to the airport immediately. The bumpy journey was too tiring!

“Okay, I’ll listen to your arrangements this time.” Since she had already taken a huge step back, he naturally had to compromise as well. The relationship between the two of them didn’t have to be too rigid. Occasionally, they would give in to each other to make the other party feel more comfortable.

With his agreement, Ye Jian’s footsteps became lighter.

When they were in the car, Ye Jian realized that he wanted to talk to her about her father.

Ye Jian’s father, Fu Yusheng, was the chief engineer of a military base in the Northwest. Xia Jinyuan’s third brother was also at a military base in the Northwest. When he found out about this at Grandpa Fu’s house, he asked his third brother to ask around.

He received a call this morning and received the latest news.

“Your father and my third brother are in the same base. However, your father is the chief engineer in charge of another project. My brother doesn’t have much contact with your father. This time, I went to ask around and found out that your father isn’t in the base for the time being. As for where he went, my third brother doesn’t know either. The chief engineer’s whereabouts and movements are kept secret. Even his closest colleagues won’t know.”

Ye Jian’s expression turned a little stiff when she heard the latest news about her biological father. After a while, she said, “Really? Then the letter I wrote… probably won’t reach him so soon.”

“It depends on when Father-in-law comes back. My brother only knows that Father-in-law isn’t in the base. He doesn’t know when he left and when he’ll return to the base.”

Xia Jinyuan naturally changed his words. He called him father-in-law so naturally.

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