Chapter 2378:Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2378

Chapter 2378: Unsettled

Ye Jian, whose expression was a little stiff, couldn’t help but laugh when she heard that. She teased him, “Captain Xia, you really know how to curry favor. Don’t call him that so early on. What if your father-in-law doesn’t like it?”

“I’ve already passed the old man’s test. Father-in-law’s test will definitely be alright!” Xia Jinyuan was very confident. He didn’t expect that he would have to suffer so much after calling out to his future father-in-law so happily.

The smile on Ye Jian’s face got deeper.

He always placed so much importance on her matters. He would always think about her first and make arrangements for her. Captain Xia always made her extremely happy.


She placed the small bag on her lap and pulled Xia Jinyuan’s sleeve under the bag. The two of them exchanged glances. Xia Jinyuan smiled and reached out his hand to hold her hand.

He was just in a relationship. He was just holding hands with his girlfriend. There was no need to be so secretive.

Ye Jian was worried that the soldiers driving them to the airport would see them. Xia Jinyuan understood what she meant and let her be. As long as she was fine with it.

The soldier drove the two of them to the airport. After Xia Jinyuan reached the airport, he went to a small shop that sold local specialties and bought a notebook and a pen. Ye Jian didn’t know his intention until they boarded the plane.

The plane took off on time. Not long after they soared into the sky, Xia Jinyuan passed the notebook and pen to Ye Jian. He smiled and said, “Open it.”

The plane was filled with people. One of them was wearing a military uniform while the other was wearing a cadet’s uniform. Even though they were sitting together, they were still well-behaved. They had to be careful when they spoke. They couldn’t do anything to damage the image of a soldier.

Ye Jian smiled and took the notebook. She opened it and immediately closed it. She glared at him with her black eyes.

[I regret that I didn’t succeed last night.]

This sentence was written in the notebook. Ye Jian only glanced at it and the tips of her ears were already a little hot.

Her hand unconsciously touched her neck… Fortunately, it was early spring when she returned to the military school. She would be wearing the jacket distributed by the military school. If it were summer… she wouldn’t be able to cover the kiss marks.

When Xia Jinyuan saw this, a smile appeared on his handsome face. He took the notebook from her hand and passed it to her. “Look at it again.”

“Can I not look?” Ye Jian cleared her throat as she glanced at the passengers sitting on the other side of the aisle.

They occupied two seats in this row. Fortunately, there was no one beside them. If not, Ye Jian would have kept a serious expression and refused to chat with the man beside her.

Xia Jinyuan smiled and shook his head. “You have to.”

When she looked again, the corners of Ye Jian’s lips lifted uncontrollably.

[You’re so beautiful it makes my heart flutter.]

His handwriting was very stylish. When he wrote, his words were clear and sharp. There was a sense of openness. His handwriting was just like his character. It was all top-notch.

Ye Jian’s handwriting was quite beautiful too. She was a new talent. Every word was beautiful and sharp. She wrote: [Captain Xia, your figure is very good. It made my heart flutter. Unfortunately, your hands trembled at the crucial point and ruined the mood.]

‘You wanna mess with me? Then I’ll mess with you back!’

She finished writing seriously and passed the notebook over.

Xia Jinyuan opened it, and the smile in his deep eyes got deeper. She didn’t need to use her mouth as she could just use the pen… She was even bolder. She directly exposed his dark history.

The flight was three and a half hours long. For the entire three and a half hours, the two of them wrote down notes and communicated with each other. They didn’t do anything blatant. They teased each other and even sweet-talked each other. This was also a fun way for them to interact.

When they got off the plane, they had already used up half of the notebook

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