Chapter 1:Reborn Missy An Adorable Wife

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Rebirth in the Classroom

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A terrified voice sounded, shocking everyone.

“Gu Qingchen, what are you doing? This is a classroom, not a place for you to sleep. If you want to sleep, then sleep properly. Who told you to disturb the order of the classroom? Get out and stand in the corridor for punishment!”

It was a woman’s voice, which sounded a little familiar. Gu Qingchen took a few deep breaths and gradually felt the pain in her head weaken a lot.

She did not die?

She had clearly heard the researcher say that she was already dead, and the suffocating feeling of death was still vivid in her mind.

Gu Qingchen felt a splitting headache, and she grabbed her head hard.

“Why are you dawdling? Hurry up and get out of here!”

Suddenly, she felt a pain in her head. Something had smashed her head. Gu Qingchen slowly raised her head, and there was half-used chalk on the desk. It must be this object that has attacked her.

Gu Qingchen stared blankly at the chalk. Enduring the pain in her head, she slowly raised her head and looked at her surroundings. Then, she began to think quickly.

This… was clearly her first-year high school classroom. It was her high school homeroom teacher who had thrown the chalk at her.

Why was she here? What on earth had happened! Wasn’t she supposed to be in the laboratory?

Wasn’t she dead?

Gu Qingchen was still in a trance as she stood in the corridor. She could not tell if this was reality or an illusion. Everything here seemed so real, and she also felt pain.

After Gu Qingchen pinched herself for the eleventh time, she could confirm that she was really not dead. Or rather, she had been reborn after her death.

Then what was the situation now? What year had she been reborn to?

Gu Qingchen’s mind was a little confused, but she quickly sorted out her thoughts and her mind slowly cleared up.

Her father had gone bankrupt.

This should have happened two days ago, and she had felt a splitting headache just now because she had been hit by someone during class.

It seemed that she had not been dealt with after being hit on the head. When she returned to the classroom for her lesson, there was a problem with her brain, and she had accidentally died in class. Then, due to a strange combination of events, she had accidentally returned to her own body.

Gu Qingchen had never expected that she would actually return here again. For a moment, she had mixed feelings. Was she going to walk the same path again?


Since the heavens had given her a second chance, she would definitely not walk the same path. Her parents had not been forced to death. She wanted to defy the heavens and change her fate. She wanted to completely change her life!


The bell rang for the end of the class. The class had ended, and Gu Qingchen was still standing there.

“Oh, isn’t this the famous rich girl in our school? Why is she so pitiful, getting standing punishment? Isn’t she on good terms with the teachers? Which teacher would be willing to punish her? Hahaha!”

“Oh my God, don’t you know? I heard that her family went bankrupt. She’s not a rich girl now. Her family is in debt, and she’s even poorer than the poor!”

“Exactly. In the past, she abused her powers and acted like a tyrant in school because of her family’s wealth. Hmph, things have changed. The Gods have eyes.”

“Hehe, the throne of the school’s number one popular and beautiful girl should be replaced. Weiwei, I’ve always thought that you’re prettier than her. In the past, she relied on her family’s wealth to snatch the position of the school’s most popular and beautiful girl. Now, that disgusting woman has finally left and given up her position for the real girl.”

The girl called “Weiwei” was Gu Qingchen’s sworn enemy. Her name was Shi Wei, and she was also from a wealthy family. However, her family was not as rich as Gu Qingchen’s family, and she was not as beautiful as Gu Qingchen. Her studies were not as good as Gu Qingchen’s, and she had always regarded Gu Qingchen as her sworn enemy.

Of course, most people knew that there was another thing that Shi Wei hated Gu Qingchen the most. The boy she liked had already confessed to Gu Qingchen. Although Gu Qingchen had not agreed, she did not refuse either, Gu Qingchen also had a good impression of that boy.

In the past, all the glory revolved around Gu Qingchen. Now that Gu Qingchen’s father’s business had failed and her family was in decline, the happiest person was none other than Shi Wei.

The friends who used to follow Gu Qingchen all day long were now following Shi Wei and became her followers. In order to flatter Shi Wei, they would even laugh at Gu Qingchen together.

The injury on Gu Qingchen’s head today was also done by these people whom Shi Wei instructed. The Gu Qingchen in the past had never thought that these “friends” who usually cared for her would actually have such ugly faces under their masks.

If it was in the past, Gu Qingchen might still be sad about it. But now, Gu Qingchen was reborn. She had long experienced the coldness and warmth of the human world. No one could defeat her emotionally.

Shi Wei saw that Gu Qingchen was silent and was not angry because of their taunts. She looked indifferent, which made her very unhappy.

“Gu Qingchen, your family is bankrupt. Don’t be so shameless and pester An Ge. He has already promised to have dinner with me tonight. If you know what’s good for you, don’t bother us anymore. It’s best if you get out of our school. Just looking at you annoys me!”

Shi Wei stood there arrogantly like a queen. She looked at Gu Qingchen with disdain and ridicule, as well as feeling prideful.

The tides have turned. She could finally ride on Gu Qingchen’s back. This was her dream.

“Oh my God, is this true? Weiwei, you’re going on a date with the most popular and handsome guy in our school, An Ge? I’m so envious of you. Did An Ge confess to you?”

“Fortunately, our great handsome guy An Ge has good eyesight and didn’t choose that stray dog. He knows how to appreciate our Weiwei’s beauty!”

“Yeah, in my opinion, only Weiwei and An Ge are the best match in our school. Some people are just craving for something that they are not worthy of. Humph!”

These girls who were mocking Gu Qingchen behind her back were all Gu Qingchen’s former friends. When Gu Qingchen heard their words again, her heart didn’t waver at all, as if they were supposed to be like this.

Shi Wei was coaxed by the crowd that she laughed very hard. She looked at Gu Qingchen proudly. “Gu Qingchen, do you also think that An Ge and I are the best match?”

Gu Qingchen, who had been silent all this time, finally raised her head and looked at the arrogant Shi Wei with a cold smile on her lips. It was like fireworks in the dark, making people unable to look away.

Just as Shi Wei’s expression changed and was about to make trouble, Gu Qingchen curled her lips contemptuously and said meaningfully, “The two of you are indeed… a perfect match!”

That’s right, a perfect match, a pair of toads!

Before she went bankrupt, Gu Qingchen had always thought that An Ge truly liked her. However, she later found out that what An Ge liked was her family background and, of course, her beauty.

However, when she lost her strong family background despite having her beauty, everything became meaningless. At the same time, it allowed her to see the faces of many people clearly.

The world was so realistic!

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