Chapter 433:Reborn Missy An Adorable Wife

entered a New World (43)

Chapter 433: Chapter 433 entered a New World (43)

With Rong Yu’s ability, if they did not want too many people to know about it for the time being, they had the ability to do it.

Those who had attended the banquet before and had seen them and knew that they were married really did not dare to say anything to the outside world.

After all, they were all people of status and could be considered as people of high society. They were very clear about some of the rules of the game.

There were some minefields that they absolutely would not step on.

It was precisely because of this that the capital had not received any news for the time being.

The capital also did not know whether Rong Yu had already married or was married to a woman.

Otherwise, the capital would have been in chaos long ago.

“Young Master Du, you know that this matter can also be considered an accident. You have to keep your mouth shut to avoid being targeted by young master Rong.”

Tang Feng reminded him out of kindness. After all, young master Du was in frequent contact with people in the capital. It would be bad if one of them slipped up.

After all, they were all friends. He did not want to be targeted by Rong Yu because of this.

If it was in the past, Rong Yu might not do anything. But now, it was hard to say.

Who asked Rong Yu to have Gu Qingchen? After having Gu Qingchen, Rong Yu’s actions became even more overbearing.

If there was something wrong with him, it would be terrible.

Young Master Du was a little confused, but he only knew to nod. After he reacted for a while, he looked at Gu Qingchen in surprise, and his voice was even a little high-pitched.

“You… Ms. Gu, are you young master Rong’s wife? Young Master Rong?”

Gu Qingchen smiled awkwardly and nodded. “That’s right. Rong Yu and I are indeed married. We are husband and wife. It should be the Rong Yu that you know. He does have a sense of rejection towards women and also has a Germaphobe.”

She had to speak more clearly so that young master du would not still not understand.

Young master du took a few deep breaths again. He was probably digesting this news that was hard to digest.

Gu Qingchen and Tang Feng watched young master du in a daze. They could only eat first and wait for young master du to slowly recover.

By the time Young Master du reacted, Gu Qingchen and Tang Feng had almost finished eating.

“Uh… I didn’t expect that my cooking skills were so good, and you guys ate so quickly.”

Young master du looked at the half-empty dishes on the table and was a little surprised.

Tang Feng patted young master Du’s shoulder and said with a smile, “Wrong. It’s not that we ate too fast, but you were in a daze for too long. We were almost done eating, but you were still in a daze.”

Young master du subconsciously raised his hand to look at his watch. Only then did he realize that he had been in a daze for too long, so much so that he had forgotten the time.

Young master du could not help but laugh. “Sigh, it seems that I was really shocked by the news that you guys said. I actually forgot the time in a short period of time. I, young master Du, have always been a tight-lipped person. I’m much better than an unreliable person like you.”

“Yo! You’re actually insulting me. We’re full. If you don’t mind, the rest is yours.”

Tang Feng was indeed almost done eating. He rested his head on his hand, ready to watch young master du eat the rest.

Gu Qingchen knew what Tang Feng was thinking and was a little speechless.

Young master du did not care at all. He continued to hold his chopsticks and ate. He did not care at all. Gu Qingchen and Tang Feng had already eaten.

“Delicacies are not to be wasted.”

One could see that young master du was indeed very attentive to delicacies.

After hearing young master Du’s serious words, Tang Feng became much more serious and stopped joking.

“Oh right, during our time in city Y, how was the capital?”

Tang Feng and young master du began to chat while Gu Qingchen began to drink the tea that young master du had meticulously prepared. She listened as they talked about the matters in the capital.

Although she was currently in city Y, there would come a day when she would go to the capital with Rong Yu.

Therefore, it was time for her to listen to some news about the capital.

“The capital is still the same. It’s just that without you, many socialites are relieved. They are worried that their families will connect with you. Tell me about your character. Not a single decent lady will take a fancy to you.”


Gu Qingchen could not help but laugh when she heard that. She did not expect Tang Feng to be someone who could actually make all the socialites in the capital cower in fear.

Tang Feng was a little embarrassed to be mocked by Gu Qingchen. Although he could no longer pursue Gu Qingchen, in front of Gu Qingchen, Tang Feng would always pay more attention to his words and actions.

“Young master Du, don’t talk about nonsense. Those so-called socialites and ladies, only you guys like them. I Can’t stand those kind of women, boring!”

Young master du shook his head helplessly and smiled, “Why? Since when did Young Master Tang become shy? It’s rare. Oh, I know, I almost forgot, Ms. Gu is still here. Oh, no, it should be Mrs. Rong.”

Gu Qingchen was still not used to it, so she just said, “Young Master Du, just call me by my name. As long as you and I feel comfortable.”

Young master du smiled awkwardly and touched his nose. “That’s right. Then I’ll still call you ms. Gu.”

After all, it was hard for him to accept that Gu Qingchen was Rong Yu’s wife.

Therefore, it was a little awkward to call her “Mrs. Rong”.

Gu Qingchen nodded with a smile, indicating that she approved of this title.

“You guys continue. I also want to hear about what happened in the capital.”

Young Master Du was a little surprised, “You’re also interested in the capital?”

“Of course I’m interested. It’s the capital. People will always look forward to it.”

Young master du just shrugged his shoulders. “I grew up in the capital. To be honest, I’m actually looking forward to the outside world. The capital is really a boring place.”

Tang Feng looked at gu qingchen and said thoughtfully, “Little Qingchen, don’t tell me you’re interested in the capital too? Why? You’ve just established yourself in city Y, and now you want to go to the capital to develop?”

“I do have such thoughts.”Gu Qingchen did not hide it from Tang Feng. City y had never been her main goal.

City y was not enough to establish herself.

Young Master Du’s curiosity was immediately piqued, “So it turns out that ms. Gu’s background is not ordinary. I wonder what does Ms. Gu Do?”

Gu Qingchen took a sip of tea and said slowly, “Young master Du, you must be joking. I’m just from an ordinary family. I only have a small business of my own.”

“A small business?”Tang Feng screamed, “Young master Du, don’t really think that Little Qingchen is a small business owner. Let me tell you, this little qingchen is exactly the same as Rong Yu! A typical little fox.”

Young Master Du was stunned again when he heard that. He looked at Gu Qingchen with a different expression.

Same as Rong Yu?

This Gu Qingchen in front of him, was she really the same as Rong Yu?

No matter how he looked at her, he could not tell.

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