Chapter 434:Reborn Missy An Adorable Wife

entered a new world (44)

Chapter 434: Chapter 434 entered a new world (44)

Gu Qingchen raised her eyebrows and looked at Tang Feng with a smile. She said unhurriedly, “Fox? So Rong Yu is the image of a fox in your heart…”


Tang Feng suddenly felt a headache.

Just as he was about to say something nice to Rong Yu’s subordinates, Gu Qingchen continued, “As expected, young master Tang knows Rong Yu well. Your description… is quite appropriate. “Rong Yu is indeed like a fox. As for me… You know that those who are close to the Vermilion Bird will be red and those who are close to the ink will be black. I have more or less inherited some of Rong Yu’s habits. Sigh! “I didn’t want to do this either. It was all because of Rong Yu.”


Young master du really laughed this time. No wonder Tang Feng called Gu Qingchen a little fox. Don’t underestimate Gu Qingchen.

It had to be said that although he had just met Gu Qingchen, there was indeed a trace of Rong Yu on Gu Qingchen.

Tang Feng had a feeling that he had been tricked in the dark.

Initially, Rong Yu might not have any reaction when he heard what he said. But after hearing Gu Qingchen’s words, he probably had a big reaction.

Rong Yu would definitely not be willing to lay a hand on Gu Qingchen, then… the unlucky one would be him!

Oh My God! This Gu Qingchen was indeed a torturous little vixen!

She did not forget to dig a hole for him at all times. How could he be so stupid as to jump into it himself with a silly smile.


He must have done a lot of bad things in his previous life, so in this life, he let Rong Yu and Gu Qingchen, the two foxes, be his friends.

Young Master Du was also a person who knew how to read the atmosphere, so he quickly said, “By the way, didn’t Ms. Gu say that she wanted to hear about what happened in the capital? I say, Tang Feng, you’re also a friend. You’re too incompetent. I wonder what kind of things Ms. Gu wants to know?”

Gu qingchen casually said, “Whatever. I just had a sudden whim and wanted to hear about what happened there. I’m just curious.”

Young master du thought for a moment and then said, “Then may I ask, what line of work is Ms. Gu in now?”

“For the time being… other than a jewelry and jade shop, there is only the Gu Corporation. However, the GU Corporation has just been established, and for the time being, it only deals in land sales.”

Du blinked his eyes. To be honest, he did not like to stay in the capital because he was not talented in business and liked to cook delicious food.

Therefore, when he heard that Gu Qingchen had actually set up a corporation herself, he was really shocked.

However, this shock was nothing compared to hearing that Rong Yu was married to a woman.

“So it’s a business related to real estate. This is a promising business. However, it’s not that simple to come to the capital to do real estate business. The real estate business in the capital was basically controlled by those few companies. It would be difficult for outsiders to get a share. However, it is possible to get a share of the soup.”

Young master du spoke with words related to cooking and food.

Although young master du spoke very casually, Gu Qingchen listened very seriously.

“Oh? So, the real estate in the capital has been monopolized?”Gu Qingchen was a little curious. Of course, she had never thought that she would have to enter the real estate industry when she arrived in the capital.

In city Y, it was only because she happened to know about the YUANXI development zone that she gained the advantage. If she really entered the real estate industry, she might not gain the advantage when she arrived in the capital.

After all, she had never been to the capital before and did not know much about the real estate in the capital. Even if she could read minds, it might not be as smooth as it was in City Y.

Young master du thought that Gu Qingchen was really interested in the real estate industry in the capital, so he said, “Basically, you can say that. However, you are young master Rong’s wife. If you enter with this identity, it will be very easy.”

After all, the Rong Group was there, and Gu Qingchen had the powerful backing of the Rong Group. Let alone a real estate industry, no matter what industry it was, as long as the Rong group said a word, it would definitely be a green light.

However, what young master du did not know was that Gu Qingchen really did not want to use Rong Yu’s Rong Group. She wanted to rely more on herself.

If she really relied on Rong Yu for everything, why would she need to start her own business? She could just eat Rong Yu’s food and spend Rong Yu’s food. There was no need to work so hard to start her own business.

Therefore, Gu Qingchen did not plan to rely on Rong Yu from the beginning.

Tang Feng also knew about Gu Qingchen, especially when it came to Gu Qingchen starting a business. Tang Feng had seen it all. He was the clearest about it, “Hehe, young master Du, you’re Wrong!”! Although Little Qingchen was Rong Yu’s wife, it was not like what you thought. Her Gu Corporation was founded by Rong Yu’s power. One had to know that the current gu corporation was built by Little Qingchen. “Rong Yu and I have never interfered. “Let me tell you something. Not long ago, Little Qingchen’s family went bankrupt.”


“Didn’t rely on Rong Yu? Didn’t he start the Gu Corporation himself?

“Moreover, his family went bankrupt before?

“How did this Gu Qingchen do it? “Isn’t this too miraculous.

“Even a genius in business wouldn’t go from the daughter of a bankrupt family to the founder of a large corporation in such a short time!

Although Tang Feng’s words were often unreliable, there was no need to lie to him on such matters.

Young master du looked at Gu Qingchen and felt that this Gu Qingchen was too mysterious.

“Young master Du, you’re back! You’re staring at Rong Yu’s wife. Be careful not to let Rong Yu find out. You’ll be in big trouble.”

Tang Feng chuckled. Young master du came back to his senses and smiled, “You’re not even afraid of asking young master Rong’s wife out for dinner. What’s there to be afraid of?”


Gu Qingchen smiled unkindly and nodded repeatedly, agreeing with young master Du.

Tang Feng looked at Gu Qingchen with resentment in his eyes, “Sigh! You’re too heartless. I didn’t come to invite you for dinner because I was worried that you wouldn’t be able to live with yourself after Rong Yu left. How can you be so unkind! I’m heartbroken.”

Gu Qingchen thought for a moment and said, “Heartbroken? What has that got to do with you?”


Tang feng bet that Gu Qingchen must have done it on purpose, deliberately not understanding what he said.


Forget it, talking to this little fox gu Qingchen was really asking for trouble.

“So ms. Gu is so sensitive to business. No wonder she wants to go to the capital to try it out. It seems that we will meet again in the capital soon.”

Young master du sighed. He also knew that he would not stay in city y for long.

What a pity for this restaurant.

Gu Qingchen rolled her eyes and suddenly said, “Young master Du, forgive me for being presumptuous. If you return to the capital, I’m afraid this restaurant will not be able to continue operating, right?”

Young master du nodded, “It should not be able to continue operating. It’s just a pity that I’ve spent so much effort. I feel a little regretful.”

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