Chapter 435:Reborn Missy An Adorable Wife

entered a New World (45)

Chapter 435: Chapter 435 entered a New World (45)

Gu Qingchen’s eyes lit up as she already had her own plans.

“If young master du wants to return to the capital and can’t open this restaurant again, I wonder if you can transfer it to me?”

Young Master Du was stunned for a moment before he said, “You’re also interested in restaurants?”

Gu Qingchen shook her head and under young master Du’s puzzled gaze, she said, “I’m only interested in things that have a future.”

Young master du laughed when he heard that. This was a compliment to his restaurant. It had to be said that this kind of compliment, compared to other kinds of compliments, made him more convinced.

“I originally thought that this restaurant would be finished by then. I didn’t expect that Ms. Gu would be interested. In that case, I’ll have to trouble Ms. Gu then. But… I have a condition.”

Gu qingchen smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Ms. Du. I Won’t waste your hard work. The restaurant will be the same after you leave.”

It was obvious that Ms. Du had put a lot of effort into this restaurant. In fact, a restaurant was not very useful to Gu Qingchen.

However, she liked the style of the restaurant and the taste of the dishes. That was why she wanted to take over the place.

Young Master Du was stunned for a moment before he laughed out loud. “Alright. As expected of ms. Gu, you have the heart of an orchid. This restaurant can be considered as fulfilling a wish of mine.”

“Of course, if young master du is itching for a vacation one day, you are welcome to come over anytime for a few days.”

When young master du heard this, his entire being seemed to brighten up. This suggestion was really the best.

With the invitation of Gu Qingchen, Rong Yu’s wife, even if the family members were not willing to let him come over, he still had an excuse to use.

“In that case… I’ll thank Ms. Gu in advance. Ms. Gu has really helped me a lot. If Ms. Gu really wants to go to the capital in the future, I’ll definitely welcome you with both hands!”

Gu Qingchen smiled slightly. She did not expect that a casual decision could be exchanged for a favor from the four young masters of the capital.

Hehe, this deal was a sure win for her.

“Young master Du, you’re exaggerating. I’m just following my heart. I can also help a little. It’s a good deed. Why Not?”

Gu Qingchen’s words made young master du feel very comfortable. “Hehe, it seems that Ms. Gu is also a person of character. I, young master Du, have made this friend!”

He originally thought that he could sell Gu Qingchen a favor, but now it was Gu Qingchen who sold him a favor.

Hehe, he didn’t know how he got himself involved.

No wonder Tang Feng would say that Gu Qingchen was a replica of Rong Yu. Indeed, she was on par with Rong Yu.

For a moment, young master du couldn’t help but sigh. At the same time, he also figured out why Rong Yu, who had never been involved with women, suddenly got married.

This Gu Qingchen was indeed an extraordinary woman.

“Young master Du, how did you make this soup?”

Gu Qingchen felt that this soup was delicious and not greasy. It was also very nourishing, so she was a little curious about what kind of soup it was.

Young master du smiled mysteriously and said, “This soup… this is an ancestral skill. My grandmother taught it to my future wife.”


“I see, then I can’t ask too much.”Gu Qingchen did not intend to be young master du’s wife. She was just curious and asked casually. Since that was the case, she did not want to know.

Tang Feng laughed like a flower, “Yo! This lousy soup of yours is still passed down from your ancestors and your wife? I think you can apply for a patent.”

“Apply for a patent? Why Not! Maybe in the future, I will become famous because of this soup.”The two began to tease each other again.

Gu Qingchen did not speak anymore. It was not that she did not want to speak, but when she listened to the two of them just now, she had a flash of inspiration and had a new idea in her mind.


That’s right, it was a patent.

The joke between the two of them just now was a huge inspiration to Gu Qingchen

In this era, the importance of patents was not very high, and patents had not started to become popular. However, in the future, patents would definitely be a hot topic!

If she started to accumulate a large number of patents now, the technology industry in the future would really be her world.

One had to know that although the real estate industry had been very popular in recent years and had a very good momentum, once the housing supply was saturated, coupled with the macro-control of the national policy, it was only a matter of time before it would slowly calm down.

However, patents were different. As long as she had the patents of various technologies and technologies in her hands, she would be the biggest beneficiary in the coming full information age.

Gu Qingchen felt that this idea of hers might really work.

She was not an expert in business when she was alive. She could only rely on her own understanding of what would happen in the future to adjust her own strategy.

She was a pure businessman. Her ability and qualifications definitely could not compete with Rong Yu. However, once she started to accumulate patents and buy patents, her future and money path would be bright.

Most importantly, she wanted to set up a laboratory. This process would also involve some patents. She could totally take the initiative.

As long as she had a technical patent in her hands, if others wanted to use this technology, they would need to obtain authorization from her. To a certain extent, she could really control everything.

The more Gu Qingchen thought about it, the more excited she felt. It was as if she had suddenly found her way.

Tang Feng and young master du thought that Gu Qingchen was not talking and was listening attentively to what they were saying about the capital. But in reality, Gu Qingchen really did not listen to a single word they said.

“Little Qingchen, did you hear that? Hehe, if you go to the capital, you might have a competitor.”

Tang Feng suddenly said this, and Gu Qingchen was slightly stunned. Gu Qingchen did not hear a single word they said earlier, so she did not understand why Tang Feng would suddenly say these things.

“What? What competitor?”

Gu Qingchen asked in confusion, and the corner of Tang Feng’s eyes twitched a few times. “After a long time, you were in a daze, didn’t you hear what we said?”

Gu Qingchen smiled awkwardly. After all, she was the one who said that she wanted to hear more about the capital and let them talk more.

In the end, she didn’t hear a single word.

Cough Cough Cough!

Indeed… it was a little awkward.

“I was distracted. What were you guys talking about just now?”Gu Qingchen picked up the Teacup and took a sip of tea to cover up the awkwardness.

Tang Feng rolled his eyes and said that he would never repeat himself again. It was young master du who had the grace to repeat the topic again.

“We were talking about the most popular person in the capital recently. She came back from studying abroad. You are the daughter-in-law of the Rong family. Haven’t you heard of this person?”

Gu Qingchen shook her head, indicating that she had indeed not heard of him. Although she was the daughter-in-law of the Rong family, she really did not have much interaction with the Rong family.

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