Chapter 436:Reborn Missy An Adorable Wife

entered a new world (46)

Chapter 436: Chapter 436 entered a new world (46)

However, young master du did not know the relationship between Gu Qingchen and the Rong family. He only thought that Gu Qingchen was the daughter-in-law of the Rong family. She should know about this too.

“It’s Rong Yu’s sister. She came back from abroad.”

Rong Yu’s sister?

Where did Rong Yu’s sister come from?

Gu Qingchen really did not know about this. The Rong family was a big family with a large population. Gu Qingchen only knew a little about it.

However, she could hear that the “Sister”of Rong Yu that young master Du was talking about was definitely not someone from another branch.

Otherwise, they would not have talked about a sister from another branch. They would not even call someone from another branch Rong Yu’s sister.

Those who could be addressed as such could only be direct descendants.

However, among the direct descendants, Gu Qingchen indeed did not know that such a person existed in the Rong family.

Tang Feng knew the relationship between Gu Qingchen and the Rong family. Moreover, with Rong Yu’s character, he would not mention this elder sister.

“This elder sister of Rong Yu, in fact, can not be considered as Rong Yu’s elder sister. It is just a form of address, that’s all.”Tang Feng explained, but Gu Qingchen was even more confused.

“You can speak more clearly.”

Gu Qingchen looked at Tang Feng, waiting for Tang Feng to explain.

Whether it was a sister in name or in reality, as long as there was such a person, as Rong Yu’s wife, she needed to know.

Although the old master of the Rong family treated her very well and valued her very much, he would not have the time to talk to her about this kind of relationship within the family.

Furthermore, she was not on good terms with the women of the Rong family. Furthermore, Rong Yu himself was too lazy to mention the Rong family. Gu Qingchen was indeed not very clear about the exact relationship between the people of the Rong family.

Tang Feng Thought for a moment before he slowly spoke, “As for Rong Yu’s elder sister, she has nothing to do with the Rong family. Her identity is rather special. When she was very young, she was once adopted by Rong Yu’s mother for a very long time. It was only after Rong Yu’s mother passed away that her family found her and recognized her again. At that time, Rong Yu had just been born. Rong Yu’s sister was a grateful person, so she had always been very grateful to Rong Yu’s mother. Although Rong Yu also had a repulsive attitude towards this sister, because his mother had adopted her before, Rong Yu’s attitude towards her was still passable.”

The so-called passable was actually allowing outsiders to say that she was his sister. He was doing this for his mother’s sake.

As for the others, this sister was basically treated the same as other women.

Only then did gu Qingchen know that Rong Yu’s mother, Yuan Luoyu, had such a past.

“Then how old is this sister of his? What’s her name?”

Regardless of whether they were related by blood or not, Gu Qingchen still had to ask. Otherwise, as Rong Yu’s wife, she would really become a joke if she did not know about this family matter.

Tang Feng said, “She is six years older than Rong Yu. She should be around 26 or 27 this year. Her name is Lily.”


This name… was really a little vulgar!

Gu Qingchen really didn’t dare to compliment this name. It was really too vulgar.

Tang Feng also knew what Gu Qingchen’s expression meant. Actually, he also thought so.

“Actually, her name shouldn’t be called this. “It’s just that when Rong Yu’s mother adopted her, Lily bloomed very well that year, so she was given such a nickname. “Later on, the lilies’family found Lily and brought her home. When they wanted to change her name, Lily was adamant and insisted on calling her by this name.”

Of course, Tang Feng only found out about this after he grew up and heard about it from others.

However, it had to be said that although Lily’s name was unpleasant, her reputation in the industry was really good.

Just the fact that she did not change Rong Yu’s mother’s nickname made people think that she was a grateful girl.

In addition, Lily had always had a good reputation during her growth. Her reputation in the industry was indeed very good.

Later on, Lily went abroad and did not return to the country for a long time. Now that she suddenly returned, those people in the capital still remembered her. It showed her influence in the industry.

Gu Qingchen listened to Tang Feng and young master du talk about Lily. Gu Qingchen was a little curious about Lily.

According to Tang Feng and young master Du, Lily’s family background was not ordinary. She was also a powerful family in the capital.

“But then again, Lily has been abroad for many, many years. Why did she suddenly think of returning to the country?”

Tang Feng was also a little confused. If Lily had not suddenly returned, he would have forgotten about this person.

Young master du knew a little more than Tang Feng. After all, young master du had been in the capital for a long time and had not been in city y for long, so he would know more about the news in the capital.

“I heard that because of the marriage alliance, her family urgently summoned her back.”

Tang Feng laughed and said with contempt, “Marriage alliance? Haha, Big Families Love to do these disgusting things.”

It could be seen that Tang Feng was also disgusted by the marriage alliance.

Young master du also seemed to be a little emotional, “Being in a big family, there are many things that we can’t control. You and I are the same. “The others are the same. Our lives are superior, but at the same time, we have lost a lot of things. “Don’t look at how much fun you’re having now. One day, the Tang family will not let you continue playing like this.”

When young master du said “Playing”, he was naturally referring to the fact that Tang Feng kept changing women, while young master du had no choice but to choose his own career.

In the past, Gu Qingchen had envied those people from big families. Because their families were strong enough, they would not let their families suffer.

But now, it seemed that the people from the big families might not be happier than her.

No matter what, she and Rong Yu were not forced by the secular world. This was the most fortunate thing.

At the mention of this, Tang Feng was stunned. He took a deep look at Gu Qingchen and then looked away. He said, “I can play for a year, but I won’t be able to play for long anyway.”

Gu Qingchen rarely heard Tang Feng speak in such a self-despising tone. For a moment, she really did not know how to persuade him.

Perhaps there was no need to persuade him at all. There were some things that they already knew.

“Although I think this sentence is very pretentious, I still want to say that fate must always be in your own hands. You only need to be responsible for yourself in your life. Living has never been for others to see.”

Gu Qingchen only said what she was thinking. It was not that she hoped that these words would change them, but she wanted to tell them that there were many things that could be solved.

Anyway, if Rong Yu was in their situation, he would never compromise with others. He would use his own way to solve it and would never compromise himself.

To a certain extent, Gu Qingchen felt that she was very similar to Rong Yu in this aspect.

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