Chapter 437:Reborn Missy An Adorable Wife

entered a new world (47)

Chapter 437: Chapter 437 entered a new world (47)

In the next few days, Gu Qingchen was really busy. However, no matter how busy she was, she would still come to young master Du’s restaurant to eat.


The days without Rong Yu were really difficult. Fortunately, Young Master Du’s restaurant was not bad.

She realized that her appetite had been raised by young Master Rong. This was not a good sign.

In the next few days, Gu Qingchen tried to contact Rong Yu, but just like before, she could not get through to him.

Although Gu Qingchen was anxious, she was relieved when she found out about Rong Yu’s whereabouts from Tang Feng.

Therefore, during this period of time, Gu Qingchen focused almost all her attention on the GU Corporation.

Sure enough, just as Gu Qingchen expected, the Gu Corporation was very busy in the next few days.

Because there was already news that the policies of the Yuanxi Development Zone were about to be announced. When this news was announced, many companies started to make a move and looked for Gu Qingchen’s Gu Corporation.

To be honest, before this policy was announced, they really didn’t know much about the Gu Corporation. Because of the news of the policies, many people were anxious to go to the Yuanxi Development Zone to buy real estate first.

In the end, of course, they did not buy anything. Only then did they know that the land in the Yuanxi Development Zone had been bought by a group called the GU group.

Only then did they find the GU Group One after another. Only then did the GU group slowly enter the field of vision of some people in the industry.

And the three big companies that wanted to have a psychological battle with the GU group previously were now like ants on a hot pan, anxious beyond belief.

Luo Yu was still the one who interacted with them, but his attitude was different. After all, there were so many other companies that needed to be interacted with. Plus, Luo Yu deliberately ignored the three companies.

The three companies, Yuanshan Milk, Merrill Lynch, and Rishun Logistics, were now coming to the GU Corporation every day.

Their attitude was different now. Previously, because they were big companies in city Y, the representatives who came always had a sense of superiority.

It was precisely because of this that they were so certain. It was the GU Corporation’s honor for such a big company like theirs to do business with the GU Corporation.

However, they were really being too arrogant.

Now, they could finally feel the feeling of being ignored by others.

Because they came to the GU corporation every day, they naturally saw how many people came to the GU corporation every day.

Most importantly, when they saw those companies all sigh in relief and leave the GU Corporation, they knew that they had definitely come to an agreement, so they became even more anxious.

If this continued, the best location in the Yuanxi Development Zone would definitely be chosen.

Moreover, they had long heard that even Tang Feng of the Tang group had personally come to discuss the lease. Instantly, they were all dumbfounded.

One had to know that even the Tang group had made a move. This meant that the YUANXI development zone was really going to be popular. Otherwise, there was no need for such a large group like the Tang group to get involved.

Compared to them, the Tang Group definitely knew more about the inside story of the policy. Now, it was needless to mention how regretful they were. Back then, they clearly had a very good advantage and were the first to look for the GU group. In the end, they still hadn’t settled this matter.

They had definitely lost their advantage!

Actually, it wasn’t that Luo Yu had completely ignored these three companies. It was just that during this period of time, too many companies had come looking for him.

Almost everyone in the Gu Corporation was working overtime. Every day, they worked overtime until very late. He really didn’t have the time to deal with those three companies.

Since these three companies wanted to tug at each other’s throats, he would wait until he had the time.

Later, these three companies finally couldn’t take it anymore. They no longer sent representatives, but the person-in-charge of the company came.

The bosses of the three companies all came.

Because if they didn’t come, the three companies that were the first to receive the news might end up at the bottom.

Of course, they also understood that the GU corporation wasn’t as naive as they thought.

Even Young Master Tang of the Tang Group had come personally. After this news was spread, the three companies finally realized how stupid they had been.

They actually wanted to negotiate terms with the GU Corporation. They had really set themselves up.

When the three company’s bosses appeared, it was still Luo Yu who received them. Although the three company’s bosses felt that with their identities, the highest person in charge of the Gu Corporation should be the one to receive them.

However, Gu Qingchen really didn’t want to spend time comparing who was more famous. She also wanted to give Luo Yu a chance to train, so she let Luo Yu receive them.

Of course, the process wasn’t that smooth, but in the end, Luo Yu still settled these few people.

Luo Yu was relieved that these few big heads were settled. At the same time, he felt that his fighting spirit was even higher.

After a few days, basically, some of the major enterprises in city Y had signed contracts with the GU Corporation.

The Yuanxi Development Zone, which was originally not highly regarded, was suddenly in full swing.

This was because when Gu Qingchen had asked Xiangyang Wenqing and the others to take over the land, she had not asked them to carry out a second development on the land.

Therefore, after these companies rented the land, they had to carry out a second development on their own.

“Qingchen, I finally know why you didn’t let us touch the land in the Yuanxi development zone back then.”

Xiang Yang had been following Gu Qingchen. Although he knew that Gu Qingchen wanted to lease the land, he didn’t think about the details.

Now, he finally understood. They thought that after they understood gu Qingchen’s intention, they didn’t really understand.

But now, he understood.

These companies that rented land would need a lot of capital to carry out their second development. With such a huge investment, they would have to consider the cost of changing locations in the future.

Therefore, even if the Gu Corporation raised the rent in the future, those companies could only endure it.

Basically, the GU Corporation had tied them down. In the future, it was up to the Gu Corporation to do whatever they wanted.

It was so high!

It was really too high!

Gu Qingchen smiled. “Do you understand? It’s not too late.”

Xiang Yang’s smile was dazzling. He finally had a feeling that the GU corporation was on the right track and was about to enter the people’s field of vision.

“Qingchen, the major companies in city Y have all come to cooperate with us. The remaining companies will probably gradually come to us as well. “Although our YUANXI development zone is doing very well, what should we do next?”

Xiang Yang was still a very forward-looking person. He had considered that the YUANXI development zone was only one of their projects. Gu Qingchen had not given them a big direction for the position of the Gu Corporation yet.

If it was before, Gu Qingchen might have considered real estate, but now, she had a new idea.

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