Chapter 1:Reborn Wife Is Invincible

【001】 Rebirth ten years ago

When Luo You woke up, she felt an abnormal pain in her head. The feeling of a hangover made her familiar and disgusted, but besides the feeling of hangover, there seemed to be something more. Luo You wanted to get up, but I found myself weak and painful when moving, and opened my eyes laboriously, only to realize that this place was not a place I knew well.

Luo You was stunned for a moment, seeming to be thinking about where exactly it was, but even after showing a very stunned look, she clearly remembered that she was thrown down from the 88-story Jinghua Building. Could it be that I'm not dead yet?

Eighty-eight floors? Luo You couldn't help chanting this number in her heart. If she fell down from such a high building and didn't die, she really felt that she was a bit inhuman.

"Sister Xiaoyou, you finally woke up. Is there any discomfort? Do you need to find a doctor to show you?" Just when Luo You was shocked, a somewhat familiar but strange female voice sounded, Luo You turned his eyes , The stunned expression instantly became gloomy.

"You dare to appear in front of me, you..." Luo You's icy voice stopped abruptly, and the gloomy expression became weird, looking at the woman or girl in front of him incredibly.

"Sister Xiaoyou, what are you talking about? What's wrong with you? Is it uncomfortable? Don't worry. The doctor said that you just fractured your left leg. You can recover after a few months of training. There will be no sequelae. "The girl comforted, the concern in her tone was still very obvious, but Luo You's words made her feel extremely ironic!

Luo You did not deny that Xu Qiong at this time might really care about her, but after ten years, Xu Qiong's vicious face made her unable to accept Xu Qiong's care at this time!

Seeing Xu Qiongbi's impression of a lot of immature appearance, recalling this familiar scene, Luo You finally discovered the weird situation at this time, ten years, she once had a show about ten years ago is not too much In a serious car accident, her left leg was fractured, and the first thing she saw when she woke up was Xu Qiong, and she had been taking care of her for a long time. It was also because of this situation that she gradually accepted Xu Qiong as a friend. Xu Qiong was with her fiance behind her back, and conspired with that ** man to deal with her, she was shocked, she really had no eyes to make such a so-called good friend!

If it weren't for the reason, Luo You could not wait to take a knife to kill Xu Qiong in front of her, but she also knew that there were more important things to understand at this moment.

"What's the date today?" Luo You tried his best to make his tone look normal, coldly carrying a tinge of queen fan, proud, noble, dazzling, even lying on a hospital bed, it was very stressful. A sense of strength.

Xu Qiong stepped back slightly unchecked, and then said flatteringly: "Why don't you remember, yesterday was your birthday, and today is November 23rd. Yesterday you drank so much alcohol and had to drive by yourself. It really scared us all to death. Fortunately, nothing major happened, otherwise Xiaofeng would be worried to death."

Hearing the three words of Brother Xiaofeng, Luo You's expression became ugly again, and the look of resentment in her eyes almost couldn't help but want to come out. Fortunately, she always knew how to control her emotions, but she only gave a faint answer. .

Luo You was very cold on the surface, and Xu Qiong didn’t have too much doubt. Luo You, the little princess of the Luo family, was always like this. She was arrogant, indifferent, domineering, and powerful. Everyone regarded her as a princess. In general, I would dare to say more, but in fact, at this moment, Luo You's heart was very uneasy. She remembered that the car accident happened ten years ago on her birthday, exactly the same scene, carefully After thinking about it, Luo You couldn't help but guess a very surprising conclusion!

She died, but she didn't die, because she didn't know why, she went back to the time when she made herself love and hate ten years ago, when everything just started!

"Sister Xiaoyou, are you okay? Are there any discomforts, are you hungry, I'll buy you something to eat?" Xu Qiong asked with some anxiety when Luo You didn't speak, although his tone was as concerned as possible. But Luo You, who had lived for the first time, could hear the flattery.

It turns out that my so-called good friend is nothing more than a person who tends to be inferior to the flames. It is really sad that I feel that Xu Qiong is innocent and has misread it for so many years.

"It's okay, you go back." Luo You wanted revenge. She didn't forget the words she had said before her death, but at this moment she really felt very tired, her head hurt and her whole body hurt, she just died and was reborn. , Everything is still a bit confused, the most she should do is to calm down and think about it.

"Sister Xiaoyou, this is your mobile phone. I originally wanted to contact your family, but there is a password on the mobile phone, and I can’t get it. Or I’ll just wait for your family to come and leave. You hurt your leg. It’s inconvenient to move, so I can accompany you." Xu Qiong took the mobile phone placed aside and handed it to Luo You, with a somewhat flattering expression.

"No, I'll contact you. Go, don't disturb me to rest." Luo You took the phone but didn't mean to call. On the contrary, his tone became colder. The eyes looking at Xu Qiong were also extremely cold, making Xu Qiong completely cold. I didn't dare to say more, said a farewell word, and left in a hurry. After walking a long way out of the ward, I dared to breathe presumptuously.

Even if it was Luo You who was only fifteen years ago ten years ago, the queen's aura and noble aura on his body is not comparable to ordinary people, let alone the twenty-five-year-old Luo You, when there was no betrayal. Before the incident, Luo You was a well-deserved queen of the capital, and she was unparalleled in her grace.

The Luo family is a big family, four generations are in the same house, and both military, political, business and black are involved. Luo You is a well- deserved daughter of the family. There are less than ten daughters in China who can be compared with her. In the upper circle, Luo You’s generation is , Even people who are a few years older than her will respect her as a little sister, Luo You's identity is there, and other people are not allowed to bow their heads.

After Xu Qiong left, Luo You did not contact her family, but thought about it while playing with her mobile phone. The date display on the mobile phone confirmed her speculation. She really went back ten years ago. This fact makes Luo You somewhat Doubts are also a little confused, but more of them are excitement. She was not a quiet child and her temper was not very good. People who offended her would not end well again, let alone make her so miserable. People, she will never let it go!

Luo You thought of what she had experienced in the year before her death, the betrayal of his fiance Zheng Yifeng and his good friend Xu Qiong, the family power was suppressed and was in danger, and none of the surrounding group of friends was willing to lend a helping hand, and some of her personal news was even more true. She was maliciously discredited. In her previous life, she has been in the entertainment industry. She has a family background, looks and strength. It was a smooth journey, even in the international community, but she was also a little famous, but in the end she was battered by various scandals. It was the ** Zheng Yifeng who personally pushed down the Jinghua Building. Everything made her resent, but thinking of the scene before her death, she also inevitably thought of that man again, and that jumped down with her. Man.

Ye Yuchen, a man who had been disgusted by her for more than ten years in her previous life, and even a man who had been disgusted by her, a man who had been bullied, abused, or even suppressed by her, although he was also behind the famous circle in the circle, but Being bullied by her was terrible. She even publicly threatened many times that Ye Yuchen would not be allowed to appear wherever she appeared, and because of her relationship, Ye Yuchen had few friends in the circle, and everyone was very Repelling him made him live a miserable life that was not good.

As for why she treats Ye Yuchen like this, even if she wants to come now, Luo You still feels that what she did is not too much, because this man is really different!

The Luo family and the Ye family are family friends. After all, the circle is so big, you can't see you when you look down, the adults are about the same status, and the children are about the same age, so naturally they will be together, and although she and Ye Yuchen are two years apart, But since elementary school they are classmates!

Luo You is very smart, but he has no plans to skip a grade. The reason for his classmates is Ye Yuchen's problem. Luo You is two years older than Luo You, but he has been waiting for Luo You. During the six years in elementary school, he was with Luo. You are inseparable from each other, and it is simply Luo You's personal assistant.

Luo You was actually quite satisfied with this little follower at the time. His family background was comparable to her, and she looked very handsome. Although she was repeating grades, she was smart and unlike ordinary human beings. Even the junior high school courses were in self-study, and on weekdays She was very considerate and thoughtful. She helped her with her schoolbag, helped her with her homework, cleaned her and helped her prepare lunch, and did everything for her, which made her very satisfied. The parents on both sides even He also jokingly called them childhood sweethearts, and almost got them a baby kiss!

However, this situation suddenly changed one day. It was when she was in the second year of junior high. She and Ye Yuchen were still classmates, and they were still at the same table. Even though she was only over a dozen years old at that time, It is already recognized as a school flower. Many male classmates have sent her love letters. Naturally, she will not accept these unsightly male students, but she will not refuse to be too ugly. She just walks indifferently and proudly, never Take this kind of thing to heart.

But she didn't care doesn't mean that others didn't care. Without her knowledge, Ye Yuchen did a lot of things quietly, especially in the second year of the junior high school, when she was hit on the spot...


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