Chapter 2:Reborn Wife Is Invincible

【002】 Little Forest Story

It happened in a small wood on the campus. This small wood can be said to be a three-no matter area on the campus. You can smoke, drink, fight, and fall in love. Anything that crosses the line can happen here, as long as it is not excessive, on campus. No one will take care of it. Luo You doesn’t like this kind of place very much. She has a mild habit of cleanliness. She is physically and mentally. She doesn’t like a messy environment. She hates tobacco and alcohol. So I have almost never passed through this woods in the future.

However, when many things have accidents, Luo You didn't mean to approach the small woods at the time. Originally, she was going to go home straight after school, and the younger classmate Ye Yuchen kept sending her up to pick her up. In the car, but not long after the car drove, Luo You found that she had left her mobile phone in the classroom. At that time, she decided to go back to get it. When she got her phone back and wanted to go home, she suddenly saw Ye Meteorite led a group of people towards the direction of the small forest.

Luo You is obsessed with cleanliness, so even the little servant Ye Yuchen is also a bit clean. Drinking and smoking are naturally not allowed. Even fighting is also restricted by Luo You, so Luo You was very angry and followed. She thought Look at what this little follower who has always been obedient has done behind her back!

She stood behind a tree and saw clearly what Ye Yuchen had said and done. Ye Yuchen led a group of people around a boy who looked familiar, who was a classmate from the next class. the reason is familiar because she had recently took over from the hands of a love letter to the boys, while the leaves fall from the sky minister makes first students this beating, only cold tone, talking about the threat of words.

"Luo You is not something you can like, and you are not worthy to write a love letter to her. If I find out that you have any wishful thinking you shouldn't have, I must regret letting you go to school here!"

Luo You had never seen Ye Yuchen's so cold and cold side. The first thing she felt at the time was that she had been cheated, and then she was extremely angry. She had always regarded Ye Yuchen as her little follower, well-behaved and sensible. Thoughtful, but now this little attendant dared to do such a thing behind her back, threatening to beat her suitor, why did he do this?

Luo You stopped Ye Yuchen who was about to leave. Under Ye Yuchen's somewhat alarmed gaze, he raised his hand and slapped Ye Yuchen, and then said in a very cold tone: "Why do you care about me? Do you like me too? Do you think he is unworthy? Are you worthy? What kind of thing are you, an illegitimate child, if it weren't for me to allow you to follow me, you wouldn't even be worthy of giving me shoes!"

Luo You is arrogant and pampered. Since she was a child, no one dared to violate her wishes, nor was she seen in her eyes. In addition to her extraordinary family background and appearance that no one can match, she also has an IQ beyond ordinary people, although It may be an exaggeration to say that she is not forgetting, but since she was young, she was the first in any test, so she also has enough proud capital, so she did not put anyone in the eyes, even Ye Yuchen is also like this!

In fact, thinking about it now, I was really naive at that time. How great is she. She can easily learn anything and get three or four degrees easily, but she still can’t see through people’s hearts and sincerely serves her. Good people have been scolded by her for more than ten years, and those who calculated her have been kept by her, which is really sad.

What happened in Xiaoshulin made Luo You very angry, but this was not the reason why Luo You regarded Ye Yuchen as a pervert. When she scolded Ye Yuchen at the time, she felt a little ugly. She thought that Ye Yuchen would be angry too. But he did not expect that the man's first reaction turned out to be an apology. "Sorry, I was wrong, if you don’t like me doing this, I will never do it again, I swear, don’t be angry, okay, I will never do it again Will do it!"

Luo You still remembers Ye Yuchen's panic and begging look at the time. If it were now, she might still feel a little touched. After all, after so many things, she also learned to cherish and be touched, but at the time she only felt this The man is very spineless, even faintly disdainful, after all, there were too many flattering people at that time.

Luo You was disdainful in his heart, and his expression became more arrogant. When he raised his hand, he slapped Ye Yuchen's face with another slap, and then turned to leave. In fact, she was not that angry anymore. Maybe she will forgive Ye Yuchen in a few days. After all, this little sergeant still makes her more satisfied, but the development of the matter makes the relationship between Luo You and Ye Yuchen go a different way!

Ye Yuchen thought that Luo You was going to leave, and maybe even thought that Luo You would never forgive himself again. He didn't care much in the panic. He stretched out his hand and went to La Luoyou's wrist. Luo You didn't stand still after the accident. When he was about to fall, Ye Yuchen reflexively hugged Luo You in his arms, but the result was that the two fell to the ground together, with Ye Yuchen down and Luo You up.

Luo You was very annoyed on the spot, and struggled reflexively. In the process of struggling, Luo You suddenly discovered something that disgusted her at the time. The man lying under her had something wrong with it. 'S reaction, and this kind of touch was the existence that Luo You hated the most at the time!

"Ye Yuchen, you deserve to die!" Luo You was so furious that he slapped him while speaking. Ye Yuchen's face turned pale on the spot, and he stayed where he was, unspeakably embarrassed. .

Luo You has learned some boxing skills since he was a child, and this slap is even more powerful. Ye Yuchen was a little confused when he was beaten, but more of it was a flustered mood. Watching Luo You leave, Ye The meteorite wanted to stay, but was overwhelmed by Luo You's absolute breath.

And the next day after that incident, Luo You rushed Ye Yuchen from his position to the corner of the classroom in front of all the classmates, and said arrogantly, if Ye Yuchen didn’t want to sit in the corner. Just get out of this class.

Afterwards, Ye Yuchen also wanted to explain, and I found her several times, but every time she was either beaten or scolded by her. The attack became heavier and heavier and the scolding him became more and more uglier, without giving Ye Yuchen any explanation. Ye Yuchen gradually fell silent, only looking at her from a distance.

In the following ten years, Luo You did not forgive Ye Yuchen. Every time he mentioned that Ye Yuchen was replaced by a bastard, he completely expelled Ye Yuchen from her circle until an accident happened to the Luo family. She faced the man's existence again.


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