Chapter 81:Reborn Wife Is Invincible

【081】 I'm back

Li Wencheng was a little entangled. He had met many people, strong, vicious, decisive, modest and prudent, but Luo You seemed to be not such a person. It was the first time he met to solicit in such a frank to excessive tone. Human, is this regarded as a high regard for him, or is it a threat that makes him have to compromise?

Li Wencheng thought for a while, and thought maybe there were both.

Li Wencheng, who sent Luo You away, considered it for a long time before returning home. The house was completely empty. The state of the family has been like this since he resigned. He wanted to do some real estate business, but found that just having people is not enough. The lack of funds is one thing. This kind of misfortune, the loans that can be made through contacts are simply a drop in the bucket. If you want a large amount of money, the only thing he can do is loan sharks, but that is also the path he least wants to go. Success is naturally happy, but failure is The disaster is over.

Li Wencheng has been hesitating all the time, the pressure from all parties, the incomprehension of his wife and family, and the confusion about the future. Li Wencheng has not never had the idea of ​​giving up, but he has been stumbling and holding on to the present, and then Luo You appeared.

After three days of thinking about it, he had to decide what his future would be like, whether to take a bright road or face failure again. Li Wencheng couldn't be sure, but his heart was confused.

Regardless of all factors, Luo You’s appearance can be regarded as a help in the snow. As long as he seizes this opportunity, he will be able to get rid of the current predicament. Although he has deviated from the originally set course, the original road is almost a dead end. , Even if you persisted, there might not be any turning point, and Luo You appeared at this time, even if Li Wencheng struggled again, it seemed that he had no choice to refuse.

consider? It is not so much a consideration, as a memorial service, to pay homage to my rare courage and to compromise with reality!

Three days later, Luo You received a call from Li Wencheng. Li Wencheng, who had made a choice, became decisive. He sold himself to Luo You in a few words, but he had to say that he also found one for himself that countless people envied. s future.

Luo You, who had dealt with Fan Nana and Li Wencheng, also found Ye Chengze. In a gloomy prison in Beijing, Luo You took Xiao Xiao and waited for Ye Chengze to appear.

"Who are you?" Ye Chengze's voice was hoarse, full of doubts and vigilance, with a trace of bruise and decadence on his face, and the whole person didn't seem to have any anger. This was a somewhat unnatural person who was obviously tortured by reality. People.

"Luo You, Luo Xuebin is my father." At this time, when he reported his family background, Luo You was obviously not to show off, but to make Ye Chengze feel at ease.

Although Ye Chengze tried his best to conceal his surprise, the flickering of his eyes still showed that he was not at peace. He naturally knew who Ye Chengze was, but what did this Miss Luo come here for? He can't remember what connection he has with the Luo family.

"What's the matter with you?" Ye Chengze's attitude became respectful, but the doubt and caution in his tone remained undiminished.

Luo You didn't answer Ye Chengze immediately, but teased the small gold coin in his arms with his fingers. Coming to such a gloomy place to stay with the gold coin is also a way to let the gold coin feel the different atmosphere, and it is an experience of life.

Luo You's movements were very random, but it was precisely this kind of random movements that gave Ye Chengze a lot of psychological pressure, as if in an instant, the girl in front of him became unpredictable.

Ye Chengze's heart was a little touched, but I won't move if the enemy didn't move. Ye Chengze told himself to wait patiently too. He didn't think that his city mansion could not be compared to a little girl!

Luo You smiled lightly, looked extra warm in this somewhat gloomy reception room, and slowly opened his mouth: "Help me do things, I just lack a legal adviser by my side."

Ye Chengze smiled, that kind of hoarse and self-deprecating smile, "Miss Luo, what a joke, the Luo family needs someone to get me, but I am a prisoner who can't even save myself, so don't you Just kidding."

"Do you think I am here to joking with you?" Luo You looked at Ye Chengze, and saw Ye Chengze's smile gradually disappear, showing a solemn face.

"I don't think I have the honor to let you come here all the way to see me, even if you are not a joke, but I am like this, do you think I am suitable?" He is a criminal, legal counsel? What an ironic title!

Luo You raised his eyebrows slightly, and suddenly there was a touch of domineering in the indifferent breath, "Are you looking down on me? You can't even get it out, what am I doing here!"

Ye Chengze shook his whole body and suddenly realized a key issue. Since Luo You came to find himself now, he probably didn't want to wait for him to go out before doing things for her. Therefore, Luo You meant...

"Can you get me out?" Ye Chengze's tone was obviously joyful. I would like to ask which normal person would like to stay in jail again. This place is really not a place for people to stay, especially when Ye Tianfeng let people take special care of him. Under the circumstances, there is almost no intact place in his whole body.

Luo You smiled and said nothing. Ye Chengze is a character who is both righteous and evil. If he uses it well, it is a sharp sword that can be used to fight on the battlefield, but if it is not well used, it is very useful. It may cut herself. Although Luo You is very optimistic about Ye Chengze's ability, he does not trust this person much, at least for now, but trust this kind of thing also takes time to accumulate, and she is willing to give him a chance.

"What do you need me to do?" Luo You's expression made Ye Chengze also understand a lot, and the questions asked were more direct.

"I've already answered this question." Luo You didn't mind the man's overly cautious attitude. If a lawyer doesn't even have a cautious character, then he doesn't have to do it.

But such a simple answer made Ye Chengze frowned, and said with some uncertainty: "If it is just a simple legal adviser, I think there will be many more suitable people than me. You should know that if you hire me, you may give You have caused a lot of trouble."

Although he is a member of the Ye Family, the Ye Family is actually his enemy. Ye Tianfeng, a narrow-minded and very sinister man, will definitely not let him go!

"Mr. Ye, if you can, I hope you stop talking nonsense, agree or disagree, just say it." Well, Luo You's patience announced that she has run out. She doesn't like this shady place, and she doesn't like small gold coins. Otherwise, it won't be awkward, I will nest in my arms.

After a short silence, Ye Chengze had to accept the result. This is the ** on earth. If he can escape from here, what else does he have to hesitate? He should be thankful that the girl in front of him chose himself.

"You are welcome to join my team. In three days, someone will come and take you away."

At this point, Fan Nana, Li Wencheng, and Ye Chengze all agreed to join Luo You's team, and the company Luo You founded also had its first team.

Youshi Real Estate Development Company, this is the name Luo You gave to his business group. Luo You put out 100 million yuan as the initial capital, and then handed over all the procedures to his subordinates to handle. Yuan Si took Gu Zheng Qi, together with Li Wencheng, Fan Nana, and Ye Chengze, the five people formed a core team, and under the leadership of Luo You, they worked together for Luo You’s business empire.

Registering, opening an account, going through various procedures, recruiting staff, renting office space, formulating the company’s articles of association, and a few busy people, Luo You even transferred the improper guards to help, and even Li Angyu was pulled into labor. , And became a member of You Family without any choice.

Among them, Luo You still took advantage of some family forces to handle the procedures, but it was not too troublesome. He borrowed his father’s secretary for a few days, swiped his face cards at various gates, and then went all the way unimpeded and very quickly. Go through various procedures.

As for the problem of renting office space, Luo You approached his uncle Su Le. As the president of a large group, Su Le has a very wide network of contacts. After a few phone calls, Luo You found several suitable places. Luo You finally chose an office building located on the second ring road. The overall floor is as high as 28 floors, of which the 15th to 17th floors are just for rent. Luo You rented it out for his company as an office space, but this It is also temporary. Luo You also thinks about the future expansion of the company and the increase in staff. The three-story office space is obviously not enough. Moreover, Luo You also likes to own his own place, so naturally he wants to own a building entirely his own. Come to work.

As for the recruitment of personnel, it is the most troublesome and the most critical of various issues. Luo You did not give too much advice this time, but let Yuansi, Li Wencheng and others do it. Luo You, as a leader, It's definitely not the kind of hands-on type, otherwise she won't be exhausted.

At the same time that Luoyou's real estate company was in the preparation stage, two pieces of news suddenly broke out in the entertainment circle.

The first is that the popular young king Han Leyang is a club member, suspected of a wealthy daughter!

The second is that the popular singer Zhao Jiayi was dumped after taking drugs and was brutally beaten by her boyfriend!

Luo You doesn’t read newspapers, but he reads some news on the Internet. These two pieces of news almost came together to become the front page news of major media, especially the second piece. The miserable experience of Zhao Jiayi has caused many parties. public opinion.

After Luo You read the two pieces of news, the first one didn't take care of him at all, and for the second piece of news about Zhao Jiayi, he only used four words to evaluate his own evil consequences!

Regardless of whether Zhao Jiayi takes drugs voluntarily or not, but mixing with men like Zheng Yifeng, you should expect what the end will be!

Luo You looked at Zheng Yifeng’s skinny look in the photo, with a cold smile on his face. This man was dying step by step. What she wanted to do was just waiting, but now she sees such news being exposed. , Luo You had a different idea.

Journalists are called uncrowned kings naturally. The various effects that the media can cause cannot be ignored. However, the media is also in the hands of some people, just like the current news, although the newspaper is a newspaper, However, Zheng Yifeng's face has been dealt with a little vaguely, and the content of Zheng Yifeng in the report is only a simple sentence, it is suspected to be a child of the rich family, but the rest is not revealed at all. Are the reporters unable to dig it out? Obviously not, but someone suppressed the news!

What Luo You had to do at this time was to fully expose Zheng Yifeng's identity! The main reason why Zheng Yifeng betrayed her in the previous life was due to family factors. The Zheng family and several other families wanted to carve up the Luo family. This was the result of a series of follow-up events. Luo You wanted to retaliate against Zheng Yifeng, the early bird. It was just the first step. She wanted the entire Zheng family to pay the price for her stupid actions!

The day after the news of Zheng Yifeng and Zhao Jiayi was reported, a post went viral on the Internet again. The top photo shows Zheng Yifeng’s face with sallow eyes and sunken eyes. Below the picture, about Zheng Yifeng and the Zheng family. This introduction is more than 7,000 words, especially the process of Zheng Yifeng's drug use, which uses a lot of pen and ink to describe.

Zheng Yifeng was on fire right now. The focus of the incident was not on him, but this time it was almost all the media running after him. Zheng Yifeng was so frightened that he did not dare to go out and kept hiding in the Zheng family mansion. The entire Zheng family fell into a heavy atmosphere because of Zheng Yifeng.

Drug abuse by the family’s children is definitely an obscure thing for the big family. It is a stain on the entire family, and especially for Zheng Yifeng himself, it is a dark history that cannot be washed away. It may directly affect Zheng Yifeng’s future development. Anyone who wants to join the army and politics will have problems. For a big family like the Zheng family, it is simply intolerable.

Zheng Yifeng was punished to kneel by his mother in the study. He knelt for a whole day. When he was a drug addict, he was more uncomfortable than death. Everything in the study was smashed. Zheng Yifeng's mother wanted to move forward. However, Zheng Yifeng vigorously pushed to the corner to persuade him. Later, bodyguards rushed in to subdue Zheng Yifeng, which saved Zheng Yifeng from going crazy.

But Zheng Yifeng, who is a drug addict, still doesn't stop even if he is tied up. At first, he yelled and then pretended to be pitiful for mercy, but found that these were useless, and the Zheng family was determined not to give it. When he was taking drugs, he began to cry hoarsely, until finally his voice was dumb, and his whole body was lying weakly and shaking on the bed, but even so, no one paid attention to him.

The people of the Zheng family even stated in front of Zheng Yifeng that if you do not detoxify, or stay at home forever, don't even think about going out. The Zheng family can't afford to lose that person.

Studying, dealing with official affairs, occasionally looking at the gossip of the entertainment industry, buying a few stocks in her spare time for entertainment and entertainment, Luo You's life is leisurely and fulfilling, Zheng Yifeng's affairs make her feel very good, and it makes her happy. What's more, Luo Ling also had a lot of results.

Luo You was sent to M State Nursing Home for mental and psychological treatment. The return date was uncertain. There were only two close nurses with him. Before being sent away, Luo Ling was a bit mentally broken and could not sleep all night. Feeling that the sallow complexion was comparable to Zheng Yifeng's, the two people could be regarded as having the same fate, making Luo You let out a sigh of relief.

Time flies quickly, just as the TV series "Zhong Fu Defu" was broadcast on major TV stations again and again, it was the Spring Festival again. Luo You returned to the Luo family mansion, and this time he did not see Luo Ling. The shadow made Luo You feel better.

And that is, the day before the New Year, Luo You received a call from Ye Yuchen.

"Xiaoyou, I'm back." During the call, Ye Yuchen's voice was filled with suppressed excitement, just like the tranquility before the eruption of a volcano. Missing this emotion is really dangerous, and it becomes thicker without knowing it, especially When you are about to see it, it will become more intense!

"Where?" Luo You was a little surprised, and there were also some impatients that he hadn't noticed. The uncle never said that Ye Yuchen would come back. She thought it would take a long time to see him.

There was no answer on the phone, but the door of Luo You's bedroom was knocked. Luo You reacted almost instantly, and jumped from the bed to the ground with a light jump, opening the door very quickly.

Luo You was still holding the phone blankly in his hand, and Ye Yuchen's movements were the same as hers. The two of them stood in the room and the other outside, the eyes looking at each other were so eager.

"Xiaoyou, I'm back." Ye Yuchen slowly put away the phone, revealing a somewhat shy smile, his chocolate-colored skin is very beautiful, and his whole person has matured a lot.

"Welcome back." Luo You also returned to the indifferent appearance of the past at this time.

Ye Yuchen took a step forward and narrowed the distance between the two people. He could even smell the indifferent scent of Luo You, which also made him feel like he could not restrain himself. , I really want to hug her!

Thinking, but not daring, Ye Yuchen exhausted all his strength to restrain his impulse, but said in a hoarse voice: "I miss you so much. You have become more beautiful."

In fact, the man Ye Yuchen understood very well, especially in front of Luo You. The expression on his face would always reflect his truest thoughts, the feeling of restraining himself. Luo You was even more concerned.

Luo You also took a step forward, making the distance between the two people suddenly become intimate, and then, in Ye Yuchen’s sluggish reaction, Luo You gently hugged Ye Yuchen, and completely People were thrown into Ye Yuchen's arms.

Compared with Ye Yuchen's increasingly sturdy figure, Luo You appeared more slender, and the whole person seemed to be wrapped in Ye Yuchen's arms.

The warm feeling made Luo You feel very comfortable, and the indifferent fragrance also made Ye Yuchen blush, standing there at a loss, not daring to move, for fear of accidentally touching a place that should not be touched. .

Luo You didn't hold it for too long, and quickly let go of Ye Yuchen, and then laughed softly.

"You fool." Even though I haven't seen you for almost two years, Ye Yuchen's dumb appearance still hasn't changed. It's just a hug. As for the reaction so dull, look at that slightly sullen face. , Tusk, shy easier than a little girl.

"I, I..." Ye Yuchen didn't know what he was trying to say, reflexively trying to explain that he was not a idiot, but thinking of his clumsy reaction just now, it was not a idiot, and finally he had to smile blankly. .

He clearly hopes to show his best side in front of Luo You, but why is he the most stupid side every time? Why is that?

On New Year’s Eve, the Luo family is still gathering together. Ye Yuchen is also the one who has been keeping a high level of silence and quietly following Luo You's side. Everything seems to have not changed significantly compared to two years ago. Ye Yuchen gradually changed from a boy to a soldier who had experienced the test of blood and fire, and Luo You gradually became more and more outstanding.

Ye Yuchen is handsome and masculine, Luo You is soft and elegant, and the appearance of the two standing together is a perfect match. In the eyes of the Luo family, they are all satisfied.

"Xiaoyou, when you graduate from high school, let's settle your marriage." Luo's mother is also more satisfied with her son-in-law. Ye Yuchen is two years older than Luo You, with a calm personality and great potential, and she has lived now. After entering Luo's house, the marriage can be settled earlier and can be more justified.

Luo You was drinking tea. He almost squirted when he heard the words of his mother. He couldn't help but coughed, and said helplessly: "Mom, what are you talking about, hurry up and eat fruit. Eat more fruits to make your skin better. When you go out with me, we must say that we are more like sisters."

Luo You's behavior of changing the subject obviously couldn't get through, at least Luo's mother didn't take it.

"Poor girl, your mother doesn't worry about who is worried about the marriage, not to mention that this is also your grandfather's consent, this year you will be eighteen years old, or wait for your eighteenth birthday, get engaged together." Luo My mother had thought about this a long time ago. Ye Yuchen, the child, is very real, and treats his daughter very well and obediently. Married to him, he is not afraid that his daughter will suffer. It is really good to settle down early. Besides, engagement is not marriage. It doesn't matter if you are younger.

Luo You said it was very stressful. She really hadn't considered getting engaged or something, at least in the past few years, it was definitely not in the plan.

"Mom, I'm still young, let's talk about this later, don't you worry about me not getting married." She is only eighteen years old, and she has never even had her eighteenth birthday. I really don't want to decide this early. Things.

The people around were listening to the words of the mother and daughter, Ye Yuchen listened more seriously, but with the conversation between the two, the joyful expression became a little lonely, and then looked at Luo You in such an embarrassed manner. It was forced to endure the uncomfortable and said: "Mother Luo, if Xiaoyou is not in a hurry, don't force it. She has her own ideas, and I will wait."


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