Chapter 82:Reborn Wife Is Invincible

【082】 Dinner for three

Ye Yuchen's attitude is very sincere, he looks like Luo You's decision is the decision, but in fact he is very disturbed!

He can wait, no matter how long he waits, but is he qualified to wait?

Mother Luo said that he was engaged to Luo You. He was naturally one hundred ten thousand and ten thousand willing, but Luo You was unwilling. Although the reason was that he was still young, Ye Yuchen thought it was his own reason. Although Luo You allowed herself to be by her side, her feelings towards him were definitely not love, and the two were not in a relationship. Ye Yuchen understood this very well.

And it is precisely because of this that Ye Yuchen feels how nervous he is to say such words. He is not afraid to wait, but is he really qualified to wait? In Luo You's heart, maybe he was just an obedient little follower.

"You child, why don't you say anything, don't you want to fail?" Mother Luo is usually very gentle, but occasionally she is fierce. When the conversation turns, the look in Ye Yuchen's eyes is a little bit of pressure. Up.

"I am not, Mother Luo, don't worry, I..." Ye Yuchen eagerly wanted to explain, but Luo You interrupted.

"Mom, your children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren, so what should be done, you know that Meteorite didn't mean that, so why embarrass him." Luo You really can't see his mother bullying the honest people, Ye Meteochen is willing or not, here are you Is there anything that people can't see clearly, she doesn't think the Luo family will be so blank eyes.

Alas, the man's feelings for himself don't need words, just look at the focused eyes that he falls on him, and you can feel his feelings for himself, where he needs to doubt.

Mother Luo's eyes hovered between Luo You and Ye Yuchen. Ye Yuchen's expression was a little awkward, but it was more of a kind of obsession, obsession with Luo You, while Luo You's expression was more indifferent, but There is also a touch of persistence in the indifferent, this is the persistence of his own decision.

A touch of color flashed in Mother Luo’s eyes. Before she could speak, Father Luo on the side spoke: “My dear, the children have grown up and have their own ideas. Let’s just leave it alone. , So as not to be dismissed, you look at our girl, now you can talk to the minister, what are you worried about."

When Luo's father spoke, he blinked at his wife. Luo's mother's eyes lit up and she said cooperatively: "Yes, yeah, I just can't say two sentences, what else am I worried about."

The couple sang and made Ye Yuchen blush, even Luo You was a little uncomfortable. Where did she help Ye Yuchen to speak, she was justified!

This Spring Festival, because of the return of Ye Yuchen, the Luo family's topic has more children's feelings, pure, astringent, and heartbeat can't help but accelerate.

In the evening, Ye Yuchen had been following Luo You to the outside of Luo You's bedroom, as if there was something he wanted to say, Luo You naturally saw it, but she just didn't ask, let's see if he could say it.

Luo You admitted that when facing Ye Yuchen, she would always have a little thought to tease him from time to time. Although this piece of wood was dumb, it was still very interesting to tease.

Luo You opened the door of his bedroom, walked a step further and then suddenly turned around and said, "What? You want to come in with me?"

Luo You's question is obviously a bit profound, and the tone behind it is very long.

Ye Yuchen was stunned. He glanced at Luo You a little uncomfortably. He hesitated and said, "I'm sorry."

"Why apologize?" Luo You asked with raised eyebrows. The queen was full of expression. It was not that Luo You insisted on pressing Ye Yuchen, but when getting along with Ye Yuchen, the atmosphere between the two became very natural. With this appearance, a tall person looks like a queen, and a low eyebrow looks like a little wife.

"I'm embarrassing you." Because of his existence, Luo's mother's remarks can be made today. It is his existence that makes her feel troubled, and he should apologize.

She helped him, took him out of the shadow of the Ye family, let him enter the ancient killings and the army to learn, and made him stronger and more powerful. She did so much for him, but he could only give her He should apologize for causing trouble.

Luo You was a little helpless. This incident was obviously not the man’s fault, but the man seemed to have done something wrong by herself, which made her feel a little relieved when she was helpless. This man is always like this, from time to time. Doing something stupid made her helpless and moved.

"Gold coin, come here." Luo You didn't follow Ye Yuchen's words. She felt that Ye Yuchen had no need to apologize at all, waved her hand and shouted at the little gold coin who looked at the two curiously.

When the little gold coin heard Luo You's call, he hopped over and ran over, but the little monkey was too small, and was only higher on the ground than Luo You’s feet. He wanted Luo You to hug but couldn’t speak, just anxious. He whispered, looking at Luo You pitifully.

Luo You bent down and stretched out a finger to the little gold coin. The little gold coin followed Luo You's fingers and climbed onto her wrist. Luo You easily took it up and sat down on Luo You's palm. , So cute.

When Ye Yuchen saw the little monkey, his eyes also brightened. Luo You and the little monkey's intimate appearance obviously liked the little monkey, which made Ye Yuchen feel that he still had some vision for giving gifts.

"Why would you think of sending me such a little thing?" Luo You asked casually while teasing the little monkey, and at the same time walked into the bedroom, Ye Yuchen hesitated, and then walked a few steps. .

"I met it, it was cute, thinking you would like it, so I was sent back." At that time, he was on a mission, lurking in a drug lord's house, but met this newly born little monkey, with a smart look It was so cute that he couldn't help but think of Luo You, so he took the monkey and left the drug lord organization.

"I like it very much, thank you." The little monkey is very cute, well-behaved and humane. She really likes it. She even thinks this is the best gift she has ever received in her two lives.

"...Could you not say thank you to me." Ye Yuchen hesitated for a moment before hesitatingly said.

The word thank you does not apply to their relationship. Hasn't she already admitted his following and guardianship? She is his queen, and she doesn't need to say thank you to him.

Luo You originally had a soft expression because of Ye Yuchen's unexpected words, and instantly became sharp. With a lightly raised eyebrow, the expression in Ye Yuchen's eyes became a little evil.

The man in front of him has changed a lot in appearance from two years ago. He is more handsome and taller, more masculine and handsome, and more calm and introverted, but he is more like a sheathed sword. You can't see the sharpness, but you can get out of the sheath at any time!

However, in front of him, the certain mentality of this man still remained unchanged, which made Luo You inevitably think of the scene where this man knelt in front of him and kissed himself, humble and pious!

"Kneel down." Qing Chong's and hoarse voice spit out from Luo You's mouth, with indescribable charm.

Ye Yuchen was surprised for a short time, and then he knelt in front of Luo You without any hesitation.

Ye Yuchen, who was kneeling, raised his head and faced Luo You's gaze, one humble and pious, the other high above him.

At the next moment, Luo You bends over, a light kiss falls on Ye Yuchen's lips, and he leaves with one touch.

"You still look like this." Luo You stood up straight, but gently placed his hand on Ye Yuchen's head, stroking it, seemingly satisfied, and said with emotion.

No matter how strong Ye Yuchen has become, he is still the man who is willing to kneel in front of him and wait for his alms to give him a piece of affection. This recognition made Luo You have to sigh.

Ye Yuchen summoned the courage to stretch out his hand and shook Luo You's hand. He said in a hoarse voice: "Is it bad for me? I only do this for you. In front of others, even if I die, I will definitely Won't do this."

He just wanted to give up his dignity in front of this woman, once so, now, and in the future!

"Remember what you are saying now, and remember that you are mine." Luo You said, lowered his head again, this time the kiss was lingering and deep.

On the third day of the first lunar month, Luo You just returned to the apartment with Ye Yuchen, he received a call from Dongfang You, hoping to gather and have a meal or something during the Chinese New Year.

Luo You naturally wouldn't refuse, but looking at the man around him who has been following him like a large pet, Luo You still asked: "I have a friend here, can I go together?"

Although Ye Yuchen came back, he didn’t leave. It was just a short holiday. He would return to the army after the fifteenth of the first lunar month, so he stuck to himself all the time, and Luo You let him stick to him. Now Dongfang You Luo You was not willing to leave this large dog at home when looking for her to eat. Luo You thought, he should be a good host.

"A very unexpected request, but since it was Xiaoyou you made it, naturally there is no problem." Dongfang You clearly expressed his surprise, Luo You's friend, and also a friend who can bring him to the dinner. , What kind of person would it be?

Dongfang You’s feeling for Luo You is very special. It’s the first time he has been so interested in someone like this when he grows up, admires it, and is amazing. He always thinks of such a person occasionally, and then smiles heartily. I don't feel lonely in this world.

Luo You is a cold person, but Luo You feels warm to him. Perhaps this is the so-called same-sex attraction. Of course, this ** is not gender, but character.

Dongfang You thought about it in a mess, and looked forward to the evening meal even more.

"Let’s go to an appointment with me in the evening and introduce a friend to you." Luo You doesn’t have many friends, and it’s not an exaggeration to describe it as a handful. So she also thought about turning her friends into a circle. Familiar with.

"good friend? Just as Dongfang You was curious about what Luo You’s friends would be like, Ye Yuchen was also very curious about what kind of friends Luo You would take him to meet. The two of them have the same but different meanings to Luo You. They What will happen to the meeting?

In the evening, Ye Yuchen acted as the driver and came to the place that had been arranged with Luo You.

Yanhongju, a magnificent but quaint first-class restaurant, specializes in the preparation of ancient royal meals. It is said that the ancestors of the chef are ancient royal kitchens. It has been passed down from generation to generation until now. The dishes made are exquisite and very popular. The diners are welcome, of course, this is not a place that ordinary people can afford.

When Luo You and the two arrived, Dongfang You had already arrived, sitting there elegantly sipping a cup of tea, which looked like a prince in ancient times.

"Warm and run like jade, someone like Dongfang can be called a gentleman." Luo You's rare praise is still very straightforward.

"A person like Xiaoyou is as elegant as this," Dongfang You responded with a smile, casual and sincere.

The two laughed at each other. Although they only met for the third time, they already had an extraordinary understanding. It would be a pity for such two people not to be friends.

"Ye Yuchen, Dongfang You, your profession is the same, I hope you won't be a competitor in the future." Luo You briefly introduced the two of them, but what they said was somewhat meaningful.

They are also soldiers, and they are all very good ones. Although there is no intersection now, Luo You has a hunch that they will meet in the future. It is difficult to predict whether they are friends or enemies. Luo You's personality is not the kind of person who is easy to get along with, Luo You is not the kind of overly optimistic person, but whether it is a competitor or a friend or comrade, Luo You is looking forward to it.

The one who is soft on the outside and smart and elegant on the inside, the one who is indifferent and courageous and persistent. The collision of two people is actually very interesting. Who said that a friend's friend must be a friend? Luo You didn't think that things would be so simple.

If Luo You brought Ye Yuchen to meet Dongfang You, she hoped that her friends could form a circle, it would be better to say that she brought two people together with a mentality of watching a theater and wanted to see different types. What kind of interesting things will happen to your men when they get along together.

Luo You's quirky personality became more apparent in the closer the people were.

"Hello, I am Dongfang You, if you don't mind, you can call me Dongfang." Dongfang You, the relatively kind one, took the lead in saying hello, with a smile on his face, it seems not surprising that Luo You unexpectedly Bring a man to the appointment.

Ye Yuchen, who was already twenty years old, could also afford the word man, especially the calm and cold breath around him, which really made people unable to associate him with the word boy.

Luo You could clearly feel that when facing Dongfang You, Ye Yuchen's aura was completely different, as if he was completely wrapped in a layer of black mist, so that outsiders could not see through the background. , Indifferent, restrained, but also with a trace of blood.

"Hello, I am Ye Yuchen." Ye Yuchen's response was even shorter, and his tone was a bit cold. He had always been standing behind Luo You and didn't seem to want to highlight his existence, even if the man in front of him made him There is a sense of crisis that is not weak.

When the three of them were seated, Dongfang You seemed very casual, Luo You was also very indifferent, Ye Yuchen was a posture completely dominated by Luo You, sitting next to Luo You, from napkins to cups and plates, fully served, Luo You You don't even have to move your hands.

"Xiaoyou, are you sure you are here with a friend, why do I look like Sebastian?" Seeing this scene, Dongfang You raised his eyebrows, and said like a joke. (Note: Sebastian is from the anime "Kuroshitsuji", friends who understand will naturally understand, right?)

"Hehe, Dongfang also watches animation, it's really strange." Sebastian Luoyou really knows, because that perfect black butler is Xiao Xiao's idol, Xiao Xiao always mentions it and swears. Overtake Sebastian to become the best butler.

"People always have a childish innocence, but I don’t know if Meteochen has ever watched it. It's a very interesting cartoon." Dongfang doesn't mind Ye Meteochen's indifference. He always talks to him from time to time. There seems to be some problems no matter how you hear it.

Luo You knows Sebastian, but Ye Yuchen obviously doesn't know who this person is, cartoons? He has never seen this before!

"Xiaoyou likes it, I will naturally like it." This is Ye Yuchen's answer. He hasn't read it now, but can't he go back and fill it up! Well, in fact, Ye Yuchen, who looks cold, is actually a very naive child, but he was hit by a man who is very likely to be a rival in love. It is estimated that the normal reaction is abnormal.

"Hehe, then I am also very curious. Does Xiao Youxi like Sebastian?" If there is a meaningful question, you can’t blame Dongfang You for gossip, although it is not surprising that Luo You brought someone Men, after all, there are men besides women. This is a one-to-one probability. Dongfang You has thought about it. However, the atmosphere between the two is obviously a bit weird. They are friends but they are more intimate. It's a lover, but it doesn't feel a lot like it, so Dongfang is a little confused, tentatively secretly.

In fact, it’s not that Dongfang You didn’t know the existence of Ye Yuchen, so he was not surprised at his arrival. Luo You’s brother Luo Zihe was his best friend. He also mentioned something about Luo You. Dongfang You naturally I remembered it in my heart, but when I saw Ye Yuchen, this man was obviously different from what Luo Zihe described. At least the relationship between the two people was a little fuzzy.

Facing this profound question, Luo You didn't hesitate, and directly replied: "A comprehensive talent, an all-round housekeeper, why would I not like it."

Questions with profound meaning are not necessarily answered with answers with profound meaning. Doesn't the literal meaning also mean.

"This answer is a bit cunning, you know I didn't mean it." Dongfang You gave Ye Yuchen a glance as he spoke. The meaning was self-evident. What he wanted to ask was whether Luo You liked it or not. the man!

"What if it is or not, this will not affect my relationship with you." There was no Ye Yuchen in the previous life. This man is still her friend. With Ye Yuchen in this life, they will still be friends. One point, it will not change.

Luo You’s words are obviously also meaningful. She has such an attitude towards Dongfang You because of her previous life experience. This man is her recognized friend, but Luo You does not know why this man is so friendly and casual to herself. , Like a friend who has been with him for a long time, so Luo You is also afraid of Dongfang You's feelings other than friends, and now, Luo You speaks out to prevent Dongfang You from moving other thoughts.

They will only be friends. They have nothing to do with others, and they have nothing to do with Ye Yuchen. Even without Ye Yuchen, Luo You would not fall in love with Dongfang You. A man like Dongfang You made her appreciate, but she would not be tempted.

Is she just tempted by Ye Yuchen? This question seems to have no meaning to consider, because she has already felt this way.

Maybe he hasn't reached the so-called love, and maybe there is nothing he can't remember, but since the moment Ye Yuchen was allowed to approach him, she might have been tempted by him.

Luo You sighed inwardly. He didn't expect that it was at this time that he understood his feelings for Ye Yuchen so deeply.

"Yeah, it doesn't affect. Xiaoyou is always so smart and cunning. He knows everything." Dongfang You also sighed lightly. He seemed to have been dispelled by Luo You before his mind. This may be Luo You. Isn't it clever? At least this will not affect the feelings between the two of them. If it has not happened, there will be no so-called end.

"I just think that we are very suitable for being friends." Luo You said honestly, if you didn't treat him as a friend and wanted to make this friend, there would be no such a meal. She is not the one who would casually agree to the invitation of others. Girl, Dongfang You is definitely a special existence for her.

"It's my honour to order food. If we go on, we are going to have supper." Dongfang You smiled, still so warm and moist, lost the mulberry and harvested the east corner, the throbbing that has not yet budded is dispelled , But he has gained a warm friendship, which is also a very rare harvest, and he should cherish it.

The gentleman is like this, gentle and moist like jade, this kind of Dongfang You is also the Dongfang You that Luo You admires most.

When Luo You talked with Dongfang You, Ye Yuchen had been listening quietly. At the beginning, he didn't understand. He was entangled with Sebastian, but after listening, he understood something. His IQ is not low and his EQ is not low. The deep meaning of the two people's words can be guessed at three to five points. This seems to be a topic about friendship and love.

Ye Yuchen thought that he had been rejected by Luo You for so long because of the small forest. Ye Yuchen did not dare to do more things that shouldn't be done. At least when it comes to fighting against rivals, Ye Yuchen has a lot of concerns. , So even if he was caring to death in his heart, Ye Yuchen still looked like thunder, and when he heard Luo You seem to be rejecting, Ye Yuchen couldn't help but a relaxed smile in his eyes. .

His Luo You hasn't been robbed yet, so good!


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