Chapter 83:Reborn Wife Is Invincible

[083] I am waiting for you to come back

The dinner for the three people was over, the atmosphere was half happy and half weird. Dongfang You left after paying the bill, very witty.

Luo You and Ye Yuchen walked to the parking lot, but they heard the clicking sound very sensitively. Before Luo You could say anything, Ye Yuchen caught the running reporter in his hand in a few seconds.

"Hey, you, what are you doing, let me down quickly." The reporter yelled in a little panic when Ye Yuchen left his hand alone.

Ye Yuchen held the reporter in one hand and grabbed the camera with the other, and then threw the reporter on the ground and said coldly, "You can go away."

"You, you return the camera to me, otherwise, or I will call the police." Although the reporter was hurt by being dropped, but the camera was searched, naturally he had to come back. I have caught it, but at most people just deleted the photos. How can they even steal the camera? This is simply a bandit.

Ye Yuchen didn't say a word, his palm was hard, and the camera instantly became a waste product.

"You, you..." The comrade reporter couldn't say anything distressed.

"Get out, or it will make you deformed too!" Ye Yuchen's cold voice made the reporter's face pale, and he couldn't care about any cameras anymore and ran away.

Luo You watched from the side with a strange look in his eyes. The large dog turned into a beast in a second. This gap was naturally a little surprising.

The reporter ran away, Ye Yuchen also noticed Luo You's strange eyes. The cold expression disappeared instantly. He looked at Luo You uncomfortably and asked: "Why look at me like this? Isn't it appropriate for me to deal with it like this?"

In Ye Yuchen's opinion, the reporter's sneak shots were a kind of harm to Luo You. In any case, he would never allow it.

Luo You took two steps forward, stood in front of Ye Yuchen, touched Ye Yuchen's head, and said, "It's very suitable. You did a good job."

She used to mind Ye Yuchen's interference in her life, and hated that he would call the boy who had confessed to him out for repairs, thinking that this man was just a small attendant, so why would he interfere with her life?

But everything is obviously different now. She actually thinks that this man is really handsome, very violent and cute!

Ye Yuchen, who was praised, was happy. The corners of his mouth were slightly raised. It was not a smile but a clear smile. The cold person instantly became gentle.

In the next few days, both Luo You and Ye Yuchen just stayed in the apartment and did not go out. Ye Yuchen was in the vacation and had nothing to do, so they began to learn how to cook.

Learning cooking is not something that Ye Yuchen learned on a whim, but was stimulated by Xiao Xiao. He stayed with Luo You for a few days. He also knew several people around Luo You, and they were good at each. Understand, then Luo You praised Xiao Xiao.

Luo You praised Xiao Xiao, saying that Xiao Xiao has become more and more like Sebastian, and after Ye Yuchen heard the name Sebastian for the second time, he went online to search without saying anything. After a while, I finally knew what Sebastian was.

In this regard, Ye Yuchen said he was very concerned. He would not ** Xiao Xiao as the housekeeper, but the problem was that the last housekeeper in the cartoon was with the owner, which made Ye Yuchen a little bit careless.

In front of Luo You, Ye Yuchen was Xiao M, but he believed that Luo You was the only master in his life, and naturally looked forward to staying with the master forever, and he had been working hard to ask for himself, hoping to be in Luo You In front of me, I am the best one.

Therefore, in order to let Luo You praise himself, Ye Yuchen gritted his teeth and started to learn to cook!

Luo You was reading a book, and he heard banging sounds from the kitchen, and occasionally the voice of Ye Yuchen talking with Xiao Xiao. Ye Yuchen wants to learn cooking, but it is still difficult to learn without a teacher, so please Xiao Xiao became a teacher.

"The pots and pans are going to suffer." I don't know when, Luo You was already standing by the kitchen, looking at Ye Yuchen and Luo You amused.

Ye Yuchen was holding a knife in one hand and a basin in the other. He didn't know what he was doing. In short, it was a bit weird. There were some vegetable powder on his hands and body, and he looked quite embarrassed. If you are quiet, your face turns red all at once.

"I'm quarreling you, I will try to be lighter." Ye Yuchen felt embarrassed for his clumsiness, it was much more difficult than training in the army.

"It's okay, you play at will, my ears will cooperate with you." Luo You said carelessly, learning or something is just a pastime, now there are more interesting things than learning, why would she care?

Ye Yuchen said that this kind of cooperation makes people very helpless. Is Luo You mocking him, or is he watching his jokes?

In view of the fact that Ye Yuchen’s learning ability in cooking was too low, until Ye Yuchen reluctantly returned to the army, he did not prepare a meal for Luo You, but Ye Yuchen said seriously, next time. Meeting, he will definitely make progress.

The night before Ye Yuchen left, he stayed in Luo You’s room for a long time. Luo You was already sleepy and going to sleep. He didn’t see the man intending to leave, so he asked helplessly: sleepy?"

"Sleepy." Sleepy, but didn't want to sleep. When he thought of leaving Luo You tomorrow and leaving Luo You again, Ye Yuchen didn't feel sleepy anymore.

"Why don't you go to sleep?" Luo You always felt that Ye Yuchen's brain was a little different from that of ordinary people. Otherwise, why would he always do some speechless things? It is not a good habit not to sleep in the middle of the night. Even if she was reluctant, she didn't have to be so obvious, it made her feel a little uncomfortable.

This man is leaving tomorrow, alas, I don’t know when the next meeting will be, I hope it won’t be too long.

"I don't want to sleep." He didn't want to sleep. He just wanted to stay here to look at Luo You a few more times, keeping Luo You's beautiful appearance in his heart, so that the smell of missing can be reduced a little bit.

The taste was too uncomfortable, Ye Yuchen had tasted it, so he never wanted to taste it again.

Luo You couldn't help knocking Ye Yuchen on the head. This man was really speechless. It should be a sad and lonely thing, but why she feels so happy now.

"If you don't sleep, I can sleep, you can do it as you please." Luo You lay down as he said, closing his eyes as if going to sleep.

Ye Yuchen didn't leave either, sitting on a chair not far away and just watching it, like a neurotic.

Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, Luo You, who closed his eyes and slept for five or six minutes, opened his eyes uncontrollably, and said angrily: "Ye Yuchen, you don't go too far."

As long as someone else stared at her to sleep, she would definitely send that person to a mental hospital!

Ye Yuchen lowered his head, and instantly became a little aggrieved, and said pitifully, "I just sit here and look at you, can't I? I really don't want to go to sleep. I don't do anything. I’m okay here, Xiaoyou, I beg you, okay."

Is this acting like a baby? Is this really acting like a baby? Luo You felt dumbfounded! Is this big man really acting like a baby with himself? !

Facing Ye Yuchen's poor appearance, Luo You actually had the illusion that she had done something wrong, but she obviously just wanted to sleep. Isn't that right?

Luo You was a little annoyed, but she didn’t want to be angry at Ye Yuchen even though she was angry. Why didn’t she know that she wanted to get rid of Ye Yuchen and it was just a sentence. This man is obedient, but Luo You just thinks he Can't bear to do that.

"Go to the closet and get the quilt." Luo You said, pointing to the closet not far away.

"What are you doing?" Ye Yuchen asked unclearly.

Luo You glared at Ye Yuchen and said domineeringly: "Let you take it and take it, where there is so much nonsense."

Ye Yuchen didn't ask any questions, he immediately took action, took out a quilt from the cabinet, and honestly held it in front of Luo You.

"You sleep here tonight. Sleep honestly. If you toss you again, I'll choke you to death." Luo You didn't wait for Ye Yuanchen's reaction after speaking, so he turned off the bedside lamp, closed his eyes and went to sleep. !

Ye Yuchen really stayed in a daze. It took a long time to react. His face suddenly turned red. After hesitating and hesitating, he carefully climbed onto the bed and lay on the edge of the bed, the farthest from Luo You. Location.

The bed is very big, and it’s okay to lie down between two people, but even so, Ye Yuchen can still feel his abnormal heartbeat, the banging sensation, leaving Ye Yuchen’s brain blank. One idea is left.

Xiaoyou was lying beside him. They were lying on the same bed. He could smell the cold fragrance of Luo You very clearly. Ye Yuchen thought, this is the best thing Luo You gave him before he left. Present.

When Ye Yuchen left the next day, Luo You was still asleep, and Ye Yuchen didn't need anyone to send him off, so he left without a sound, but before he left, he was very entangled. After a while, he secretly took a photo of Luo You's sleeping face, and carefully saved it in his mobile phone. They are now in various stages of performing tasks and can keep their communicators, but these communications The devices are also military, precise and safe.

When Luo You woke up, there was no shadow of Ye Yuchen by her side. She didn’t feel surprised that Ye Yuchen was such a person who didn’t like to trouble her. She didn’t need her to pick it up, and she didn’t want her to send it. She just needed Waiting in the same place, and he will use all his strength to return to her again. Although Ye Yuchen hasn't said this, the truth is told to her in this way.

Luo You lay on the bed for a long time before getting up. He didn't want to lie down, but didn't want to move. Without Ye Yuchen, he seemed to have no meaning suddenly, and he didn't want to move as if something was missing. This made Luo You I was sighed. Unconsciously, that man already had such an important position in his heart.

Taking the cell phone on the side, Luo You thought for a while and still sent a text message to Ye Yuchen, but the simple five words made Ye Yuchen's eyes brighten and heartbeat.

"I'll wait for you to come back." On the other side of the phone, Ye Yuchen read the text message while reading it gently, his eyes were filled with unshakable tenderness and affection. He just left, he couldn't wait to wait. Come back again, what can I do.

After the first month, Luoyou's Youshi Real Estate Development Company also completed all the procedures, and dozens of recruited employees have also entered the working state, and Luoyou also bought it through various methods in accordance with some changes in Beijing in his memory. Six plots of land.

Luo You’s action was definitely a big deal, and it immediately attracted the attention of the real estate industry and other related industries. However, Luo You himself did not expose himself, but let Li Wencheng and Ye Chengze stand on the bright side and deal with all parties. People, and she was happy and free.

Li Wencheng is really busy lately. He is so busy that he sleeps less than four hours a day and often has to work overtime. But even so, Li Wencheng is in a very happy mood. He smiles every day to deal with people from all walks of life. National Land Resources There are some from the Ministry, as well as from major real estate companies, as well as from construction companies and various related industries. They have all met several times.

At this time, I have to sigh Luo You’s foresight, Li Wencheng is a good manager, but Ye Chengze’s existence is even more important. Ye Chengze is responsible for all relevant legal procedures, and this time also reflects Ye Chengze’s versatility. Let all those who know him admire him.

As for Fan Nana, naturally she shouldn't be busy with sales in the early stage, but she is already building a sales team. She is learning while training others, and occasionally goes to other sales companies to secretly teach. The level of busyness is similar to Li Wencheng and Ye Chengze.

Yuansi is mainly responsible for the problems of fund operation. The purchase of land has spent a lot of money, and the next various investments are the top priority. Yuansi dare not sloppy at all. This is the first time for himself. I don't host things, but I'm careful and careful, trying my best to show my own value.

The glory of the Guards cannot be tarnished. This is also the mind of all members of the Guards.

In addition to the main busy real estate companies, the jewellery company that Luo You invested with Sang Yuning and Zhao Yue has also achieved good results. The profit in one year is very objective, which makes Luo You quite satisfied. During the festival, I invited Sang Yuning and Zhao Yue to have a meal together. Several older girls got together and talked about many things, and the feelings became closer.

Real estate and jewelry are Luo You’s investments, and although her own activities in the entertainment circle have been suspended, but she is too popular, even if there is no activity, she is often mentioned, especially the kind of husband. The very popular classic TV series are broadcast over and over again, making Luo You's popularity more and more prosperous. It is not an exaggeration to say that she is a national idol. The 60 to 70 million fans are definitely not an exaggeration. So many aunts and grandpas don't know how to surf the Internet.

And although Luo You has no activities, he often interacts with fans on Weibo. The photo of her and the gold coin is the most popular existence. Every time it is uploaded, it can be reposted in less than one hour and it can break through one million. Luo You is good Beautiful, the little gold coin is so cute, it will appear more frequently every day.

Luo You didn’t respond to the comments of fans very much at the beginning, but now occasionally I see some interesting comments, but he will reply with a few words, such as thank you. Although simple, it is also Luo You’s sincere heart. Answer, Luo You also cares about people who really like him.

Don't think that Luo You really feels that she is too indifferent if she doesn't like to speak. For those who care about her, her heart is also fiery.

In mid-June, Beijing was already very hot, and Luo You finally returned to school to prepare for the college entrance examination.

In the school, Luo You met again the group of people he didn't want to see, Zheng Yifeng, Xu Qiong, and Sun Hao and others who had met in the school cafeteria. These people gathered together and several boys were smoking cigarettes. , The few girls were talking about what they were talking about. They were so familiar, that Luo You couldn't help but think of a very popular sentence near pigs, this is really a group of pigs!

Because the college entrance examination is approaching, the management of the school is very relaxed. Many people don’t even come to the school anymore. The group of people like Zheng Yifeng that Luo You met was also walking outside the gate. Luo You just wanted to be out of sight and mindless. Can't do it.

The two men and horses met at the entrance of the campus. Luo You had to pass through without squinting, but obviously Zheng Yifeng didn't realize that Luo You didn't want to see him. When he saw Luo You, he was very excited and shouted out.

"Xiaoyou, you have come to school, and the college entrance examination is about to go. Are you taking the exam with us? There are not many people in the classroom. You are here to complete the procedures. I will take you to see Ban Ren." Zheng Yifeng at this time Already one meter eighty-eight, the whole person is as thin as a stick because of drug use, and his face is still sallow. From the outside, I don't know if he has successfully detoxified.

In fact, don’t look at Zheng Yifeng’s looks so good now, but in fact he has suffered a lot in the past six months. He was locked up at home and ** with a rope to detox. At that time, he just wanted to die, but in the end it was good Still survived, reluctantly gave up the drug addiction.

As for why it is reluctant, this issue about drug addiction is a bit complicated. It may be possible to quit, but the possibility of recurrence depends on the problem of personal self-control, and Luo You doesn’t mind. Do something for Zheng Yifeng.

The coldness in Luo You's eyes is obvious. At this moment, she is cold and gloomy. It is nothing to do something dirty for revenge. No matter how miserable Zheng Yifeng is by her, she will never let it go. This man, he has to pay a price for doing it, even if he did it in his previous life, the same!

Luo You's stubbornness and dominance are undoubtedly reflected in this point.

"Don't bother, I have made an appointment with Ban Ren." Luo You said indifferently, hiding the coldness in his eyes.

"It's okay, I'll take you there. You haven't been to school for so long, and the class leader's office doesn't know where it is. I'll show you the way." Zheng Yifeng is really attentive to Luo You, even worse than his previous life to Luo You There is a lot of diligence, and this diligence is not all false, but there is a part of the sincerity in it, but this sincerity is just a feeling of joy.

Perhaps it was what Luo You did after his rebirth changed the original trajectory of everyone. Luo You has become more dazzling than his previous life, but Zheng Yifeng is even more degenerate. Luo You's cool and elegant temperament has attracted too many people, and it is irresistible. However, Zheng Yifeng became more indulgent because of drug abuse, and his refined temperament disappeared. On the contrary, he was a little bit ridiculous.

The different changes between the two people also caused Zheng Yifeng to see Luo You like a bee seeing a flower, and he followed him.

"No, the time is coming, I'll go first." When Luo You passed by Zheng Yifeng, the disgust and coldness in his eyes could no longer be suppressed. Luo Ling was sent to M country for treatment by her mental illness, Zheng Yifeng The drug abuse ended miserably, but Xu Qiong was a little cheaper. Should she also get Xu Qiong to be punished.

Luo You thinks that Xu Qiong seems to want to enter the entertainment circle by herself. If Xu Qiong really has this meaning, she can use it. The water in the entertainment circle is so deep, and Xu Qiong enters, what will happen is not herself. Does it matter?

Relying on Aunt Luo's influence, with her own popularity and means, the domestic entertainment industry is now her world, and a little Xu Qiong is at best just a form of entertainment for her to spend her free time.

On the way to the office, Luo You had already figured out a plan, and directly dialed a phone call to his aunt. Some things were more appropriate for the aunt. As for the short-term protection, Aunt Luo naturally agreed without asking anything. People who have lost their niece need no reason.

A strong family must have a strong family motto, whether it's bullying or being bullied, unity is the most important thing. It's always going to be a group to bully people, so you're welcome!

In the office, Luo You entered after knocking on the door, and instantly attracted everyone's attention. The head teacher suddenly stood up and greeted Luo You very diligently: "Xiaoyou is here, I'm just talking about you. It's been a long time, come and sit down. The sun is big outside, so get tired. Drink some water first."

The head teacher knows Luo You's identity, he was already attentive enough at the level, and now he is almost flattering, Luo You who made the smiling face was a little uncomfortable.

"Teacher, I'm here to get the admission ticket." Luo You thought, why bother to come in person. I would have known Xiao Xiao to come over and get it.

Luo You was actually bored at home. She wanted to go out for a walk. In the past six months, she didn't go out much, either training in the ancient killings or studying at home, which made people a little bit housed.

"The admission ticket has been prepared, and there are some notes for the exam. They are all here, and the teacher has also prepared special stationery for the exam. You bring them together. I don’t know if the test questions are difficult or not. I originally wanted to I'm trying to make up a few lessons for you, but you are too busy and the teacher can't do anything about it, but we Xiaoyou are so smart, there must be no problem going to a key university."

The head teacher’s remarks are obviously exaggerated. Luo You is smart and smart, but a child who hasn’t gone to school for two or three years says that he is admitted to college. This ordinary person is still a bit miserable, but to Luo You, it’s nothing. The question, nodded lightly, it is considered as an answer.

University? She is ready.


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