Chapter 84:Reborn Wife Is Invincible

[084] College entrance examination and test

How do you describe the college entrance examination? Cross the single-plank bridge together?

Luo You took a hat and sunglasses and sat in the examination room very low-key all the way. The Luo family wanted to come and send it, but Luo You refused. It was only for the exam. She didn't like the way of being so laborious.

At the beginning of the test, Luo You, who took off his hat and eyes, lowered his head slightly, and the invigilator began to hand out the test papers, and then exposed Luo You with an exclamation.

"Luo You?"

Hearing someone calling his name, Luo You knew that he was going to be in trouble. He raised his head helplessly and looked at the people around him who were already watching her.

Luo You smiled and said lightly: "Try hard to take the exam, don't affect other students' exams."

Affect other students? The classmate who first recognized Luo You calmed down in embarrassment, but the other classmates were crazy. At this time, where is there any influence that does not affect?

"Luo You! It turned out to be Luo You, and I was in the same examination room with Luo You, my God, is this a dream?" A certain classmate A exaggeratedly shouted.

Luo You wanted to say, you are just dreaming, so let's wash and go to sleep.

"Luo You, sign me, you must sign me, I am a big fan of yours, I have collected all your works since your debut, you must sign for me." A classmate B said So he rushed towards Luo You.

"Luo You, I'm a fan of your brain. You can take a photo with me, take a photo, this is the biggest wish of my life." A certain classmate C rushed over as he spoke.

Luo You stood up, the originally low-key aura instantly became cold, and his eyes swept across the crowd very coldly.

Those classmates who were vying to rush over were instantly frozen in place, with the illusion of chills all over.

I have to say that Luo You's eyes are really terrifying, and they are full of pressure. For these slightly immature children, there is really no resistance at all.

"Return to their seats and take the exam quietly. Please leave if you don't want to take the exam." Luo You sat back in his seat after speaking, his eyes swept over the already sluggish invigilator, the invigilator trembled as Luo You saw him. , And then reacted and greeted everyone to sit down.

The classmates in the examination room all took their seats back cautiously, and began a unique examination in their lives.

Luo You handed in the paper forty minutes ahead of schedule. The first person to hand in the paper in the entire examination room, and then fled the examination room amidst the screams of many fans.

Although the word escape is used to describe it, it somewhat degrades Luo You's style, but in fact Luo You really means to run away, otherwise he will be blocked by those fans. Luo You doesn't know if he can walk out completely. The current fans are More and more crazy, she can feel the gaze from all parts of the classroom when she is taking the exam, my God, I hope these poor candidates will not forget to answer the paper because of themselves.

Luo You hurriedly walked out all the way, occasionally encountering a few candidates who submitted their papers in advance. He just didn’t know whether these candidates were geniuses and all finished the test questions, or believed that the ** of luck had chosen to be blind. Very confident.

For the next day and a half, Luo You tried to be as low-key as possible, and cleverly replaced his sunglasses with black-framed flat glasses, covering himself the whole time.

But even so, the major websites began to reprint topics about Luo You taking the college entrance examination, and even accompanied it with a vague back photo, which was taken secretly at first glance.

Many reporters wanted to interview Luo You, but they couldn't see Luo You at all. After all, the college entrance examination examination room was not accessible to everyone.

On the first day of the end of the college entrance examination, Luo You took the guards and boarded a private plane to Gumeng Island. The summer training camp for Luo You and the guards began!

This is the second time Luo You has come to Gumeng Island. As the base camp of the ancient family, it has many secrets. During the few days that Luo You stayed here, he only understood a few things.

And this time Luo You returned with the members of the guards, but he was going to conduct special training for two and a half months. It was also for Luo You to officially start contacting the internal affairs of the ancient killing, and there was also the special training of the ancient grandmother. It is a very important and necessary training for you.

"Xiaoyou, this is the assassination mission that the Ancient Killer has performed since its existence until now. Take a look, this is one of the homework that must be done to accept the Ancient Killer."

Grandma Gu seated Luo You on a chair and gave Luo You a very difficult task.

Ancient killings existed for hundreds of years, and hundreds of thousands of assassination missions had been accepted, which meant that Luo You had to look at hundreds of thousands of materials.

"Grandma, I suddenly became a little envious of the first, second and third successors of the ancient killings. Do you want to learn about the history of human development by reading these materials?" Luo You looked at the dense list on the computer, and once again had to I admire the historical and rigorous nature of the ancient killing organization, and it is really rare that these materials can be preserved so complete.

"The main reason is that there are too many enemies in the ancient killings, and it's not enough for ordinary people to read them. If you have some status, you, as the future successor of the ancient killings, naturally have to pay attention. We also have many rules for receiving the tasks of the ancient killings. You should have seen it." Grandma Gu smiled lovingly, but then said very seriously.

"Three generations of direct members of the same family will not accept the second task; heads of state will not kill unless there is a serious offense; they will not kill if they have a history of inheritance, and those who have a single pass of five generations or more will not kill; ; Those who love charity and donate more than half of their current wealth will not kill; those who are recognized by the ancient killing will not kill; grandma, in fact, I really want to say that killing is also a troublesome thing, and the ancient killing’s intelligence system will not just because These can only be trained without killing."

The killer of the ancient killing is very famous, so famous that people all over the world know, but the intelligence system of the ancient killing is actually more powerful than the assassination, almost everywhere in the world.

"It's just that they complement each other. No matter how good the killer is, you need intelligence. There have been countless killers who have died on misinformation since ancient times. Xiaoyou, if you want to be the master of ancient killing, you must know how to use all kinds of intelligence and master them. You have mastered the trends of the world." Grandma Gu's tone is very serious. As the master of the ancient killing, only she knows the horror of the ancient killing. The pervasive intelligence system is already a kind of control over the world.

Luo You was not surprised by what his grandmother said. The Ancient Killer was really powerful, but the Ancient Killer was not monolithic. Otherwise, the previous life would not have been killed by various organizations in the country. stand up.

There are two biggest problems with Gusha. One is that there is no heir. Of course, it means that Luo You was unwilling to inherit Gusha from the previous life. At that time, his grandmother was seriously ill and his brother was in danger, but he did not understand Gusha at all, and not only did not help Luo family. , On the contrary, let the enemy seize the opportunity to invade the ancient killing and become a member of the decline.

The second problem is the internal corruption of the ancient killing. Various rules suppressed the development of the ancient killing. Although it took the line of benevolence and righteousness, it also lost the sharpness and harshness that a killer organization should have because of being too benevolent. !

Luo You is not an indecisive person. If she understands the problems of Gu Sha, she will definitely solve it, but she is not a person who likes to be pinned down. Even if she is her own grandmother, she does not like others to interfere with her decision.

"Grandma, I understand what you mean. I will read these materials carefully, and I will also accept all the necessary tests for the masters of the ancient killings. However, I also have my requirements. Please agree to it." Luo You The tone was very insistent, obviously he said so after taking care. Grandma Gu was a little surprised and solemn, "You tell me, I will listen." She wanted to know what kind of request her granddaughter would make.

"The various tests performed on me must be within a reasonable range. If I question a certain test and can tell the question, please change the test, and I don’t want to test me It’s doing useless work.” If you want to become the real master of the ancient killing, you have to accept layers of tests. This is something that the master of the ancient killing has always had to go through. Luo You knows this very well, and this is also where she agreed to come here. The reason for the training camp.

"Yes, I will seriously consider this with the elders. In fact, you don't have to worry about this. We will not put forward any excessive and unreasonable tests. After all, what we want is an inheritor, not a superman." It is the controller, but there is an elder group in the ancient killing, and the test of the successor is not only the ancient grandmother's say.

"The second point is that when I pass the test, that is when I become the master of the ancient killings, then any decision of mine does not need to be questioned by others. A qualified controller needs 100% control. If this is not possible If it reaches, then I think this controller is meaningless.” Luo You's doubts mentioned by others here obviously refer not only to Grandma Gu, but also to the existence of the elders.

Although Luo You hasn’t seen the eight elders of the elders group, he actually feels bad about these old people. If it weren’t for the various restraints of these old people, the ancient killing would not be so rotten and there would be so many problems. Especially when the Luo family was in turmoil after eight years in the previous life, it was even more disintegrated by others. Most of this was the fault of the elders.

Luo You has decided that if he can really control the ancient killing, the first group of people to be replaced are the so-called respected elders in the elders!

This time, Grandma Gu's expression changed a little, and her brows wrinkled slightly, and her eyes looked at Luo You with a look of scrutiny.

Luo You also felt her grandma's scrutiny, and looked back calmly. She has expressed her meaning completely and straightforwardly. She is not afraid that grandma will know her thoughts. This is also a kind of respect for her grandmother. , If Grandma really can’t agree to her request, then what if you don’t want to kill the ancient killer, she is looking forward to making the ancient killer become a real hegemon of the dark world, and can even use the ancient killer to combat those who want to deal with the Luo family. The enemy, however, even if there is no ancient killing, Luo You is confident to deal with those people, but the time will be many years late.

Luo You is not a person who likes to get something for nothing, but time is a bit tight, and she is also a bit eager to get revenge. Gu Sha is the best channel for revenge, and the best ** for the Luo family and Su family. Luo You The biggest wish in this life is to protect her family from harm, otherwise she will not enter the dark world. She is not a person who likes power!

"Xiaoyou, you are still a child, even if you work hard and want to pass the test of the ancient killing, it will take about ten years." Cultivating a qualified heir is definitely not an overnight thing. Luo You started too late. Many of what Grandma Gu said were just seeking truth from facts. Of course, there was bound to be an underestimation of Luo You who didn't understand Luo You.

"No matter how long, I will try to do what I should do. As long as my grandmother agrees to my request, it does not conflict." Let alone the question of whether she is a child or not, I will talk about the various tests of ancient killings. In fact, Luo You don’t know much about it. She just heard her grandma say something about it. Luo You is not sure how long it will take, but no matter how long, Luo You will work hard to achieve it. She just hopes that she will get what she will get after her hard work. The result is what I expected, not disappointing myself.

The short silence is the time for Grandma Gu to think seriously. After the silence, Grandma Gu said carefully: "Okay, Grandma promises you that as long as you pass the test, I will never interfere with any of your decisions. But the elders and others You still need to solve the problem of the person in charge of the division, but I believe that since you can pass various tests at that time, the problems of these people will not be a problem for you."

Luo You raised her eyebrows and did not miss the undisguised cunning color in her grandma's eyes. Although grandma agreed, she obviously still wanted to make trouble for herself, but it also met her original intention and made her Only by solving it will she have a chance to solve it, which is a good thing for her.

In the next five days, in addition to morning and evening exercises, Luo You spent the entire day in front of the computer. According to the important strengths of the various messages separated by the computer, she will kill the various messages received for more than 100 years. I read all the tasks, and a small part of the very important news is tightly remembered, and some of the less important ones are read roughly.

It's not that Luo You didn't care about it, it was because the goal was too big. If it wasn't for Luo You's talent, his memory and brain power were amazing, not to mention that he would remember part of the information.

But even so, after reading these news, Luo You took a full day and night rest. Mental work is often more exhausting than manual work. Luo You can clearly feel it, although only five days, But he lost at least three or four catties.

"Tell me who is Gu Sha's greatest enemy?" Grandma Gu came to check and accept the results on the seventh day. This was also Gu Sha's first test of Luo You's identity as the master.

Luo You once had a mission to investigate the gang boss’s purchase channel, but that was only the assessment of Luo You as the heir, and it was the simplest one, but this time it was different. This time Luo You accepted it. But the assessment of the status of the controller!

Grandma Gu is getting older, and it is time to pass the ancient killings to the next generation. The assessment of the successors of the ancient killings takes a long time, that is, it takes about three years at the shortest, and it is still The successor knows the internal situation of the ancient killing very well, and after many years of training, everyone agrees that it will take at least eight to ten years for Luo You, and possibly more. Therefore, Grandma Gu will use This opportunity begins.

As for the various assessments of the controller, this is not clearly stipulated, but requires the current controller and the eight elders of the elders to jointly write the questions. It is not officially passed until the controller is fully recognized. The difficulty is It is very big and there are many variables. It is not fair to the successor, but every successor of the ancient killing is also good enough, patient, and special enough, because generally there is only one person, no Competitiveness, so there will not be too much pressure, the elders just want to be embarrassed, there is also a limit.

When it comes to this issue, I have to repeat the family inheritance of the ancient killing organization, just like the ancient emperor, and the inheritance of the ancient killing has been very difficult from ancient times to the present. The direct bloodline is very rare, and many times rely on it. It is not the first time that a foreign surname like Luo You has been used for the reproduction of women, so in the case of low competitiveness, the elders can only open one eye and close one eye.

In the history, the members of the Ancient Killer Elders Group did not have people who wanted to defect, but most of the core members of the Ancient Killer were very loyal, so even if there were traitors, they couldn't make a big storm.

"There are many important enemies on the list, and invisible enemies also exist, but in fact, the biggest enemy of the ancient killing is himself, and the other families are not afraid." Luo You, who has read the information, can say a lot of the enemies of the ancient killing. , America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania, it is estimated that even an unknown island in the Pacific may have enemies of ancient killings, but even those families are no matter how powerful they are, it is impossible to harm them and hide in the dark. The ancient killing, so the biggest enemy of the ancient killing is himself.

"Xiaoyou, your answer like this is too clever. Although it is true, you should know that the answer I want to hear is not this." Grandma Gu smiled helplessly. Her little granddaughter always thought so forward, and said It's right or wrong, but it's wrong to say it wrong, which makes people very helpless.

"Feli Roogan family, if the answer grandma wants to hear is this, I really underestimated my IQ." The first family name on the list, the introduction of which is as many as tens of thousands of words, if Luo You still can't remember To live, there is no need to kill people in ancient times.

"Then do you know the name of their patriarch, the field involved in the family business, and the direction of recent development?" Obviously this question is what Grandma Gu wants to ask, and the information about the Feri Roogan family is placed in her The first place in the information shown to Luo You, such an obvious position would naturally not be missed, but how much Luo You can remember after reading so many materials, Grandma Gu is not sure.

"Picaguro Ferrero Ogan, male, 58 years old, British nationality, the family industry covers a wide range of fields, mainly finance, automobile manufacturing, electronics and transportation. The recent development direction is medicine and biological research. The former has It has entered the later stage of promotion, and one of the most important development areas is where we are." Luo You's tone is very confident, and every word is accurate. This is the result she has achieved for five days.

"The second question is that the killer rankings are compiled by our ancient killers. How many of the top 100 rankings are members of ancient killers?" Grandma Gu continued to ask. Although Luo You answered the first question very accurately, But the questioning test is obviously not over yet.

"Fifty-six." A number that makes all members of the ancient killer proud. This also means that the killer world only calculates from the force value, and the ancient killer accounts for more than half of the weight.

"How many of the top ten are there?" Grandma Gu continued to ask.

"Six." It is still more than half of the number. This has always been the persistence and effort of the members of the ancient killing!

"Where are the top ten names?"

"Meng Luo, Skye, Black Hand, Mask, Blasphemer, Philanthropist, Ghost Face, Hua Hua, Spear God, Xiao Wang." Luo You said directly without thinking.

"How much do you know about the mask?"

"Mask, fourth in the killer rankings, a man of D nationality, 42 years old, likes to wear various masks when performing tasks, is a member of the D mask party, likes to use various methods to kill targets, even after the death of the target Will leave behind a different mask, perform tasks hundreds of times in his life, with a success rate of 97%, no family, but it is said that there is an illegitimate child, the illegitimate child is studying architecture at Hande University in D, and the mask himself has a private life He is very careful, has a prudent personality and plans, and he is a lone ranger. He is a single person every time he performs a mission. He has good marksmanship. He also knows some simple gun modifications and medical knowledge. He is more particular about food and doesn't like spicy food. Salty, I like to eat..." Luo You said a lot in one breath. Before he could finish, he was interrupted by Grandma Gu clapping her hands.

"Very well, Xiaoyou, you really did not live up to your grandma's expectations of you, and you have memorized these contents. You passed the first test." Grandma Gu is very happy, although she is not sure if there is any luck here. The ingredients are there, what Luo You asked was exactly what Luo You remembered specially, but to pass a level is to pass, and luck is also one of the killer's abilities. Xiaoyou can do this in only five days, which is good enough, at least It took her two months to dare to accept her father's test.

The back waves of the Yangtze River pushed the front waves, even if Xiaoyou really passed the level by luck, but it only took five days to dare to challenge, and she answered the questions perfectly. This alone is enough for her to be proud of Luo You Up.

But this is just the easiest start.


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